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Wolf Hunt

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Wolf Hunt

Post by Seryna on Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:37 pm

Donahue dropped a set of pills into his hand, knocked them back and swallowed, making a face. "Alright. Let's meet this guy." He grumbled, lighting up a cigarette to take the edge off.

Laura parks up at the side of the road, nearby to the arranged meeting place. "Get your game face on," she qipped.

"This is my game face." Donahue rolled his eyes. "Try not to run your mouth." He hauled himself out of the car, leaning heavily on the chassis. "What the Hell does he look like..."

Laura snorted, and shook her head. "I promise I won't run off my mouth if you don't give me reason to," she retorted mildly. Stepping out of the car, she peered around the area.

Dave shows up in his truck with a big bag of boom wearing a home depot uniform.

Liam walks out of his house carring a duffle bag and wearing a bagpack. He's a very large man in his early 20's.

Dave rolls down his window. "Did you put on weight or something?"

Donahue blew out smoke, his hooded eyes skimming across them. "Think that's our birdie?" He said, scowling.

"He's a likely suspect," Laura nodded simply.

Liam ignored Dave. He approached the two agents and extended his arm for a handshake. "Hey. I'm Liam. I'm sorry, but Mike never mentioned you guys' names."

Dave's confused and pretty huge himself. "Birdie? Are you a golfer or something?"

"Oh and that's Dave." he added..

Donahue's muscular, but his skin's pulled tight and there's a wasted look about him. "Yeah. I just love walking, me." He limped over and shook Liam's hand. "I'm Donahue, that's Laura."

Laura nodded in greeting, and pushed off from where she was leaning on the car. "Hey."

"Uh huh. Anyway I drove a long way for this. What's happening?"

"Alright so, I just found out about a deal taking place. I'm sure our targets will be there. That saves the trouble of tracking them down and luring them out."

"You got a picture? I ain't so in for shooting random people."
Donahue commented dryly.

"You know, I was going to sketch one up, but I figured they were somewhat...distinct looking. We're looking for a dark skinned woman with a really huge guy." Liam replied.

"We might need a better description than that; because it's pretty generic. We can't exactly shoot every tall guy or dark-skinned lady," Laura remarked dryly.

"In Salem? There's like twelve black people."

Donahue grunted. "Draw up your sketch. I'll need a comparison from wherever I am."

Liam spends about twenty minutes sketching Lily & the man whose name he didn't know, her large friend. The sketch was rough, but hopefully would do the job. That left the group with 40 minutes to get in position. You have the impression that there wouldn't be much time for error...

"Alright," Laura commented as the sketch was drawn. It was a better comparison than before at least. Stepping back to the car, she pulled out radios and handed them out.

"There." Liam took the sketch and showed it to the others. "There will be others, but from what I could gather, these two are the leaders. Alright. I got 100 silver bullets here. They're made for a pistol. Guess we need a solid plan now. We got 40 minutes until we need to be there. Anyone got any additonal ideas?"

"You got any silver left?" Dave asked. " I figure we could put little piece of it into buckshot."

"I have two pistol clips, which hopefully I won't be using, and a couple for the rifle I've brought. We need a good position where we can overwhelm these guys fast."
Donahue raised an eyebrow at Liam. "I trust you already looked around the area you want to set up a firezone in."

"Oh yeah. Definitely. We need to get to a place where thier claws can't get at us. And yeah, I've been to that area." Liam replied.

"Oh, they'll get to us eventually if we don't cut 'em down." Donahue shifted the cigarette with his tongue. "I hope your aim's steady."

"Yes, so do I. I'm a beginner, I must admit, but I've done well so far."

"I think we both know what my aims like," Laura commented sardonically to Donahue.

"Okay, so the Yogurt Mill has a dome that's above all the other buildings, but the paint shop across the way has a flat roof where you get a good view of the parking lot. Which one do you guys like?"

Donahue paused. "The vantage point'll be useless for your short range pistols. I'll go up to the Dome- the rest of you reinforce the flat roof."

"Or, we could split up. Have some at one place, some at the other." He added.

Dave shrugs. These people sure liked to be dry, "I dunno. All I brought was buckshot."

"Liam opened the silver bullet filled duffle bag. "Well, I guess you guys can help yourselves."
He started to replace all his normal bullets with the silver ones.

Laura dipped into the bag and started to replace the regular bullets with silver ones. Perhaps she would actually hit something!

Liam recieves a phone call. "The buyers are here." Brewer declares. "No sign of our hairy friends. Who knows, maybe they won't show." There's a hollow sound to Brewer's voice, his denial making his voice crack. "Better go. You and your friends are here, right?"
"Yeah. Pretty much." said Liam. "Guess we'd better get there."

"Goodbye. Well, looks like it's time to head over."

"Uh, yeah. " Brewer replied, sounding irritable. "I closed down the cafe and convinced the other owners to do the same. Not many people around- you'll see when you get here." Brewer ended the call. You check your watch. Nearly 8 PM.

