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Night 4

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Night 4 Empty Night 4

Post by Seratone on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:51 am

The cold blissful sleep of daylight passes quickly for the coterie in their new haven.

The sound of an alarm clock awakens you around 7:45 PM. But there is no sound of a television this time around. This time, the only companion you are greeted by is a fat furry rat that quickly scuttles away when it sees you stirring.

When Justin rises, he notes the wrinkles in his suit and frowns. He sniffs the air.

"I'm really going to need a shower, and a dry cleaner...soon."

The first thing he does is check his voicemail. He snickers slightly.

"Well what do you know, my car finally got towed. It looks like I'm going to have to head over to the impound lot downtown if I want to pick it up. I really need to get that thing to a garage." He mutters.


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Kazakin on Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:44 pm

"Chum, you're a corpse," Sharky rolled off the abandoned crate he'd passed out on and scratched himself out of habit, rather than itchiness.

"You really think you're gonna get BO? You can't even grow a fuckin' five o'clock shadow." He eyed Justin distastefully for a moment.

"Assumin' your balls had dropped when you were chewed on, which I''m doubtin' pretty hard." He paced out the room, restless, looking like a caged animal.


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Tehrat on Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:20 pm

The ghouls stood sentry at the doors to the slaughterhouse, and turned only to acknowledge that Sharky and Justin were speaking to each other. They came across as the grim and silent types, really - but what else was needed in a bodyguard? Only celebrities used their fleshy protectors to carry handbags or rat-dogs - Rose had neither.

She stretched languidly and cracked her fingers, as she moved to the door to study the darkness. "At times like this, I really miss my coffee," Rose sighed, as she ignored the banter behind her


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seratone on Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:57 pm

Justin ignores Sharkey's rude comments, though he nods to Rose. At least a few of them still had manners, he thought.

"Alright sooo, could somone give me a ride to the impound lot downtown? I really need to get that junker into a garage. And then...damnit I really need some warm blood afterwords. Some sweet warm blood. How was that University?"

The ventrue loads bullets into a cheap .38 revolver that he had bought last night [through a hapless intermediary].


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seryna on Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:49 pm

Rachel set the hair brush down.

"We have two cars now, right?" Rachel turned and looked to Rose and Sharkey.
"So we can drive you down to the impound lot and not hold you up from the nights plans."


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Tehrat on Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:59 pm

Rose stood in the doorway, and turned around with a slight frown on her face. This vehicular attachment was slightly baffling to her - for one thing, they weren't splitting up due to the potential danger and for another thing, they had no need for numerous cars. They would begin to look suspicious in front of a supposedly abandoned slaughterhouse.

"Indeed," she nodded briefly to Rachel's first comment before turning to Justin "But you stated before that this car of yours was down a bumper, and it hardly sounds fit for road-use. You drive it anywhere and the police will pull you over. We don't need that kind of attention," she stated sternly. "You had a car. Had being the operative word. Buy a new one or let it go completely."


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seratone on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:36 pm

Justin frowns a bit. "I suppose I could let the car sit there for a few days before I take it in to the garage. I'll miss the freedom though." The young ventrue gathers together some paper work and you catch sight of what actually looks like a resume somewhere in there. "So did we decide what to do about this ghoul squad?"

