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Network Zero Upload 1

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Network Zero Upload 1

Post by Seratone on Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:47 pm

Chris doesn't take long to relax when he gets back to his apartment. He seems as frustrated and confused as ever. This was almost as bad as the Double Tree incident...almost.

Chris knew several reporters that would want to interview him about what he had seen on the Merriman murders. He decided to wait on that for now. Better to play nice with the FBI since they were cooperating.

Those other Federal Agents were another matter however...

Chris Uploads the following Text File to the Network Zero Website. From there, the text file is distributed across the net.
Jan 07. Emily Gillian went on murderous rampage across Detroit in an attempt to take revenge for the accidental death of her spouse and child. She was killed by Federal Agents attempting to capture her.

Incident was strange enough to warrant further investigation. Video tape from reporter might reveal more, but was taken by DHS Agents. What does DHS have to do with this? The FBI didn’t seem to know either.

One of the agents was identified as the same Australian that was traveling with Doctor Hollandale in Detroit a few months ago. Hollandale’s group had confirmed involvement with the Double Tree incident. (inter-dimensional travel).

Who am I dealing with? Were these people the fabled Men in Black?



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