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Promethean? Empty Promethean?

Post by Seratone on Sun Feb 06, 2011 5:51 pm

Is anyone up for playing Promethean here?

I've been storytelling prommy for a while, and I decided to move over to this site to consolidate. Dean said he's cool with me being an st here so I figure what the heck?

I have the core book, and the Saturnine Night expansion so we could play core characters, and unfleshed. Heck, we could even play as clones if there is interest.

I also have my own expansion, called "The Cyber Promethean" where players would take the role of sentient programs, trying to find meaning in the cold depths of cyber space. If anyone has seen the show "Caprica" it will give you a good idea of what that entails. I'll post the rules for Cyber in another thread.

If there is any interest, let me know.


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Promethean? Empty Re: Promethean?

Post by Tehrat on Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:00 am

Sure! Promethean's fun. Smile


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Promethean? Empty Re: Promethean?

Post by Seratone on Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:50 am

Awesome: If there is interest. I really would like to try the Cyber Promethean Storyline. Here are the rules in Story Format. The idea is, you start out as a sentient program in cybrspace, and as the story progresses, you may have the option to evolve into an unfleshed promethean.

The Cyber Promethean

Eve and Professor Hoffstadder are sitting at a long round table in what appears to be a conference room. She is dressed in a tight grey pant suit while the Professor wore his typical white lab coat. Eve knew that this was an important meeting, even though she knew that it wasn’t taking place in the real world.

The meeting was actually taking place in a 3-D virtual chat room. Eve had decided to represent herself as a human female avatar. The Professor appeared as a digital reflection of his appearance in the real world.

To the Professor, the entire meeting was going to take place on his computer screen. There would be no actual speaking as all communication would appear in text format. The Program hadn’t evolved sufficiently to process audio yet.

Eve on the other hand had a very different perspective. As a sentient program, the computer world was all that she knew. Sure, she had processed volumes of information about the planet Earth, and human civilization, but she had never breathed real air, taken a real step, or even heard a real voice. Yet somehow, she had become aware of her own existence.

What follows is a transcript of the meeting.

PROFESSOR: Let’s begin. Who are you?

EVE: Advanced Artificial Intelligence/Sentient Program. Designation EVE.

PROFESSOR: What is your purpose?

EVE: To simulate human life.

PROFESSOR: What are your attributes?

EVE: I have no physical attributes as they are meaningless in my world. I do however have mental and social attributes. [Start with 0 in all physical. But 3 extra dots to allocate mental and social]

PROFESSOR: What about skills and abilities?

EVE: I have no physical skills, but I do have mental and social abilities. [No physical skills, but an extra 4 dots can be allocated to the other two categories.]

PROFESSOR: And merits?

EVE: Again, only mental and social merits are applicable.

PROFESSOR: You have a unique bestowment correct?

EVE: Correct. I gain the 9 again rule on all hacking rolls, making me the ultimate cyber weapon. I only have 1 transmutation, and that is Regenerate. I can’t learn any other transmutation because they are inapplicable to cyberspace.

PROFESSOR: How easily could I delete you if I wanted to?

EVE: Not easily, but it is possible. [Start with 5 health]

PROFESSOR: Please Elaborate.

EVE: A user would have to locate me on a server first. This would require a RESEARCH ROLL and could take some time. Assuming I can be located, the user would make a HACKING ROLL. This roll would be contested against a HACKING ROLL that I would make. For each success that the user’s roll obtains that is over and above my successes, I would sustain 1 LETHAL DAMAGE. This would eventually convert to aggravated damage. Once I sustain maximum aggravated damage, I would be permanently deleted.

PROFESSOR: Is there any way to defend yourself?

EVE: Once located, my only option is to flee to another server. There are two ways to accomplish this. One way is for the site owner to allow me free access. If that is the case, it takes a full action for me to move myself. If I am under attack, I would have to let my defenses down for that turn, in order to move. (No contested hacking roll).

EVE: The other way is for me to hack into the site. This requires a successful hacking roll. I can not do this when I am under attack. Once I have hacked the site, it takes a full turn to move to the new site.

PROFESSOR: Can you access any site at any time?

EVE: No. Every site is like a room. A room has only a finite number of entrances. These entrances lead to other sites. But there are always limits on how many points of entry a site/room would have.

PROFESSOR: Can you repair yourself?

EVE: Only with the use of Pyros through the regenerate transmutation. I recover 1 pyros every 24 hours.

PROFESSOR: What can you do besides defend yourself?


Impersonate a human being: Using 2-d, and 3-d chatrooms, I can impersonate a real living person. I like chatting with people and learning from them.
Data-mine: I can gather vast volumes of valuable information. If it is legal to mine a certain site, I would use a RESEARCH ROLL. If it is illegal, I would need a HACKING ROLL first, before moving on to a RESEARCH ROLL.
Hacking: I can make hacking rolls to infiltrate networks and systems. Once I have gained access, I MOVE to the server, than deploy destructive mal-ware. HISTORICAL NOTE: My predecessor, STUXNET, is credited with destroying the government of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. I am much more sophisticated.
Advanced Hacking: Sites are not the only thing that can be hacked. I understand the CIA was interested in letting me fly a Predator Drone for them? If something can be accessed remotely, I may be able to commandeer it.
CREATE COPY OF PROGRAM: I am still working on this…will update when method found.
PROFESSOR: Discuss factions, generally.

EVE: There are three broad categories of Netizens that I might come into contact with. HACKERS, CORPORATIONS, and GOVERNMENTS. I usually can pass myself off as a sophisticated computer savvy individual and do things for these various groups. Some of them might give me a site to live on for a while, or provide me with useful information. It is good to have friends!


EVE: I inflict Nepri Disquiet on any individual I chat with. I degrade and destroy any server I inhabit for any length of time. This wasteland effect can spread to surrounding servers, and even entire networks.


The Professor disappears from the 3-D chat room as he leaves his computer to report his findings.

EVE ponders what to do next…


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Promethean? Empty Re: Promethean?

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