Jack Robinson: Sharky rolled his eyes. "Chum, we really need to talk about you still thinking you're alive. The rules are different now, so you gotta move on. And if you blank me again, I'm gonna feed y'every inch of your haircut."
Anne Yarvis: "We haven't lost any freedom." Rachel assured Justin. "We have Marc and Rose & Sharkey's car. We can all go where we need to go." Rachel leaned back. "I think we need to get Justin his dinner... and find a vantage point. A vantage point to start trying to watch for ghoul squads."
kclace22: "Don't tell me how to live my life nosferatu." The ventrue snaps back angrily. The night was just starting out, and already he was on edge. After a moment he replies to Rachel. "That's very thoughtful of you. It has been a while since I fed last."
kclace22: [David tennant's haircut is awesome]
Anne Yarvis: "The last thing we want is you to be hungry." Rachel touched Justin's arm gently. "But don't fight, Justin. I know you're hunry and irritated." She turns to the others. "I think its time we figure out who these ghouls are. Theyre human, they have homes for sleep..maybe families."
Jack Robinson: "It's a valid point. Pondering about the past is a bad idea," Rose pointed out simply. "There is not going back, and holding on will get you killed. And us, by association." She nodded as Rachel spoke. "The more information we have on them, the better."
Jack Robinson: "Listen to you! 'Live my life'!" Sharky just laughed in Justin's face, outbulking him. "What're you gonna do, little chum? Cry on me? Beg your mommy for just one more sweet breath of air? Call me when your balls drop and you realise you're a walking corpse." He rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Find their families and nuke 'em."
Anne Yarvis: "So, we know that they all fit in a black SUV and stay together all night. Means that there are 5 hungry ghouls out there who need food and gas at regular intervals." Rachel opened up her google earth ap. "I have some cash. Time to start bribing underpaid clerks."
kclace22: The young ventrue had had quite enough of being mocked by the new comer. As his blood boils, he approaches Sharkey slowly then speaks to him in a very firm low voice. "Its time you learned your place. GO scout the university for our enemies and report back to me when you have found them." [mesmerize]
kclace22: (ha bombed that roll 1 sux)
kclace22: [Rachel you also have your contacts available to you now]
Anne Yarvis: "Justin," Rachel says sharply, rebuke in her tone. "- we don't do that to our coterie mates. " She strides upbetween the Ventrue and Nosferatu, directing Justin by the arm away from the others. "What the hell?" She hisses to him, softly.
Jack Robinson: Haha, botched my roll. You still win.))
kclace22: (haha oh man)
kclace22: (this is why I love this chronicle)
Jack Robinson: Sharky's expression went slack. He starts walking.
kclace22: Justin lets Rachel walk him away from the others. The ventrue seemed quite irritable tonight. He grumbles a bit. "He was getting on my nerves. Maybe a nice long walk will settle him a bit."
Jack Robinson: Rose rolled her eyes, and with a quick glare at Justin's idiocy - trying to put one vampire their enemies, amidst Kine! What a stupid intent! She stepped in front of Sharky, and bit out frustratedly: "Sharky, dear - you want to stay with me. You can ignore the other, silly little order. Mine's so much more...interesting." [Entrancement]
Jack Robinson: 5 Successes.))
Jack Robinson: Failed my resist))
Anne Yarvis: "Or maybe it will get him killed." Rachel hisses, her eyes alight with anger. "You sent out our strongest fighter alone- where theres five enemies searching for us. Worst - you used the blood on our coterie. That is unacceptable!"
Jack Robinson: Sharky jerked to a stop, a slightly doped look crossing his eyes. He looked dreamy for a moment, then shook his head. "Hey, what the-" His eyes locked on Justin and he growled. "'Scuse me, Rosie." He stalked towards Justin, jamming his hands in his pockets and gripping his switchblade.
Jack Robinson: Rolling initiative- Sharky's got 15.))
kclace22: "I'm sure he would have been just fine." Justin retorts angrily. (init 5)
Jack Robinson: Initiative 12 for Rose.))
Anne Yarvis: [15 for rose]
Anne Yarvis: [er. Rachel ]
Anne Yarvis: [so sharkey first?]
kclace22: (nod)
Jack Robinson: Sharky lunged forwards, slashing viciously and then pulling the same little trick he'd pulled before, reversing the blade midswing for a violent stab.
Jack Robinson:, 5 successes total, accounted for Justin's -2 defence.))
Anne Yarvis: [Rachel?]
Jack Robinson: I believe so, then me I think.))
Anne Yarvis:
"Sharkey?" Rose turned and fear jolted down her spine at seeing the Nosferatu approach with a purpose.. Just like when Sharkey had attacked her on thier first meeting. "Sharkey..." Options ran through her mind, like strings of code through a fast processor. None of them boded well. All involved pain, violence... and she had no skill there.

The blade moved and Rachel opened her mouth, expressing fear with a shocked bark.
Jack Robinson: Rose? ))

Jack Robinson: "Oh, this is bloody frustrating," Rose swore. "When I woke up this evening, I intended to have a relaxing hour at least. And then stupidity happened." She watched the two. "Both of you stop it and go to your corners!"
kclace22: Justin barely manages to resist the call of the beast just barely and only temporarily as the blades tear deep into his flesh. He raises his gun and tries to shoot the Nosferatu point blank.
kclace22: (2 sux)
Jack Robinson: ((You don't have Quickdraw on Justin, do you?))
kclace22: (if you read the post from before, he already had a gun in his hand)
kclace22: (lol)
Jack Robinson: ((Oh, when he was loading it. NP.))
kclace22: [sharkey's turn

Jack Robinson: Sharky felt an uncharacteristic wave of concern when Rose told him to go back to his corner, and he hesitated a moment, looking towards her. Unfortunately for Justin, that was the the point Sharky got shot, and protecting himself beat out any Entrancement. He lunged back, slashing and stabbing with a roar. Justin was going to learn a lesson. The knife whipped forwards, and then down into a vicious stab.

Jack Robinson: And 3 successes that time., and ))
kclace22: Justin lets out a yelp as he falls flat on his back the gun falling to the floor. When he doesn't get back up you realize that the young ventrue had fallen into torpor...
kclace22: [and on that note I need to get a pizza lol]
kclace22: [keep playing]

Jack Robinson: Sharky spat on the fallen body, and looked like he was seriously considering making it permanent. "Stupid little fucker!" He looked around, his eyes boiling with rage. "Anyone think I shouldn't just put this stupid little cocksucker outta my misery?"

Jack Robinson: "While the thought isn't entirely without its appeal at the moment, we shouldn't make any rash decisions," Rose responded calmly. Her ghouls had moved to her side when the action had begun, but seeing there was no more potential for harm coming to her, she waved them away.

