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Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

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Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Fri May 13, 2011 8:53 pm

Sara & Chris

Chris was thinking about getting a few pictures of the van, but the new comer approaching him distract the man. He shudders as the knife wielding woman approaches him. "I'm not with anyone. Not looking for any trouble." He answers nervously.

"Then you thought this was...a play?" Sara remarked through gritted teeth. "Get the fuck on your feet. Some dude's just been kidnapped and you're pussying around?"

Chris shudders a bit, but he seems to snap out of it, getting to his feet. "Look, there's nothing we can do now. Just calm down ok. Put the knife away." He looks at the man lying on the ground in the parking lot. "Oh God...did you do that?"

Seryna (5/13/2011 1:27:52 PM): The man refered to makes a pained groan, flopping his right hand about piteously.
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 1:28:38 PM): Sara arches a brow, a hand on her hip. "I'm perfectly calm, small fry. If I was hysterical you'd know about it." Briefly, Sara considers that she hasn't actually been hysterical before. That was something that happened to other people. She follows his gaze to the man on the floor. "Yes. Yes I shot that man with my knife," she deadpanned.

Chris grimaces slightly. "Look, you are one of Hollandale's people right? I'm willing to help you find your friend, but this isn't the way to do it." He walks over to the groaning man, rips off a piece of his tea-shirt and applies pressure to the gun shot wounds. "You should get out of here before the Police show up." He says to her.
Kevin Lacey (5/13/2011 1:33:40 PM):

"I have no fucking clue who the Hell Hollandale is, so let's stop making assumptions," Sara responded. Her tone came across as snappy, but considering what just occured her short temper couldn't be too surprising. "And the cops are gonna find out exactly what happened. A guy was kidnapped, and the guy who was kidnapped shot one of his would-be kidnappers."

"So you get on out of here!" A course, angry voice shouts from the direction of the restaurant. "I don't owe you nothing and I fired your druggie ass!" Glancing to the Fly Trap reveals a large, matronly woman gesturing angrily at a blonde woman. "I'm not on drugs!" The woman shrieks indignantly. "I'm doing better than this piss - poor fly trap, anyway!" With the last word in, the woman turns and strides off, her nose in the air. She hurries towards the parking lot, perhaps in a blind effort to escape. As she closes the distance between them to 10 feet; Chris recognizes Colleen.

Chris pauses in his efforts to stem the bleeding and catches a glimpse of Colleen. "Colleen. COLLEEN. Something happened, this man's been shot." He looks around and calls out loudly. "Someone call 911."

Chris didn't have time to think of conspiracies and mysteries. A man was dying and he was reacting.

Sara reached into her pants pockets with her non-bloodied hand and dials 911. Personally she could care less if he kicked the bucket. Then again...she could question him if he remained alive for a little while longer.

One of the waitresses startles and hurries inside. The matronly woman frowns and hurries back within the restaurant, hopefully to be a responsible citizen and oblige Chris. As Chris looked down, he had to surmise that his first assumption was correct. This man was very near to death. While he had been conscious, his eyes roll back as you watch. Colleen takes a step closer, staring down at the man. The violence and gore don't seem to phase her, making her blithe comment seem callous. "David? How the hell did you get shot?"


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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Fri May 13, 2011 9:17 pm

Chris continues to apply pressure to the wounds. Turning to look at the man, he stares at him with wide eyes. "David...David. I'm trying to help you but I need to know what happened. What are you doing here? Do you work for Carson? He changes his tone to something darker. Damnit, answer the question before I let you bleed out!""
David was in no condition to answer, his breathing was shallow and his complexion poor. Colleen continues to stare down at him, confusion marring her pretty face. Sirens sound in the distance. The blonde woman shies away from Chris at his tone. "Of course he works for Carson. But he's part of the Honeycomb."
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 1:56:53 PM): Sara hung up the phone after dialling, and seemed satisfied once she heard the sirens. "What's Honeycomb?"
Seryna (5/13/2011 2:00:34 PM): Colleen bites her lip and glances away from Sara, glancing at Chris uncertainly. Now that Colleen is closer, he is startled to notice a change in Colleen. Before she was jittery and her voice had wavered all over the place. Now her words were clear and concise. She looked more put together - wearing a stylish blue tank top and stiletto heels. Now she replied hesitantly. "Carson's project. But I told you I can't talk about that." She turns to Chris. "You know what happened to Kimberly. She's personas non grat-whatever for going to you.
Seryna (5/13/2011 2:00:38 PM): [done]
Kevin Lacey (5/13/2011 2:04:28 PM): "Well I never asked for her to come to me. I just did the right thing, just like I'm trying to do now. But in return, I think its fair that I get some answers." He frowns. "Or I could just tell the cops that this Carson guy is sending goons out to kidnap people. I'm sure he'd like that a whole lot."
"Don't act like you don't know." Colleen's voice turned savage. "I heard what happened right over there." A cerulean blue fingernail points towards the Fly Trap. "She was sent for. They used the Day Walker. " Her tone towards contemptious. "Cops. Right. Maybe if one is sent as a token, they'd find whats left of her and the smooth preacher man. Walker has thier scent, now."
Seryna (5/13/2011 2:06:59 PM): [done]
Seryna (5/13/2011 2:11:36 PM): The sirens grow impossibly loud, now. Glancing over, you see the ambulance driving into the parking lot. It parks near to where you stand near the fallen man. Uniformed EMTs exit the ambulance and rush forward, kneeling around the fallen man. Chris is gently urged off by the professional manner in which they tend to the wounded man. Another siren approaches, signaling the squad car that parks to cordon off the parking lot.

"That's sounds pretty cold to talk about a friend like that. But I got a question for you. How long do you think you'll last before your boss turns on you? When you can give me an honest answer to that question, maybe you should come talk to me." Chris looks shocked and disgusted by the whole ordeal.


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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Sun May 15, 2011 8:35 pm

Sara, on the otherhand, was becoming more and more curious. At the very least she had heard of Kimberly before, and she could guess who the smooth-voiced preacher man was. In general she didn't speak to many preachers, and it would be pretty odd if Joshua wasn't the one they were talking about. She keeps a short distance from the EMTs, letting them perform their work hassle-free.

"You're an idiot." Colleen sniffed disdainfully in reply to Chris. "I told you - and - her not to mess up a good thing. But you had to meddle. " Colleen hesitated as the police finished with the EMTs and moved towards the trio. " And since *I* haven't fried my last brain cell, I have to get back. I'll give your condolances for taking a good right arm from Carson." The blond sidled away.

"You'll have to tell me what the Hell that's all about," Sara stated coolly to Chris. She turned to face the cops, arms folded across her chest. "Officers," she nodded.

Two of the policemen - a trim female and a larger Hispanic man - approach as Sara greets them. The officers nod and glance at the blood on Sara's hands. "Ma'am, I'll take your statement over here.' The female officer whose tag read McCabe stated. The other officer stepped towards Chris, indicating that he'd take his statement.

Sara followed the officer. She would have felt more conspicuous with the blood on her hands, but she was used to it after her former way of life. "Were do you want to start?"

"Lets start with whenever the violence errupted.." The officer suggested. She held a pad, but she didn't open them. "Who shot the victim?"

"The guy who was kidnapped. I was talking to him in the parking after the first skirmish at the Fly Trap," Sara recalled calmly. "A black van skidded over and they started to fight. He got shot-," she jerked her head in the direction of the dying man. "And the van took off."

"I was at the bar over there when I heard a gun shot. I came over to the parking lot and saw a man that was injured. I tried to help him, and got someone to call for help."

Chris grimaces as he looks at the blood on his hands.

"The Fly Trap?" The officers took in the older style family restaurant. One refers to the pad and they seem to recall what had happened earlier. "The man who was kidnapped - what do you know about him?"

Sara shrugged. "Nothing at all. He was a bystander- hadn't seen him before then."

"Any reason why he'd be targetted by the attackers?"

"I don't even know where they came from, I sure as Hell don't know their intentions. I assume they were targeting him -they took him, after all," Sara responded. She didn't sound particularly irate anymore.

"Do you know anything more than that? His name, perhaps where he lived?" The second officer looked towards Chris. As he did, he lost sight of Colleen behind one of the lookie loos.

Chris frowns as Colleen slips out of sight. "Is there anything else you need from me officer?"

"We didn't get that far, sorry," Sara shakes her head once.

"No, I beleive we have all that we need..." After jotting down your contact information, the police move off towards the Fly Trap to presumably question the waittresses.

Chris looks over at Sara after the Police leave lowrring his voice so as not to be heard. "That woman I was talking to, Coleen. She works for the man who took your friend."

"How d'you know?" Sara asked bluntly.

"We'd met before, pure coincidance." Chris answers earnestly. "It was her and her friend Kimberly. They told me they were trying to get away from a guy called Carson Harper. But then Coleen changed her mind. She decided she still wanted to work for Carson, and then I just heard that Kim disappeared."

"How do you know that guy that got kidnapped?"

"Sounds to me like Colleen has a problem with making up her mind, and not selling out her friends," Sara answered in a grim tone of voice. "Kimberly is fine. She's with a priest who help to save her ass a couple of hours ago. I didn't know the guy who was kidnapped. He was a creep who didn't know how to give a straight answer."

