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Harold Empty Harold

Post by Innerlight on Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:13 pm


Harold was not born as other promethans were he came into consciousness far before he was animated. He started his life as a medical dummy and his first memories were of human children doing cpr into his mouth by a pool, he believes in the 60's, but he hasn't nailed down a solid year. He didn't know just how long he was their but before long he was given to a university to help train medical students, he remembers being maimed and mutilated in countless ways so that they could diagnose medical illnesses. He went through everything from being thrown off of buildings to broken in with sledgehammers to set on fire. He remembers being there for some time, though he can't recall exact times and dates he remembers names, faces, and events. After he was so tattered and used he was thrown away, but his tale didn't end there, a fringe artist fished him out of the trash and put him in a basement with intentions to use him for some project. He can't tell how long he was stashed away, but he feels it was some time. Taken from storage by a group of vandals and thrown about the floor he saw his last owner dying in his own blood. For some reason unknown to him he decided to move. He didn't know if he could but he knew with all the accumulated knowledge of medicine he knew he could help. He stood and walked for the first time and assisted the man that was dying in front of his face, but he couldn't save him. The year was 81, this he remembers for sure, he could no longer go back to sleep. He laid down and attempted to be the inanimate doll, but things were different now, people saw him as a man now, and they put him into the morgue. After playing dead for 4 or 5 days the state decided to cremate him, but this is when he stood up again and realized he could never be what he was before.

For the past 30 years Harold has trudged through life attempting to find a point to it all. He went through all the common promethan mistakes, not understanding what he was, or the effects he was having on other people, but he learned. 15 years into his life after having no clue as how to live he decided to die, he realized he couldn't die and it got to the point he stopped trying. Now a days he goes from place to place getting into adventures and studying things because he has nothing else to do. He doesn't know how to be human and he doesn't quite like being what he is but he's made some amount of peace with it.

Appearance - Harold is about 30 years old as a promethan. In his disfigurement he gnarled and battered. He has an emotionless face made of some sort of hard rubber, and his joints are made of some sort of malleable metal. His body is random burn marks, and places where he was broken and battered. His insides, when he was a dummy used to be detachable, but after he was created he couldn't take them out. As a man he's about 5'5 and he's as average looking as they come. He looks like the stereotypical man that lived in the 50's or 60's.

Other notes - He can take extreme amounts of punishment because of what he is was. He makes his money from investments he's made years before in accounts that he can access when the need arises. He medical Transcriptions, and works as a medical adviser over the internet, when he's not doing that he works on personal experiments involving the human body. He studies medicine actively and is always looking for new advancements. He studies all forms of life so that he may find another level of existence, ghost, pandorans, vampires, whatever seems worth knowing he attempts to analyze. He's not against fighting or violence, but he doesn't move towards it. He drives a pick up with a motorcycle on back, along with all his belongings. He was other refinements, but he selectively forgets things from time to time and he doesn't remember things. He has a lot of last names that he makes up on the fly, and a few he uses for purposes of identity. He has no fear of death and barely does anything to preserve his life. He doesn't bleed. Regains pyros like a Galatea. He was originally from Minnesota. He tends to be more upset when other people around him get hurt. He doesn't really feel sorry for himself that much. He doesn't really rush to do anything

Disquiet - People start getting sick around him, similar to an Osirans irrationality. They start to possess phantom illnesses. When they get to level 3 their phantom illnesses become real and the subject starts to figure out that the cause is Harold

Wasteland - Is similar to an Osirans, but he instead of contaminated water he causes a plague of random sicknesses.

Torment - Harolds torment is a cross between Osirans and Galatea. He gets logical and feels that everyone is sick he goes out of his way to dangerous levels to diagnose people's medical or psychological problems. He feels everyone has a problem that he has to diagnose no matter how healthy they may appear, and he goes out of his way to cure people.,1181237591,1/stock-photo-crash-test-dummy-head-on-a-medical-worker-in-shock-and-frustration-of-fear-3506773.jpg

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