Anne Yarvis: Justin was the subject of a knife, a shining, flashing knife slick with vitae. The knife and the Nosferatu wielding it filled her with fear. Paralyzing fear.

Rachel shouts wordlessly as Justin falls back to the floor. She crouches beside him, tilting his head back as she checked his eyes.

"Torpor." She stated flatly, wondering if it was anger, disgust or resentment that made that word burst out of her like a sharp bark. She stares up at the strong, violent Nosferatu from her position on the ground.
"Stop. We're a coterie. We make these decisions together," She stared down at Justin angrily. "- like we should have agreed to not use the Blood on each other."

Jack Robinson: Rose stepped toward Justin, and scruitinised him in his horizontal position. "You know, I think the boy has a death wish...Undeath wish?"
ack Robinson: Sharky snorted and wiped the knife clean on Justin's clothes. "S'why I didn't rip his head off in the first place, lady, I just put him down. No one fucks with my head without payin' for it, now or later." He figured Rose must've done something to stop it. Maybe Daeva had some sort of anti-Dominate power. Well, whatever she'd done, it was clearly in his best interests. Rose was totally on his side, after all.
Anne Yarvis: "Damn it." Rachel leaned back. "Shit. This is fucking unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE." She stands and strides off, picking up some small toiletry item and hurling it at the wall. "We're making a fucking pact that we don't do this."

Jack Robinson: "Ain't my fault he's got the brains of a guppy, lady." Sharky laughed wetly and put the knife away. "I'm gonna agree though. Usin' the Blood on each other's a fast way for us all to get Final Death before those dumbfuck ghouls get anywhere near us."

Jack Robinson: "Yes, I'd prefer we didn't do the ghoul's job for them," Rose replied, before casually kneeling next to Justin. "This should be put away where children can't handle it," she indicated the gun, and picked it up.

Anne Yarvis: "Its all we've done so far." Rachel admitted, her voice syrupy with resentment and seething anger. "We were here for what, three nights before you arrived? Nearly every single one of this, we lost our shit to the Beasts and had some truly embaressing episodes." Rachel glanced down to where Rose plucked up Justin's gun.

Anne Yarvis: "Lets secure him." She decided. "Find some safe place to hide him here. We still have a mission to do. A mission where we don't send off lone rangers to get picked off. I think... we should call my ghouls. See if we can set up a trap of our own."

Jack Robinson: Sharky grunted. "That's gotta change, lady. You and Guppy talk a big spiel about takin' this city for ourselves, but it ain't gonna work if we just spend all our time tryin' to kill one an' other." He nodded a jerky assent to Rachel's plan. "Works for me. Less dumbfuck than sending the most obvious of us to go scout some random fuckin' place we don't even know if the ghouls are hangin' out."

Jack Robinson: Rose kept a hold on the gun, but fortunately didn't attempt to actually use it. "Perhaps now the action is over, we can plan in peace."
Jack Robinson: "Yeah, ain't that grand?" Sharky grinned behind his bandana. "I like the idea of a trap. Maybe we could split 'em up if Rachel's ghouls can get a piece of the action."

[UPDATE: JUSTIN has entered torpor and will remain in torpor for the next 2 IC weeks]


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seratone on Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:40 am

With Justin out of commission for the time being, the coterie could now turn to more pressing matters.

The coterie had discussed a few options for dealing with the threat they were facing.

Rachel had suggested gathering information on the identities of their enemies to see if they could locate family members or other loved ones.

It had also been suggested that loyal ghouls could be used to set up a trap of their own..

Still another option discussed was to sit back and wait for the enemy to starve from a lack of vitae. Amelita had suggested that she could accelerate that process somehow...

The night was young, but decisions still had to be made. What will you decide?


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seryna on Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:43 pm

Rachel finished her grooming routine and searched out the rest of the coterie.

"I'm thinking of calling my ghouls and letting them know that we're moving into a new house- maybe one of those foreclosed houses we saw when we were spying on the ghouls set up. I'll tell them to go get the house set up for us ... and we can see if they sell us out.

Lets set up surveillance around there so we can start trying to see the strengths of these mortals."

She stopped talking and surveyed the faces of those around her; gauging thier opinions.


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seratone on Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:32 pm

Rachael gets a text message from Sam (her ghoul).

Got that place set up during the daytime. No problem. Want us to go back and check up on it?