Kevin Lacey (5/13/2011 3:33:05 PM): Chris breathes a sigh of relief. "Kim's alive? Well that's good to hear." He purses his lips slightly. "I met that guy once before. He worked for a lady named Hollandale. I think his name was Liam. A pause. "So do you know where the Priest is? I'd like to talk to Kim again as soon as possible."
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 3:34:08 PM): Sara responded with a quick, derisive snort. "First of all you're gonna tell me why I should trust you."
Kevin Lacey (5/13/2011 3:41:29 PM): Chris squints slightly, but he was used to weird meetings. "Colleen is going back to her boss right now to tell him that we hurt his goons. Like it or not we are both being targeted by the same man. I guess that makes us allies...or something."
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 3:45:40 PM): "Then why the Hell did you let her go back into the diner, if she's related to the people who are gonna screw our asses over? Fuck, civilians are stupid." The last part was muttered under Sara's breath.
nimalane (5/13/2011 3:45:53 PM): (Hey Anne, you think Liam could burn off whatever's tying the girl up with a lighter? How free are his hands?)
Seryna (5/13/2011 3:50:20 PM): [If you want to tag Jack in, thatd be good]
Kevin Lacey (5/13/2011 3:51:02 PM): "Wait, Coleen is in the diner? I lost sight of her when the Police came." He frowns slightly. "Look I just want to talk to Kim again. At least so I can get enough information to think of a way out of this jam. I don't want people coming to kidnap me anymore than you do."
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 3:53:33 PM): Sara gave a small shrug. "Hey, she storms out of a diner, I figured she booked it back in to avoid the cops. I'm going to see the Priest tomorrow. You gimme your name, sit tight somewhere, I meet the Priest, she doesn't freak out horribly when I mention you, I'll set up a meet. No offense but I've had it with stalking creeps today, and I'm not handing someone over to the wrong person."
Kevin Lacey (5/13/2011 3:56:32 PM): "Alright fair enough." He reaches into his trenchcoat and pulls out a business card that reads:"Chris Williams, Reporter and a telephone number." "So what do I call you?"
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 3:58:05 PM): "Captain," Sara said sardonically. "Until I find out you're clean."
Kevin Lacey (5/13/2011 4:00:10 PM): "Alright Captain. We'll be in touch then." Chris turns his back and heads for his car. He still hadn't wiped the blood off of his hands...

Phone call
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 4:06:54 PM): Donahue frowned as his cellphone lit up in the middle of him planing down the edge of one of his wooden carvings. He reached over and flipped it open, and groaned a little bit. "What the fuck do you want, you Goddamn gloryhound?"
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 4:08:19 PM): Sara snorted. "I need a place to crash. I'm in a... spot. Unfortunately all I could find was some idiot grunt."
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 4:09:36 PM): "...Yeah, okay. This the sort of trouble you can't talk about over the phone?" Donahue leant the phone on his shoulder as he kept sanding his little figure down.
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 4:11:47 PM): "Isn't it always?" Sara remarked in a vaguely amused tone of voice. "I take it you're at home?"
nimalane has left the conference.

Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 4:14:10 PM): "Yeah, I'm home. You'll have to ignore my Goddamn housemates, but that's about it. You can crash on my couch. They keep the fuck to themselves anyway. Advantage of having a big house, I guess," Donahue shrugged. "You still got the address?"
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 4:14:59 PM): Sara paused for a good few seconds. "...You have housemates?" she sounded rather surprised. "Yeah, I still have the address. Seriously...housemates?"
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 4:15:14 PM): "What? I'm not made of money, you douche."
Sam Prescott (5/13/2011 4:16:23 PM): "Please, the State gives you enough for that damned scratch on your hip." Despite herself, Sara smirked. She got into the car, and yanked on her seat belt.


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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Thu May 19, 2011 8:18 pm

We find the Reverend in a rather uncomfortable position. After following Kimberly and her friend to an apparently defunct hotel, he now sits with the two in a fortified room. Thier host, a man of few words, has vanished into one of the many rooms. Kimberly's male friend, who had been present at the altercation, sits underneath the windo, holding a hand gun and watching the doorway that ledas to the hall of the hotel with rapt attention. His inattentiveness to the conversation between you and Kimberly makes you wonder about his single focus. Kimberly, however, seems responsive to your words. You can see that sharing the story of your past encounter with a woman in a similiar situation as her had affected her. Her emotions, raw and unbidden, are silent as tears well in her eyes, hanging on her dark lashes like dew drops.

Joshua stayed knelt near Kimberly, one hand on her shoulder. "I understand that you want to stay here because you think it's safe," he said gently. "If you're going to do that, you need to think about supplies. How are you eating, getting money for necessary items?"

"I took what I was owed." Kimberly replied, a bit of pride peeking in her words. "For what my employers owed me. Its a drop in the bucket for legacy families.."

Joshua didn't like that she'd been forced into a situation where she was desperate enough to steal. In everything, his heart bled for these people. But one more practical concern came immediately. "If you took money from them, they might have found you through the serial numbers," he said quietly.

Kimberly's mouth opened slightly but she was speechless. It was clear that potential had never occured to her. "Maybe.." She hedged. "But they found us so fast. That was the first time we'd been out in two days.."

"That's modern technology for you," Joshua said humourlessly, shaking his head. He didn't know enough about bankrolling to even start to try and help them with that problem. "And that's not even counting that they might have some other way of tracking their items."

'Thier items?" Kimberly prickled. "They wouldn't be able to. We ditched what we had been wearing. Theres no tags or any thing. It was the Daywalker." She insisted, affecting the title with reverence and fear. "He sniffed us out. Thats the only way."

"I'm not saying he wasn't involved, don't misunderstand me. What I'm saying is, you can't afford to do anything that'd give him an advantage over you. How are you doing basic things like getting food in?" Joshua said, his voice patient and gentle.

Storyteller:"Ward has been in this place awhile. He was the first to get away." Kimberly stated quietly. "He takes care of those things. I think he uses delivery people. I saw him using a credit card to buy things on the grocery stores online site. Not his name or anything." She adds hastily. "His job for the Honeycomb was identity, bank accounts and all that."

Joshua felt an internal wince at the thought of some other person being defrauded. "Okay, but... now those delivery people know where you are," he said quietly.

Storyteller:"No they don't." Kimberly disagrees. "Ward house sits for a couple. He sends the food there, hires a courier he knows to to accept it and then he brings it over. He's...sort of paranoid." Her eyes go to the bared window, complete with gun slot.

Joshua personally didn't think the 'Ward' person was anywhere near paranoid enough. A stable internet connect, using credit cards... it was a paper trail, and he'd learnt very early on from stories from the guys at the soup kitchens how quickly leaving a paper trail got you caught. But he didn't disagree. "Has it occurred to you simply to leave the city?" he asked gently.


"We can't leave." Kimberly replies quickly, becoming agitated. "They have Colleen. They're narrowing down on a choice. As soon as they choose the next hier, they'll kill them and pressure in a new regime of help to monitor the hier. That's how I was recruited."

Joshua looked at her and said quietly: "Kimberly, I can't help you if you don't tell me things like that, okay? I need the information if you want my help, and I want to help you."

"How can you help me?" Kimberly turns and studies you, her eyes hard and unyielding as she stares into your eyes.
"You are a man of God, right? These bastards don't have any qaulms about religion or morality. You want to know what my job was supposed to be? Playing nanny for an eight year old girl. It was great the first five years, until she becomes a candidate and they cleaned house. Do you want to know how they do that?" Her voice is laced with anger. "They killed them. The cook. The butler. The gardner that came three times a week. Executed them and replaced them with people like us." She nods to her gun toting friend. He continues to stare at the door.

"That's what religion is for, Kimberly. It's not just about making people feel better. It's about lighting a candle in the darkness. I've done it. I've cast out demons that were torturing people, forcing them to do terrible things, and I've done it with my bare hands. That's not always possible. In this Fallen world, sometimes evil wins. But the best way to ensure that evil wins is when people don't dare to light a candle against that darkness," Joshua said, his voice quiet, but firm. "So yes. It's my job to carry a candle, and burn it so brightly that for a moment the darkness hesitates, because that is what being human is."

Kimberly is silent a moment, processing your words. She sits back against the wall, staring out at the room. She stares sightlessly, lost in her own thoughts.
She speaks only after a long minute passes.

"Then maybe you can help us. We... we..." She lowers her head. "We're not the most godly people. They made us do things... bad things. Things that terrify me. " She looks up at you. "They have people who were just like me looking for us. And I know exactly what they'd do once they find us."

Joshua looked at her and shook his head. "It's not about being the most 'godly' of people, Kimberly. The people who peddle that lie about any religion don't understand that it's always about people, first and foremost. I'm not here to judge you; God knows, if you were forced into something by a monster, no one should judge you for anything you've done to survive."

The priest took a breath. "Listen. I can arrange for food, money, clothing. I could probably get you out of the city if you wanted... I'm the pastor a church, outreach is important for us, and I've done it for people before. If you want Colleen rescued... well, I can't break the doors to a mansion down. But I'm certain there will be a way."

"I can't leave the city." Kimberly declares. "I have to get my friends out first. But... you're right about the monster. Maybe.."

Her gaze falters. You suspect that she doesn't forgive herself for whatever she was forced to do. Even now, she refuses to talk about it. Instead she siezes on a distraction, forcing the words out.

"There's something we have to do." She states quietly. "My friend Colleen and I were recruited together. She was the school teacher, I was the protection detail. Colleen was ready to leave but..."
Kimberly shook her head.
"I got distracted trying to convince Chris. I wasn't watching her closely enough and I missed the signs.

They'd dose her on the first night - get her hooked again. The second - will be worse. They'll deny her a fix until she tells them."

"First and foremost, when someone forces you to do something, for whatever reason, that's on them and not you, Kimberly," Joshua's tone was soothing, and he studied her. "Now, listen to me. The Daywalker... well, he can't be invincible. You saw the way that woman at the Fly Trap put him into an armlock." God provides, Joshua thought grimly. A soldier if it's war. Please Lord, don't guide me down to the path where I'm forced to make that choice.

