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Murdoc Empty Murdoc

Post by Innerlight on Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:32 am

Clan - Mekhet
Covenant - None
Blood Potency - ((Mask of Tranquility))

Murdoc is a black man in his mid 30's. He wears his hair in cornrolls, or is bald and tends to wear hoodies. He doesn't show his face very often, and tends to always stay in the shadows. Though he does always seem to have a need to smoke very rare is the time where he's not smoking cigarette's or weed. Though it doesn't do anything for him it helps start conversations at times he may otherwise have no reason to speak. Now he's a down for whatever hustler, that focuses on cars and car theft. He has no objection to doing getaway driving, stealing, breaking and entering, in rare cases he may procure information for people. He doesn't like to put himself out there too far emotionally or professionally, he tries not to make his presence known unless he must. He plays the role of a mercenary for whatever covenant seems to need him, and he's discreet enough not to take sides.

Murdoc has been a vampire for about 40 years or so. He was embraced by ((someone in a covenant whatever choice seems right)), and due to the ineptitude of his sire, he broke ties with that covenant amicably, and his sire was killed shortly after.

Murdoc - Covenant - Unaligned ((Mask of Tranquility))

Harold - Lineage - Unfleshed. Refinement - Copper

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