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seratone on Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:34 pm

Rachel glances around as every one appears to be in thier own thoughts. "One thing we have to correct is the assumption of the President's that Chelsea is a loyal agent to Damian." She begins to shuffle through Justin's briefcase; which she dutifully keeps with her. Finding a number, she dials in the number to the President, or most likely one of his agents.
Anne Yarvis: [done]
kclace22: The phone rings for a few minutes, then someone picks up. "Hello?" You recognize the voice is that of the british man you saw cleaning up for Logan in the briefing room.
Anne Yarvis: "Good evening, sir." Rachel greets, her tone professional. "This is Rachel Giles. I'm on assignment for the President and have an urgent message to relay to him."
kclace22: "Hold on a second, let me check his calendar." A few second pass. He's booked through the week, I can get you a conference on...Friday evening? A pause. "Well if you have a message I can relay it to him."
Anne Yarvis: "I'm not certain that a conference is best. Please relay to him that Prince Damian's ghoul, Chelsea, no longer upholds Damian's rule. She has confessed to us to the Final Death of one Kindred and has stated her wish to cause the Final Deaths of all involved in the coterie intended to find the Prince in Dayton. She should not be given any information on us and I advise no further contact with her. The coterie intends to uphold the Masquerade, disprite her interference, and carry out our mission."
kclace22: You hear the sound of someone scribbling. "Alright...and. Good. Ok I'll pass that along. Is there anything else you need mam?"
Anne Yarvis: "Not at this time. If possible, I will attempt to call again on Friday to update the President on our progress. "
Anne Yarvis: [what day is it in our chronicle]
kclace22: (oh let's see now. I'd say Tuesday)
Anne Yarvis: [awesome]
kclace22: "Alright have a good night mam." As the phone disconnects, Rachael has to wonder if her message would get through. The second thought being...would it matter? With the roads being what they were in the middle of winter, the city seemed like a world away...
Anne Yarvis: Rachel slipped the phone onto its charger, considering. She wasn't even certain that she'd expect any help from the President. Dayton wasn't his domain; and was a small port that would be of little strategic value to try and overtake. If anything, her intention was to prevent Chelsea from gaining access to the President's substansial resources. Dayton belonged to the Coterie, now. Reinforcements would only bring more orders, and she rather liked the coterie's current means of Dansing. She reached down into the bag she'd taken to the pawn shop. She took a minute to assemble the hip holster for the pistol she'd bought, strapping it on and securing the pistol within it. It was clear that they would be dealing with the ghoul, now.
Anne Yarvis: Rachel opened up her phone as it charged, re - reading Sam's message. "Please make the haven ready for us,' she texts. '- reinforce the basement, cover all windows and purchase some high qaulity locks. Do not be seen moving in and out; and avoid Chelsea and her gang. Call me when you have done this.'
Anne Yarvis: [done]
kclace22: Minutes pass by in the shadowy haven. The place seems eerily quiet, the only sounds of life being the ocassional car moving through the area and the sight of a rat crawling along the edges of the warehouse. After about 20 minutes Rachael gets another message.
kclace22: "Door is broken in. Looks like someone's tracking us."
Anne Yarvis: Rachel immediately calls Sam's phone. "Get back in the car; stay moving on the street. Look for an open diner; some place with more people. Pull in and check your rear view. Stay moving; be cautious." She orders, listening for background noise that would indicate danger,
Anne Yarvis: [done]
kclace22: "Alright, I'll let you know if I see anything." The phone call ends.
kclace22: [anything else you want to do?]
Anne Yarvis: "Ok." Rachel pulls out a piece of paper and a pen, drawing a rough map of Dayton. She places an 'X' on what she labels 'Citigroup housing'. "Chelsea and her group have found and checked on our bluff haven. It seems likely that they'd try and check another. I'd suggest we look for some place we can get the drop on her and the gang, and tell my ghouls to meet us there. Either they are following my ghouls, had the citigroup area locked down well enough to notice extra foot traffic or are somehow intercepting my messages."Anne Yarvis: [sounds good to end there. We can leave that as a prompt to the others..]
kclace22: [sounds good. Well played
Anne Yarvis: That took about 40 minutes?
Anne Yarvis: still time for a session on night 4 once we find the others
kclace22: [yeah we'll say you are an hour into the night plenty of time]


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seryna on Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:52 am

[Yeah you have a vision of Chelsea and four men breaking down the front door with a battering ram. Three of them have cross bows. One has a weapon you can't make out, and chelsea has some kind of pistol at the ready]
Seryna: [did they bring the battering ram in the suv?]
Dean Catarino: [is it a pistol pistol? or a flare gun?]
Kevin Lacey: [looks like a flare gun. And yes off loaded from the Hummer]
Jake has left the conference.

Dean Catarino: Ok, Amelita relays the arsenal the other guys have, mentioning flare gun pretty explicitly.

Rachel moves among the cars, scanning for any one who had remained back at thier vehicles.
Kevin Lacey: The U-Haul and the coterie were in place. All that was missing was the bait. It seemed that the coterie was only a phone call away from ambushing their adversaries
Seryna: [so the cars are all empty of humans?]
Kevin Lacey: (Yes the ice/snow storm left a lot of abandoned vehicles. No mortals appear to be about save for the light traffic on the highway above)
Seryna: [OK, lets go with the payphone]
Jack Robinson: Sharky growled in frustration at the information, and half-closed his heavily lidded eyes, letting the Vitae rush into his dead flesh. ((Activating Vigor, then Resiliance))
Seryna: Rachel moves to the street, turning and scanning the road each way. She looks for some vantage point where she - and perhaps 'Lita- could see the ghoul convoy approaching.
Jack Robinson: Rose ensured that her ghouls were ahead of her to act as a barrier, remaining watchful as she waited for any activity from the roads.

