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Chapter Two: Act II The Bee Swarms into Violence Part II Attn Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

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Chapter Two: Act II The Bee Swarms into Violence Part II Attn Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:28 pm

The hunters had come together at various times during the week since they had parted company on Saturday. Morgan, the P.I., had come to Joshua's service on Sunday.
Chris and Joshua had visited the sick at the hospital on Monday. Chris and Sara had also called one another on Monday, sharing information and discussing Sara's decision to set up a trip to the firing range with a friend of hers.

It was now Friday and the four had parted ways for the last few days. The curfew had been enforced. A peaceful nights sleep was difficult to attain- Sarah and Chris found that thier apartments often had visitors in the street below. Lady Luck was on thier side, however, as thier neighbors did not suffer the break ins that had occured downtown.

Now the group had decided to come together once more at Sara's apartment.

Chris sits down at a chair. "Well I'll be damned if this isn't the most frustrating thing I've ever come across. I still don't have a clue on what the heck is going on in this town."

"What've you found since we last spoke?" Sara said brusquely. She leant back in her chair, the living room of her apartment brightly lit. Her gaze flickered to her photo collection. "Anyone want a coffee?"

"I'd love one," Joshua said quietly, steepling his fingers as his gaze moved to the photographs too.

"I'll never say no to coffee." Chris adds. "Umm, what have I found out? Colleen Yates, do you remember her? She was Kim's friend. Almost defected before she went back. Well she works for Charlotte Harper. I know it sounds like a long shot. But um, Father I think you should try and talk to her if we can reach her. You seem to be good at helping people, and...she could have some information that's worth while."

Sara gets up and heads to the kitchen, pausing for a moment. "Wait, we're back on the Harpers again?" Oh God, I thought he was over this.

Joshua blinked slightly. "Chris, I don't help people. I just let them help themselves. I can't force someone to give me information or force her to want to leave her addiction."

"Alright, just an idea is all. I'll let you know if I end up tracking her down." Chris looks over at Sara. "You got any ideas?"

In the kitchen, Sara pulled out one of the better bags of coffee and yanked out three sizeable mugs. "It's been pretty quiet mob-wise around here. I'm more concerned about that than the Harpers right now. And you still need the gun training - I've asked my buddy to come over. Better to get it sorted sooner rather than later."

"Yeah the mobs, The Police said whoever is doing the assaults is moving insanely fast. Could be another vampire," he muses taking a sip of his coffee. "Yeah I tend to agree with you. I'm not really a fan of guns personally. But it couldn't hurt." He looks at the Priest wondering if he was going to learn shooting.

"Not for me, thank you," Joshua said quietly. "I won't carry weapons against another person."

"I figured you wouldn't," Sara responded, with a curt nod as she came through with the coffee a couple of minutes later. "I ain't gonna force you," she added, in case it was a concern of the priest's.

"Do you think we should go to that Court house in Port Huron with the trap door that Morgan found?" Chris asks. "I know he said it was sealed from the other side, but I feel like there's something down there that the Harper's are trying to hide. Why else would they seal it up like that?"

Sara appeared to consider this for a few seconds, as she sat down and sipped the coffee. She had been craving the caffeine for the last few hours, and could finally indulge. "It's sealed from the inside. That suggests someone's always on the inside guarding whoever - or whatever- else is down there."

The trio of hunters - would they be referring to themselves as such, yet?- retired from Sara's apartment to the parking lot to meet Sara's friend at the firing range. As they moved down the stairs, they were struck by a terrible odor. No, odor was too pleasant a smell. This was a stench. It was the worst possible scent you could imagine, worse than a package of meat left in a malfunctioning cooler. As you descend the stairs, you can spot only the attached landromat of Sara's apartment and the corner store that would be close enough to obscure the source of such foulness.

Chris freezes in place as he smells something. "Ugh" he mutters.

"Huh." Sara remarked casually. She thought for a moment, trying to figure out if it was a stench she was familiar with. Back of the cupboard smell? Rotten corpse smell? Considering what she had found sometimes at the back of her cupboard, it was hard to determine which she would prefer...