"I'm meeting her again. She said she wanted to talk. I think it's possible she'll want to help... in fact, I think it's very likely she will. And because I have faith, I have a distinctive feeling that she is going to turn out to have some very specific experience in getting people out of hard places."

"But when does it stop being on them?" Kimberly wondered. "We competed, Padre. Amongst ourselves. The weaker ones get tossed out, used up. The strongest get the attention, got the juice..." The juice was a bad subject to bring up. You see something glint in those eyes, something of yearning. Kimberly snaps out of it after an uncomfortable minute. "Yeah, I did. She'd be a good recuit." There's something unsettling in her tone, as though she recognizes Sara not as a potential help, but as a fellow recruit in this clandestine secret order Kimberly had once belonged to.

"Human...." The man laughs. It is a low, unsettling laugh. "Are we human? Sometimes I wonder. I can feel it crawling in my head, whispering... telling me to go back to Susan. Telling me that- " His voice cracks. "- and I know what she is. I don't want to go back! I don't want to ..."

"What time is it?" The man sitting under the window suddenly barks, changing topics and tacks all at once. "Night is coming. We should fasten down the hatches."
Kimberly glances over to him, then lifts her eyes to the window. Sun set was indeed creeping in.

"Never," Joshua said quietly. "Someone evil enough to force you to do that sort of thing carries the burden of what you've done in addition to your own." He glanced up at the man, and his expression was full of gentle, sympathetic pity.

"You're human," he said quietly. "I've seen people far more warped outside and in than you're even beginning to imagine, and they stayed human. Being human isn't about what you look like. It's about who you are. And if you weren't human, I'd know. I can feel it."

Something bends in Kimberly's expression. The cold, calcultaing look she got while describing Sara fades as she watches you address her friend. She touches your arm gently before she rises, going over to her friend. Her friend has finally tore his eyes from the door to look at you. His eyes are a window into torment. You've seen those eyes belonging to addicts, those lost to despair and worthlessness. Kimberly touches his arm and murmurs something that you can not hear.

The man rises stiffly from the ground. He lumbers out of the room and you hear him walking though the hall, pausing every so often. You imagine him looking in each room, perhaps checking at each window for whatever pursuers he beleives are coming.

Joshua stood up, thinking about the nature of addiction. He'd seen desperate people do desperate things for a fix that was never coming, because the next hit would never be good enough without any supernatural influence. It didn't surprise him exactly that there was a supernatural version of it. And really, that it was blood didn't surprise him either. It was a profane version of the ritual he carried out every time he performed Mass, only so much blacker and more perverse than any Chick tract could have imagined.

He did allow himself an internal chuckle at that, although he felt almost immediately ashamed for laughing at someone as dangerously misguided as the publisher of those awful tracts. It wasn't Christ-like.

"Your friend...what was her name?" Kimberly asked you. "I'd like to meet with her. Where are you meeting?"

"I believe she told me it was Sara," Joshua said quietly. "I'll be meeting her at St. Jude's; it's not far out of the town center. I'm the incumbant Vicar there." He smiled a little. "St. Jude is perhaps my favourite saint. I was lucky to get the post."

"Lucky days for both of us then."Kimberly allowed herself a small smile. "You wouldn't mind me tagging along, would you? I'd like to see her with my own two eyes. We wouldn't dare to handle one of the bosses like that."

"Not at all," Joshua said simply. "I'm sure she'd be glad to see you're alright. She seemed concerned for you."


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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Thu May 19, 2011 10:37 pm

Chris is at his apartment, writing a piece on some mundane matter for a mainstream blog, waiting on Sara to call him.

Chris worked on his blog without interruptions. The network Zero site did not hold a response from Cypher about her odd query. He did see a few blips under the heading 'how to verify that the bloggers here aren't FAKEs'. It was a hot topic within an hour of posting.

Sara had done a decent amount of background work on Chris, while she was holed up at her buddy's house. It was some relief that the guy came through pretty clear; a bit of a nut, but his heart seemed in the right place. At least she wouldn't have to kill him. With that in mind, she borrowed her buddy's phone and gave Chris a call to let him know where to go.

Chris jumps on the phone and answers quickly. "Hello?"

"It's me. Let's meet. Come to St. Jude's in an hour. The girl and the Priest'll be there too. No funny shit," Sara said gruffly.

"Alright. Thanks." Chris keep the call brief and hangs up. Immediately afterwords, he sends Chrissy a quick text message with the location and time of the meeting, and the point of contact as "Sara". Before he leaves, he tucks his collapsable baton into one of his deep trench coat pockets. "Sure hope I won't be needing this." He mutters...then he is out the door.

Sara glanced over her shoulder. "Hey Donahue, I need your crippled ass to give me a ride to the church." She grabbed her coat, and moved to the door.

Jack Robinson: "My crippled ass can't drive," Donahue grumbled, grabbing his car keys. "Only hands and feet. Sorry to disappoint."

"You whine too much," Sara remarked. She got into the car, and slipped on her seatbelt. "But thanks all the same."

Donahue rolled his eyes. "Spoken like a true Special Forces asshole." He drove his car to the church.

With the Reverend, Kim seems cagey. He may have noticed that she reloaded her pistol and secured it in her ankle holster before leaving the hotel. No amount of persuasion will convince her to leave it behind. "Sara say anything interesting?" She asks Joshua as they arrive at the church.

Joshua paused. "Not much," he said. "I warned her what she'd wrestled with and to stay with a friend tonight. We'll talk properly today." He unlocked the Church doors and let Kimberly walk in ahead of him for her own comfort.

"So you told her about the 'denizens of the night'." She affected her speech with a wry tone. "She ask about stakes and crosses?"

She lifts her eyes to the church, her eyes roaming over the decor.
"Or if vampires are afraid of churches?"'

Joshua shrugged. "She didn't ask a lot of questions, actually. I got the impression she's not the type to believe in anything that she can't hold in her hands."

Chris takes his car to the Church. He was eager for answers.

"Great." Kimberly sounded less than enthused. "So we're opening thier eyes to the truth. As long as we make clear that this isn't a play or a parable..."

Sara hopped out of the car once Donahue had parked up. She slapped twice on the hood by way of goodbye, and headed to the church. One arm rested on her hip, just beneath her coat and she peered around cautiously.

Joshua shook his head. "She might think that at first, but believe me, I will do everything I can to convince her of the truth. The important thing is, her first response wasn't 'you're insane'. That's a good sign."

To the Reverend, nothing was out of the ordinary in the house of worship. Despite what Angels and Demons directors suggested, the introduction of a conspiracy did not have men descend upon them. Instead, only a handful of parishioners move about the church. Each seem dedicated to thier own relationship with God and pay you little mind.

Donahue gave Sara a little nod and drove off once she was comfortably inside the Church. He didn't spot Chris' car, since he was driving in the wrong direction to see that. Fortunately.
Jack Robinson: Joshua gave the parishoners a little smile. "Once she arrives, we'll head into the vestry. It's more private."

Chris arrives after the others do. He opens the heavy doors and enters the Church, looking about for the others. He picks out Kim in the crowd and heads in her direction. "Kim." He says quietly. Then he looks to the Priest. "And you must be the Priest. I'm Chris."

Chris and Sara find themselves nearing the entrance to the church at the same time. Donahue turns the corner and drives back to his own investigations and his own responsibilities aka team mates. As Chris nears them, Kim nods in recognition. "Chris. I'm glad you're O.K."

"So... now we all recognise each other, let's go somewhere more private to talk," Sara said calmly. Chris' involvement was starting to make a lot more sense now, which she was glad of.

Joshua nodded. "Reverand Joshua Haldor," he said to Chris, then gestured behind himself to the altar area. "The vestry's just off to one side. It's more private than the office." He headed back there.

"I should probably apologize for the psycho conspiracy babble I laid on you Tuesday." Kim says to Chris as she falls in step behind Joshua. "My head was a little warped. How'd you meet these guys?"

"Its not a problem." Chris answers the woman. He looks around to the others. "I guess you could say I'm good at networking." He follows the Priest to the Vestibul.

Joshua let the others in and closed the heavy door behind them, privately being thankful that his church was an older, sturdy building, and not one of the newer, more open plan ones. "Welcome to St. Jude's, by the way," he said lightly.

"Thank you," Sara answered bluntly, but not unkindly. The young priest struck her as polite at least, and not a raving lunatic, considering what he'd told her about. "So... let's get this stuff out into the open. What the fu-... What's going on?" She was slightly frustrated that she had to curtail herself, but it didn't seem right cursing in a Church. Made her feel like a naughty teenager though.

"At best, we're all being threatened by a powerful mafioso type. At worst, we're all being threatened by a powerful mafisiso type that is also an inhuman blood drinking monster." Chris answers calmly. The reporter looks around to the others. "I think our personal safety has to come first. Kim, what do you think? What is it going to take to get your former boss to stop threatening us?"

"Assassination?" Sara said flatly. Her tone did not suggest that she was being flippant.

Joshua grimaced a little bit at the thought. "I think it's confirmed that it's a vampire of some kind. There's no need to put words around it, Chris."

Kimberly glances around the Vestibul, pacing into the room before she turns to face the door. "I've been talking to Joshua." She nods to the Reverend.

"He suggests you two might not know that the people I used to work for, the Harpers, aren't just bad people. They are far, far worse than that." She looks to Chris.

"The blood drinker that you refer to isn't a joke. They exist. I had the misfoutune of being made to work for a powerful group of them."

