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Warehouse meetings

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Warehouse meetings

Post by Seryna on Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:20 am

Chris checks in with Sara first via email. Morgan wants to meet in person. What do you think?

Arriving at her computer some time later, Sara grabbed a beer and quickly skimmed through her email. After getting through - and deleting - spam mail, ranging from: "This seasons new clothes" to "Larger c0cks for u!!" Sara came to Chris' email. He checks out suitably enough. We'll meet at a neutral location. Warehouse district, away from prying eyes.

Ok. See you in a few. Chris shoots Morgan an email to his cellphone. Lead editor wants to meet with you. Warehouse district corner of X and Y in an hour.

Sara didn't bother to respond to the email, on account of leaving there and then. With a sigh at her barely finished beer, she shut it away in the fridge and headed out. Grabbing the keys to her car, she drove over to the warehouse district on account of the distance. Fortunately, it didn't take her very long; even with traffic.

Chris drives to the location to meet at the time of the meeting.

She'd try and arrive a couple of minutes early to scope it out, yeah.
Morgan would take the time to go over to the warehouse in mention without any hesitation. He'd also make sure no one was following him by taking buss schedules rather than his truck on the way there.

Joshua was sat in Sara's car around the corner, feeling slightly uncomfortable just waiting around, as he was told to stay put for a few minutes.
The warehouse district proved to be as empty and nearly - deserted as the rest of the city. No... it was actually more deserted. You pass the occasional homeless person ambling by en route. Even these lost souls dissapear closer to the warehouse. It appears to be long abandoned and was once boarded up. Some effort would likely result in a way to break through the aged boards.

Not getting any type of kooky feeling upon arriving, and scanning the immediate area, Sara calls the Padre to get him to drive the rest of the way down. She waited by the door, smoking a cigarette as she waited for the others to arrive.

Chris pulls up in his car, parking it on the street, and looks around.

Feeling relieved, Joshua started the engine and drove the couple of minutes to where Sara waited. "Well at least nothing bad happened to us this time," he said lightly, as he exited the car.

Sara snorted in a faint noise of agreement. "Don't jinx us, Padre."

Jack Robinson: Joshua paused. "You're smoking. You don't usually smoke."

As Chris, Joshua and Sara converge at the warehouse, they note someone else approaching them...

Morgan was standing there rather tall in stance of 5'11 with a brown overcoat similiar to a gumshoe. His blue businss pants dangling beneath his robes while he adjusted his hand to his exposed neck tie dangling from his dress button shirt. His stocky white hair middle length down the scalp and rather fluffed while the gaze of his elderly 40 year old eyes stare off in blue coloration of the iris. with his coat open, he showed he wasn't one to be left unprotected without a firearm holstered on the side.*

"...would you happen to be my employers?"

Chris is wearing a trench coat and slacks. He has glasses and short hair. He carries a camera around his neck.

"I'm Chris Williams. AKA Cblogger. You must be Morgan?"

"Morgan cambell...but you can call me Crow."

Sara was dressed in a simple jeans and a sleeveless top, the unit tattoos showing quite clearly on her skin. Her hair was tied back, keeping it off her face in case they found themselves in another scuffle. "Employers. Yeah," Sara stated in a blunt voice. She arched a brow. "Crow?"

"Testimony to an old renaissance ballad by edgar alan poe."

"quote the raven."

Dressed in a clerical collar and dark slacks, Joshua looks small and neat in comparison to Sara's 6'2" inches. He smiled politely. "I'm Reverend Joshua Haldor."

"Uh huh. ID?" Sara requested simply.

"I already shown it to some people too suspicious and only cause I wanted to seem like I was less the aware..."

"if I kept showing it around to the wrong people I worry about being traced back if i get noticed...but if you insist." reaching into his overcoat.

Chris nods his head. "You can't be too careful in this line of work, Morgan."

"You and me seem to agree well then." Morgan replied.

"We wanted to trace you, we already have your name, just a friendly FYI," Sara flashed a brief, cool smile. She reached out for the ID, scanning it carefully.

Everything seemed to be in order and looking normal for an ID

"Well if you wanted to trace me you would have done so."

The smile remained. "Already did. Can't be too careful, like you said."

"I filled you in on some of the details already Morgan. Do you have any questions for us?"

"Not in the least...just a step closer to finding who actually killed the men who killed my father."
"Revenge isn't the ideal behind it...more so the actual implimenting of arrest and finding the truth."

Sara paused, studying the man before her for a moment before actually speaking. "You think the people we're watching had anything to do with that?" God, I hope he doesn't want to join the cell to bleed our fucking limited resources, for personal gain.

"No...I imagine the people who were involved are long gone by now. Beating them or putting them away somehow ould be impossible with no resources of my own...and at least stopping what crimes i can that they cause is enough gain in personal belief."

"I am simply an investigator in the dark trying to find patches of light that still exist."

"Maybe the men who killed the men who killed your father, killed 'em because they had a vendetta too," Sara suggested, arching a brow as she listened. It struck her as strange that for a careful man, he was being so open about something personal. But...different strokes and all that.

"maybe. So we may never know..."

Joshua stood a little behind Sara, frowning. "I'm...sorry, are you trying to do some...spy-type thing here, talking in code and such. I can't actually understand what you're trying to get across." He looked genuinely puzzled.

"Right well. We'd like you to keep looking into the Harpers. Do you think you could maybe get Susan Harper's public schedule? I know she's out and about, talking to the press and such."

"If people notice her coming by publically and her trail is fresh i can probably round it down to who seen her, where she's been, and if one of you can come along who can be good enough at misdirection or lying..."

"That's part of the problem Morgan. They've IDed all of us pretty much. Me going anywhere near one of the Harpers would be extremely dangerous. That's why I needed you looking into those public buildings."

"an unknown..."

"so that means you have no method of using disguises or makeup?"

"Yeah. You need to do this on your own," Sara remarked coolly. "And don't ignore the Padre again."

"My apologies." Morgan replied.

Joshua shook his head a little bit. "It isn't important. I doubt very much that make-up or disguises would work on these people."

"Well not the people in question...going near the harpers is one thing one cannot do at any point in time..."
julio martell: "If going near any of the people who seen them, people who worked with them and are unaware, and places they been..."

"to make an indirect schedule of susan harpers actions and schedule would be the idea."

Chris looks at Joshua and Sara. "Morgan did make an important discovery though. You see I had him look into these four public buildings that Ben Rose started sinking funds into. Now one of these buildings, the courthouse got burnt down. But the second building...the construction workers say they are working on a basement down there. But the blueprints say that there's no basement. I think we may have found another holding area for people they're kidnapping Father."

"Yes. That would be the point Chris here was trying to make," Sara frowned gently. "You need to watch her in order to study her schedule." She had a sinking feeling that this wasn't going well.
Seryna: As Morgan considered mapping some Harper's indirect schedule, he had a gut feeling that might not be the best use of his time - or the time of his new aquaintances. Having discovered that a vampire had been at the Port Huron court house and had killed those two guards, perhaps the immediate threat would be any one focussing on these people - as Chris had stated that the Harpers knew thier identities.

"Forgetting the obsession with Susan Harper for a minute, check out the contractors on the building project with the courthouse. You might locate some leads there," Sara instructed, as she leant against the wall relaxedly.

"would the contractors have ID on either of you?"

"If not you could come along and help cover this up somehow."

"Buddy, there's no point us paying you if we're going to tag along. We're erring on the side of that caution you talk so much about," Sara stated simply.

"Very well. I will report back with what findings i have after."

Sara handed across a number scribbled on a small post-it note, different from her private phone number. "Contact me here when you have information," she instructed.


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