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Investigating the Port Huron court House: Morgan, Chris & Sara

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Investigating the Port Huron court House: Morgan, Chris & Sara

Post by Seryna on Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:52 am

Morgan meets with Ryan Maulfield at the third court house undergoing construction. Maulfield was due for a break, so he walks with you to a local Starbucks where he buys a Frappe. He sips it while listening to your proposition at the isolated outdoor cafe. After promising him 200$ - half up front- he agrees to go look into Port Huron. He will go by the court house when the job site shuts down at 5 P.M. He asks where you want to meet at about 6 P.M.

It is now 6 P.M. the same day that Morgan met with the contractor. As planned, he is in the library awaiting the contractors arrival. Five minutes tick by, but nothing. Ten. Fifteen. Just as you are starting to wonder, you see the tall, broad shouldered Ryan Maulfield make his way towards your section, a 'DIY home inprovement' book tucked in the crook of his arm. At least it looked lke a feasible reading choice for him. He spots you and sits in a corner nook where two arm chairs sit about two feet apart.

Morgan didn't make much of a move from when he had been reading his book. The title being a sherlock holmes read seemed rather commercial to his own taste as he eyes the man entering on. His mind registering him quite well as who he talked to, only to slowly place his book down in closing it while holding off on a page he was about to read up on. "So...How did you fair?"

"You didn't say the Feds were involved." The man murmured quietly. "I had to get a friend to fake an emergency to even get us in there. I did see something really wierd before they hustled her out though." He pauses as another library patron walked by. When the patron has left your area, he resumed. "There were three Feds when I got there - a Special Agent Riggan and two other agents that reported to him. When Hank and I got there, there was a beuatiful woman examining the scene. She wasn't dressed like an agent or a detective- and she was acting like one of those new - Age people. Waved her hands around where the men died, closed her eyes and things. Hank and I said a water pipe had backed up; so they followed us around while we mucked around, making stuff up. When we were alone, paced out above the floor and estimate that theres at least a 15 X 15 foot area below the court house. They've locked the trap door you mentioned from below - when we did get to it, we couldn't open it."

"can you better describe this female who was going around in such a manner? Did her skin or anything about her in detail look 'missplaced' of sorts?" His stern silence of voice and quiet thinking was on back to when he first met riggans and the two agents in question. The people involved seemed to be in leagues with that one female in question at the time whilest considering the possibility of investigating more simply into the identity rather than the background.

"Skin? No, her skin was fine." The foreman gave you a wierd look. "She had dark hair that was pulled back and wore a black dress with gloves and things."

"Thank you. I just needed definite details to work on in my investigation..."

"All right. Well I'll be getting out of here." He states, standing. "Be careful. Riggan gave me a weird look when I left. Weird guy."

Morgan picking his hand through his pocket as he pulls out the 100 dollars that was promised after the investigation, holding it to his hand and clasping it in. "If I were you, I would worry more about Riggan than any other person.." Then he takes a turn and leaving along whilest he takes the time to contact R&D about the description he best can give involving the female mentioned in question. At least having her identity will be of importance reguarding suspects rather than those capable of being tailed.

R&D puts you on hold before coming back about ten minutes later. "There's about 87 people with the description of Caucasian and long dark hair."

"I see. thank you." then he hangs up as he went along back to his truck, moving along and getting back to email Chris about his findings.


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Re: Investigating the Port Huron court House: Morgan, Chris & Sara

Post by Seratone on Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:40 pm

Chris replies a few minutes later.

The FBI is still there? What are they trying to protect that is so important? It must be below that trap door.

We need to find out. I am thinking this may have to be a team effort. If the FBI is guarding the place, we'll need to set up a distraction to lure them away from the place.


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Re: Investigating the Port Huron court House: Morgan, Chris & Sara

Post by Morgan666 on Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:44 pm

Morgans reply:

It could be possible they are simply faking being FBI and are part of this harper group you speak of. You may just simply be seeing things that are not there besides what we already know exists...


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Re: Investigating the Port Huron court House: Morgan, Chris & Sara

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