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Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

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Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Sat May 21, 2011 3:42 am

Chrissy would direct Joshua to an abandoned warehouse on what appears to be an entirely derelict block of warehouses. While it looks abandoned, to the clever eye one could see security has been beefed up to keep homeless or interested parties away.

The safe house does not have power, yet Chrissy turns on an electric lamp. It casts a gloomy blue light over the main room. A quick glance reveals that the warehouse is composed of this smaller room and a doorway leading to a room composed of forgotten bits of machinery (hopefully) left behind by whoever owned this warehouse before Chrissy.

This room is composed of two low wooden benches with a pin board of tools, such as hammers and the odd power drill. Chrissy moves apart from you, checking the windows which you now see have been blacked out with black sheets.

The three women cluster together, clucking nervously with platitudes and thanks. With the excitement of the rescue fading, they seem exhausted. They stare at you with wide eyes, glossed over with weariness and nerves.


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Sat May 21, 2011 7:01 pm

Joshua moves over to the women. "You're safe now," he said quietly. "You don't need to worry. Sit down, rest. You must be exhausted." He glanced at Chrissy. "Do you have water in here?"

((Reassuring them: 4 successes))

"And food," Sara added after a moment. She doubted they had been given much - or any sustenance during their incarceration.

"Water would be nice." said Liam wearily

"I brought water!" Kimberly chirped, bringing out a large water bottle from her pack. "I recall they're not much on investing in things like food..."

Chrissy left her position at the window to move towards the back room. "I had a survival pack here. Not sure where Darren left it..."

Sara arched a brow, but didn't comment on it. "Once you've settled-," hopefully sooner rather than later. "You can explain what happened." Her tone isn't demanding. "Don't drink too quickly, or you'll vomit."

Julie took a drink before offering it to Liam; as he had done for her earlier in the evening. "How did you guys find us..?"

Liam took the drink. "Thanks." He took a swig of water.

Joshua paused. "Well, Sara saw Liam being kidnapped, and Kimberly knew the layout. I used my credentials to gain access," he smiled. "But don't worry about that right now. Just relax."

"Yeah, the how ain't so important, now that you've been freed," Sara pointed out mildly. She leant against the wall, arms folded as she studied the assembled group.

"Relax." Kimberly made a noise between a snort and a laugh. "You stole thier goods out of the basement and priority one is relaxation. Oh, God."

"I overheard some of their plan." said Liam as he passed the water on to the rest of them. "They said they were infecting people."

Joshua looked at Kimberly. "Yes, it is," he said quietly. "There's no sense spending every moment trying to pass out from fear."

Sara's gaze slid over to Liam, and an eyebrow arched. "Oh? Infecting 'em how?"

Chrissy emerged from the other room carrying an old style C- bag. Dust had started to cling to her shoulders, but she dusted off the bag as she set it down against one of the tool benches. She rifled through the bag, setting duct tape, a flashlight and what looked like some sort of glove with wires coming out of it. She made an "Aha!" as she came out with a seaed box of Wheat thins crackers. She passed them over to the women and Liam.

"Well there was a 'saboteur' infecting the food supply. Don't know if they were behind in or not, but they're certainly trying to profit off it. They hope to ovewhelm the health care system with sick people." Liam took a couple crackers out of the Wheat Thins box and passed in on to Julia.

Julie helped herself to a handful of crackers, not appearing to follow the conversation too closley. Helen glanced up. "I'd like to get back home," She stated around a cracker. "Not that this isn't nice." She glanced around the darkened warehouse. The blue light made the shadows seem distorted.

"Don't throw those down your throats too fast, either," Sara warned gently. Or as gentle as she ever came to sounding. "It might be better if you guys spend some place low key together for a couple of days while you adjust. Trust me, you don't want to face the outside world as though nothing happened."


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Sat May 21, 2011 8:56 pm

Liam nodded. "And this plan involves this guy named Ben Rose and a woman named Laura Harper. Apparently this involves the entire Harper clan. They also mentioned something about an access point below the hospital. And the conclusion of this plan involves somehow infiltrating the Detroit branch of Chase."

Chris frowns. "Saboteur? They were talking about that in the tape? I heard something about hospitals being overwhelmed. Some kind of flu going around?" He looks at Kimberly. "Kim, how are the vampires able to control so many people? You mentioned that they can make people love them?"

Joshua frowned. "People need to be warned about this..." he murmured. "But there's no way I can think of that would either be credible, or not cause mass-panic..."

"Um," Kimberly blinked, apparently surprised at being asked directly. "Yes." She opted for simplicity.

Sara looked troubled. If this was gonna be a full outbreak, someone needed to know who had authority... somewhere. But how to get information out there without sounding like a crackpot would be the problem... "Anything else we should know?" She looked at Kimberly and Liam primarily.

"Any one have that family tree..?" Kimberly wondered.

"Oh yeah, they also want to try and kidnap you as well." said Liam pointing to Sarah. "They couldn't get their grimy hands on you though, so they took me instead."
Joshua nodded. "Yes, I've got it," he pulled the crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket and smoothed it out.

Sara arched a brow. That was a little discomforting. "Great," she sighed. "Looks like I'm gonna have to start looking over my shoulder."

Chris frowns slightly at Kim, then looks back to Liam and Joshua. "I can go viral with a warning, but I don't know how many people would believe it. He looks at Kim then to Liam. "You mentioned an access point at the hospital? Did they mention which one?"

"Posting a video on Youtube isn't going to be very effective, I'm afraid," Joshua said quietly. "There's too many videos on there already. Terri showed me one the other week with a floating car. I doubt anyone would think it was anything other than another group of crazies going out of their way to stir up trouble."

"No they didn't mention a specific access point. Oh and another thing. The guys in the van seemed to only care about getting a 'pop' from 'Doc'. " Liam replied
Liam rolled 5 dice to "occult + 1(spec)" 5,7,10,1,8,7 (2 successes)

Liam rubbed his temples. "Oh and one more thing. You guys see a pretty brunnette woman? Yeah, I think she's the fang running this thing." he added.

Kimberly leans over the crumpled paper, plucking a drafting pencil. She pauses holding the pencil above the paper. 'Each of these-" She stabs the red marks indicating vampires. "- have people that work for them. I don't know the Harpers' workers. I know the Whites ghouls pretty well.."

Joshua breathed out gently. "The woman I spoke with inside the house, Susan Harper, was certainly a vampire. I felt it when she came near me... and when I touched her hand as we were leaving. She was cold."

Sara frowned. "What, you mean... felt it as in 'you figured it out' or felt it as in 'God told you'? I'm not being glib, I'm just... curious."

Liam nodded "Yes, it's one of the indications of their condition I imagine."

Joshua shrugged. "I have a gift, Sara. I can feel the presence of anything inhuman. Vampires make me feel cold. Deathly cold. At least, they always have so far."

"Could be a vaccine." Chris suggested to Liam's remark. He looks around. "I might have to put something together a little video package outting this woman as a vampire. Maybe add some audio testimony about the kidnappings at the house to sauce it up." He smiles.

"Hm... handy, that," Sara wasn't entirely sure she believed it, but then it was hard to think of the young Priest as a liar. Hopefully, that didn't just mean he was crazy.

Liam shrugged. "Well, I've heard similar things. A lot of them are much weirder."

"What are you guys going to be doing now?" Kim wondered. Her eyes flicked back to Joshua as she spoke. "I mean, besides relaxing. I'm sure you're all well aware of the shi- ah." Another glance to Joshua. "The storm thats coming."

"Well, I personally would like to get my stuff back, but there's a lot more to worry about here. Maybe we could somehow figure out what's going on with these infections."

"You and I should talk more some time, Liam." Chrissy states, leaning against the bench next to Liam. "You have investigated more than the people I've been talking to lately. At least here in Detroit. Salem may have been a sleepy town, but it certainly kept you busy. I might be calling to get your opinion one of these days.

