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The keeping of Ghouls and Herd

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The keeping of Ghouls and Herd Empty The keeping of Ghouls and Herd

Post by Seryna on Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:51 pm


Rachel's ghouls are Sam Ward and Joshua Homan.


Sam is the social climber that Rachel has re - purposed to make feeding and information gathering easier. She found him in a bar in New York, doing quite a good job at convincing people that he was more than he was.
Rachel uses him for information - often sending him to scout clubs, look for appetizing meals or listen for local news. This is night time activity that she will specifically order.

Joshua is Rachel's body guard. He was a bouncer at a local club, a fairly adept one. Rachel uses him for that purpose - guarding the haven during the day and her during the night.

Sam and Joshua have standing orders to stay in during the day and guard the haven in shifts. Joshua will sleep the first shift, them Sam will relieve him. Rachel has provided them standing orders not to let any one into the haven, open the door or window or leave the haven for any reason.
A baseball bat is Josh's constant companion and a set of golf clubs remain by the door, an impromptu weapon for Sam should things pick up.


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The keeping of Ghouls and Herd Empty Re: The keeping of Ghouls and Herd

Post by Tehrat on Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:28 am


The Club

Situated on Union Road, Dayton, Enigma is perfectly located to be noticed.

From the outside it's a windowless, but attractive building. What it lacks in natural light it makes up for in exterior decor. There is a red carpet from the door and stretching outward several feet from the building, alongside runs a velvet rope barrier. Enigma is exclusive entry only, and security ensures the riff-raff do not get inside. The building itself is an attractive red brick.

A few feet inside and off to the right is an exclusive cocktail lounge, which is separated by black drapes and a glass door from the main bar and dance floor. This area is strictly for Kindred and vassals only, and is set out in comfortable red and black leather seats, with a glass bar and underfloor lighting.

The main club follows a similar style, but is larger and has both live music every second day, and DJs every night. It serves an expensive, but appealingly attractive cocktail menu, including the infamous Seven Deadly Sins and the Enigma house special; the contents of which Enigma.

While feeding is permitted in the private area, there is strictly no interfering with mortals present in the public bar as it would be bad for PR. Anyone who tries to violate the rules will be lucky if all they get is an escort out of the door, by one of the dark-suited security men. Likewise mortals are not allowed to deal, as Rose takes a very dim view of people spoiling her lunch.

Several feet beneath the club, through private carded access is Rose and Sharky's Haven.


Rick Mallory


He was Rose's bouncer at the club, and considering he was guarding her assets on the door she made damned sure she hired well. He's now her bodyguard, and isn't a great conversationist considering he is just the meat shield. He is the one who is active during the night, guarding the Haven if Rose is staying in or hovering close-by outside the Haven when his boss is on the move.

Greg Raynor


The younger of the two ghouls, Greg is more of a social butterfly. He was a bartender at the high-end club- specifically a mixologist. He's also the more dextrous of the two, considering his previous job. He would be guarding Rose when Rick is not; but when extra hands are needed he will be summoned.

Weapon-wise, Rick carries a gun but specialises in unarmed hand-to-hand. Greg is pretty handy with a knife, and one always remains on his person. They both carry radios and earpieces to keep in contact with their boss, since their cell phones were destroyed for security reasons.

During the day, Rick and Greg watch over Rose in shifts, alternating on who sleeps.

Rose's Herd
All regular attendees at Rose's club, the herd are people Rose took a shine to, Entranced, and put under the Vinculum, but never bothered to ghoul. She makes sure they're slavishly devoted by treating them very well indeed. After all, why would people keep coming back if they were abused too badly?

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