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Loved ones, Lost ones - Attention ALL Hunters

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Loved ones, Lost ones - Attention ALL Hunters Empty Loved ones, Lost ones - Attention ALL Hunters

Post by Seryna on Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:57 pm


I am churning a few 'ideas' into some story lines that will eventually stalk towards your cell. In order to get some 'meat' into your characters, please start developing the people around your character. Does your character have a good relationship with their parents? Have they recently lost a loved one? Whom are their closest friends? Are they a mentor for a younger sibling or niece?

Take some time to develop your character ties. Feel free to start incorporating them in the IC forum- stopping by the parents for lunch, taking the kid out for ice cream. I promise I won't drop a truck on them in the forums as you develop them.



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