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My Dear

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My Dear Empty My Dear

Post by Migs on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:06 am

My dear is a stunningly attractive man in his mid twenties. His skin is pale, looking as if he spends much of his time at night. His dirty blond hair falls a little past his ears, and his green eyes are inviting. His face is sharp and has a masculine jaw. His body is toned, looking as if he frequently works out. He is dressed in a black sports jacket, white button up shirt, black dress pants and black leather shoes.

My dears skin is white as alabaster. His joints look like a fully articulated action figure. His hair looks like plastic and as if it were molded onto his face. All color are removed from his eyes, and look like and unpainted dolls eyes.

The sharp smell of vinegar and lime fills your lungs as you take your first breath. Your eyes sting as you open them from the light, and the mixture of liquid you have been laying in. You spit the taste of vinegar from your mouth and try to wipe your eyes. A hand reaches over wipes your face with a towel. You look up to see a beautiful woman smiling down at you. Her soft voice tells you to stand and exit the tub and you do so.

As she wipes the mixture off your naked body you feel embarrassed and quickly try to cover yourself. She immediately yells at you in a stern voice not to. Scared you move you hands back to your side and she continues. She tells you that you don't have anything to be ashamed of. She tells you she is your mother, and you are beautiful. An odd sense of pride and arousal floods your being.

She grabs a wet wash cloth and beings to wash you. Your mind begins to race as you try to recall where you are, but draw a blank. You try to remember who you are, but again nothing comes. You look at your own body, you look fake, unnatural. Your skin is white as marble. You begin to panic. Your heart begins to race as doubt and fear overwhelm you. You look down at the woman cleaning you and notice she too is different, but the same as you.

You want to go away, to move, and when you do she slaps you across the face. She yells and screams at you. She tells you that she is your mother and good children need to listen to their mother. If you are not good, then you are bad. And bad children need punishment. She asks you if you want to get punished and you slowly shake your head. She smiles to you and tells you that you are a good boy.

Her hands move all over your body as she dries you off once more. She touches parts of your body that you know she shouldn't and you feel uneasy. A whine escapes your lips and smacks you once more. She informs you that you belong to her. That she can do whatever she wants to you. She asks if you understand and you slowly nod your head. She kisses you on the lips and tells you what a good boy you are.

She leads you from the bathroom into a motel room. You think to yourself trying to remember how you know it is a motel room. Before you on the bed you see three sets of clothing. You reach for one and she snaps at you. She tells you that she is too dress you like a mother would. She dresses you in each set of clothing and tells you to turn around after you are completely dressed. Some of the clothes are too tight, or too loose she says. Finally after awhile she chooses a mix from each set. She tells you that you are beautiful, and that you are a good boy.

Days go by, then weeks. While your mother is out she locks you inside of the bathroom. You are alone for large spans of time. When she does come back she tries on different clothes, feeds you, reads to you from books about far away lands and magical kingdoms. She tells you these are the things that mothers do to their children. They love and care for them. Though when you misbehave she punishes you, hits you, yells at you, throws things at you, burns you. She tells you these things are what a mother does.

You want to go outside the motel room, but she does not allow it. From time to time she brings you toys to play with, books to read while she is gone. You reenact the things she does to you with the toys she has given you. Though you still want to go outside. To see the world. To meet animals in the books you read, or to go on adventures like the people in the stories. But she would never allow it.

One day she came back and began to touch you, and to kiss you. You felt uncomfortable, but went a long with it anyways. She told you this is what a male and female do to show they love each other. She tells you she loves you, and ask if you love her. You tell her you do even though you don't. For the next few days she doesn't leave, but instead tries new ways of making love.

Soon she leaves you locked inside the bathroom all day, only feeding you every so often. She tells you that she is looking for a father to complete the family. You often hear male voices in the room, and hear them making love. You reenact that with your toys.

One day you hear her tell the man in the room that she love them. For a moment you become sad, then anger swells inside you. You beat the door down. The man in the bed next to your mother is frightened. Your mother is angry for upsetting her and yells to you that you need to be punished. No! Not this time. You scream to her as she is the one to be punished. That she is a bad mother and you strike her. You tell her that you hate her, that you wish she was never your mother and you open the door and run naked into the parking lot and over the highway at a speed you know should never be possible by a person.

You spend the next two days hiding in the city, naked and alone. You learn how to change your skin and hide. Every sudden sound, every woman's voice you think it might be your mother's coming to claim you. You never want to be with her again. You want a real mother.

You learn to steal. To clothe yourself, to get what you want. You hide and watch normal people. To reenact what they do with your dolls. At first when you meet people they really like you and want to talk to you. They tell you things that you are beautiful and handsome. Though being what you are it never lasts long.

You meet another like you, but not quiet like you as mother was. He tells you about the great work and how you can become mortal. You want this, you want to be a real person.

You try to fit in with normal people, but soon your true nature escapes, they are frightened and they want to hurt you. Others try to steal the things you own and you learn to defend yourself. Things become to tough for you here in the city. The one like you, but different tells you there is a city called Detroit near by, and a place there at a high school he used to stay at. You thank the man and kiss him on the lips. At first he is stunned, but he laughs it off. He writes the directions down for you and you leave heading to Detroit.


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