Rachel sees a headlight in the distance signaling a large vehicle approaching up the road.
Seryna: Rachel turns and gives a sharp whistle, signalling the approach. [hold action for a moment, scanning for a place to hide by the raod. any chance of that?]
Kevin Lacey: Rachel doesn't see a place to hide by the road as it is extremely narrow. Her best bet looks like the parking lot.
Seryna: After whistling the alarm, Rachel hastily sprints to kneel beside one of the cars in the parking lot. She reaches to her hip holster and drew her pistol, crouching and hopefully hidden from sight.
Jack Robinson: Sharky kept a firm grip on his switchblade and put his shoulder to the nearest car, leaning into the metal of the door. He pulled the bandana off to free up his mouth for biting if necessary.

Amelita is hanigng back, looking fairly sullen about the things he'd seen. "I told you guys about the flare gun, right?"
Jack Robinson: Rose hung back behind cover, and held the gun in one hand and her stiletto in the other.
Kevin Lacey: The Hummer pulls right up into the center of the parking lot near the U-Haul. The doors open, you see the flicker of a flare lighting up. Three men with cross bows, and a small asian guy with what looks like...a can of hairspspray? The group surges around the U-Haul, aiming to take the occupants inside by surprise...Only THEY were about to be surprised. [You all have the initative]
Kevin Lacey: [everyone is within charging distance unless you take a turn to move further back]
Kevin Lacey: [so you all get to attack first, your enemies go last]
Dean Catarino: [we're not attacking those guys]
Kevin Lacey: (alright well attack or not keep playing)
Dean Catarino: Amelita, unhappy with the preperation stage, suddenly and loudly says "Flare gun."

Rachel remains crouched behind the car, her head low to the ground. She remains absolutely quiet, listening.
Seryna: [what do the ghouls do?]
Jack Robinson: Sharky stayed tense, waiting for the go signal. His body ached for blood.
Jack Robinson: Rose glanced sidelong at her ghouls, and signalled them to take aim. The bodyguards just might be getting more action than they ever saw at the club. For her part, she hated being inactive when the enemy was so close.
Kevin Lacey: The woman with the flare gun, whom you recognize as Chelsea, narrows her eyes to peer through the darkness. There was only a single street lamp and the distant lights from the highway to light up the area. But her vision was good...damn good. She spots Amelita and sneers. "Only one? You're hardly worth a flare." She gestures to the men with crossbows. "Put her down." The three men line up shots at Amelita and open fire.
Kevin Lacey: (2 dice 1 sux on perception)
Dean Catarino: um
Dean Catarino: isn't that contested by my stealth?

Dean Catarino: (matched it )
Jack Robinson: ((Phew. Ties go to the defender))
Kevin Lacey: Revised: The group immediately turns in the direction of Amelita, though no one has a clear shot...yet. It was dark...really dark. Chelsea looks irritable. The group looks tense.
Seryna: [awaiting the ghouls actions]
Seryna: [there we go]
Seryna: [how many are there?]
Kevin Lacey: (5 total. Chelsea + 3 crossbows + Asian with hairspray)
Seryna: Rachel remains stock still, grateful for the inability for breathe to cause noise. She remains still, unsure why the ghouls stared off into the black.
Jack Robinson: Sharky remained in his still, crouched position behind the car, waiting for the ghouls to check the Uhaul.
"Open it up." Chelsea gestures with a hand. Two of the men sling their crossbows behind their backs and open up the UHAUL or try to anyway.
Seryna: [Kevin, I think our coterie has spotted a highly lethal group and is planning on hiding, if you were waiting for us to attack...]
Kevin Lacey: [ok that's good to know]
Kevin Lacey: [you guys concur?]
Dean Catarino: dude we have one effective combatant and are outnumbered by what are presumably competent fighters armed with our weaknesses
Dean Catarino: we concur
Jack Robinson: ((Yeah, we're all waiting.))
Seryna: [did they leave the hummer running?]
Kevin Lacey: After checking out the U-Haul thoroughly. Chelsea frowns visibly. "Son of a bitch." An older man, one carrying the crossbow shakes his head. "This is your fault. This little scheme of yours is bullshit." Chelsea

snickers. "Oh now you are getting all self rightous on me now? Maybe you should have not gotten addicted to vampire blood at some point in your hunter career huh?" The group piles back into the Hummer and prepares to depart. (yes its been running the whole time)
Dean Catarino: Amelita notes the registration.
Seryna: Crouching so low she could taste dirt if she opened her mouth, Rachel listened to thier bickering. Could be useful to turn them on each other. 'Hunter career' didn't sound promising. She remains as still as a corpse on a slab.
Jack Robinson: Sharky felt a flash of annoyance, dim and hollow, that he'd wasted good Blood on bulking up for a fight that was never going to happen.
Kevin Lacey: "You guys are the people that took down Damian, supposedly liberated Dayton or whatever bullshit you call it. Now you can't even find a few whelps? Maybe I'm the one that needs new allies." You hear Chelsea snap at the older man right before the Hummer drives off.

