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Gary Goedken

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Post by Ulfsark on Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:20 am

Gary grew up under strict Christian principles, and with the high expectations that it brings with it. Being the youngest of five siblings, he developed a knack for diplomacy early on in his life, which proved to be a sure way to get picked on in elementary and middle school. Noone likes the kid that tries to end the fights. He kept this attitude all through High School, and with his small but close band of friends, he kept pulling bullies off of smaller kids, and the entire school mockingly called his gang "the Batmen".

After graduation, Gary found it natural to go to the Police Academy. He passed the tests just barely, and entered the training, thinking that he wouldn't last a week. Chocking both himself and everyone around him, he turned out to be the perfect fit, and took to the training faster than he would have ever imagined.
Just a few years later, Gary tried out for the FBI, and joined the forces.

If anyone asks, and presses him a little, Gary will tell the opening scene of his Vigil, why he left the force. It was a fall evening, when he came home to his brother's appartment, for a steakdinner and some football. They were enjoying the dinner in front of the tv, when the doorbell rang, and his brother's wife went to open it. Shortly after, they both heard a loud scream, and when they came out into the hall, they saw her body slump to the floor with two large knives buried into her skull. In the doorway was a man, in a mask.

This is as far as Gary gets before breaking down in tears, not being able to go on.


Gary is a man in his early thirties, with a stern, square face, with plenty of too-early wrinkles, adorning his green-gray eyes. He is usually seen wearing a baseball cap, and a fake-leather jacket, along with a standard pair of denim jeans. Under his jacket can the beginning of a gunholster be seen.


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