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Electronic Library

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Electronic Library

Post by Rogue Bard on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:15 pm

The following is a list of all the books I have in electronic format. I have either purchased these books or received them as gifts over the years.

    Hunter: the Vigil
    • Block by Bloody Block
    • Compacts & Conspiracies
    • Horror Recognition Guide
    • Spirit Slayers
    • Witch Finders

  • Promethean: the Created
    • Magnum Opus
    • Pandora's Book
    • Saturine Night
    • Strange Alchemies

  • Vampire: the Requiem
    • Ancient Mysteries
    • Bloodlines: the Ancient
    • Bloodlines: the Chosen
    • Bloodlines: the Hidden
    • Bloodlines: the Legendary
    • City of the Damned - New Orleans
    • Clan- Daeva- Kiss of the Succubus
    • Clan- Gangrel- Savage and Macabre
    • Clan- Mekhet- Shadows in the Dark
    • Clan- Nosferatu- The Beast that Haunts the Blood
    • Clan- Ventrue- Lords over the Damned
    • Cotories
    • Covenant- Belials Brood
    • Covenant- Carthians
    • Covenant- Circle of the Crone
    • Covenant- Lancea Sanctum
    • Covenant- Ordo Dracul
    • Covenant- The Invictus
    • Covenant- VII
    • Damnation City
    • Fall of the Camarilla
    • Ghouls
    • Mythologies
    • New Wave Requiem
    • Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners
    • Night Horrors: The Wicked Dead
    • Nomads
    • Requiem Chroniclers' Guide
    • Requiem for Rome
    • Rites of the Dragon
    • The Blood
    • The Testament of Longinus

  • World of Darkness
    • Antagonists
    • Armory Reloaded
    • Armory
    • Asylum
    • Book of Spirits
    • Book of the Dead
    • Changing Breeds
    • Dogs of War
    • Dudes of Legend
    • Ghost Stories
    • Immortals
    • Innocents
    • Midnight Roads
    • Mysterious Places
    • Proverbial Monsters
    • Reliquary
    • Second Sight
    • Shadows of Mexico
    • Shadows of the UK
    • Skinchangers
    • Slasher
    • Tales from the 13th Precinct
    • Urban Legends
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