Rachel remains prone, counting to thirty before she pokes her head out from behind the wheel, checking that all of the combatants have left.
Kevin Lacey: The coterie left alone again...having met their enemy face to face, and survived.
Dean Catarino: Amelita hands Rachel her phone. "Hey, I need you to make a call for me."
Seryna: "Sure." Rachel takes the cell phone, wondering if its the only cell phone still in existance. The other three had all smashed thiers. She wondered about Marc. "Whats the plan."
Dean Catarino: "Report their vehicle as stolen. That'll fuck them."
Seryna: She rubs gravel from the knees of her jeans, muttering angrily. "....damn crossbows."

Jack Robinson: Sharky yanked his bandana back up. "What the fuck is this shit?" He grumbled, moving across to the others.
Seryna: Rachel dialed in the number for the local police, strumming her acting skills. She was upset. She'd witnessed a crime... She waits for someone to answer, then states in a shaky voice. "I need to report a crime. Someone has just stolen my brother's hummer...looked like a gang! I think they had guns..."
Jack Robinson: "Exactly that, sharky," Rose muttered in aggravation. "That was a completely pointless endeavour."
Kevin Lacey: [I got to get some sleep guys. per our new understanding give yourselves 2 xp and make sure someone posts before the end of the night]
Kevin Lacey: Rachel's phone call is answered in the affirmative.
Seryna: Rachel gives the address for the fake haven in the citigroup area, crying that her brother had been assaulted there.


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seratone on Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:24 am

The coterie is left to their own devices for the evening and are able to move about the city, seemingly unimpeded by the heavily armed group of mortals they had seen earlier.

[color=red]If you decided to drive around the city you would find that much of it is still quiet. The roads had improved considerably though, and for the first time in days it isn't snowing or sleeting out.

Throngs of college kids still crowd the bars sorrounding the university, but you also notice a heavy Police presence out on the streets, much more so than usual. [University is -2 penalty for hunting for this night only]

With most of the cellphones out of comission, it was up to the coterie to take intiative to gather information...or do anything else for that matter.

NOTE: Characters can opt to spend the rest of the IC night "cultivating herd" doing so will unlock your herd merit if you bought it earlier.


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seryna on Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:32 pm

"We know they're onto us through the phones now- and that a direct confrontation is stupid. Hopefully the police will do their jobs and crack down on the violent vigilantes." Rachel smirked.

"Lets go get dinner."

Driving to the university, Rachel studied the police. Were they looking for the stolen black Hummer and the violent offenders within? Rachel continued until they found another bar.
Parking, she recommended "The same set up as last time. We might need to get an extra person so that our wells are as full as possible. We know what we're up against."
To Sharkey she added. "The first one I bring out is all for you. I thought I saw you strumming your Beast for us and lets face it - we would have really relied on you."

Rachel heads inside the bar. She heads to the bar and orders a drink with a pineapple, expending herself to let herself appear more human. She sips the drink until someone trolls by.

She spends a few moments with small talk before winding it to her sob story about needing a ride home tonight.

2011-03-17 19:26:51 Rachel Giles rolled 5 dice to "hunting" 8,9,10,5,2,3 (3 successes)

The man believes her and Rachel leads him out towards the alley where Sharkey awaits.


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seratone on Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:39 pm

IC: As Rachel sits at the bar, a familiar bar tender walks over to her. She recognized the man as Ralph, a man in his mid 30s that never left the college bar scene and has a carefree attitude. "Hey Rachel what's up? Did you hear about those robberies around here the other night. Man cops are going crazy over that. You good with that drink?"

Anne Yarvis: "Robberies?" Rachel lifts her voice, leaning in close to the bar tender. "What are you talking about? I didn't hear a thing. Locked up at work all day. I could use another, please, Ralph."
Anne Yarvis: [done]
Jack Robinson: Sharky grinned at the man Rachel had lured towards him, his mouth unhinging impossibly wide. He lunged, and managed to miss completely. "Aw, for fuck's sake!" He roared, pointing a finger at his target. "You! Stay! Still!"

kclace22: The bartender pours her another drink. "Yeah it happened in that alley back there. Three students I think. Damn this town is getting dangerous. Seriously though it is killing my business." As you look around, you notice that while there is a sizable crowd, it is not nearly as packed as the night before. Ralph pours a few kids some shots before coming back to Rachel. "Oh yeah, some guy came around here earlier asking for you. Larry I think his name was? He was kind of weird yah know. He said he wanted to call a truce or something. I don't know is he like an ex or something?"