She looked to Sara. "You saw the Daywalker, the first one sent after me. If you two hadn't intervened, he would have dragged Rob and I back into the Honeycomb."

"Yeah, that guy was a nasty piece of work," Sara said gruffly. "I reckon some buddies of his tried to take me and another guy with 'em... probably to this Honeycomb place. They weren't too well prepped for it though. I seriously injured two of 'em. Unfortunately, they got the guy with me. Well... I say unfortunately. Guy was giving off these weird creep vibes, like he might be trying it on himself."

"Trying it on?" Kimberly wondered.

Sara shrugged. "Eh. Creepy rapist vibes, y'know? Like he maybe lured people in a van in his spare time."
She paused. "Well, after that there was a van, just not... his. Anyway."

Chris nods his head. "I know, its just some things are still hard for me to wrap my head around." He pulls out his digital recorder. "I want to expose Carson Harper for what he is to his own descendants. If they start asking questions, it might set him off balance, disrupt whatever his plans might be." Chris looks over at Sara. "That man you saw kidnapped was a paranormal investigator. He worked for some good people." Chris frowns. "Its probably too late now." Turning back to Kim. "I have an audio recording I'd like to play. Kim, can you verify who is speaking in the recording?"

"Good thing you were never my back up," Sara said, mostly under her breath.

Joshua sat down on the bench in the small room, looking at the group and thinking. Mobsters weren't really his area of expertise either. But God would provide, he was sure of that. He just wasn't sure if this was going to end well. Chris seemed too willing to give up on people, and Sara gave him the impression a lot of soldiers did; that she'd traded a bit of her essential humanity to her job.

"It makes sense they'd try to kidnap you." Kim says quietly to Sara. "In losing Rob and I, they lost a protection detail. You give off the sense you can take care of yourself, which is what they'd want.' She looks to Chris. "Does this paranormal investigator have skills? Knowledge of the occult? My ...bosses... were trying to duplicate an occultist piece that supposedly lets a vampire walk around in the day time." At Chris' question, she nods. "I'll do anything to hurt the Harpers. But fair warning, I only met my own personal boss."

"Did you see this?" A woman spoke.
"Yes, I have." A man replies, calmly.

"You recognize the danger."

"I do not. It is a simple report-"
The woman interrupts. "Brother, do not lie to protect her."

"There is no lie. She is simply doing what we do - manipulate the government to get what what we need."

"And what does she need?"
"The same thing we do. Protection. The city's officials will be where our protection comes from if the humans notice the saboteur."
"Does it matter that she uses her grand niece's name?"
"We have used our descendants in the past, when we think they need the help."
"Yet in this case, the girl is in no place to join us."
"No, sister, she hasn't included me in any plan to make another. I see what you are angling at. If anything, we should aid her in subverting the city officials."

"Fine. Lets do that." The woman states. "But be careful, brother. They attack at our flesh, first."

Chris "Is that Carson speaking in the recording?"

Kimberly's eyes are wide as she blinks furiously. "Where did you get that?"

Sara remained silent, listening carefully as the recording was played. Her expression was dark. From what Kimberley had said, she wasn't particularly enamoured with the possibility of people kidnapping her to turn her into their protection detail.

"I don't recognize the man's voice. But I know the woman - Charlotte Harper, my boss. If she's speaking so freely about plans, then she's talking to one in the Harper Clan." Kimberly is speaking rapidly, excitedly. "But we never know thier plans. How did you get this?"

Joshua listened, and his heart sank. He suspected it would be another night explaining gently to Terri that he wouldn't be home on time, and he felt that stab of longing, the urge to go home to his wife. But when someone had to take action, he was drawn to it. "They're discussing, what exactly?"

"Like I said, I'm good at networking." He pulls out a notebook and pen. "Charlotte Harper. I've never heard that name before. Another vampire type? He looks to Joshua. "As for their plans, I'm not sure what they are planning. But the tape tells us that they're using the city government for something." Chris looks around to the others then back to Kim. "Kim, would you let me record your testimony as to what Carson and Charlotte really are? I think your testimony along with the tape might make Laura and Ben think twice about going along with what their relatives are telling them to do."

Joshua paused a moment, thinking that over. "I think you'd likely put them in a situation where at best, they'd confront their relatives, and at worst, think you're insane. There's nothing on that tape that implies they're vampires. Strange people, possibly, but..."

"Sure, you can-" She paused. "Did you say Laura? You're going to tell this to Laura?"

"Reverend, do you have paper? A pen?" Kimberly looks around the room anxiously.

"Yeah. That recording isn't saying 'supernatural' to me," Sara murmured. "Crazed mobster, maybe."

"Ah... yes, in the drawer," Joshua got up and walked over to the small desk, pulling out the things Kim would need.

"You remember when I said that I was hired to care for a girl?" She asks Joshua. "Her name was Laura Harper. It was supposed to be a normal job, but... she was chosen as a candidate by the Harpers."

Joshua nodded. "I remember. You think this is the same Laura."

"But they do refer to 'the humans.' Who in their right mind says something like that? In any case. They could think they're being implicated in corrupt practices." Chris rubs his chin "I'm just trying to buy us some time here. If Carson is pre-occupied with his relatives, he's not focused on us. Not the best solution I know, but then again I'm not exactly the type of guy to break out the wooden stakes every chance I get."

"People on a mad power trip? Besides, if the relatives are innocent, you're throwing innocent people at a monster in the hopes that it'll eat them instead of you. That's a pretty cowardly thing to do," Sara said sharply.
Kimberly takes the proffered items and begins to make a series of boxes and circles on the paper. She was intent on her work, but replied to Chris. "The Harpers are obsessed with thier relatives. Theres been this rumor for ages... that ever fifty years, they select a candidate to turn into a vampire. We think that we were hired to protect Laura until the decision is made.."

Joshua frowned. "Chris, people have a tendancy to believe the most sensible explanation, and when the explanation you're offering is vampires versus derranged humans, they'll probably think deranged humans. Not to mention if they're really family, you're just a person they've got no real reason to trust versus someone they've known since they were children..."

Kimberly scribes furiously. Any glance at her work reveals the circles and squares being assigned names and dates. "I talked to the other guardians and sussed out a few contacts who work with the actual Harper Clan. There's a huge family tree engraved in gold leaf at the Harper estate... this is just the recent generation." She sets down the pencil and lifts her work to show you. "The red marks are definite vampires. I've met them.

Joshua leant over the paper and his brow furrowed even more with concern. The sheer numbe of people in the family tree was worrying to begin with. And not one vampire, but four. At least. And Julian Sane, the Daywalker wasn't on that list, which meant at least five. They were more than outnumbered.

"Your points are well taken, but I'm sending them the tape. Anything that comes from it, good or bad. That's on me." Chris looks at the list and his eyes widen. Like he has just hit the jackpot. He purses his lips. "So, the family estate? Is that where they are most likely holding the man that was kidnapped? In this Honeycomb."

Sara studied the family tree with pursed lips. Surely they couldn't all be bad. "Chris? If you send that tape and one innocent person gets hurt, I swear to God I will break every bone in your body. Because I really don't like cowards who use civi- other people as cover."

"Chris..." Kimberly frowns. "Laura's a good girl. I've known her since she was a child. For all of thier monstrous ways, the Harpers shelter thier children. If you plan on sending this to Laura, you'll have to get through her protection detail. My successors are mean s.o.b.s." Kimberly looks back down at her work. "This is just what I can remember. The tree is as long as my arm.. names from 1848. The more powerful Harper clan members would be up there. " She looks up at Chris. "Your paranormal investigator would be taken to cell one. Its where they break down people to see who they can use. Its not as protected as the Harper Estate."

Joshua rubbed his temples. "Let's not have any violence in here, please," he said in a polite tone of voice. "We should probably think about getting this kidnapped man to safety before Chris goes sending any tapes anyway. If they think he's connected to it, they might kill him immediately."

Chris blinks a few times at Joshua. "Thanks for the information Kim." "But Father? You seriously think we have a chance in hell of a rescue mission? I don't even know how to use a gun!"

He frowns at Sara's remark.

Sara rolled her eyes. "Oh for God's sake. You don't leave anyone to that sort of fate. You just don't. At least the Priest gets that," she said, then looked at Kim. "Tell us more about Cell One. What it's like. You don't need to be able to shoot down a place to get people out of it."

"You should seriously reconsider hell." Kimberly says quietly, staring down at the list. "He's been with them... a day? That's O.K. Day three is when they break out the really nasty stuff. It's when they -" Her hands clench. As her knuckles turn white, she continues. "It's when they make him love them. Chris. He'd sell you out for a smile." She looks at Sara somberly. "I've been there a few times. Its a lot of hype, but its not very smart. I've never seen a vampire there. It's governed by leeches." A grim smile. "People selling people."

Chris grimaces slightly. "You all are making this sound like a cake walk. You think people aren't dangerous?" He looks at Sara and the Priest. "I can't believe you all are contemplating this. Its suicide."

"Chris, you need to stop and think for a minute." Kim states quietly. "You're letting yourself get spooked by what? Three guys and a van. I see three people right here in this room. And those three guys? Sara said she hurt them. So we're looking at one guy, two walking bandages and a hell of a lot of manacles. Are you too chicken to use a bolt cutter?"

Sara smiles grimly. "Well, sometimes people gotta bite back. I need layout. If it's so hyped up, they might not be able to cope with a couple of reasonably smart people moving around," she paused, glancing at Chris. "It's suicide to blackmail people anyway." Her jaw twitched. "And a fucking upstart like you is not gonna tell me whether people are dangerous or not. Don't you dare."

