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Rex Empty Rex

Post by Innerlight on Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:35 am

Rex's skin is like the leather of a football, and not much of that changes when the Azoth attempts to cover it. The sides of his head are bald and he has tatoos running down the side of them, he has an aggressive looking little mohawk and wears a dog collar that has the name Rex on it. When he woke he was greeted by a dog, which had the collar Rex. Seeing he could not talk at his creation he figured he was a kindred spirit with Rex, who seemed to be teaching him how to live. Rex the dog taught Rex the promethan things, keeping him away from humanity. The dog died, and the ghost of the dog he still sees. He took on the collar and calls himself Rex now, but has had very little interaction with humans and is creating a wasteland in the warehouse district of Detriot, not that anyone noticed.

Other Notes - The dog spirit manipulates Rex and possessed the first dog at his creation. It's unknown why he follows Rex around, but he doesn't talk to him he just acts like a dog and Rex understands what his gestures mean. He possesses big dogs from time to time. He's only a few weeks old

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