Anne Yarvis: "Back there?" Rachel ponders as they hadn't been feeding in the same bar twice. Were there other vampires acting in the city. "Oh my god, Larry?" Rachel made her eyes widen and her hands clutch at the paper napkin, shredding it. "He - he was here? You didn't tell him anything about me, did you? I'm trying to get that guy out of my life. What did he say?"

kclace22: "Yeah I figured as much. I don't know. Like I said he was kind of weird so I wasn't paying attention. Something about...let's make a deal or something? I don't know. He left a number if you want if." [More coming]

kclace22: The college kid looks up at the masked man eyes filled with absolute terror. "You son of a bitch!" he shouts, then he lays into Jack with a mean right hook.
kclace22: (1 sux )

Anne Yarvis: "I need that number. Was he alone? He's always an asshole when his friends make him drink..."
Jack Robinson: Sharky's dead eyes narrowed, and a wet snarl ripped from his gaping maw. He didn't even bother to pretend, flying straight at the college kid's throat and clamping down with his jagged teeth.
Jack Robinson: 5 successes))
Jack Robinson: ((Try breathing without a throat, bitch.))

kclace22: The bartender slides a piece of paper with a number scrawled on it across the bar, but he seems distracted and is already moving on to serve other patrons.
Anne Yarvis: Rachel takes the paper and tucks it into the pocket of her jeans. Drink in hand, she turns and scans the bar, searching for any of the people that they had seen earlier that night/
kclace22: The college kid tried to scream but couldn't. As blood splatters from the wound all over his clothes, he slumps to the ground and goes unconscious.
kclace22: Rachel doesn't see any of the hunters they had seen earlier.
Anne Yarvis: Setting the drink down, Rachel drifts casually out of the door, aiming to reconnect with the others in the alley. Hunting would resume elsewhere...
Jack Robinson: Sharky laughed wetly, spitting out the wreckage of the kid's trachea. He rifled through the kid's pockets.
kclace22: [Sharkey, check the humanity chart on pp.182 to see if you need a roll]
Anne Yarvis: "Sharkey..!" Rachel exclaims as she approaches the alley, pausing far enough away not to get blood on her shoes. "He offered me a ride home, not a free view of his esophagus. You full? We need to ride. Bitch and friends have been here."
Jack Robinson: Sharky grunted. "Sorry. Fucker tried to fight me and got a good look. I had to clean up the mess." He looked annoyed, but not exactly apologetic.
Jack Robinson: ((Rolling for manslaughter, since it was a heat of the moment kill))
kclace22: Looking at the young college kid, you realize that he might need medical attention at some point in the near future. It isn't clear how serious the wound is.
Jack Robinson: 1 success))
Anne Yarvis: Rachel shrugs, wondering if the mess would give the hunters something to wonder about. "Lets head to Rose's club. I still need a bite and we need some place to talk." The ventrue subtly gathers the group into the car.
kclace22: [Question, did Rose buy a night club already? I'm a little confused]
Jack Robinson: Sharky shrugged and tossed the kid's body in the dumpster. Since the kid no longer had an airway, he figured shock would have set in. They should think it was a dog. He wondered vaguely if he'd always thought like that, or if it was the Beast inside him. "Yeah, okay." He grinned, bandana-less. "Rosie'll have some good ideas."
Jack Robinson: ((...She's a nightclub owner. Her ghouls are her employees, and her herd are her regulars.))
kclace22: [ok cool I'll have to talk to her about what territory she wants to have the night club]
Anne Yarvis: 'That she will." Rachel agrees. Seeing that the others had assembled at the car, she signals Marc to start driving. She glances at Sharkie to see if he's all right.
Anne Yarvis: [its cool if we cut to Rosies club. Rachel will want to eat before the talk]
Jack Robinson: Sharky just grinned. "Don't worry about me, lady. I ain't our pussy ass former leader."
kclace22: The coterie reaches Rose's night club without incident. The night club itself, now under new (undead) management and was going through some renovations but it was still drawing in a decent crowd. (no penalty to hunt here)
Anne Yarvis: Rachel grins. "I'm glad that we don't have to call 911 for dinner or anything. But still, that place is on the ghouls radar. No idea how they found us, but 'Larry' gave the bartender a number and the request for a 'truce'."
Jack Robinson: "Couldn't help it. Once they get a good look at the teeth and don't piss 'emselves, you're fucked. But my teeth'll make it look like an animal attack." Sharky said, with a wet snarl. "Won't cover the ghouls, but it'll cover the cops, I figure."
Anne Yarvis: Rachel waits until they are seated somewhere where dinner won't overhear. "You have something over the rest of us, then." She grins. "Maybe the ghouls will think that we are fearsome predators, not to be tifled with. I need to go get a nip, I'll be right back..."
kclace22: [I'll let Rose describe what sort of club this is. For now just imagine something dark and vampire friendly]
kclace22: [when she's around I mean]
Jack Robinson: "Rosie's got private rooms in the back." Sharky said helpfully.
Anne Yarvis: "Good, good. 'Rosie' comes through again." Rachel gives Sharkey a long look before she moves off, convincing dinner to join her in the back room for privacy.
Anne Yarvis: 2011-03-17 20:21:59 Rachel Giles rolled 6 dice to "Hunting" 6,8,7,3,2,9 (2 successes) Li
kclace22: (fill er up)
Anne Yarvis: Rachel cozies up to dinner, talking idly about future promises that she has no intention of keeping. As lust glazes dinner's eyes over, Rachel leans in and bites. She drinks slow and deep, until her well begins to feel sated. She pulls back and licks the wound closed, covering her tracks. She props dinner so that its neck won't have a crick in it when he wakes up. Rising, she moves off to join the cotiere.
Anne Yarvis: [took 5]
Anne Yarvis: [ok,]
kclace22: [continue please!]
Anne Yarvis: [resuming
Anne Yarvis: "We somehow got picked up by the ghouls at the club. We shouldn't go there again unless we are ready for a fight... She tilts her head, remembering the feeling of gravel on her knees. "And lets face it. We were damned lucky tonight. But 'Larry' wants a 'truce'."