Joshua looked at Chris. "No one's saying we should go in there and start shooting up the place," he said in a level tone. "But it's wrong to abandon someone. I don't know about you, but apparently this guy is a friend of yours. I'd hope that if your positions were reversed, he'd want to think of a way to get you out."

"Should be pretty simple set up. " Kimberly looks skyward as she thinks. "David would need two people to replace me and Rob. He made a try for two, got one... so he might be driving around looking for number two." She picks up the pen again. "It's essentially just a mansion the Harpers own. There's a few levels, based on how you've impressed the handlers. Like a cult. " She draws a large rectangle and draws '3' on it. "Theres three floors. The newbies will be in the basement. Theres an exterior staircase- we get through the door, we can be out before they notice us."
Seryna (5/19/2011 3:20:27 PM): Chris' phone suddenly vibrates. Checking it, he sees a text message from Chrissy. I've found someone who can help us out. You still at the church?

Chris frowns slightly at Sara then looks back to the Priest. "Alright damnit. Guess if we can't do something smart, we might as well do something right." He looks at Kim. He nods his head. "But Kim, how do I know you won't flip like Colleen did? No offense, you've been a great source, but taking us into the Lion's den? That could get tempting." Chris replies to the text. "Yes."

Joshua paused, thinking it over. "I could probably keep them talking at the door for a while anyway," he said after a moment. "It might be a large mansion, but I'm guessing they'll still have door to door callers, and if they're trying to keep it quiet, they won't risk grabbing someone who'd have told people where they were going."

Sara shrugged. "If numbers are a problem, I know some people. There's one guy in particular who was a pro at this stuff. Met him through the VA."

"Number one - fuck you." Kim's eyes narrowed. "I've been off the sauce. Colleen needs detox. And for the record, Colleen had more balls than you." She tapped her chin. "Least she put up a hell of a fight to get out, if you remember. In your kitchen."

"You got me and Rob," Kim ticks off on her fingers. "- Ward will come. He talks about burning that place down, so he'll be good for a chance to help some people."

Chris nods in assent at Kim's remark. "So what's my part in this master plan?" He remarks sarcastically.

Chris' phone vibrates as Chrissy replies. 'I'm in the church and theres just a bunch of sad people praying?'

Chris texts back. "Vestibul, in back"

Sara's eyes narrowed. "Who're you talking to anyway?" she questioned suspiciously.

Within a few minutes, there is a knock on the door. Upon opening it, one is faced with a petite blond wearing a light blue sweater set. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a pony tail. A messenger bag hangs across her shoulder, tugging at her shirt corner. Small scars peek out from underneath the strap, tell tale signs that this woman was no stranger to a knife. "Chris, it's been hours. What the hell have you been up to-" The small blond strides into the room and comes stock still at seeing three strangers. She glances from person to person.


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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Thu May 19, 2011 11:18 pm

Joshua looked up at the small blonde, and frowned at Chris. "It's generally polite to mention when you're inviting someone else to another person's place of work," he said in a gentle reprimand. "Welcome to St. Jude's, ma'am. I'm Reverand Joshua Haldor. You are?"

Chris frowns slightly. "Sorry. I didn't think you were coming." He looks to the others. "The man that was kidnapped. His name is Liam. This is the woman he works for. Doctor. Chrissy Hollandale." He looks over to Chrissy. "We were just planning a rescue mission for your friend."

"Apologies." The blonde extended her hand to Joshua. " I've skipped a few steps of social niceties. I'm Dr. Chrissy Hollandale. " She nods after Chris's words. "As he says, Liam's worked with me for months. I screwed up and gave him the pendant assignment. I didn't realize he was working it alone..." Emotion clouds Chrissy's face as her blue eyes well with tears.

Sara's expression soured, and her eyes narrowed as she turned to study Chris. "I tell you no funny stuff, I mean no funny stuff, you stupid fuckwit. I make terms with you, I expect them to be followed to the 'T'. You ignore them again, and you and I are gonna have private words." She glanced at Chrissy and smiled thinly. "We were planning a rescue mission. He was giving up hope and calling it quits."
"Sara," Joshua said quietly. "Calm down." He looked at Chrissy and nodded after a moment. "We'll figure out how to get him back. Now's not the time to start pointing fingers."

"I'd have expected better." Chrissy sniffed to Chris, wiping her cheek with the back of her hand. "Liam is the sort to go after his friends. He did the same for me." Her voice wavered and she cleared her throat, looking away for a moment. "The boy is a bit green... a bit raw. We never really apprenticed him. I'm afraid that after his friend died on the hunt that he had become horse shy. I encouraged him to get back on the hunt." She looked agonized.

"Wow, I rally every like minded ally in this town together and this is the thanks I get." Chris remarks darkly to Sara. He shakes his head. "I'm skeptical Chrissy. A lot can go wrong in a rescue. Especially when we're relying on our enemies' former employees. But hey, I 'm just the MC of this party. You all can do as you like."

"We will, thank you for the okay, MC," Sara responded coolly. Just when it seemed she could trust someone, they make a stupid mistake by not following simple instructions. And then lied to make themselves feel better. Damned civilians. "We need to be organised about this. Find out what their defenses are, and what the layout is. Helpful now we have someone who's been there."

"Never you mind." Chrissy declares, patting Chris ackwardly on the arm. "We can't all be warriors of fortune. I'm a fucking surgeon." She gives a self depreceating smile to Chris. "You did right including me on this. I might be a bit rusty, but I'll do the best I can. Perhaps you'd like to stick with my husband and I during the rescue. We'd do our best to help and if you get hurt, I am a surgeon." The weary smile again. "Oh, someone's been there? Please, go ahead and plan the assualt. I will be bringing my husband and myself. I have a Beretta 93, he has a modified baseball bat. Put us where you need us."
Joshua raised an eyebrow when Chris insisted he'd called this meeting together. He was pretty sure he'd been the one who encouraged Kim to meet with Sara, and that Sara had called him after Googling his name. The obvious I-Want-To-Be-In-Charge attitude was uncomfortable, before he cleared his throat. "We're probably better off not storming the place. As Kim said, most of them are hurt. If we use a distraction and this back entrance she described, we'd probably be able, God willing, to get him out without shooting up the neighbourhood and all ending up in jail."

Kim looked up from her drawing at the mention of someone who'd been there. "That'd be me. There's only one problem that I just remembered- the automated gate. It's a few yards from the mansion. It's not electrified or anything, so we could just hoof it over it."

"Do they ever open the gate for anything?" Sara said thoughtfully, eying Joshua. "Because it seems to me the Priest's got a bit of a way with words."

"Yeah, they open if for cleaning services." Kimberly replied. "And anything else that seems legit, I'm sure.."

"I'll be along to document the events. He answers Chrissy." He takes a deep breathe, "And I'm sorry for not telling you all in advance about the others. I know everyone's a bit jumpy, myself included." He looks to Sara and the Priest. "Anything you need from me, I'm happy to help."

Joshua paused. "I... might be able to get them to open the gates, then. As I said, the Church does outreach collections. All I'd need to do is engage them in a dialogue while the rest of you sneak to this other access point, which isn't too hard. I mean, it's my job."

"O.K." Kimberly opened her cell phone, checking the time. "It would be best if we timed it after night fall. Any one with legit bosses will be off attending thier needs. Its skeleton crew after that - including at the access gate. Every one has weapons right? I'm guessing that it would just be those clowns, but another crew might come in with a new batch.."

"I don't," Joshua said quietly. "I don't believe in trying to solve my problems with violence."

Sara glanced at Joshua. "Yeah... you're gonna have to have back up or something."

"Neither did I." Chrissy replied to the reverend, no mocking in her tone. "That lasted about two trips out and one nasty vampire."


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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Thu May 19, 2011 11:26 pm

The Honey Comb:
Cell One:

Level One




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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Fri May 20, 2011 7:51 pm

Chris decided to come along with the group. He was very reluctant about the situation, but the story was too big to let it slip away now.

Sara looked at Kimberly. "So where's this back entrance on the map? Need to know where the Priest should go to give us cover."
Storyteller "Here." Kim pointed to the 'D' shape on the closest area on the map. "The exterior stair case. There are a few locks on the door. There is also an interior stair case that leads to the first floor of the mansion."

"Ok, how do we deal with the locks?"

Sara gave a curt nod as her eyes scrutinised the map. "What sort of locks are we talking about here? Padlocks? Electronic?"

"Not electronic." Kim shook her head. "Theres one in the door handle, a dead bolt and a chain."

"I bought a lock pick gun." Kim shares. "To get into the other cells the Harpers keep the valuables. It could get us by the door handle lock in a few minutes."

Joshua tried hard not to grimace at the idea of helping someone break into a house, but it was for a good cause. And he was certain that this wouldn't count anyway; they weren't going to steal anything. Just save some pepole. It wasn't really a moral compromise. "So I'd need to keep them talking for a while,"

"Maybe you could rally some Parishoners to accompany you Father? People might think twice about opening fire on an unarmed crowd of people." Chris pauses for a moment to take a snap shot of the Carson family tree with his cellphone.

"Does any one own a van?" Dr. Hollandale wondered. "Those of us going for Liam could hide in the back while Reverend Haldor talks us past the gates... that way we wouldn't have to scale any fences. Especially if Liam's hurt." Chrissy looks at Chris for a moment. "Not a bad idea, but theres no reason to endanger other people. Some of us could pose as parishioners. Sara did seem to want him to have back up."