As Sara mused it over, she had to liken it to the smell of death. Dead and forgorren... Glancing around, the three noted that they were the only people on the street. It was not an absurd hour, but the street was still and quiet.

Joshua put his hand over his mouth and nose. He closed his eyes for a moment, feeling his stomach lurch. "That's... pretty bad," he understated quietly. "I think perhaps we should call the police."

"Well, if there's a corpse, let's see if we can find it first. I wouldn't want to waste their time on something irrelevant." (investigate, 0 successes)

He starts looking around.

"Trust me. That's a corpse. You don't forget that smell," Sara said heavily.
((Sara, following her nose: 1 success))

((Joshua, also following the smell: 2 successes))

Chris starts by looking in the Laundromat.

Chris glances around, opening the door to the laundromat and peering in. Besides a forgotten laundry basket, nothing is amiss here. Sara moves past the laundromat, crossing the apartment parking complex to reach the corner store.

She pauses at the end of the parking lot, her nose telling her that the source of the stench was right around here. Lowering her gaze, she spotted an opening in the cornerstore. It looked as though someone had bashed in the outer wall with a mallet until it had caved in, spilling some plaster out onto the parking lot. It was about wide enough for someone to crawl inside. Joshua had followed Sara and could say without doubt that the corspe was within the illegal building modication. Looking about the store, they found that a 'closed' sign hangs across the door.

The doors are locked. Looking back at the rear of the store, one could possiby crawl in through the gaping hole.

Joshua glanced at Sara and said, in a quiet voice: "Trapdoor spider."

Sara nodded grimly, pulling Joshua back away from the hole. "Yeah. Let's just call the cops and let them deal with it. We got a date at the shooting range."
Chris walks back to where Sara and Joshua are to observe their findings. He shakes his head. "I'm tired of just standing back like everyone else, completely useless." "Yah'all can head on without me if you like. But I want to see this through."

"You dare tell me I stand back being useless again, and I will give the ambulance someone else to take away," Sara remarked, her voice rather angry. What the fuck? If she had been standing back, his ass would have been dead by now. "You can stick your head into a dark hole, where a corpse is waiting if, and likely what killed the corpse as well...but we're leaving this to the actual authorities."

"I didn't mean it like that." Chris mutters. "I'm getting a flashlight from my car and then I'm going into that building." He starts walking for his car in the parking lot.

Sara shakes her head, and continues to move away from the hole, dialing the authorities. They had talked about him following instructions and not being a Goddamn idiot before, and if it wasn't going to work when they were in a situation like this, he was never going to get it. She was through with this shit. "Padre, you comin' or you stayin'?"

As Joshua makes his decision, a black SUV pulls up alongside the store. Three black clad men wearing off the rack suits exit the vehicle. They approach the store, heading towards the front door. As Chris returns with his flash light, he witnesses the dark haired man shield his face and bash out the glass door. With out a glance towards you, the three enter the store. The SUV remains idling. You spot a driver and someone else in the back seat.

Joshua took a breath. "Chris, be reasonable here. Firstly, there's no reason this is supernatural. There's been a lot of riots lately; it could just be a conventional murder. And secondly, even if it is, the only way in is through a tunnel. That is only big enough for one person at a time. Have you ever heard the story of the fall of the giants? A brave hero builds them a castle and tricks them into having to kneel down to come through the door."

"Hey what the hell are you doing?" Chris says to the people knocking down the door, not really having time to mull over the Priest's advice.

The three men ignore Chris, having already entered the store front.

"Please excuse my friend. He's an idiot who just escaped from a mental institution," Joshua said hurriedly, grabbing Chris' shoulder. "What is wrong with you?"

As Chris and Joshua have a quiet disagreement over entering the source of the terrible stench - like a dead body - someone leans out of the idling black SUV. The driver wears street clothes and has a hatchet - like face, staring at Chris and Joshua with interest. A large man walks down the quiet street towards the corner store. Yesterday it had a good cup of coffee for sixty cents. Today, a terrible scent of the dead wafted out of it. Just prior to the newcomers arrival, three men had entered the corner store.

(to Sara)
The dispatcher who takes the call asks several routine questions about the location of the bad smell. She promises to dispatch local police to look into the store.