"I'm not relaxing, personally," Joshua said quietly to Kim. "I told the freed people to relax, and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop digging at me."

Sara rubbed her eyes wearily. God, she needed a bear. Maybe Donahue'd be free for a drink later.
"I was mostly concerned with the swearing," Kim replied to the Reverend. "-its a bit of a switch - up. And at least the freed people *can* relax." She stares back down at the tree, handing it back to Joshua. "If we figure out who these people have working for them, that might be something. You said before that you had experience with people who need special counseling."

Joshua nodded. "I do," he said quietly. "And I'd be more than willing to work with anyone who needed it; them, or any of you from the Hotel, too."

"Good." Kimberly didn't quite meet your eyes. "I think thats a good idea. Once people realize they can walk away, there might be more of us who need help. But... I'm thinking that I should be getting back to the hotel. Been up for like two days..."
Joshua nodded. "Do you need someone to drive you?"

"That's O.K., Ward and I can walk." Kim decided, glancing towards the door. "Might stop and get a few things. But- it was O.K. tonight. Surprisingly. "

"Be careful," Joshua said quietly. "God bless,"

"Stay cool," She replied as she slid off of the bench. She clapped Liam on the shoulder as she left the warehouse. The two lone figures quickly faded into the night, with thier heads bent together as they departed.

The next day:
Saturday, May 21

Joshua woke up on the floor after spending an uncomfortable night there. He grimaced in pain as he worked the kinks out of his sore muscles, not really being used to sleeping in such an uncomfortable place. But he didn't complain. He figured it'd help the kidnapped people more if they had some sense of safety.

Sara, on the other hand, was used to sleeping on the floor or in other miscellaneous uncomfortable place. With a stretch, and a sigh that sounded almost contended with her sleep, Sara rose and eyed the warehouse on reflex to ensure that all was still well.

Sara and Joshua found the women curled together, sleeping fitfully. The warehouse was silent, having substituted for a port in Kimberly's predicted storm. A quick glance around in the day light proved that somebody had put up sheets over the windows and reinforced the windows with planks of stable wood.

Liam slowly got up from his sleeping on the floor and stretched a little.
Joshua smoothed his hair back down from the ruffled spikes he'd gotten while sleeping. He groaned. "I hear sleeping on floors is good for your back."

Sara grinned. "Yep, never done me any problem. We'll toughen y'both up yet."
The women sat up on the floor, nearly as one and peered around warily. "Oh. Right. The blue warehouse." Julie yawned, stiffly standing. "Whats happening."

"Well, does anyone have a place they want to go to?" Sara said with a shrug.

"Still not keen on driving us home?" Helen wondered.

"That depends entirely on if they know where you live. I'd recommend getting your families and getting out of the city... go to a shelter," Sara said quietly.

"Got us from the gym." Helen stretched. "But I feel better today. My hearts stopped making that racing thing at every noise... time to visit my sister in Miami."

Joshua nodded. "Do you need money, or any other supplies to get there?"

"You know, Chrissy invited us over. She knows a lot of guys who deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis."
"No..."" Helen looked to the other two women. Julie leaned against her shoulder, apparently content with staying with Helen. "Could use a ride to the bus station, perhaps borrow a phone to call my husband. Then we'll get the hell out of town. I hope that doesn't come off as ungrateful."

"That's perfectly alright," Joshua said gently. "I'll give you a ride, and you can call your husband from my phone."

Within the hour, the three women had contacted Helen's husband, who met them at the bus station with two packed bags. The reunion was emotional - and the women spurred a quick departure. They held tickets within twenty minutes, expecting to depart at the hour. They chattered excitedly, almost maniacly.

Watching them make plans - nearly sounding like a bucket list.. made the trio realize that the women were ready to depart the city and hopefully seek help for the emotional trauma. The three were left with thier own thoughts and thier own murky prospects.

Sara watched over them detereminedly; wary of something happening at the last minute to deter their efforts. She was relieved at least that they were more at ease now, and a little but of tensenss dissipates from her demeanour. After they left she relaxed a little more - not completely, but a little. "Okay. What next?"

Joshua took a deep breath. "Well, I think you'll forgive me if I say I need to call in and see my wife."

Sara shook her head. "Go ahead," she nodded. "I have your number. We can call if anything comes up."
"Alright. We'll meet up in a little while," Joshua promised, stepping away towards his car. "I just have to make sure my wife doesn't think I've been murdered." He smiled in good humour.

Sara turned to Liam. "Alright, what's your next move?"

Liam sat in a corner and sort of twiddled his thumbs around. "I don't know...I guess I could go back to my temporary roommate's place. I'd look into the outbreaks or Ben Rose, but I wouldn't know where to start."

"If I were more technically-minded, I'd start from the top. Search into these apparent outbreaks at hospitals, see if they're targeting any in particular. Then start on this Rose character. There's a shit-load to run through, but nothing'll get done sitting down doing squat."


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Sat May 21, 2011 10:58 pm

Liam & Sara

"I may have mentioned this before, but Chrissy knows people who could give us advice with dealing with these...creatures. Not just the head vampire people, but those thugs they keep sending. You see, those thugs aren't entirely human. Which is why they don't want any normal doctors examining him. Think the vamps actually have their own doctor. They mentioned some guy named Doc anyway. But yeah, I imagine she knows someone who could help us out. Guide us to the next step so to speak."

Sara nodded simply. "Yeah, I think heading back to her would be a good idea. She might've found something in the interim, and we need to keep in touch as much as we can."

Liam smilled for the first time in a while. "Alright, cool, can I use your phone. You still got that fancy phone right?"

"What do you need it for?" Sara questioned calmly, as she rooted through her pockets.
nimalane: "I'm going to give Chrissy a call. See if she can set us up with someone experienced. I mean, I don't know many experienced guys in this city." Liam answered.
Jack Robinson: Sara arched a brow. "Nice choice of words," she responded bemusedly, as she handed over the phone.
nimalane: Liam took the phone and dialed Chrissy's number. Took a second to remember it, but he eventually figured it out.
Seryna: Contacting Chrissy proved easy, as she seemed to be waiting for his call. "I'd be glad if you and your friend come over." She replied. "I feel badly about falling out of contact with you... and guilty for steering you into this. Come on over. Darren and Catherine are out so we can talk freely. I'll make some calls while you're in transit and see if we can get someone to meet us at the safe house." Once at the safe house, Sara and Liam saw that Chrissy had arrived with a tall, lean man who most likely owned the blue pick up besides the safe house.

"Hello again," Sara greeted, and nodded casually. Her attention fell on the tall man, scrutinising.
nimalane: "Hey, how's it going, my name's Liam." Liam extended his hand towards the tall man.

"Hello," The man extended his hand to Liam; then Sara. "I'm Logan. Chrissy said you ran into a spot of trouble with some fangs. " It was clear that there was little subtlety to this man.

"Might say something like that," Sara responded. She shook the man's hand, but her voice was guarded as she spoke.
nimalane: Liam shook the man's hand. "Yeah, they sent some of those not-human thugs they seem to keep around a lot to kidnap me and her. They succeeded with me and now they got my wallet, my weapon, and my cell."
nimalane: "And they got a plan to spread around some kind of infection and infiltrate Detroit Chase bank." he added
Seryna: Chrissy winced. "How many hunters' numbers are in that cell?" Logan however, gave a low whistle. "Nice action," He remarked. "- myself, I've been marred up with these winged freaks in the cemetary. Something honest about a good to God vampire. Or vampires play things. They may be a bit sly; but they go down."

Sara was still a little disgruntled at the fact that vampires actually existed. But she would deal with it. They were just another enemy - different, but they were tangible and could still go down.