Five minutes past the time Liam was told, the door to the cafe opened. Two Caucasin men in dark suits walk out, talking over thier shoulder. Brewer stands in the door way, supposedly saying his good byes. One of the men holds a leather satchel that Liam recognizes - as the Grimiore.

The two men are walking towards the parking lot - towards the luxury rental car, you'd guess. The first man suddenly halts. The second man runs into him - and then both man look about, startled.

Something has scared the men- but you can't see it at first. Then you hear something that sounds like - a wolf growl. A car door clanks open, a car that had looked empty while you were setting up.

A dusky skinned woman slides out, walking purposefully towards the men. The men take a half step back, towards the cafe.

Laura: 2 successes))

Donahue Mason rolled 9 dice to "Perception + Scope" 5,8,8,9,1,1,4,1,6 (3 successes)

Liam: ( 1 success)

[12:55:51] cobrawax : ( 1 success)

[12:57:58] @ Seryna : [Dean?]

[12:58:57] Kazakin : Donahue lined his sights up on the woman's head and patiently waited as he took his time to get his full target.

[12:59:50] cobrawax : Liam takes a deep breath and did that cross thing Catholics do.

[13:00:43] cobrawax : (You know what I'm talking about right?)

Liam, Laura and Donahue spot a large, hulking figure staring across the parking lot from below your vantage point. You're quite sure that the largue, bestial looking man doesn't see you... Laura and Donahue also notice two - or three - shifting shadows right behind the Cafe. Brewer and the other two men seem unaware of the danger barely fifteen feet away from them.

Laura also prepared to fire, and crossed her toes that she wouldn't humiliate herself! She tensed briefly as she spotted the targets.

Liam kept his hand on the trigger, nervously waiting for someone to make the first shot.

Dave trained his shotgun on the shapes, unwilling to be the first to unload.

Lily closes the distance to the two men. She indicates the stachel. You can't hear what is said, but the men step back, nervously. There's a clanging sound as Brewer slams the cafe door shut. Lily reaches out and snatches the leather satchel away from the stiff men. The men protest, stepping forward and reaching to take the stachel back.

Donahue squeezed the trigger. 8 successes, risked WP to upgrade to 8-again.))

Laura pressed the trigger, and hoped for the best as she fired at Grimm. 1 Success.))

Dave unloads on the shadow the guy had blasted, assuming he still stood. Otherwise he fires at the one the other had winged. As Lily had fallen, he aims at Grimm.

Liam fires at Grimm.
[13:22:12] cobrawax : Liam rolled 5 dice to "Firearms" 4,1,7,5,8 (1 successes

Several things happen very quickly. Lily jerks- and falls forward onto the ground, out of sight. The two men panic and turn, running for the cafe. There's a low growl from the large man standing beneath Bristol, Liam and Dave. Bristol feels confident that her aim was true, for once! Dave had committed on the same wolf as Bristol had, his shot ringing true.

The wolf stares upwards at Dave, making eye contact.

Dave trained the shotgun on the remaining target before it could run and took careful aim, before pulling the trigger. "I sell propane and propane accessories," he muttered under his breath.

[13:34:55] @ Dean : (the roll, again )

Donahue took aim at one of the other wolves lurking and squeezed the trigger, breathing out slowly as he did so. 11 succcesses with Aim + WP.))

Doc's truck pulled off the main road. It was a large white truck, its bed full of bits and pieces secured by a tarpaulin.

The hunters have been performing with excellent skill - even Laura! Dave gets a feeling of triumph as the wolf he's aiming at- the big bastard- drops out of sight below you. Dead, Dave would wager from the splat of gore on the ground. A shot rings out and one of the shadows jerks, tumbling to the ground. The two shadows shrink into the darkness behind the Cafe. Where they running - or lying in wait? Surveying the field, you're fairly certain that three of the wolves have been laid out.

Donahue flips the infra-red on on his scope.
"They're behind the cafe." Donahue said into his radio.

Dave starts reloading. "Better make sure they won't get back up."

Laura also reloads, but holds off shooting again. "We want to go inside?" she questioned Donahue.
"What's our fearless leader got to say about it?" Donahue spat.

Doc scans the lot as the truck's engine slows to idleing and reaches for a weapon from the glove box but doesn't get out yet.
Theres a sound in the distance. You're first thought is another growl- whatever that big wolf had tried with Dave. But then you recognize the familiar sound- the sound of police sirens. Approaching quickly, by the sound of it. You look back at the Cafe. Brewer and the two buyers cower within. As far as you know, they still have the grimiore. You peer behind the cafe, but can't see any sign of the wolves returning.

Doc spots a young, slim woman lying on her side. Blood is pooled around her body.

Donahue cocked his head as he heard the sirens. "Never mind, that's our leaving signal."

