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Lord's Letter to the Prince

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Lord's Letter to the Prince Empty Lord's Letter to the Prince

Post by Rogue Bard on Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:26 am

Delivered to the ghouls of the prince is a creme coloured envelope sealed with gold Wax. There is a skull with a laurel crown as the seal.

Written on the front of the envelope in a rich burgundy colour in a finely written script is the following:

To Whom it May Concern

Upon opening the envelope kindred will find a letter written on thick paper coloured to match the envelope. The handwriting is the same and was done with the same colour ink and pen.

On this II of July in the MMX Year since the Birth of the Christ, I intend to make it to be known publicly among the Lords of the Kindrend through their Priscus, as well as for all residents of the domain of Detroit, that I, Seneschal Julia Comitor, Scholar of the Senex, Childe of the Admired Prince Cassius Marianas, Heir of the Senex, have sent my great grandchilde Edwin Hunter, neonate to the Clan of Lords, to be a resident of the Domain of Detroit in an effort to strengthen it as well as keep an eye on a priceless Roman artifact that is rumoured to be in or near or domain. I, as a Lord and Respected among my fellow Lords, have sent Mr. Hunter on this task at great peril to myself. Should Mr. Hunter fail, the gift of sleep his sire has been given would be lost along with his sire's head. He will be under the watchful eye of the Senex.

I warn you, Mr. Hunter has a sharp blade and a sharper tongue. I would expect him to rise through the clan ranks as well as the city's ranks quickly. He is well trained in the art of rhetoric and debate as well as the art of arena combat. He will be as loyal to your crown as he is loyal to the Crown of Rome and to his other dwelling. It is also important for you to know that he will be traveling between Detroit and Salem, Massachusetts, as he has a duty to fulfill there as well. We have already secured him a small haven in one of your city's racks.

From this moment on I will communicate to you through Mr. Hunter for all things relating to the Clan of Lords.
Semper Servus,

Seneschal Julia comitor
Scholar to the Senex
Respected in the Domain of Rome
Respected in the eyes of the Clan of Lords

[url=]]Politics Roll[/url] Done by Julia Comitor. Her sheet can be found on page 24 of Fall of the Camarilla.
Rogue Bard
Rogue Bard

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Lord's Letter to the Prince Empty Re: Lord's Letter to the Prince

Post by Dean on Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:04 pm

Days later, a sealed cylinder of parchment arrives in Rome, plugged at each end with wax stoppers bearing crude carvings of ancient Sumer.

The letter is short and terse. It is addressed simply

To Rome, from Detroit

Your name and Domain mean little to the new world, little in my domain. Not enough to bypass laws forbidding unsanctioned residency within the public trough. I must demand that the acquired haven be turned over to the city until your grande-childer has been given leave to remain in Detroit. Have Hunter await my decision at Belle's Isle Aquarium on the eleventh hour of the fifth night of July.

Prince Nejem, Sovereign of Detroit

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