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Charles Holloway

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Charles Holloway Empty Charles Holloway

Post by Charles Drake on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:38 am

Charles grew up in a small family. His mother, his father and his younger sister. He was a bright young boy whos interest in history and wish to safeguard it lead to the path of becoming a museum director. But alas, things did not exactly work out the way he wanted. He was very bright, yes, but also impatient and did not have any interest in school work. So as he could not become what he wanted, he had to settle for the second best option. Or rather, third.. or maybe fourth. He ended up as a Security Guard at a museum and is now dealing with his divorce papers very reluctantly.

Being somewhat of a gun enthusiast, Charles spends quite a bit of time down at the shooting range, practicing with different small firearms mostly because of the rough neighborhood he lives in but also due to the required security guard training, needed.

Physical Build
Charles could be the definition of the term "An Average Joe". He's of average height, average weight and he looks very much average with his brown, short hair and green eyes.

After being mugged and beaten by a street gang, The Museum Manager felt that Charles made a poor excuse of a security guard. Not wanting to lose his job, he decided it was time to actually work for it and with exercise and workout, he went from a thin, gangly man to now a rather well built and in good shape but not to the extent of an athlete,

Charles Drake

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Charles Holloway Empty Re: Charles Holloway

Post by Seryna on Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:09 pm

Looks like a good concept! I'd tentatively say approved, but I'd need a look at his sheet with the stats first Smile


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