"Good," Sara nodded at Kim. That was pretty handy, because they didn't have enough time for her to learn how to pick locks. Her was usually...more violent, and they needed to be slick about this. Sara shook her head curtly as Chris spoke, lips pursed as she gathered her thoughts. "No. If things turn sour, we have no right to stick a bunch of people who've got no idea what's going on, into harms way."

"Alright." He nods to Chrissy. "So who's doing the sneaking in part?"

Joshua shook his head. "I can't in good conscience use people as human shields," he said, his voice sounding stunned. "All I need is one person with me at the most..."

Sara looked about them, her attention settling on Chrissy. "You say you have a gun? You can protect him-," she jerked her head at Joshua. "In case people get suspicious. I'll be in the back, Kimberly you can stick behind me and direct us. Someone should stick with the van. Who else do we have that can fight, if it comes to that?"

"Ward?" Kimberly offers. She looks to the Revered, who briefly met the large yet stealthy man at the hotel.

Joshua nodded. "If you think he's capable of getting involved without deciding to go too far."

Kimberly shrugs. "You just want him to crack someone over the head if the Reverend looks tasty, right? He can do that. He was a finance guy, remember..."

"I'll volunteer to be with the group to sneak in. I'm not completely helpless." He smirks slightly. "Besides, if there's any dirt on the Harpers in that building, I want to be the one to find it."

Kim looks over to Chris with a measuring gaze. She says nothing and glances back down at her map, apparently deep in thought.

"I don't care if the Harpers are in there resurrecting Lincoln with the specific intent of fucking him senseless; we get in and out - no dawdling to take pretty pictures for your Facebook," Sara growled in frustration. "I got a man who can help too. Good with guns."

Joshua winced. "Please, just... stop that."

"My husband Darren would like to come." Chrissy reminded. "He's outside in the car and isn't particular where he's put. Its his first hunt." She sounds slightly worried about that.

Sara arches a brow. "Stop what?"

Joshua sighed. "The profanity, please? This is a Church."

"Greg wasn't so..." Chrissy sighs sadly. "I forget none of you knew Greg. He worked for the Church."

"I am cutting down. It's a work in progress," Sara muttered, and rolled her eyes. "You and your husband can watch the Priest." It seemed the most sensible, and the less likely place to come to trouble.

"Well then we should get the van and get moving." Chrissy checked her watch. "Its still day light. No chance of running into any vampires during the escape." Something flickers in her eyes as she hesitates, as though she would say more but reconsiders. "I don't suppose any of you have seen someone wearing an archaic looking pendant? It'd be on a chain..."

"Normally I wouldn't mind, but my parishoners are outside right now, you know?" Joshua said gently. "They'll get suspicious if they hear cursing and anger from the Vestry."

Sara paused. "Uh, yeah. I put him in a headlock and he got dragged off by the cops. Total pussy."

"And they might...what? Chide us?" Kim smirks.

"Did you happen to get the chain from him?" Chrissy sounded hopeful.
Joshua looked at Kim and frowned. "No, but they might, for example, become concerned and burst in, or call the police."

"Yeah, sure." he answers Sara. Attention is drawn to the conversation about the pendant.

Sara frowned. "Sorry, no. Why's it important? The guy had no-... uh... guts. Tried to be menacing, but couldn't get out of a hold or anything."

"Its a vampire that walks around in the day." Chrissy emphasized. "They may have given it to someone they don't particularly need to test it out but once it performs... imagine a true monster able to walk into a church in broad daylight."

"So, if we beat up anyone with a pendant, nab it. Got it," Sara said. "Look. I think we need more back-up on this. I'm gonna bring whoever I can get along, okay? We're gonna need supplies, stuff like that."

"That must be the daywalker then" Chris mutters. He nods to Sara. "Alright then, we'll meet here at nightfall then? Kim said night was the best time to do this."

"We don't have a lot of time to fu- fudge around." Kimberly amended her speech, checking her phone for the time. "Reverend, can you go get Ward and our stuff with me?"

Joshua nodded. "Of course."
Sara grimly flipped her phone open and started dialling. Thank... goodness... for old friends and old favours.


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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Fri May 20, 2011 10:29 pm

Seryna: [roll manip + persuasion please]
Jack Robinson: ((Blew a WP, 1 success! ))
Seryna: The group met back at the church as night fell. The Reverend brought back an additional man, Ward, and Kimberly now wore a black back pack. Sara was able to convince an old buddy (now retired and working a civilian job) to meet them as well. After some quick review, Kim enroucaged every one to pile into the vehicle and be on thier way. She directed the driver where to go. Within fifteen minutes, the group was closing on a gate. They could see a small guard booth beside it and a man in a white uniform manning the booth.
Seryna: Kimberly, who sat in the back of the van, knelt down behind the seat as they approached the van. One hand rested on her her pistol.
Seryna: [done]
Jack Robinson: Joshua was driving, of course; it made the most sense for him to be in the front, since the whole plan was contingent on him being able to charm the guards into letting the van in for a charitable purpose. He was wearing his clerical shirt; at least that added creedance. And Dr. Hollandale had the right sort of look to her. He rolled down the window and smiled as pleasantly as he could.
Jack Robinson: Sara laid low in the back, having instructed her buddy to do so. She hoped like Hell that the Priest's tongue was as smooth as it sounded.
Kevin Lacey: Chris also took cover behind the back seat of the van. A nervous bead of sweat dripped down his forehead. He glanced at Kim and wondered if that gun would be turned on him at the exact wrong moment...
Seryna: Dr. Hollandale indeed had attempted to appear more wholesome. She even held a Bible with a cross stitched Bible cover of a white dove. She also smiled pleasantly at the guard. Darren Hollandale, a dark haired man, tall and lean with a slight limp to his left leg, sat in the back. He held a cane and wore a knee brace on his left knee.
Seryna: The guard stepped forward and peered at the van through the glass. Those sitting up could see a shot gun mounted in a gun rack over his shoulder. "What might your business be?" The guard wondered. He appeared to be in his mid twenties, with darker corloring. He was fit and spoke articulately. You spot a radio resting beside his hand.
Jack Robinson: "Good evening," Joshua said politely. "We're from St. Jude's; we're doing charitable collections in the area. I'd appreciate it if I could talk to the owner of the place, or whoever might be in about our work? It wouldn't take more than a few minutes of their time, and it's for a very good cause."
Jack Robinson: (( 4 successes!))
Seryna: The man didn't hesitate. "St. Jude's? Has a meeting been arranged with Ms. Harper?" The man bent out of sight for a second. For a weapon? To call on the radio? No - he emerged holding what looked to be an internet capable phone, which he dialed in a few digits and waited for a response.
Jack Robinson: "No, it hasn't; we've been calling door to door around the area," Joshua said, keeping his voice polite and deferential. "We work extensively with the homeless and disadvantaged in this area. It's really to anyone's benefit to aid in our work; particularly those who might want to expand their area of social service. It'd look very good to the general public, too."
Jack Robinson: (( 2 successes))
The gaurd surveyed the information on his phone for a minute. "That would be the St. Jude's at 'address'?" The guard inquired. "The Harpers often contribute to the community. I'll radio in and alert them to your arrival. Simply follow the road and park beside it in the alloted parking spots. Someone will walk out to guide you to where Ms. Harper waits."
Jack Robinson: "Yes, that's right. Thank you very much," Joshua smiled. "It's always good to see people investing in the community. It shows a real sense of pride."
Seryna: The gaurd nodded - even smiled somewhat. He leaned over and pressed an unseen button, causing the gate to start to roll open. "Go ahead, sir. I hope you have a pleasant evening."

"You too," Joshua smiled, and pulled through the gate, driving towards the parking spot. He rolled the window up.

Sara muttered, very softly: "Wait til he's been taken to the house, okay? We don't want them spotting us."

As you proceed, you hear the guard state pleasantly into his radio. "An envoy from St. Jude's is arriving to talk to Ms. Harper..." His voice fades away as you proceed a few yards to where four parking spots await. Two are already filled. Sara and Chris recognize the black van from thier encounter with Liam's abductors. Glancing around, you see no one on the grounds. Several lights, discreetly installed on the walk ways, lend light to see the door and the side of the house. The side of the house is where Kimberly points to. "There's the exterior staircase."
Seryna: After a moment, the door opens and a slim young woman dressed in a black pant suit exits and descends the stairs. She walks to the end of the stairs and waits, clasping her hands in front of her and smiling in a welcome manner.

"Right." Chris takes a deep breathe. "Miss Harper...was that a vampire miss Harper? I thought you said there wouldn't be any of them here tonight?" Chris mutters to Kim.

Joshua climbed out of the van with a smile and gestured for the Hollandales to follow him as quickly as they could. He raised a hand in a warm greeting.

"Or it could be Laura," Kim whispers back. "She *is* a Ms. Harper."

Chrissy exits the car and awaits her husband, clasping hands with him in a chaste way. Darren leans on his cane somewhat as he and Chrissy follow the Reverend forward. The slim woman offers hand shakes to all, proclaiming. "I'm Randi Jackman, Ms. Harper's assistant. Please, follow me to the parlor.."

Joshua smiled. "I'm Reverand Haldor, but please, call me Joshua."

After a tense minute, Chris raises his head to glance out the window. "Geez, I hope its just Laura." He looks to Kim, Sara, and the others. "Looks like the coast is clear. Let's go."
The three are led inside without fanfare. Once inside, the wealth of the Harpers is tastefully displayed. There are no Persian rugs or oppalant displays of wealth, but hand craftmasnship of the staircase leading upwards lends to the hiring of craftsman. The parlor is large and tastefully appointed, with several fine chairs facing a fireplace. The fireplace is cold. "Please, make yourselves comfortable." Randi offers. "I'll get Ms. Harper." She departs the room.

