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Neil Henderson

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Neil Henderson Empty Neil Henderson

Post by Ulfsark on Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:54 am

Neil was never the sharpest color in the box, but he made it through life nonetheless. He grew up in a working-class family, and being the son of a masoner, he found it very natural to go into construction. All the while helping his dad, and making a little extra money running errands, he did his best to finish his education until he came out on the other side a fully functional electrician. After that, life was pretty smooth on Neil, he did everything that was expected of him. He met the right woman, he builded a home for them, he had two kids, and he really couldn't have any complaints about his life.

Neil big passion in life is exercise, he loves running, and tries to go running every other day, if he is not too tired from work. If he fails to go running for too long, he gets very stressed out, and his temper swindles a little too quickly.
Neil has also been into boxing, mainly to round up his physique. He have never been particularly good, and he has never considered entering any competitions, he just does it for fun, and to scare off the occasional boyfriend his teenage daughter brings home.

Physical Description
You can say a lot of things about Neil, but chances are that you don't say it to his face, because this man is big. His work-buddies jokingly call him "the bear", but he definetely doesn't mind his big frame. You wouldn't go as far as to call him muscular, but not exactly scrawny, and definetely not over-weight. He is just.... big.

He sports a couple of small-framed glasses, for his short-sightedness, and he can usually be seen wearing a casual Vikings t-shirt, being loyal to his Minnesotan roots. He prefers jeans with a lot of space over something classier. Even in social settings he prefers to be comfortable, since he figures he can't be nice to people if he strangles the blood-flow to his genitalia.


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Neil Henderson Empty Re: Neil Henderson

Post by Seryna on Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:30 am

Neil is approved! Trying to get a scene together later today if you can come by the chats.


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