"How many hunters' numbers are in that cell? Well, I'd say about five. Though, one of them has recently fallen against the enemy. God rest his soul." Liam answered. "Besides that, we have a bit of trouble planning our next step."

"I'm not sure what Liam's told you," Chrissy addressed Sara. "- but Logan here has the most experience with vampires in this area." Logan immediately down played it. "Nothing like what you did in Salem," He declared to Liam. "I heard about the exorcism with the girl with rats. Wild. Here, I'm mostly chasing super'ed freaks out of cemetaries. But - she mentioned you might need a hand learning how to melt into the area from a local."

"Make a list of the name on the phone, and get in contact with 'em. Warn 'em," Sara instructed.

"Yeah, I will." Liam turned back to Logan. "Yeah, that sounds great."

"Any help we can get, we can take," Sara added.
"What are you thinking of?" Logan asked, looking between the two. "And is this your cell?"

"There's like two other people and there's this one woman who was helping us." Liam answered.
"Exactly," Sara nodded, as Liam spoke. "And right now, we're planning on finding a way to disappear quickly, because we're gonna need it."

"Always a good plan." Logan nodded. "Chrissy's expressed an interest in that one, back when she was active. She took a shining to something we came up with when we were going after some nasty s.o.b.s. You need someone whose a bit flashy. Maybe has a good set of pipes. He has to make himself look tasty while the rest scamper like bunnies." He gives Sara an apprasing glance and says nothing. His eyes hitch on Liam. "You do much running?"

"Well, one of our other guys has got a Hell of a mouth. Guy managed to charm one of the vampires for like half an hour and walked away totally fine," Sara said thoughtfully.

Liam shrugged "I'm an okay runner. What are you getting at?"

"Well, thats something." Logan grins. "Most fangs seem to chew up jokers who think they're Lothario." He looked over to Liam. "I'm getting at that you're a big guy. Sort of like a meal on legs. This thing I'm thinking of involves not drawing attention to yourself while Sweet Lips does."


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Sat May 21, 2011 10:58 pm

*Haldor Household*

As Joshua entered the foyer of his home, he had a moment of confusion. He spotted the red roses in the glass vase in the kitchen.. and the vintage style 'With Sympathy' card lying on the counter.

Joshua frowned for a moment and picked up the card. What on Earth was going on? He was sure if there'd been a problem, someone would have called him...

The card itself was unusual in texture, he noted. It was not the glossy, over priced card ala Professional Flowers delivery service. It was an older style vintage card, the sort that he may be tucked into his own stationary desk. That itself was odd, but turning it over, he noted a hand written card in graceful, loopy cursive.
Seryna: Reverend Haldor, I would like to thank you for your visit to my home. It warms my heart to think how my contribution could benefit the community. As I prepared myself for sleep, I became troubled by a reoccurring thought of your offer of prayer as you departed.

I have reconsidered and would greatly appreciate if you could pray on behalf of my household. Those who were under my roof yesterday have now become beset upon by demons, as persistent as those of the parables of old.
A young man, in the prime of his life, has been cowed with grievious injury. As you are a pillar of propriety in the community, perhaps you know of the young Liam Tonge.
Pray for them, Reverend.

In lieu of a signature, there was an archaic 'H'.

Joshua frowned a little as he read through it. The word demons concerned him. Could a demon attack a vampire? He saw no reason why not. They seemed to have the same ability to sin as mortals, from what he'd seen. A demon would be just as effective. He moved through the house. Liam's name lingered in his mind. "Terri?" he called.

"Yes, honey?" He found her in the living room, paging through her address book. She rose as he entered. "The church just called about a prayer request. Where have you been?"

"Ah, I'm assuming that was the one on the table?" Joshua said as he gestured back towards the roses. "I had a... a sort of run-in." He rubbed his temples. "It was a new one, for me."
'Well..the woman said someone was concerned about someone's safety and than he could use prayers. Liam Tongue or something." Terri gave him a sympahthethic look. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Joshua put his hands over hers. "They were feeding people blood, Terri. In public. It was... sickening. This isn't like the other things have been. They're organised. They've kidnapped people, and I think they'll keep doing it."

"That is a clear call to do something about it, Joshua." She replied. "One of my favorite sermons is the question if its a sin if you don't tell others that the bridge is out. Some people are clearly heading to a chasm that they aren't prepared for."

"I know," Joshua said quietly. "I'm not going to not act. That's where I was; I had to distract one of them while some of the others involved got the kidnap victims out. It was... terrifying."

"Yet the Lord protected you." Terri exhaled, clearly grateful. While the terror had somewhat faded for Joshua, this was the first time she was hearing it. Her fingers had instinctively clenched tighter around his hands.

Joshua nodded, and squeezed the back of Terri's hands. "It's alright, Terri," he said softly. "They did nothing to me, yet. But we should be careful. I think they're powerful people, and I had to use my real credentials. I don't think they'll do much, yet..." The card was a hint though. "I think they're just feeling everyone out."
"Every one?" She hesitated. " Have you surrounded yourself with other people who are as determined as you?"
"No exactly. There were a few other people who saw what happened. They couldn't ignore it either," he said gently.

"Then I feel slightly better about you being out with them." She smiled thinly. "Slightly. I know you were called to this work, but I don't beleive you ought to do it alone."

Joshua smiled. "Perhaps that's why God led me here," he said quietly. "Because they needed me, and I needed them. I think their hearts are in the right place."

"What are they like?" Terri led you towards the couch. "I hope at least one owns a watch for next time.."

Joshua flushed a bit. "I'm sorry. It was just... important. I knew I had to get it done."

"I know." She smiled, more gently. "Yet I worry. "

"I know," Joshua said quietly. "I'm sorry for every moment of worry you've suffered. It's not fair on you, love."

"We don't ask for easy crosses to bear." Terri replied, sitting on the couch and shifting her phone book so that you could join her. "And you make mine light. Don't worry so about me."

Joshua sat down next to her. "I'd never have managed to bear this one if I didn't have you to come home to," he admitted. "I just want you to know that no matter what, you'll always be the person I'm looking out for."

"And I appreciate that." She smiles. "Although having roses for company takes the cold out of the night, even if it was for a prayer request. How odd to send us flowers. Can't think of a time they did that before."

Joshua nodded. "Yes, I thought that was a little odd, too," he agreed. "I think... it's supposed to be a message from the vampire. Liam Tonge... he was one of the kidnap victims. I'm guessing they're trying to find out if I'm involved."

"Its a sweet smelling message." Terri decided to focus on the positive. "And since you are involved... are you planning on responding?"


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Sat May 21, 2011 11:31 pm

"I have to. It's a prayer request. It's my job to pray for anyone who asks me," Joshua said quietly. "And responding any other way would make it look like I was trying to escape from them. And that would put us more at risk."

"So don't keep teasing us. How exactly do you think he can do that?" Sara queried.
'That's true." Terri reflected. "I suppose the 'we know your address' is supposed to cow us into some sort of uneasy alliance. I doubt they're expecting what you're planning."

"It's as likely that it's a test to see if I act as though I'm guilty. Ah, which reminds me. I got this donation from the vampire- would you mind cashing it into our homeless fund?" Joshua said, pulling the cheque out.
"Well ma'am, when I did it, I was bleeding like crazy from where that vamp had slapped me across the face. I just sort of screamed about how it hit like my grandmother... the guys got away.."

"You got the vampire to make a donation?" She accepted the check and blinked at the amount. "Quite a donation."

"Yeah, that'd work," Sara said with a little grin. "I know a little bit about blending in."

Joshua nodded. "Yes, actually. She seemed very into helping the homeless. Which...could be quite worrying, depending how you view it."

"So she could see helping the homeless by - did you say they were kidnapping people? I suppose technically thats a roof over thier heads.."