Sara put a hand up and squinted around, rolling her eyes internally. Stupid civillians. They had to be more careful than 'Oh, it looks clear'.

Sara sees movement on the far side of the compound. After a moments watch, she deduces that a guard - wearing the same uniform as the one on the gate- is walking the perimeter of the fence. He is walking the opposite direction as the house, towards the gate.

Sara and the others spot no guards or any person at all in thier vicinity.

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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Fri May 20, 2011 10:30 pm

The Harper Parlor
Joshua sat down on one of the chairs, making himself comfortable. He was very used to visiting people in their homes, and it showed, since he was pretty much instantly at ease, as though this was a normal day at work. He smiled encouraging at the Hollandales.

Chrissy returns Joshua's smile, appearing equally at ease. Darren glances towards the cold fireplace, but sits quietly. He sets his cane on the chair near his hand. Within a few minutes, a woman with dark hair enters. She wears a simple blue cardigan and black pants. "I'm Susan Harper." She introduces herself, smiling warmly. As soon as her eyes meet Joshua's, he is instantly uncomfortable. This person is not a person. Yet she shakes the Hollandales' hands, her hand is apparently warm to the touch as she offers it to Joshua.

As Joshua watches Chrissy smile and compliment the Harper home, apparently at ease, that cold, creepy feeling descends upon him.

Joshua smiles anyway, because a lifetime of not judging gives you a good sense of composure. "I'm pleased to meet you," he said politely. "I'm Reverand Haldor, but please, call me Joshua. And it's true; you have a beautiful home."

"Thank you. Please, sit." Susan herself eases into one of the chairs facing you and the doorway.

"St. Jude's is such a lovely place of worship. I have never been, but some of my friends remark upon it. I must admit, it is so seldom that I entertain company so late."

Joshua nodded. "It's a beautiful church; built not long after this area was first colonised by Europeans, I'm told. It's got a real sense of history about it. I do apologise if our timing was inconvenient; it often takes a while to speak with everyone who's interested and time does get away from you."
Jack Robinson: ((3 successes on charming the vampire

"It wasn't inconvenient. I was simply surveying new business ventures. It is refreshing to step away from droll work. Have you any luck in the area? I often reflect that my nieghbors are not very charitible. Not very Christian of me, I suppose." She laughs, a bell like sound.
Seryna: The Hollandales remain quiet, letting the Reverend charm. He notes Chrissy holds her Bible across her lap firmly.

"It would be most impolite of me to comment on what another person has donated," Joshua said gently. "But we do try our best to encourage people from all walks of life to think about the less fortunate. I wouldn't presume to judge anyone who chose not to donate; that's not for me to do, after all.Even the apparently comfortable can have sudden financial crises, particularly in this economy." He smiled again.

((Charming the vampire: 4 successes))

"How right you are. People seldom realize that those more priveledged have far more responsibilities and obligations. Is there a particular ministry that you are leading?" Susan appears completely at ease. You do note that she seldom attempts eye contact, instead staring towards your shoulder.

"At the moment, St. Jude's is working very much on Homeless outreach. With the recession, we've seen the number of people forced onto the streets soaring, and with the heat of summer and record colds for the winter, it's important to do as much as we can now, before these poor people suffer any more," Joshua said, the conviction obvious in his voice. There was real passion there.
((Donate to the Homeless: 3 successes))

"Then of course, you have to reflect on how thier impoverished lifestyle causes them to become sick. They tend to use emergency services too late and then there is only costly efforts to try and cure them." Susan sounds saddened. "I donate to the hospital and they have released startling numbers. Especially with this nasty cold going around. At least twenty people hospitalized at last count."

Joshua nodded. "And of course, without public healthcare, many simply can't afford the costs of long-term drugs they need to take care of health conditions that their circumstances have forced them into. It's tragic. But we're called to be Christ-like; I believe we're called to help everyone we can."

((Sermonise: 2 successes))

"Its so inspirational to meet someone with genuine compassion to one's fellow man. The news brings terrible stories of greed and callousness into this household. I do wish to contribute to your mission, Reverend." The woman lifts a small phone and presses a few buttons, perhaps signalling Ms. Jackman?

Joshua deeply hoped that he was getting through to her, and this wasn't her way of deciding to turn his delicious young flesh into an aperitif. He believed God would protect him, even so; that he was guided here for a reason. "I appreciate that very much, Ms Harper. You can be sure we'll put anything you feel is right to donate to extremely good use."

Within a moment, Ms. Jackman arrived, carrying a tray. Upon it was a pitcher of water, four glasses - and a check book and pen.

"Would you like refreshment?" Ms. Jackman offered, pouring glasses of water and moving about the room.
Behind her, the vampire pressed her pen to a blank check, scribing out a hopefully charitable amount.

As you reply, you hear a man's laughter from an adjoining room.
"Yeah! We oughta go down and bring one up to join in our fun!"

Ms. Jackman and Ms. Harper instantly exchange glances.

Joshua took the water with a little smile. Transparent liquids were hard to poison, weren't they? He felt at least reassured by that, and swallowed some of the water. "Thank you so much," his gaze flickered to the door, but he said nothing.

"Get the new one. She's so limber..." The man declares, loudly. You suspect alcohol to be involved from the slur in his voice.
Ms. Harper and Ms. Jackman glance at you slyly.
"Did I hear the T.V. just now?" Chrissy asked pleasantly, giving a scandalized titter.

"Must be SVU," Joshua said with a little laugh. "I remember my wife was channel-hopping at one point while I was talking to a parishoner. Next thing you know, she's asking me why someone's screaming in the background. Some old Murder Mystery show."
Jack Robinson: ((Covering our asses: 1 success))

"Oh yes, my cousin enjoys such sordid shows." Ms. Harper speaks. "Perhaps you could ask him to turn it down?" She requests of Ms. Jackman, who moves into the adjoining room.

"It's no problem, of course," Joshua said with a little smile. "Everyone's home has an atmosphere they get used to that can seem unusual to outsiders."
Jack Robinson: ((It's all cool: 4 successes

"You should have seen the looks Daryl got when I walked in on a risque commercial." Chrissy patted Darren's leg. "The media has so little restraint these days." Susan smiled, but her lips were pressed a bit too close together. She rises and walks over towards Joshua. She extends the signed check for a very generous figure. "I do hope that this could help your ministry..."

"I appreciate that very much, Ms. Harper," Joshua said warmly, and extended his hand to shake hers again. "Would you mind if I prayed briefly for the health and well-being of people in this house?"
Jack Robinson: ((Uh-oh. 0 successes.))

Susan pauses as she accepts your hand. Joshua suddenly realizes that the hand- once warm- has now chilled to room temperature. Glancing at the woman, he notes the healthy pallor is slowly fleeing her face. Whether she is aware of it is unknown, but she frowns. "I do hope that we continue to enjoy good health," She states, her hand not releasing yours. "- although the well being of all... can be so hard to ascertain.."

Joshua met her gaze with a pleasant smile, his eyes perfectly calm, as if he didn't notice a thing. "My wife will be so pleased that we've gotten such a generous donation this evening," he said lightly. "But you are right. We should be getting along. She'll be wondering where I am. I will include you in my prayers with much thanks, Ms. Harper. Your generosity is a credit to you. Good evening."
Jack Robinson: ((Don't eat me!: 5 successes))

"Of course. " Susan replied, smiling pleasantly. She remains standing in the parlor as Ms. Jackman walks beside you, gesturing for you to follow her. "Have a pleasant evening." The vampire bids before turning and beginning to enter the adjacent room with the perhaps drunken man.
Jack Robinson: "You too. Good night," Joshua walked to the van with as much composure as he could muster, carefully tucking the cheque into his pocket. He held the door open for the Hollandales.


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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

Post by Seryna on Fri May 20, 2011 10:30 pm

The Harper Basement

"Alright. We move quickly, keep low until we reach cover. The others can't be caught in there." Sara pushed open the van doors, just enough to slip through. That done she wasted no time in moving to the access staircase.
Chris follows suit, taking out his baton and holding it at his side as he moves quickly. The experience was nerve wracking for the reporter.
Kimberly stays at Sara's elbow, directing her down the staircase. The staircase is stone and provides cover once they descend it and stand in the small landing below. Sadly, it provides little line of sight out of the landing. Ward, as agreed upon, remains hidden in the van. Kimberly unslings her back pack and after reaching past an empty black plastic bag, withdraws an odd looking tool. She places it against the lock of the handle and presses, making a small mechanical noise.

"I think you were right Sara. I really don't want to be here any longer than I have to." Chris mutters, his whole body shaken to the core from the harrowing experience.

Sara nods in stern approval, but doesn't respond as she waits for the door to crack open. She slides her knife out and weighs it comfortably in her hand, though she hopes she doesn't have to use it. She nodded to her buddy as well, making sure he was comfortable.

Kimberly's body soon leans forward as the gun ceases it noise. After carefully extracting it, she places it in the backpack and turns the handle. It turns.

Her buddy stands calmly behind Sara. She notes he wears gloves, likely expecting to deal with any danger with his fists.

Sara moves forwards, peering carefully around the door and listening out for any sounds of anything; movement or otherwise.

((Perception: 4 successes))

Chris follows Sara, moving slowly (o success perception)

As Sara and Chris ease in, they note the gloom that descends on the basement. The single bulb that hangs above your head is dim, casting long shadows. Sara notes two things immediately- that the far wall holds four people slumped on the floor in uncomfortable positions. One of thier forms promises to be Liam. The second is that there is a small, glowing red light on the far wall. The camera is angled towards the prone prisoners. Turning her head, Sara notes two doors immediately within the doorway that lead to small rooms. A circular staircase leads upwards, to the main room.