Chris looks at the driver with distaste on his face, "Hey, what the hell is going here?" He asks irritably.

Jack Robinson: Joshua threw up his hands in a rare show of impatience and followed Sara out. It was probably too late to make anyone forget his striking features, but he might at least get away with 'I'm not with this guy'.
Seryna: The driver leans back into the car, reaching into his pocket. He leans back out with a badge that glitters in the morning sun. "Federal Agents. Move along."
Jack Robinson: Sara gave quick, sensible answers to the dispatcher before hanging up and slipping the phone into her pocket. The police would be here to deal with the smell. Some guys with suits too were also interested in something in the shop. Even for her, the odds were unfavourable.
Dean Catarino: [actually I have to go out, bbiab]
Seryna: [bye Dean]
Dean Catarino has left the conference.

Kevin Lacey: "Oh yeah, let me guess. Agent Riggan right?"
Jack Robinson: Joshua moved up next to Sara. "He's... snapped," he said quietly, his voice full of regret.
Seryna: The black SUV comes to a stop as the driver turns off the vehicle, stepping outside. He approaches Chris, giving him a careful once over. He doesn't stop until he's nose - to - nose with the reporter. "And you are?"
Jack Robinson: "Yeah," Sara answered dully. "He's...a fucking moron." She paused, leaning against the side of her car. She unlocked it, and gestured inside for the priest. "After you."
Seryna: As Chris stares at the unknown man in street clothes, one of the men stepped out of the store. "Its here. Let her know." The man paused as he saw his companion speaking with Chris. "Get rid of the lookie loo." The tall man snaps. "We aren't taking on consultants here." Anger seethes from the man's tone of voice. He strides past Chris and the plainclothesman, pausing at the rear door. He leans in to speak. His words are too quiet for you to hear, but you note the respectful nod of his head.
Kevin Lacey: "Chris Williams." He pulls out his little hand held voice recording device and switches it on. "Look you and I both know there's a corpse in that building. What are the Feds doing in a simple homicide. You have no jurisdiction here."
Jack Robinson: Joshua got into the car, quietly muttering a prayer for Chris.
Jack Robinson: Sara started the engine and closed her eyes. Normally, she'd feel guilty about leaving someone behind, but... Chris seemed to have decided to commit suicide by cop. Or Fed, or whatever. It was a shocking moment of realisation for her that she couldn't save everyone, because some people didn't want to be saved. She pulled away and drove off.
Seryna: "Chris Williams," The man gives a mirthless smile. "Who knows Agent Riggan..." Behind the plainclothesmen, the tall agent steps back, opening the rear door. A brunnette woman exits the car, taking nearly two minutes to gather her volumnious black skirts. She wears an A - line dress that harknen back to an earlier time. Her skin is covered by black lace of her high necked gown or the white satin of her gloves. All of the black provides a stark contrast for the glittering necklace that rests on her collarbone. It appears priceless - and Chris instantly recognizes the description that Chrissy Hollandale had provided for the amulet that allowed for Daywalkers.

Joshua wiped his eyes as Sara drove away. "I'm... I'm sorry, I should have seen this psychotic break coming. I tried, I..."

"Yeah I know a few people in the FBI. Before they screwed me over with their brainwashing. But this isn't about me. This is about the truth. The truth that the people deserve to know." His eyes go a little wider as he sees the woman get out of the car, eyes going to the amulet. (act crazy)
Kevin Lacey: (2 sux)

"Agent Riggan," The plainsclothesman turns and calls to the man offering his arm to the black clad woman. "This man knows you." The tall, angry man who had strode by earlier now turns his attention to Chris and the plainsclotheman. The mens eyes move to the woman, both bobbing thier heads. The woman strides forward, Agent Riggan at her elbow. "Fantastic. You wanted to know what we were doing, yes?" The woman smiles. The smile does not reach her eyes. "Then I invite you, intrepid reporter. Come inside."
Jack Robinson: "Can't save 'em all. He lives or he dies, I'm beyond trying to pull him out of danger," Sara responded as she drove to the firing range. "You can meet D, at any rate."

