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Welcome to Motor City Burning: World of Darkness online role playing game. Due to the graphic, predatory nature of the violence and adult activities Kindred, Hunters, and the Created take part in, we require all players to be 18 years of age or older. If you are at least 18 and would like to play with us, hit the "Register" key and come on in!

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Post by Rogue Bard on Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:28 am

Hey All!

We've gotten the Character Creation forums all put up with their own blank character sheets and we've completely finished all the information needed for the EXP awards and had that post put up too. I have also taken it upon myself to bring in a status system that has been play tested and works! You can find it here. There are some other little nifty things there too. Those act as templates for later. Also you can see that we have posted a set of General Rules for the game. There's even a Roll Summary for those who would need it!

Our wonderful staff member Seryna has gotten the Hunter: the Vigil game off the ground. I believe that the Cells of hunters are on their way to Detroit from Salem, Massachusetts, currently. I highly recommend that you go and check out that venue as Seryna really puts on a good show.

Dean is pulling double duty as he's working on both Promethean: the Created and Vampire: the Requiem venues. On Requiem he's currently working on locations not just for that venue, but also the whole game. He's also planning some nice stories for The Created.

I am working with Dean on non-player characters, locations, and plot for Requiem. I have also been doing a lot of the initial set up work for the site. You returning players will notice that the site has gone through a complete RetCon action. The cite has also been completely re-organised.

Again, this was done to present to you, the players, a new area to play within the World of Darkness. We hope you enjoy!
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