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Oleg Tolstov Malocuse (NPC)

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Oleg Tolstov Malocuse (NPC) Empty Oleg Tolstov Malocuse (NPC)

Post by Dean on Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:18 pm

Clan: Ventrue (Malocusian)
Covenant: Invictus
BP: Proxy

The ranking Invictus in Detroit, Oleg Tolstov Malocuse very rarely leaves his haven. At Elysium events, Oleg commonly operates through a mortal proxy, using an array of cerebral disciplines granting him complete control over his representative. The Proxy is middle aged and slightly paunchy, with close-cropped hair and blunt slavic features. He's never seen out of slightly anachronistic formal attire. His mannerisms and body language seem either off or entirely absent, while his speech is a languid drone which sounds incapable of any real passion and seems strangely out of sync. At least one bodyguard remains present with Oleg's ambassador at all times.

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