"Huh?" Chris seemed utterly surprised by the woman's response. This wasn't how the government was supposed to act. "You're just going to let me interview you?"

"Interview," The woman's smile widens. "Certainly. " Her pleasant voice tones to ice water in his veins as she snaps. "Bring him."
Seryna: Agent Riggan falls in step behind you, making a run for freedom unlikely. The plainsclotheman strides beside you, directing you inside the store.

As you enter, you see the two black clad men standing on the fair wall, by the hole in the wall.
Chris' eyes are drawn to the overturned desk. A cash register lies untouched on the ground. But beyond the desk, a pair of black boots are sprawled onto the ground. Following the line of his leg, a terrible sight lies absolutely still.

A man with curling, browned skin lies against the ground. The dead body has withered, similiar to the images of mummies. Yet he wears a pair of blue jeans that are completely untouched by the dry heat that had to have caused this terrible dehydration of the body.

His head lolls lifelessly to the side, revealing a swollen tongue that protrudes like a flopping snake.

Chris grimaces at the sight of the corpse eyes widened. "I've never seen a corpse like this before. What happened to him?"

The woman passed by you, not answering. She walks directly to the dead body, not alarmed or disgusted at the scent or sight of it. She calmly removes her black gloves, handing them to Agent Riggan. He tucks the gloves into his pocket, watching the woman with keen interest. She extends her pale fingers out to touch the dry, crispy skin of the corpse. The skin crinkled around her finger, a grosteque image that would haunt his nightmares for nights to come.

Chris shudders visibly not sure of what he is watching at all.

The woman closed her eyes, her long, pale neck highlighting the glittering amulet resting on her collarbone. She remains still for several minutes as her finger moves slowly along the corpses' forehead. The three men around you watch the woman with open adoration. The plainslothesman chooses instead to watch you with narrowed eyes.

Chris just watches speechlessly, in complete terror at the situation he found himself in. All because he wanted answers. He just had to have answers.

The woman withdraws her hand, extending it towards Agent Riggan. The man carefully places the glove onto the woman's hand, finger by finger. "It is clear what has happened.." The woman replies. "The unfourtanate individual starved to death. It's certainly a direct cause of that damned curfew." She turned towards Chris, her eyes watching you devoid of emotion. "And then theres you, intrepid reporter."
Seryna: She extends her hand, drawing her fingers along your jawline. You had just watched these same fingers caress the dead, peeling skin of a corpse and now they trailed along your skin. "It's quite odd. I've heard your name before, young man. Attached to a photo of my grand nieces house saying 'they torture people here'." Now she smiles and it lightens her dark blue eyes. "Would you like a closer look?"

Chris freezes in place. "I'm not alleging anything. I just report what people are willing to come forward and talk about. If your grand niece wants to tell her side of the story, I'm open to it." Chris shakes a little bit, voice nearly cracking a few times. "Closer the corpse?"

"My grand niece is so busy these days.." The woman smiles. "No, not the corpse. He's no longer my concern.." She turns and watches as the body is roughly moved into a black body bag by the agents. "At the house. I could have sworn you had been there before. What do you say?" She extends her hand, gripping your cheek rather roughly.

Chris nods his head slightly, obviously very uncomfortable about the whole situation. "Yeah, that sounds like a great idea."

2011-06-20 23:14:01 Beast rolled 5 dice to "Telepathy" 7,9,3,9,4 (2 successes) "Lets go back to the libel you started online. Your knowledge seeemed so first hand.. have you ever been to the Harper Estate?"

"All my information comes from confidential sources. I've never been there. Personally."

"Ah, I see," The woman's smile widens. "Sources. Yet I see an image of a basement... I recognize that basement.." In the room, Riggan speaks up. "Madam Harper, the police have been dispatched." The woman turned and glided from the room. "Bring him," She dictated. "- I am most interested in that mind."

As much as Chris protested, two men guide him to the SUV. He is hustled within it and watches Agent Riggan converse with the unknown woman standing on the sidewalk as he is driven to places unknown. Perhaps he will finally get an indepth look at the Honeycomb..

"Woah wait, this is...NOT good...


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