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Streamlining Combat in PBP

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Streamlining Combat in PBP Empty Streamlining Combat in PBP

Post by Seratone on Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:57 am

I know we do a lot of PBP on this site, and we also have a lot of combat so I wanted to throw out a suggestion to players and staff.

In my Promethean game, whenever we have a combat situation that will likely last for several turns I do the following.

1. Ask the players to declare what they want to do for the battle. (I.E. Shoot X with my gun until he is down, then shoot Y burn willpower every turn).
2. The Storyteller rolls all the dice for all the parties, and plays out several turns of combat.
3. When the battle reaches a convenient narrative turning point, the storyteller narrates how the battle is progressing, and players get a chance to decide what they are going to do again. Depending on the situation, the battle might continue all over again (repeat step 2), or we go back into play by post, if the focus of the scene has turned to non-combat.

Examples of what could constitute a narrative turning point.
-A new enemy or ally arrives
-An enemy or character is incapacitated
-An opportunity for one side to retreat presents itself.
-Someone decides to stop resisting and tries to surrender


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