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Hugo Godchild

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Hugo Godchild

Post by Migs on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:08 am

Hugo stands with and air of confidence, almost to the point of arrogance. His deep brown eyes almost look black and they stare at the world in cold calculation, though sometimes they seem almost on the verge of tears. His light brown hair falls about his face in a messy, yet almost fashionable way. He is currently dressed in an Armani chalk striped black peacoat with militaristic accents. A grey, striped, silk shirt, black wool trousers and black Dior Homme leather boots. All of his clothes are tailored fit.

Hugo was born in Madrid, Spain. His father was a British Art Historian who owned and operated several galleries. His mother was Spanish and a flamenco dancer turned local Tv personality. He spent his early childhood in a private school in Madrid and when he turned 10 his family moved to London.

Hugo spent the rest of his youth living in London. While in private school his teachers found that he had a talent for music and both his parent pushed him to hone his natural abilities. Because of his mother he chose classical guitar. Soon he was performing recitals, and then concerts.

His mother was roman catholic and was raised deeply in the religion. There wasn't a sunday morning, or wednesday afternoon that went by that he did not attend mass. Through his mother he learned that through the acceptance of christ all things were possible. This Faith stuck with him for the rest of his life.

After he graduated he went to King's College in London to major in music. While at the University his parent's moved to New York where his father opened up a few art galleries and his mother was a partner in a few nightclubs. After receiving his degree he decided to move to New York and pursue a music career in America.

Shortly after coming to America Hugo fell in with the nightclub scene and started to party heavily. With his mother as a partner in the night clubs he was allowed to parties in the VIP area, meeting celebrities and high class drug dealers. At first it was a little coke to let him drink the night away. Then one night he snorted some heroin. That one line was all it took. He was hooked.

During one of the nightclub parties he met his future wife. She was a runway model on the verge of her big break into becoming a supermodel. For the two it was love at first sight and a few months later they were married. For a few years Hugo was able to hide his addiction from his wife. He would travel with her to various locations when he was not performing and when she was not traveling she never missed one of his performances.

It was around then that his parents were killed in an accident on the Autobahn. They left him a large inheritance. For awhile everything was going good for him and his wife. They had more money than they needed and both of their careers were progressing fantastically. Though it did not last for long.

His wife found out about his addiction, though her reaction was different than he thought it would. She told him about her dabbling with coke and she always wondered what heroin was like. Soon both of them were shooting up together, spending their vast fortunes on drugs and wild parties. Life was amazing in the short drug filled haze.

Shortly thereafter Hugo's career began to plummet as well as his wife from their heroin addiction. Two years ago
the unspeakable happened. While going through the DT's his wife scored some bad heroin. Her first shot of the substance was the last one she would ever take. Though what he didn't know is that she was pregnant as well. Guilt racked Hugo as he saw it was his fault his wife died. He went on a alcohol and heroin binge. He ODed twice, but was save by the few remaining friends he had left.

Everything in the city reminded him of her, and he felt betrayed by god. He allowed his wife to die. Anger swelled inside of him and one night after shooting up and getting drunk he walked the streets looking for the man who sold his wife the bad heroin. He know who it was. There were others that had died from his bad batch, and the other high class junkie spread the guys name around so no one else would die.

Holding a bottle of vodka in one hand and a .45 he had bought of the streets in the other he kicked down the door of the seedy hotel where the man was staying. The man was having sex with a woman in desperate need of a fix and no money to pay. Hugo unloaded the entire clip into the bed. Killing both of them. In a drugged haze he stumbled out an emergency door and escaped before the police came to investigate the shooting.

Shortly there after Hugo sold the remaining partnerships and art gallery. A connection of his said he had a friend in Detroit that was trying to set up an operation, but lacked the start up cash. Hugo, depressed and wanting a change of scenery decided to take the man up on the offer. All Hugo had to do was front the money and he would be paid back with interest. Hugo moved to Detroit to oversee the initial phase, and after he was repaid he decided to stay in Detroit.


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