"Yeah, I do as well." Liam added

"It's possible that's how she views it, yes. Hopefully it's nothing more genocidal than that," Joshua sighed. It seemed terrible to him that kidnapping might be the lesser of two evils.

"Good. Maybe you could help my man Liam out with that." Logan laughed and gave Liam a friendly punch to the shoulder. "So I'm thinking we're on for this. Your guys free for meeting up? We can get this show on the road."

"Genocidal? Has she truly kidnapped that many people?"

Sara glanced first at Liam and then at Logan. "Mhm," she murmured. Clearly she didn't think that this was a joking matter. "We can meet. I'll put in a call to the others."

"It's entirely possible that she's been doing this for longer than you or I have been alive. The numbers could be astronomical. I can only pray that we're capable of stopping it." Joshua closed his eyes.

"You know you have my support." She squeezed Joshua's hand. " I'll be sure to get this to the account."

"I know. It means more than I can tell you," Joshua kissed the back of Terri's hand.

"Great." Logan smiled. "Chrissy, will you be joining us?" "Oh, I don't know." Chrissy glanced to you two uncertainly. "Not sure if they want me tagging along."

"Will you be staying for dinner?" Terri asked. "I have a lunch with my Bible group, but I had an idea for dinner..."

"Do I need to reiterate 'all the help we can get'?" Sara questioned archly, as she pulled out her cell and dialled the priest's number.

"I really hope so, I-," Joshua paused as the phone rang and glanced down at the ID. "I...need to take this." He answered the phone a moment later.

"Does that include your friend Kimberly?" Chrissy wondered.

"She could probably use a rest after what she's been through-," Sara stated, a hand over the cell. She returned to it as the call connected. "Hey Padre, we're setting up a meet with Dr. Hollindale and a friend of hers. They're going to help."

"Alright," Joshua said quietly. "What time?" Maybe he could still make dinner. "I have a card I need to show you, as well."

"A card, gotcha," Sara mused aloud. She glanced at the others. "What time shall we do this?"
Liam shrugged "It's not like I have anywhere to be. Though we may want to take what we're facing into account. So maybe while it's still early? 6-ish?"

"Yeah, okay. 6ish, Padre. Same place we were this morning," Sara said. "See you there." She hung up, and then left a message for Chris, too.

"Works for me." Logan replied. "Chrissy, might want to lose the sweater vest. Not that its not fetching." "Its been like four years." Chrissy replied with a roll of her eyes. "I still got it."

Learning Tactics:
Saturday, May 21st
The Ware house Safe house

2011-05-22 01:20:40 Chrissy Hollandale rolled 4 dice to "Teaching Tactic" 8,6,10,6,9 (3 successes)

(( 2 successes for Sara.))
Jack Robinson: (( 3 successes for Joshua))
nimalane: Liam rolled 4 dice to "Learnding" 8,7,2,3 (1 successes)

2011-05-22 01:28:59 Chrissy Hollandale rolled 4 dice to "learning tactic" 8,10,9,1,3 (3 successes)

Logan spent several moments explaining about how one person would need to make a nuisance of himself to get the bad guys attention; while the others split. After forcing every one to stretch, he took the role of the monster and encouraged the team to try out who should be the one to make the distraction.


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Kazakin on Mon May 23, 2011 7:46 pm

Joshua sincerely regretted having to leave Terri at home and not share dinner with her. He blinked away the regret, and gently shook himself. He steeled himself and waved his arms at Logan in a broad sweep.

"Come on, you can listen to me. You're in a lot of pain and I understand that. Let me help you," he said clearly, using all the charm he'd been born with and communicating it with his eyes. "You're angry, I got that, you're confused, you're lashing out because that's all you know how to do. I can help you. You just have to let me in. Trust me."


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Mon May 23, 2011 8:38 pm

(( 3 successes))

Chris figured that he would run away quickly and into a populated area where he would blend in while the preacher man created the distraction. The plan seemed simple enough.

Chrissy was just as keen to take a sprinter's position. She gave a final twisting stretch of her back before leaning forward. As Joshua reached the end of his appeal, she sprinted forward. The warehouse was open enough to at least stretch one's legs.

Liam threw a sort of confused look at the preacher, but then ran off to find somewhere that was dark and cluttered.
2011-05-23 22:12:38 Chrissy Hollandale rolled 8 dice to "Dissapear Primary" 2,10,1,8,10,8,10,4,5,6,7 (5 successes)
Liam rolled 8 dice to "Dissapear Primary (Dex+Stealth +3)" 10,3,1,1,7,6,4,6,6 (1 successes)

((I've rolled for Sam, but won't post for her. Just assume Sara's taking part. 2 successes))

2011-05-23 22:17:44 Logan Sakl rolled 5 dice to "Wits + Composure" 2,1,6,4,10,1 (1 successes)

Logan glances at Joshua, giving a short, succinct nod. He personally agreed with the idea of confusing a vampire with plays on humanity, what there was of it. Yet he was able to tear his eyes away and sprint off into the warehouse. While several crouched in hiding, his eyes picked out Liam's form. "Found Liam.' he declared in a morbid hide - and - seek way. "Hopefully you didn't lose a jugular, big man. Lets form up and try again."

Chris nods his head. "ok go for it Liam"

Liam goes with a much more simple method than the preacher. He whistles loudly to draw his attention. "Hey over here you disgusting hellspawn."

Liam rolled 6 dice to "Disappear Secondary" 6,9,4,10,9,6,9 (4 successes) (2)
Kevin Lacey: Chris does his best to run and hide. It was actually something he had been getting used too over the past few months

Chrissy sprints off after Chris, veering off into the shadows to find some place to hide.
Seryna: 2011-05-23 22:31:56 Chrissy Hollandale rolled 9 dice to "Dissapear Primary" 8,9,1,4,10,4,5,8,1,2 (4 successes)
Seryna: 2011-05-23 22:32:55 Logan Sakl rolled 5 dice to "Dissapear Monster" 6,7,7,6,9 (1 successes)
Seryna: Logan was suitably distracted by Liam's whistle, allowing every one a head start. In moving through the warehouse, he found Sara quite quickly. "Monster food!" He greeted her with a genial smile. "O.K., not bad guys. Might want to check out maps of areas you guys frequent in case your friend shows up on the streets. I think you guys got it down. I have some things to take care of, but call me if you guys can't perfect it."
Seryna: With that, Logan departs. The cell finds themselves with Chrissy in the suitable safety of the safe house. Joshua and Chris of course had discoered a few things that they had not had time to share yet. Perhaps now was a suitable time.


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seratone on Mon May 23, 2011 9:13 pm

kclace22: Chris pulls up a seat and sits down. "Alright so what's the plan? I'm not really sure where we go from here.

kclace22: Chris looks around, waiting for any input from his cell mates

Nima Lane: "Hey, you're like a reporter right? Have you been following the news? See anything about infections?" Liam asked.

kclace22: Chris nods his head. "Yeah some kind of crazy flu is going around. And based on what you told me, its connected to the Harpers." He looks around. "I think at least one of us should check out one of the hospitals and find out what the doctors are saying." Speaking of which...Chris pulls out the newspaper article. It looks like Susan and Carson Harper may be over a hundred years old. Don't know how that works, but hey. I'm no expert on this."

kclace22: (newspaper article in thread)

clace22: Chris frowns. "What we really need though is more inside information, like the kind Kimberly provided. Maybe we could get her to point us in the direction of more people working on the inside?" He looks at the Priest. "Father, I figure that'd be right up your alley."


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Tue May 24, 2011 5:51 pm

Joshua paused. "In the recording they seemed upset about someone poisoning the food supply, as Sara said." The Priest steepled his fingers in front of his mouth. "To a vampire the food supply wouldn't be bread at the local grocery store, it would be people. And for that matter, there's almost no way to pass on flu through the food supply as we understand it because of the sheer amount of tamper proof, which goes into our foods after the Tylenol murders."Chris frowns. "What we really need though is more inside information, like the kind Kimberly provided. Maybe we could get her to point us in the direction of more people working on the inside?" He looks at the Priest. "Father, I figure that'd be right up your alley.".