"Oh shit." Chris mutters under his breathe as he sees the chained up people. Liam, are you there? Everyone just stay calm, we're going to get you out." He almost rushes to the prisoners but stops himself when he notices the camera.

Before Chris can entirely give the game away, she sticks a hand firmly across his mouth. She gives him a look.
Jack Robinson: Sara moved along the wall, back flat against it as she edges toward the back of the surveillance cameras. She peered at it, eyes narrowed as she reached up to the wire to try and flick the camera onto its 1-hour stored memory function.

Liam nodded compliantly.
Sara's fingertips brush the wire and she feels a moment of triumph as she succussfully moves the camera onto its loop.

Chris looks at Sara and grits his teeth. He looks around nervously.

Around Liam, he hears rustling as the women awaken from thier fitless sleep. He sees Julie stiffen at seeing Sara and Chris. Perhaps she would cry out in jubilation...

Sara gestured to her buddy to move to the door they hadn't come through, to keep an eye on them. She watched the stairs, gesturing for Chris to watch the stairs. She glanced at Kim, and as she moved to the prisoners, indicated the locks. They were going to need to get through those.
Jack Robinson: Sara glanced at Julie, and pressed a finger to her lips. If she had to, she would knock the woman out - but she prefered it not to come to that.

"Just hang in there." Chris mutters quietly, taking a position by the staris and peering out to make sure nothing was up.

"I didn't think anybody knew I was here." Liam whispered wearily.

Sara's buddy moves quietly through the house, taking a stand outside of the closed doors. Julie straightens, stretching her sore and taxed muscles. "You know these people?" She whispers to Liam, excitedly.

"Kim, did you bring a bolt cutter? We got to get these chains off."

Liam turned to Julie "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

"Yes." Kim whispers, dropping to one knee. She rifles though the pack, eventually coming out with bolt cutters. She extends them to Chris, gesturing for him to move towards the manacles. She lifts out a bottle of water and approaches the prisoners. She offers each a drink. At the sight of water, Liam's thirst amplifies.

Liam took the water, drank a little and then handed it to Julie. "What are you two doing here anyway? How'd you get past all those guards?"

Chris starts going about cutting the chains with the bolt cutter, starting with Liam. "No time for questions, just follow our lead." He mutters, almost in a panic

After several attempts, Chris manages to cut through the manacle holding Liam to the wall. Lowering his hand, Liam immediately feels that his hand has fallen asleep. Free at last!

Sara's friend jerks and glances upstairs. He waves his hand at Sara, signalling that he has heard someone above.

"Let's keep going, people. Kim use the bolt cutters. You looked more proficient," Sara whispered. "And kill the movement. We have noise uptop."

"Shit, come on. Come on. We've got to get out of here." Chris peeks around the corner, hoping that no one comes down the stairs.

"Thanks. Feels good to be free."

"I'll give it a try." Kim whispers, accepting the bolt cutters from Chris. She positions herself beside Julie and positions the cutters on Julie's bonds. She puts a bit of muscle into it and snips the manacle like a professional criminal, making a notch. She positions the bolt cutter for another attempt.
2011-05-20 23:30:28 Kimberly Grafton rolled 5 dice to "Using boltcutters" 2,8,4,2,6 (1 successes)

"I swear to God, I'm getting interviews from all of you for this." He mutters in reply to Liam.

Sara pointed put her finger to her lips and jabbed a thumb violently upwards. Did that guy not understand Shut up?!

2011-05-20 23:32:18 Kimberly Grafton rolled 5 dice to "Using boltcutters" 4,8,2,9,8 (3 successes)
The manacle snips open, hanging by a thread.
Kimberly screws her face up as she readjusts her grip and clamps hard.

"Geez how long is this gonna take?" Chris mutters.

2011-05-20 23:39:23 Kimberly Grafton rolled 5 dice to "Using boltcutters" 3,1,5,3,9 (1 successes) The manacle binding Julie falls to the floor with a metallic noise. (2 sux) 1 Success.))

Liam rolled 4 dice to "Perception" 2,2,6,8 (1 successes)

Kim immediately moves to the woman beside Julie and does her best to free her.

Chris gestures something to the others, getting ready for someone to come down the stairs...

Kimberly continues to strain with the bolt cutters, attempting to hurry. 2011-05-20 23:48:02 Kimberly Grafton rolled 5 dice to "Using boltcutters" 8,2,1,4,5 (1 successes) 2011-05-20 23:48:58 Kimberly Grafton rolled 5 dice to "Using boltcutters" 1,8,8,2,10,8 (4 successes) The bolt comes loose, swinging against the wall. The freed woman scuttles away from teh wall, rubbing her wrist.

Sara gestured for Chris and the freed prisoners to move towards the door and be ready to leave. She tensed, hoping like fuck that Kim would be finished soon.
Chris follows the lady's directions as best he can given the tense situation. "Come on, follow me." He whispers quietly. Chris didn't know hand signals afterall.

Kimberly positions herself at the last woman. She proves to excell at tense situations as she clamps down on the manacle. 011-05-20 23:53:29 Kimberly Grafton rolled 5 dice to "Using boltcutters" 10,10,5,10,5,9,1,10,8 (6 successes) Wordlessly, she helps the woman up and guides her towards Chris.

Liam nods and trudges towards the door.

Sara moved immediately to the door that they had initially come through, and peered around the corner to ensure it was safe. If it is, she leads everyone toward the van as quickly as possible.

Peering around the door and up the stair case, Sara can't see any one. A feeling of unease descends as she can't see beyond the square of night sky.

Sara grimaced and turned left through the door and then up the stairs and outside. She paused at the same wall she had on the way in, and peered around the corner again, tense as she gestured for the others to follow her.

Kim shoulders her pack and slings the boltcutters over her shoulder like an improvistional weapon. She and Sara's buddy bring up the rear, waiting behind Liam and the freed women. Leading the troop, Sara has a moment of clarity. Listening, she hears only the quiet noises of insects.

Chris follows Sara amidst the other group of people, he does the best he can to see in the dark without having to resort to his flashlight.
Sara pushed the others ahead of her, watching their asses as she ushered them to get to the van as fast as possible.

Liam reluctantly follows the others.

Chris also believes that they are undetected as they move up the stairs and towards the van...

Sara and Chris have a brief delimna as they approach the van. The back had been tight enough with 4 hiding, now they had an additional 4 passengers...
As they approach the van, they see Ward peering at them from the back, signalling all was well.

Sara makes damn sure they get in, comfortable or not, making the smaller people lie on the floor. It was too damn important. "Lie on top of each other if you have to, this isn't the time to be nice," Sara hissed through her teeth, keeping her voice low.

Chris grimaces he tries to squeeze into the van, hoping that they could pull this off.

All together now

The fit is snug, but one of the women finds a blanket under the seat and passes it up. At least something to cover them to mask the pressed bodies, perhaps. As you press in, you hope that someone's elbow isn't going to be pressed into your spleen for very long..
Seryna: The smell of sweat rises up, making it very uncomfortable. The captives had not been permitted to wash after thier humiliating phsyical excercise, a fact made clear in close, cramped quarters.

Sara remained near the top, partly to hold people down if necessary, and partly to fight if it all went wrong at the last second. She pulled the blanket over them. "Try not to breathe," she muttered. She'd smelt much worse. She'd walked up a sewer in the desert heat once, just her and her unit.

Chrissy slides into her seat, flashing you a smile you are sure was meant to be reassuring, but shows too much teeth. As she moves by you, you see the glint of metal in that Bible cover. A concealed weapon, held tightly on her lap. Darren enters the van and carefully looks forward, not glancing back.

Joshua climbed into the driver's seat, and said quietly: "I hope everyone's in there, because I think we need to go, now."

He started the engine.

Sara hissed: "We're all here. Go!"

Chris nods his head frantically.

Joshua pulled away, driving at a perfectly normal speed and turning the headlights on, making it harder for anyone to see inside the van.

Joshua turns the van around and guides it towards the gate. As he approaches the lone guard, he watches the giard lift the walkie to his ear as the van approaches.

Joshua rolls the window down and smiles at the guard. "It's a beautiful night, isn't it? You were right. Ms. Harper is extraordinarily generous. I can't thank you enough."
Jack Robinson: (( Used a WP, 7 successes))

"I just open the doors, sir." The guard replies, smiling. You detect a trace of ppride, perhaps happiness in his face at the news of the donation. Did the Harpers not use pressed upon 'details' like Kimberly for everything? "You have a good evening." The gate begins its slide open, seeming to take forever.

Joshua waved politely at the guard, putting the window up and patiently waiting the gate out. Looking nervous at the last moment would make everything suspicious. Once the gate is properly open, he drives through at a safe speed and heads on the road towards the church.

As you drive, you hear the radio crackle. "Devon, you see any one out there? Madam swears she heard a door..." The sound fades as you drove forward.

Joshua forces himself to keep to a steady speed as he drives away, sticking to the road to the church until he's far out of sight of the House. "Oh, thank you Lord," he murmurs. "We did it."

Chrissy would direct Joshua to an abandoned warehouse on what appears to be an entirely derelict block of warehouses. While it looks abandoned, to the clever eye one could see security has been beefed up to keep homeless or interested parties away.
Seryna: The safe house doesn't even have power, but Chrissy turns on an electric lamp


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Re: Chapter One: Where did all the Bees go? Attn Sara, Chris

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