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Dayton Ohio

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Dayton Ohio  Empty Dayton Ohio

Post by Seratone on Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:47 pm

Basic information:,_Ohio

Population: 148,000: Enough to support 5-6 vampires.

Dayton Ohio: Territories (Will be updated from time to time)

Downtown: Tall office buildings mixed in with decaying shops, and the offices of city government. Downtown has seen better days. By day, light traffic goes through the area. By nightfall, it is largely abandoned. Only a few of the massive office buildings are occupied in recent nights. The only exception is Citigroup's regional headquarters.

Modifiers: -2 for hunting. Easy access to financial and government sectors.

Citigroup Regional Headquarters in Kettering Tower

Slums: Low income housing, Projects, and neighborhoods completely abandoned as an after affect of the forclosure crisis. Crime and poverty are prevalent here. Located north and west of downtown.

Locations: Abandoned basement haven. Abandoned slaughterhouse haven.

Modifiers: +2 for hunting to get drugged blood. -2 penalty for clean blood. Easy access to criminal sector

University of Dayton: Debauched college students makes this the best hunting ground in the city. Vibrant bars and nightclubs line the streets just ouside the college. This territory also contains the county hospital.

Modifiers: +2 for for seduction type hunting here. -2 for Predator/attack type hunting)
Easy access to Education and Health sectors.

Locations: Rose's Nightclub: Same modifiers as general territory

Oakwood: Middle Class/wealthy community located just outside the official town periphery. Home to professionals and other well off folks.

Modifiers: -1 for hunting due to lack of social venues for people to congregate.[url][/url]

Locations: City Elysium in foreclosed colonial mansion


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