Joshua frowned. "I can certainly talk to her, but I'm not going to encourage her to form some sort of standing army. These people are damaged, they need to time to heal...they need help."

"The problem with trying to grab people on the inside is that we'd need time to convert 'em back from the brink," Sara shook her head. "That'd give 'em more crap on top of the shit they're already deep in."

As the newly formed cell processed the new information, they had to wonder what the information meant to them and to the innocent people of Detroit. It was clear that at least Susan Harper was involved with the recruitment, abduction and training of Detroits citizens into some sort of protection detail. Kimberly - and Kimberly's pursuers- made it clear that the Harpers seemed to need these recruited people for something. But which was the bigger threat? Two one hundred year old vampires, thier employees who mentioned kidnapping Sara... and what would they do about it?

"We just need information Father. Though I'm sure helping them out would be one way to do that, and yeah I'm sure it will take time." Chris purses his lips together as he listens to Sara. "The only other way I can think of would be to set up some kind of electronic surveilance. Maybe bug that house that Susan operates out of. But that would be pretty risky."

Sara leant back in the chair, and ran a hand wearily through her hair. "Lets get back to basics, kids. Why would vampires want to poison their own food supply with some fucked up influenza? That just doesn't sound...Kosher."

Chrissy leaned forward at Sara's question, "From what I know about vampires, thats pretty suicidal. They're obsessed with remaining undetected. A disease that ravages the city would eventually get the CDC involved. Maybe even some sort of political reaction."

Liam shrugged "Well, I hear you need to spend money to make money or whatever the expression is. I imagine they believe whatever they would gain from all this is worth it."

Joshua looked at Chris and commented softly, "You don't know to what extent these memories may have damaged them. To remember them might only inflict more trauma. Their memories could be lost forever. I can't in all good conscience try to force a memory out in such a way. Even then it might not be valid, have you heard of False Memory Syndrome?"

"So what would they gain?" Chrissy turned and asked Liam. "What specifically did they say about the disease? Did they mention a name, anything?"

Sara laughed. "That'd be like pissing on your steak," she shook her head at Liam's suggestion. "They talked about people poisoning the food supply; they were tlking about something else making 'em sick."

Chris shrugs his shoulders. "Infiltrate the CDC maybe? I don'tknow. I wish Kim was more forthcoming about how they're able to control so many people. It can't all just be with money right?" Chris nods his head to Joshua. "I'm not asking for a miracle Father, but I'm saying, if they are behind this flu outbreak. There are a lot of lives on the line here. We've got to push the envelope somewhere."

"Perhaps we're pushing the envelope in the wrong place," Sara reiterated, her fingers clenching in annoyance.

Joshua paused. "In the recording they seemed upset about someone poisoning the food supply, as Sara said." The Priest steepled his fingers in front of his mouth. "To a vampire the food supply wouldn't be bread at the local grocery store, it would be people. And for that matter, there's almost no way to pass on flu through the food supply as we understand it because of the sheer amount of tamper proof, which goes into our foods after the Tylenol murders."

"Kim was pretty forth coming about just about everything we asked." Chrissy replied. "And wern't you the one worried about taking her near the source of her trauma?"

"I was worried she would flip on us and go back to the other side, like her friend flipped on me." Chris frowns. "Come to think of it, she still might" He comments darkly.

"Who flipped on you?" Liam asked.

"Colleen Yates. She was with Kim when I helped them escape from Carson Harper's thugs. Then after I helped them escape, Coleen changed her mind and decided to go back to Carson." Chris frowns. "I shouldn't have been so naive, should have at least used an alias."

In speaking as a group, the cell had narrowed down the new information to a select few things that bothered them: how the Harpers were controlling people, how the new 'super' flu was affecting the 'food supply' for the vampires and what to do about the two hundred year old vampires. The cell had just perfected thier first way to combat the vampires; the ability to not become part of thier 'food supply'. What would be thier next move?

Joshua studied Chris with a frown. "Your callousness astounds me," he sounded genuinely surprised. "These people are addicts. They're supernaturally addicted; they don't have a choice in the matter. The fact that they had the strength of will to break away to begin with is astonishing."

"I didn't get that way over night, Chris responds dryly. "Addicts huh, I guess that would explain a lot. What exactly are they addicted to?"

Joshua rubbed his forehead. "You mean you never thought to ask?"
"Let's not leave our expert in the dark," Sara remarked dryly.

Joshua paused. "It's vampire blood. They use their blood as some type of narcotic effect...I'm not sure of the exact effect, but it seems to be extremely addictive. These people have been forced to drink the blood of their supposed masters. They're hardly employees."

Chris shudders visibly. "That's horrifying."
Sara looked vaguely concerned. "Next time you look into important matters, look into them properly?"

As the group goes over the new fact about vampires, Sara's cell phone rings. Checking it proves that its not one of her contacts.


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Tue May 24, 2011 5:52 pm

*Phone call*

Sara arched a brow as she studies the cellphone. She stood and stepped away from the table as she answered the call.

"Hey Sara." Kim greets her. " I was wondering if you were free for about an hour. I think Ward and I have figured out where my old boss is."

Sara paused. "How'd you get this number?" she asked simply.

"Uh..." Kim paused. "It used to be my job."
"You're gonna have to tell me a bit more about that if you're gonna start getting private information like that," Sara said, as she walked to the door.

"It's not like I falsified some forms to access your work history or run down where your power bill is sent." Kim replied. "A phone number is... basic. Surprised you didn't give it to me right away. The Reverend was more open like that. The Harpers greased some wheels at interesting places, like companies with access to information. Apparently the Harpers forgot to take me off the access list. But - I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't important. This vampire bitch is really dangerous. And right now I think she's alone. This is like, rare."
"Well... sure. I'll bring the group," Sara said with a frown. "Tell me your location."

"Yeah." Kim sounded more animated. "Bring the group. We're at Rhapsody." Kim replied. "The ritzy club downtown. Its why I called you - Ward really doesn't fit in here. A swanky dress and heels is great camo here, but ... I could use a hand. "

"Sure they are. " Kim replied. "Have you met Ward? Anythings better than Ward. I'm making him watch the back door and he's all bristling."
Seryna: [Empathy: Kim seems excited - duress free]

Sara paused. "I'll tell 'em to get dressed up. Don't move until we're there, okay? Be careful."
"I'll try and hold him off. No promises if you guys take too long."

"Stay out of the way of the vampire. If they recognize you, you're fucked, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah.." You hear a man's voice in the back ground. "Hurry up! " The phone call disconnects.


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Tue May 24, 2011 5:52 pm

Joshua sighed. "Yes, it is," he said quietly. "There's also the matter of the fact that I recieved a message at my home..." he glanced at Liam. "Asking for me to pray for you, due to your grievous injuries."

"Right well. I'll tell you what. Keeping what you just told me in mind, I'll work on getting some info on the inside track over the next few days. Do you have a way to get in contact with Kim Father?" The man glanced at Sara irritably.

Chris looks at Liam and Joshua when he hears about the card. "That does not sound good."

Liam turned to the preacher. "What? What was that supposed to mean?"

"I have ways to communicate with them, yes," Joshua said quietly. "But as I've already said, I don't intend to try and wring information out of them; and I honestly don't think you should try either." He nodded at the comment about the card and pulled it out of his jacket. "See it for yourself." He passed it over.

Chris frowns as he looks at the card. "Well, it looks like you are definitely on their radar, and they are definitely coming after you Liam." He studies it for a few moments. "Maybe we could use that to our advantage though." Chris rubs his chin. "If Susan Harper gets a tip that Liam is at a certain location, she'll send her people out to get him. That could leave her mansion vulnerable again."

