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Gula (NPC)

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Gula (NPC) Empty Gula (NPC)

Post by Dean on Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:29 pm

Clan: Ventrue (Gorgon)
Covenant/Faction: Circle of the Crone, Blind Chorus
BP: 6

Recently risen from Torpor, Gula's return to the Danse has begun to cause friction amongst Detroit's Cults, particularly the Hecate cult. Soon after waking, she began to call herself 'Crone', something to be worshipped, in turn alienating Detroit's Hierophant and the majority of the Circle. This brazen self-application has largely gone unchallenged, since Gula seems mostly content to follow her own path, performing her nightly works within the privacy of her haven, surrounded by her 'eyeless choir' and the few kindred followers she has.

Gula evidently takes a great deal of time to appear the very model of the fearsome Crone archetype she clings to. She covers her skin in ash, dressing in sparse rags, wearing thorns and strips of soiled cloth tangled about her matted hair, so that cloth and bramble meet one another in a tapestry which obscures her face. It's hard to register things like age or temperament beneath all the mud and blood. She has a gruesome nightly routine in which she slices open her belly, stuffing thorns and rags and grass and meat under the thin skin of her abdomen, before tightly sewing up the flesh. The result is a soiled and distorted picture of a woman with child. Whether this act contains any symbolic or ritual meaning or if this is simply the act of one whose sense has been lost to Torpor is anybody's guess.

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