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Glen ((Placeholder name))

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Glen ((Placeholder name)) Empty Glen ((Placeholder name))

Post by Innerlight on Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:24 am

His/her face houses cracks of white light all over when his/her disfigurement is showing. He appears as a thin androgynous man or woman in his or her mid thirties. He has boy and girl genitalia. His hands are lithe and dexterous definitely that of a woman his torso is that of an old man, his legs could be either man or female. Mind of an 83 year old. From time to time his/her hands move on their own. Cracks of white light, torn apart by white light.

Shoulder length hair, neutral voice. Bright almost reflective grey eyes almost like a light is behind them. grey hair. Though when in his deformity state his torso is an old man he looks in his 30's all over, though the penis and vagina are visible in both forms.

Default name Glen

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