"Well, that's....strange to say the least. I'm not quite sure of what to make of it." said Liam once he finished the card.

Joshua frowned. "I doubt it will be possible to pull off another raid like that so quickly. Regardless... they have my home address. This was sent to my wife. That's a very clear message. Acting on this could have a very detrimental effect on us all; I believe it's a test, to see if we were somehow involved."

Liam nodded. "Yeah, that certainly sounds plausibe."

"But maybe you should act on it. Make it look like you're on their side by helping them find Liam. Of course we'd arrange for Liam to conveniently escape, see where I am getting Father?"

Liam looked towards Chris and arched and eyebrow "What?"

Joshua looked at Chris and his brow furrowed. "I'm sorry, sir, but I think perhaps the stress has gone to your head."

Sara clicked the phone shut and headed back to the group.

"I'm just thinking outside the box is all. You're probably right though." He frowns slightly.

Liam re-read the note. "Yeah, so they're just trying to see if you know anything about me. Maybe they figure if you were an important pillar within community, when I found my way home, you would have been one of the first people to know about it."

Sara glances around the group. "...I would ask what stupid thing someone suggested now, but we have to put on our fancy shoes. Kim's got a sighting of a lone vampire... and I don't reckon they'll wait if we don't get our backsides down there."

Joshua nodded. "Possibly. As I said, I think they were feeling out the area, to see if we have any connections," he stopped speaking when Sara arrived and stood up. "Oh dear."

"Well what are we supposed to do? Put a stake through its heart?" Chris asks bewildered

"No," Joshua said quietly. "We're going to stop a couple of desperate people from committing suicide."
Sara shot an infuriated glare at Chris. "You said you wanted to do something. Either get off your ass and work with all that bravado, or get lost."

Chrissy frowned and glanced at her watch. "7:16. Early for a hunt..."

"What, if we wanted to kill a vampire? Gunfire works just fine. You could also make one of those homemade flamethrowers. They seem to work well for some reason." Liam turned to Sara "What happened to the whole 'All the help we can get thing?'"

"Yeah. If you guys don't need me, I can go put my kid to bed..."

"Doesn't help when one of the team sounds unwilling to act like a team. Either we're a unit, or we're not. This needs to be checked out, whether it's a trap or not. If it's a trap, we need to know who not to trust."

Sara remarked, and nodded at Chrissy. "Your family's probably wondering where you are."

"Alright fine. Just don't get us all arrested." Chris grabs his video camera and prepares to head out. He looks at Liam with a strange expression."

"Yeah. I'll be heading home." Chrissy steps towards the door. "I'll have my phone with me if you need me to identify that pendant. Or a surgeon." She flashed a smile and fled out the door.
"It's a ritzy place. We need dress-up clothes," Sara stated in a stern tone of voice. "And if you're caught with your electronic appendage, you're screwed," she responded to Chris.


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Tue May 24, 2011 8:19 pm

Joshua nodded to Chrissy. "We'll see you later," he said gently, then glanced at the others. "I don't think we'll be able to kill the vampire. Look, they're in a public place. Filming and shooting up the joint would be... counterproductive. We should probably just get the people out of there..."

"Alright, cell phone camera it is then." He answers. "So are we all going in there together?"

Liam frowned. "Crap, I took a picture of that magic necklace or whatever, but it's on the cell that those guys took."

"We'll split up and keep in eye contact," Sara suggested. "That way, we won't be as obvious. We just need to make sure Kim and Ward don't try something desperate."

"Alright I'll go with Liam."
Chris gear: cellphone, small voice recording device

Sara rolled her eyes. "If there are metal detectors at the doors, guys, remember to dump anything incriminating, okay?" She patted her knife.

Liam sighed. "Not a problem for me." He put his sketchpad back in his bag which was lying on the floor.

"Ok then, let's go."

Joshua glanced at Sara and suspected he was being paired off for his protection. Well, that was alright. With a little luck, it wouldn't be necessary.

The club Rhapsody was a swanky club decorated with purple and silver decor. A buff man stands by the door, wearing a suit. For the early hour, the line already wraps around the club. You spot Ward- with his hulking shape and perpetual glare- glaring at the door from the parking lot. There's no sign of Kim.

Chris pulled up in his car and spotted Ward. He figured it would make the most sense to talk to him first so he walks over to the guy. "Hey Ward, what's going on?"

Sara wasn't usually one to dress up, but she had a knee-length red dress on for the occasion. The unit tattoos had been made over with concealer to blot them out. They were a little obvious, and it irked her to have to do it. She stepped out of the other car, and smiled pleasantly at the priest. "Shall we?"
"Ritual sacrifice." Ward dead panned, his expression unchanging. "Rose is choosing the next girl... Kimberly took one of the bracelets off of the sycophants, so she got in. THEY WON'T LET ME IN." Unbridled rage made his voice roll. The bouncer threw you a concerned look.
Liam chimed in. "Woah, wait a minute. Ritual sacrifice? That's the first time I heard anything about that."

Joshua grimaced internally, and hoped that Chris and Liam would be able to talk down Ward before they all got tagged. He did his best to pay no attention to the others, for fear of giving them away, and headed towards the queue.

"Where have you been, asshole?" Ward snaps at Liam. "Take your head out of your ass! Rose is getting another girl! To replace your fat ass!"

"So this is Rose Harper right? What does she look like?"
Sara walked forwards, past the bouncer, to the back of the queue with Josh. She hoped like Hell the Priest could talk his way into a night club.

Liam groaned but didn't say anything. He took a couple steps back and let Chris do the talking.

"Like the whore of babylon." Ward barked. "Blonde. Pretty. Tits like torpedoes. Likely has a herd of puppies eating out of her hand." Ward's voice dropped with each word, turning to focus on Chris. "What the hell are you? The decoy?"

"Hold up." The bouncer stops Sara with a hand. "What's your name?" He made an obvious glance at the form Sara cut in her red dress.

"I'm with the press." Chris comments dryly. As he watches Sara enter the establishment, he sends her a text message: Target is Rose Harper. Looks like [insert description here]
"Press! " Ward laughed, a deep belly laugh that rolled out from within. "Oh, please. For real."

Sara paused, and slipped a few stray strands behind her ear. "Me? My name's Sara," she smiled pleasantly. "This is a friend of mine. I'm tryin' to get him to lighten up," her smile becomes a slight grin.

The bouncer leans around Sara, giving Joshua a blank look. He swung his head back to Sara, looking unenthused. "You serious? You're with him?
"Well, I'm not with him, if you know what I mean," Sara winked teasingly.

"Yeah, I'm trying to expose these things for what they are. Finding evidence ain't easy though." Chris watches from afar, and notes his trench coat. "Liam, I think I'm going to stay out here and film. If I catch any blurs moving across the camera I'll give you a heads up."

Joshua studied the bouncer and pursed his lips. "You don't think I'd be entertaining?" He said lightly.

(( 3 successes))
Jack Robinson: "I'm trying to get him to have more fun these days," Sara nodded empathatically.
"Heh," The bouncer leaned back, obviously on a quandry. "Entertaining..."

"Evidence? Find that blond bitch. She's evidence. Drag her misshapen ass out into the light of day and watch her burn." Ward smiled. "Bring popcorn."

The bouncer tilted his head almost imperceptivly. "Um. Yes." The bouncer looked momentarily surprised, but drew the cord back. " have fun."

Liam shrugged. "Yeah, just don't do anything too risky."

"That would probably be an ethical violation for me. I could film you doing it though."

Sara slipped an arm through Joshua's arm. "Thanks!" she tugged the Priest inside.

"...punk..." Ward looked past Chris at the door.

