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Tom Hagel

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Tom Hagel  Empty Tom Hagel

Post by Seratone on Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:40 pm

Tom Hagel

Virtue: charity
Vice: wrath

Attribute: Priority. PMS

Intel: 2
Wits: 3
Resolve: 2

Str: 3
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 2

Presence: 2
Manipulation: 2
Composure: 2

Other Priority

PMS: 11/7/4

Athletics: 2
Brawl: 2
Drive: 1
Firearms: 1
Larceny: 1
Stealth: 2
Weaponry: 2

Academics: 1
Computer: 1
Investigation: 2
Occult: 1
Science: 1
Medicine: 1

Streetwise: 1
Subterfuge: 2
Socialize: 1

Willpower: 5
Health: 7
Init: +4
Speed: 10
Morality: 7

Specialties: moving in darkness (stealth), forced entry into buildings (larceny), firearms (crossbows).

Merits: Resources 1:
Safehouse: 1
Fleet of foot: 2
Direction sense: 1
Danger sense: 2

Other info:

Age: 24

Description: Short young adult male with shaved head and athletic frame, blue eyes.

Job: Walmart Clerk: Can be found at the weapon’s section.


When he was five years’s old, Tom watched as both of his parents were brutally murdered. It took him nearly a lifetime to get vengeance.

After the murders, Tom went through the foster care system and had a rough life. He ended up dropping out of high-school and started working menial jobs around town, really struggling to get by on his own.

He started working as a bouncer for this night club owner named Leon when he was 21. It took him a while, but eventually the memories came back, and Tom made the connection that Leon was the man that killed his parents. While Tom had grown up though, Leon was unchanged in the 15 or so years that had passed.

A little research and a leap of faith revealed the truth about Leon and helped Tom avenge the death of his parents by turning his employer into a pile of ash. It was a good feeling.
Now Tom stalks the streets alone, looking for more vampires to kill.


Crossbow, knife, wooden stake, flashlight, cellphone, camera, flashlight, compact car.


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