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Welcome to Motor City Burning: World of Darkness online role playing game. Due to the graphic, predatory nature of the violence and adult activities Kindred, Hunters, and the Created take part in, we require all players to be 18 years of age or older. If you are at least 18 and would like to play with us, hit the "Register" key and come on in!

General Rules

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General Rules Empty General Rules

Post by Rogue Bard on Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:41 am

Rules bind us all together in one form or another. This is going to be a listing of the rules we use here at Motor City Burning. Players are REQUIRED to know what these rules are and to abide by them. By submitting a character, you are implying your consent to abide by the rules.

It is the responsibility of the players to be acquainted with the basic rules of the Storytelling System. The Staff will be more than willing to help you learn and answer any and all questions you may have about the game.

These rules are subject to change. It is IMPERATIVE that players keep track of the posted rules changes via the forums and this page.

  • The final authority on a rules call is done by a moderator/staff member.
  • The rules in the books will be strictly adhered to word for word. The only people who have the authority to interpret the rules are the staff.
  • Player versus Player (from henceforth called PvP) combat will be allowed, however no player death will be sanctioned without the approval of the Staff.
  • Until the staff can put together the time and resources for the player based chat all role-playing will be done via posting on the forums.
  • When one can expect scenes of a graphic nature, a player is required to ask if all players directly involved with the scene are comfortable with such a thing. If comfort is an issue then the graphic nature of the scene is to be cut back.
  • All problems between players that exist outside of the realm of fantasy are to be kept out of character.
  • Using out of character knowledge as in character knowledge is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • Post your character sheet using the form provided in the appropriate Character Creation sub-forum.

Depending on the magnitude of the incident in question, The Staff may find it necessary to skip straight to third offense consequences. This will be determined by a majority rule of the staff.

Dice Rolling
Should the need arise, and it will arise, we're going to be doing our dice rolls at the WikiDiceRoller.

Character Creation Rules
White Wolf writers and developers have gone to great pains to make Vampire: the Requiem a more political game than its predecessor, Vampire: the Masquerade. It is with this spirit in mind that the Staff of Motor City Burning asks that you do not bog us down with combat based characters. Combat will be a part of the game, but the staff believes in the core belief of The World of Darkness is a setting of personal horror. Please build characters that you plan to grow and develop. The following list is what the staff of Motor City Burning believes to be a completed character application:

  • A comprehensive back story along with a physical description of your character, and a point by point ledger of what you spent your points on is required with a filled out character sheet.
  • The points on the character sheet must reflect the back story and vice versa. For example, if your back story says your character went to the Julliard School of Music for Ballet and you have not put any points in "Expression" or "Athletics" and points in "Brawl" and "Weaponry" instead, your character will not be approved. Conversely, if your character has 3 points of "Firearms" and there's no mention of military/police/firearms training in the history, the character will not be approved.
  • Any back stories that directly link your character to a White Wolf signature character by blood or by anything other than passing knowledge without the consent of the Staff.
  • Go to the appropriate Character creation forum for further information on how to create your character.

Transferring A Character
If you're coming from another game and want to bring your character, please send the character to the Staff in a private message. Include in the message the stats for the character, history, and a URL for the game that the character came from so that the Staff may contact the owner of the game with any of their questions. The staff will review your sheet and information and get back to you with any changes that need to be made for you to play.

House Rules
Henceforth known as the Inigo Montoya Rule, players are not allowed play two characters who know each other. If one of your characters dies the other or your new one cannot participate in investigating the death of the previous character and cannot come into play knowing of the other character. This includes issues of status. Only one of your character's opinions matter. Characters cannot be used to prop each other up. They must be independent of one another.

Homemade bloodlines, disciplines, devotions, and Second Sight powers are not allowed, unless you're a transfer character; and even then the staff will be hesitant.

When Combat occurs, the decision of the Staff is final. If you have a problem with the outcome, privately contact that staff member and discuss it, if no solution can be made go to another staff member. Airing out of character dirty laundry in public will not be tolerated.

Decisions that are pending may be discussed in the Discussion Forum, but once the decision has been made, it is final. The decision will be posted on the Forum and the Forum thread will be locked. Deadlines for players to voice their opinions and thoughts will be posted.
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