Joshua felt a slight ethical dilemma about what he'd just done, but he felt instinctively that it was for a good cause; for the right reasons. He walked with Sara into the club.

Inside, Sara and Joshua note only twenty or so beuatiful woman lounging in chaise lounges, slipping exspensive drinks. There were only a handful of men, each one looking to be chiseled out of stone. It was easy to pick Rose out- a blonde bombshell at 5'11'', wearing a form fitting emerald dress and surrounded by three beuatiful women. The women had a desperate air of hanging off of Rose's words. You don't spy Kim.

Sara moved casually to the bar, and she peered around. It was only normal to study a new venue with all appropriate wonder, particularly when it was exclusive. She slipped out her cell as she leant against the bar, texting Kim to state simply: we're here.

I see you. Kim texted back. Depite Kim's words, you don't spot her. There's a low chuckle to your left - a man's voice. Turning, you spot a handsome man with his arm around a young brunnette. As you watch, they glide out of sight through a gold painted door. A bell like laugh drew your attention back to Rose- she was slipping away from her entourage. The three women were briefly distracted by a blond man with high cheek bones and a smile of flashing diamonds.

Joshua felt out of place: his ordinary build and silver tongue didn't really fit in with the other men. Still, it was worth it to get inside. He hoped he would be able to deflect any awkward questions about why he was here if possible.

Liam continued to hang around the area where Ward was, keeping watch, but not saying nothing.

(( 2 successes for Sara))

As Sara and Josh watched Rose, a shadow moved on the wall. No, it was a hand. A hand clutching a straight, sharpened piece of wood. As you watch, Kim melted out of the shadows and followed after Rose into the adjoining room. The laughing women appear none the wiser..

Liam stands to the side of Ward, watching as the bouncer admits another couple. The two were stunning in beuaty, wearing clothes that fit like gloves.

Sara sent a text quickly. Bad idea. Public place. Suicidal. She hoped like Hell Kim was paying attention to her phone.

Theres no reply on Sara's phone. There are no sounds from the other room. As you listen, classical music begins to pipe out of the walls.

"Oh brother," Sara muttered. "Make a distraction. She's gonna get herself killed." Inwardly, she considered again, she hated working with civillians.
Joshua looked blankly at Sara for a moment, then, against every quiet, reserved bone in his body, hopped up onto the bar and started singing "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley in his best, slightly drunk voice.

Oh dear God, Sara groaned internally. She moved away, as one who was becoming embarrassed by a friend's display.
Jack Robinson: 2 Successes to stealthing away.))

The chatter changes to amused remarks as the clubbers turn to watch Joshua. One of the men lifts an imported beer, shouting encouragement. The women around him titter. Sara is able to slip away, feeling confident that no one noticed.

Sara moved to the room that Kim had slipped through. Hopefully she hadn't done anything stupid just yet. She was going to break bones, in the next few hours, she really wanted to break bones.

This room is signifignantly darker than the central room. Grey gauzy material has been strung on faux pillars, casting odd shadows and obscuring the good sized room. As Sara glanced around, she hears an angry cry near by. Striding to her left, she spots Rose lying on her back on a contoured couch. Kim is posed above her, the stake placed to the dead woman's chest. Kim is whispering animatedly. Rose's face is contorted into an inhuman visage of rage.

Sara moved quickly toward the couch and, as Kim poised above the enraged vampire, Sara gripped the vampire to hold her down.
Jack Robinson: 2 Successes to grapple.))
Seryna: "Sara!" Kim doesn't tear her eyes away. "Good, I need a hand, here." The flesh beneath Sara's fingers is cold and hard. The vampire writhes, flashing elongated teeth - no, fangs. Kim is struggling to pose the stake above the woman's heart. As Sara leans in and restricts the vampire's movements, Rose emits a snarl. Kim raises the stake.
Seryna: [Sara, throw me a perception roll]
Jack Robinson: (( 1 success))
Jack Robinson: Sara continued to hold the vampire down, her forearm around the woman's throat as she covered her mouth. "Get it over with!" Sara hissed.
Seryna: As Sara grips the vampire, she notes an oddity at the end of the vampire's hand. The vampire is missing her index finger.. yet there is no blood around the couch.
Jack Robinson: "Do it!" Sara hissed.
Seryna: With one fluid movement, Kim brought the stake down onto the vampire's chest in a display of strength. The wood pieces the woman's chest, yet no blood spills. Rose's head rolls back as she shrieks, an imhuman cry. Kimberly makes a noise of faustration and withdraws the stake, lifting it once again. The woman's chest now has a terrible wound from the stake's blow, but clearly it wasn't deep enough to kill the fiend.
Seryna: 2011-05-24 21:03:37 Kimberly Grafton rolled 3 dice to "Staking Rose" 7,8,2 (1 successes)
Seryna: Joshua feels a bolt of alarm as the man in the adjoining room exits to the main room where he stands. The man turns his head, clearly straining to hear something over Joshua. As Joshua looks at him, he becomes more assured that this man is not a man at all..
Jack Robinson: Sara grimaced. This was too fucking slow. She grabbed her knife from her thigh holster and turned it into Rose's neck.

Slash: 5 successes Stab: 6 successes ))

Joshua felt that creeping sensation leaking over him and he made eye contact with the man. "Hey, you! Join the party!" he called out with an idiot drunk grin, with the intent of getting the crowd to pay too much attention for the guy to move quickly.

((2 successes to influence the crowd ))

With an inhuman screech, the flesh beneath Sara's knife yields. As the flesh rips, Sara notes that no blood pelts her. The unexpected boon does not distract her as she pressed the blade further... The knife grates against something unyielding- a bone in the neck. Yet as Sara looks down, she sees the neck nearly severed. The woman's head lolls limp, her eyes staring sightlessly at the cieling.

Seeing the neck so close to being severed, Sara tightened her hold on the knife for what she hoped would be one last slice. 1 Success

Jack Robinson: E-Suxx.))

Joshua has a moment of fear as the undead man turns his gaze onto him. Those green eyes narrow, void of compassion or any levity. The man's lips curl in contempt. He has clearly angered the vampire, yet it remains rooted to this room.

The last chords in the vampire yield beneath Sara's ingenius slicing. Her training shines through in one crystal moment of clarity, allowing her to expertly eliminate the vampire. The head detaches with a startling suddenness and rolls, tumbling somewhere below. "Yes!" Kim screeches. The woman seizes Sara's shoulders, shaking the other woman with teeth rattling ferocity. "Yeah! " The stake is punched forward in a victory yell.

Sara clamps a hand over Kim's mouth, as she searches for a fire alarm to pull. "Shut up. We're not out of here yet, and if the Priest is killed because you're running your mouth, I will kill you," she states coldly.

2011-05-24 21:16:24 Beast rolled 4 dice to "Whats that" 4,7,9,4 (1 successes) 1 Success for fire alarm search.))

Kim's elbow juts out, catching Sara across the face. As Sara's hold loosens, Kim simply rubs her mouth angrily. " Chill." She snaps, her jubilation chilling only somewhat. Her breathing is erratic, charged. As Sara watches her, she wonders where this high is coming from. "Where's the priest?"
2011-05-24 21:18:28 Kimberly Grafton rolled 4 dice to "Brawl shrug" 10,5,8,8,4 (3 successes)

As the crowd beneath Joshua lifts thier voices in jubilation, the man tears his eyes away. He steps apart, striding towards the room where Rose, Sara and Kim had dissapeared to.

As Sara stares at Kim, then shifts her priorities, she finds the fire alarm mounted between the main room and adjoining room.

"He's surrounded by them," Sara hissed, ignoring Kim in favour of pulling the fire alarm. People generally ran during a fire scare; vampires were surely the same?
Seryna: The main room fills with cries as the women and men turn and flee towards the door in a multicolored display of expsensive fabric. The man however only moves more quickly towards the adjoining room, leaving Joshua on the table. As he watched helplessly, the vampire strides into the adjoining room.

