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Character Creation Guidelines for Mortals/Ghouls

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Character Creation Guidelines for Mortals/Ghouls

Post by Rogue Bard on Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:02 am

Creation Guidelines

Follow basic creation guidelines from The World of Darkness. If you want anything above these guidelines, send a private message to the Staff with your request.

You may begin play with up to 25 EXP plus selling two dots of morality for 10 points.

Any special powers must be approved prior to play, and must come from the book Second Sight.

You must submit a point-by-point ledger of the experience spending you have done.

If you write a character who is in politics, on the Police force, in the Fire Dept., or in government in any way, it must be approved prior to play.

Ghouls with more than two dots in Disciplines (total) must be approved prior to play.

You may begin play with up to 25 EXP plus selling two dots of morality for 10 points.

Ghouls must have a PC or NPC Regnant. If your PC or NPC Regnant is from another game, please provide the information for us to contact the player and the staff of the game.

If you're taking a merit, discipline, devotion or bloodline that doesn't appear in either World of Darkness or Ghouls please include the book title and page number.

Helpful Hint - Include an awe-inspiring history/background for your character when requesting something out of the ordinary and above basic character creation guidelines. The more you back up what you are asking for, the better your chances of having it approved.

The following is currently restricted from play on Motor City Burning:

  • Carnival Bloodline
  • Players Bloodline
  • Children of Morrigan Bloodline
  • En Bloodline
  • Sta-Au Bloodline
  • Zelani Bloodline
  • Alucinor Bloodline
  • Character titles within the city.
  • Characters possessing another clan's signature discipline without belonging to a bloodline which allows this (eg A Gangrel with Auspex, a Daeva with Protean)
  • the Giant Merit
  • Animal forms that are not native to where your character is native without GOOD explanation.
  • Children characters that have the Merit Sexualised. NOT ALLOWED, and no it's not funny to ask it. You will automatically be given your second warning.
  • Lineages that point to canon characters. You can know of them or know them personally if you have a good story. But you cannot be related to them at all.
  • the Sexualised Merit all together
  • the Combat Marksmanship Merit
  • the Gunslinger Merit
  • the Striking Looks Merits

Please copy the code within the box below and fill in the appropriate details using the character guidelines then sent the stats to either Seryna, Rogue Bard, or Dean. If you don't wish to do that, go to this website (Dalines WoD Sheetgen). Please post your character's physical description, public history, and equip as it's own topic named for the character in this thread. The staff will let you know once you're approved for play.

[b]Group Name:[/b]





[i]Mental (-3 Unskilled)[/i]

[i]Physical (-1 Unskilled)[/i]

[i]Social (-1 Unskilled)[/i]
[b]Animal Ken:[/b]


[b]Size: [/b]
[b]Speed: [/b]
[b]Defense: [/b]
[b]Initiative Mod:[/b]

[u]Experience Spending[/u]


[u]Physical Description[/u]


Creation Guidelines

  • Attributes 5/4/3
  • Skills 11/7/4 ( 3 Specialties)
  • Merits 7
  • Health= Stamina Size
  • Willpower= Resolve Composure
  • Size 5 for adults
  • Defense= Lowest of Dexterity or Wits
  • Initiative Mod= Dexterity Composure
  • Speed= Strength Dexterity 5
  • Starting Morality = 7
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