"Damn. We can't just leave it at that. They'll be back for revenge. Killing a wolf's packmate is like killing their brother. Only worse. Thankfully, I know where their base is."

Donahue rolled his eyes. "You want us to follow them?" Because running into the monster's mouth was a wonderful idea.

"We could do it when we're ready. For now, we need to deal with the bodies, guess we could load them up in the trunk of someone's car. Figure out what to do with them later."

[14:12:16] cobrawax : Liam rolled 5 dice to "Intt + resolve" 10,1,2,6,8,2 (2 successes)

As much as Liam feels they should load up the bodies, he realizes that the police are en route. From the sound of it, they will arrive momentarily. You likely have just enough time to shimmy down the ladder and run for it - or make a run for Doc's truck

"They're getting close. Fuck it. Let's go." Liam runs to Doc's truck.

Donahue was already climbing awkwardly down the ladder, his teeth digging into his lip as he held himself up with his arms only, limping for the TFV car.

Doc curses and while leaving the truck in neutral he hops out, he notes Liam approaching but whether this woman was an innocent or one who stood she still needed his help. He keeps low, his eyes alert as he edges closer.

Laura too, hurried for the car to get out of dodge.

[14:15:55] @ Seryna : As Doc approaches the woman, her head turns towards him slightly. Shes still breathing, but shallowly. She's likely already in shock.

[14:17:47] Seratone has joined the chat on Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:17 pm

[14:22:11] @ Seryna : TFV agents slide into thier black SUV, ready to ride out before the cops arrive. Liam glances at the empty drivers seat of his escape vehicle. Wasn't Dave's truck around here somewhere?

[14:22:20] ricohard : He kneels, his medical knowledge was sketchy but he could treat some basic war wounds, he'd been around enough of them. He moved quickly trying to treat the wounds.

[14:22:35] @ Seryna : [med + int roll please]

[14:23:36] cobrawax : "Ah, fuck it." Liam ran to Dave's car.

[14:23:41] @ Dean : It sure was. Dave bolted for his truck.

[14:25:17] @ Seryna : Dave puts the truck in gear and pulls out onto Fletcher Parkway, the main road. There was a onramp for hwy 8 three minutes away. Could be cruising back to Detroit in no time at all..

[14:25:33] Kazakin : Donahue rolled his eyes. "Time to disappear, Bristol." He said in a low voice. "We're done here. We don't have the time to stick around playing toy soldiers with these fuckwits."

[14:26:16] ricohard : William 'Doc' rolled 7 dice to "medicine +willpower" 9,1,8,1,8,1,8 (4 successes))

[14:26:16] Kazakin : "You don't need to tell me twice," Laura retorted as she slid into the driver's seat. She pulled out into the road and drove away.

[14:28:46] @ Seryna : Doc's hands became slick with blood quickly, but he tore off the woman's jacket. It made a keen makeshift bandage while he examined the wound. A highly accurate shot to the shoulder. He supposed she needed medical attention asap, judgig by the amount of blood he was kneeling in. Her head lolled as she lost consciousness, slumping in his arms. Lifting his eyes, Doc's spots a patrol car pull into the shopping center.

[14:29:29] @ Seryna : Checking the rear view, the two cars noted that there were no police cars in the rear view. The two cars turned off the sirens as they pulled into the shopping center.

[14:32:01] Kazakin : Donahue rolled his eyes. "Waste of fucking time." He grumbled. "I'm going to shoot Mike in the balls for this. Get us back home. We got actually important work to do."

[14:32:24] @ Seryna : Two officers approached Doc, taking in the situation. One hurried back to the patrol car, sending out a code and a request for an ambulance. One of the officers kneels beside Doc, examing Lily.

[14:32:50] Seratone has joined the chat on Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:32 pm

[14:33:07] Seratone : ( comment ever)

[14:33:25] ricohard : Doc grunts as the officer calls for help. He looks around before returning his attention to the woman, checking her pulse carefully.

[14:34:21] Seratone : (bbiab)

[14:34:28] Kazakin : "I'd offer to hel, but you've got the shooting thing down for the both of us." Laura continued driving away from the scene.

[14:34:34] Seratone is Disconnected on Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:34 pm

[14:34:48] @ Seryna : "Two dead bodies." One of the officers reports, returning to his partner and Doc. "GSW. Wierd rounds... " As Doc monitors Lily, within moments an ambulance arrives. The EMTs expertly begin to work on the slim woman, professionaly marginalizing Doc to the side. He noted a police man standing by his truck, eying the tarp. "Sir?" One of the police men approach, asking for his statement.

[14:35:06] Kazakin : "I was impressed, actually. You successfully hit the broad side of a barn. Now maybe we'll actually get you to shoot worth a damn."

[14:35:40] Kazakin : "Let's not get too enthusiastic." Laura smirked all the same - she hadn't missed, so this was a new experience of her.


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