Joshua grabs a glass and flings it at the vampire.
Jack Robinson: 2 successes ))

"Let's go!" Sara moved to the door as she shouted the instruction at Kim.

"Sister!" The man calls with a faint British accent. "Don't you hear that?!" Anger - colored with some more urgent emotion, perhaps terror or rage - makes the words cut like glass. Yet the man searching for his 'sister' is literally attacked with glass as the priest flings a glass at him. The man bends forward, covering his face briefly. Around Josh, the room empties as the people reach the door.
Seryna: [roll perception Josh]
Jack Robinson: ((1 success ))

Josh turns as two men wearing suits run out of a back room, taking the stairway down to the main room two at a time. Security? More goons? They clearly are racing towards you..

Kim gives a wordless angry shout, staring down at the vampire. She quits the room, moving after Sara.

Liam and Ward watch as twenty or so people pour out of the club. The faint sound of a fire alarm sounds. Wordlessly, Ward races towards the door.

Sara's knife is still in hand, pressed against her arm for small concealment as she ran from the back room and back into the main room. Immediately she searched for Joshua's location.

((Joshua's morality check for bodily harm: 1 success, +1 for mitigating circumstances))

Joshua jumped off the bar and did the only logical thing. Ran for it.
The three fleeing pursuit note only one problem- the bouncer standing at the door. They see Ward fighting his way through the press of people towards them.

Sara put her head down and dived in a flying tackle towards the bouncer.
(( 1 success))

[Quick numbers check: The vampire is bending at the entrance of the back room. Kim & Sara have moved past him into the main room. Two black clad men are racing for the ground floor. Bouncer stands in the doorway. behind him, Ward is at least a turn away]
Seryna: 2011-05-24 21:39:01 Beast rolled 3 dice to "WTF was that? Grab it!" 4,5,4 (0 successes)

Sara causes the bouncer to fall to his knees. He throws out an arm to catch her, but she jumps past him out of the door

Sara moves to grapple to guy, to try and give the others a chance to flee.
Jack Robinson: Joshua legs it for the door.

Kim gives a woop as she nears Sara. She attempts to level the bouncer, but he ducks aside. Behind her, Sara sees the other two nearing. Kim ducks past the bouncer, heading outside.

2011-05-24 21:43:28 Kimberly Grafton rolled 4 dice to "Punching" 3,7,2,5 (0 successes)

Sara sees the bouncers nearing her Behind them, the green eyed man has straightened and is charging towards her, moving much faster than the guards. As Josh ducks past her, she can release the guard and make a run for it.

Seeing the others get through, Sara grabbed the bouncer and flung him bodily at the green eyed man, then booked it after the Priest.
Jack Robinson: 5 successes to toss the bouncer!))

2011-05-24 21:45:48 Beast rolled 5 dice to "perception" 7,10,5,1,4,5 (1 successes)
nimalane: Liam looks around for the others amongst all the chaos.
Seryna: The green eyed man gives an angry cry and struggles out from beneath the bouncer. As the bouncer is tossed aside again, the man tears through the doors. He fuels himself forward, searching out Sara.
Seryna: 2011-05-24 21:52:16 Beast rolled 6 dice to "Brawl outta here" 5,9,8,9,9,5 (4 successes)
2011-05-24 21:53:37 Beast rolled 6 dice to "Pursuit" 9,3,1,5,5,9 (2 successes)
Jack Robinson: failure to blend in!))
Jack Robinson: Joshua unlocked the car doors and started the engine, putting it into drive. Come on, come on...
Jack Robinson: Sara continued sprinting for the car.
Jack Robinson: 2 successes))
Seryna: Nice!
nimalane: Liam follows the other two, with a confused look on his face.
Seryna: give me a fleeing roll Liam
nimalane: Liam rolled 4 dice to "Fleeing" 10,5,6,1,7 (1 successes)
Seryna: 2011-05-24 21:57:22 Beast rolled 6 dice to "Pursuit" 5,5,4,8,10,6,6 (2 successes)
Seryna: As Sara and Kim pressed themselves into Joshua's car, Liam feels his arm grabbed from behind. He is whirled about as the green eyed man grips him tightly and attempts to move him..

Liam rolled 6 dice to "Break Grapple w/ will" 4,5,6,7,1,10,4 (1 successes)
Seryna: Liam finds himself flying through the air as the man propels him into a nearby car. The force of the impact forces the air from his lungs. As he collapses, he feels pain course through his body..
Seryna: [Instead of a grapple, the vampire is brawling with liam]
Seryna: 2011-05-24 21:58:38 Beast rolled 4 dice to "Brawl" 5,8,8,10,10,8 (5 successes)
Seryna: [please mark 5 bashing damage on your sheet]
Jack Robinson: "Hey buddy, want the gal who murdered your sister?" Sara taunted as she saw the green-eyed man grab Liam. Sara slipped quickly from the car brandishing the knife.
nimalane: Liam made a run for it.
nimalane: Liam Tonge rolled 7 dice to "Fleeing w/ will" 10,1,6,1,6,6,1,10,9 (3 successes)

The vampire tore its eyes from Liam and whirled on Sara. It emitted an inhuman growl and lunged forward. Its arms seem to ripple with strength as it lashed out with both arms, crushing Sara against its chest.
2011-05-24 22:04:33 Beast rolled 5 dice to "Grappling Sara" 7,5,9,10,10,6,8 (4 successes)
Liam reaches the back seat of Joshua's car. 4 successes to resist grapple ))

Liam stays in the car.
Joshua steeled himself, felt the sickening, terrifying urge to run pulsing through him. And then he put his foot down on the accelerator.
Jack Robinson: ((Run over the vampire: 4 successes))


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Tue May 24, 2011 8:24 pm

As Joshua hit the vampire with a sickening thud, Sara watched as the vampire rolled under the car. She checked the vampire for movement, wondering if the others would be able to get away. As the vampire only moved its arm in a stiff attempt to rise, Sara deduced that if the car left, the vampire wouldn't be able to pursue. Most likely.

Sara reached the passengers side of the car and slipped inside. Joshua is able to drive away, checking the rearview mirror. The vampire stiffly lurches upright, but stays immobile as the van hurtles away towards safety.


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Tehrat on Tue May 24, 2011 8:29 pm

Sara sat back in the car, catching her breath as she turned to ensure the vampire remained a nice, comfortable distance away from the. Once she's sure they were safe she put the knife away. "Everyone alright?" she questioned, glancing at each of the assembled crew in turn.


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Tue May 24, 2011 9:02 pm

The vampire did not pursue the car as far as Sara could see.

Kim stretched out in the seat beside beside Liam, giving him a visual inspection.
"You O.K., big guy? Looked like you bounced off of that car pretty good."


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Kazakin on Tue May 24, 2011 9:06 pm

Joshua thought he was going to puke. His guts churned. He'd hit someone... with a car. It was just wrong, wrong to do something like that, even if he had been trying to save Sara's life. He had to keep a handle on himself. His lunch was trying valiantly to escape, and he wanted nothing more than to be home with Sara. His breath came in short, sharp gulps as he tried to keep himself calm. He could control it. He was going to be fine.


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by cobrawax on Tue May 24, 2011 9:17 pm

Liam shrugged weakly. "Yeah, I guess I did. Should probably rest. Don't think I could take much more stuff like that today."

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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

Post by Seryna on Sat May 28, 2011 5:29 pm

"Wouldn't be a bad idea," Kim replied, sitting back in your seat. "You've had quite the week."

She leans forward to address Sara and Joshua.
"But how bad-" She revises her declaration to avoid swear words. "How awesome was that! Sara, did you tell them?"


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Re: Chapter Two: The Bee Swarm ATTN Chris, Joshua, Liam and Sara

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