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

Post by Seryna on Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:30 am

Sharky leant on the table, before grunting. "Probably a fucking trap."

"They like those." Rachel nodded. "At least they were too fucking stupid to search the parking lot. Crossbows? Larping motherfuckers."

: (3 suxx on hunt ) Amelita returned to the bar, sated. One hand teased her weave into line, before taking a place next to a bar that nearly came to her chin. "Who the fuck is Larry?"

"I don't know. Guessing not the Asian."

"Who the fuck cares? One of the guys after our delicious, delicious blood." Sharky shrugged.
"But we have a name. If the cops suck , we can say 'Larry' is our bitch if the ghouls get the drop on us. Five bucks they punch him long enough to give us a fighting chance."

"Oh, side note... if they want our 'give thier pathethic lives meaning blood'-what the fuck was with the flame thrower? That doesn't make blood flow out of these golden viens."

"Maybe they don't know what they fuckin' want?" Sharky ground out wetly. "Or more like, they're fuckin' insane."

"So we could use the truce to set them up." Rachel proposed. "Call the cops."

Amelita doesn't look too enthused. "I just wanna find out where these guys sleep."
"If you lot can rustle up some green, I might be able to get someone better than the fuckin' cops."

"OK.. then do that." Rachel says to Amelita. "We can act like monsters." To Sharkey, she said "I have some cash. "

"Well they're friends with the cops, right?"

"Not sure how. They're violent vigilantes, sort of the anti thesis of cop friendly.."

Sharky grinned, his lipless mouth gaping behind the bandana. "Good. Lemme make a few calls from the payphone outside, see if we can't get this shit sorted out."

As the coterie discusses the situation there was still one burning question that could only be answered by calling the number. Who was Larry and what did he really want?
: With that, he headed outside and called up a couple of his contacts.

Rachel glanced over to 'Lita. "You have an idea on finding thier families? "

To Sharkey: Contact: Heyy Sharkey. How's it going? break any legs lately?"

[13:03:42 17/03/11] Tehrat : Sharky laughed wetly. "You could say that. I need a favour."

[13:03:59 17/03/11] @ Dean : "We tail them long enough, maybe set up some more blood eyes, something ought to happen."

[13:04:21 17/03/11] Seratone : Alright buddy. But only information. I don't do that Thing no more capish?

[13:04:43 17/03/11] @ Seryna : "Those blood eyes.." Rachel leans in closer to Amelita. "Does that tax you too much? "

[13:05:12 17/03/11] @ Dean : Amelita shrugs. "No more than waking up."

[13:05:28 17/03/11] Tehrat : "No, that ain't capice, fuckwit. If you ain't got balls anymore, find someone who can."

[13:05:51 17/03/11] @ Seryna : "The tailing thing, maybe that can work. I just see us getting caught and trheebolts to the chest."

[13:07:16 17/03/11] Seratone : Contact: "Hey hey hey don't get yah panties in bundle, I'm just breaking your balls buddy. I think I might know a guy. But it'll take some time. He's old school, don't use no phones. So I'll get back to you when I set something up.

[13:08:21 17/03/11] @ Dean : "We have maybe three options. Number one, we continue to elude these bitches until luck runs out. Two: we stalk their asses and pick them off one by one. Then three: hire someone else to do it."

[13:08:57 17/03/11] Tehrat : "Hahaha, hear me fuckin' laughin'." Sharky snarled wetly. "I give you the fuckin' details, you get the fuckin' money, and we're on a timeline. So you fuckin' man up and deliver. Capice?"

[13:09:46 17/03/11] @ Seryna : "Hopefully Sharkey has some luck on that end." Rachel glances to where Sharkey had departed. "But these things arent acting very human. They rove in a gang. They dont seem to have jobs, except for that bitch. I'm starting to think we spread money around the gas stations, get some informants to tell us where they gas up. Then we can start focussing on that area for where they live."

[13:11:09 17/03/11] @ Dean : "Hey, it's your money. I'm working on another ritual..."

[13:11:43 17/03/11] @ Seryna : "Yeah?" Rachel is interested. "What sort of thing does this one do? Make them piss blood?"

[13:12:23 17/03/11] @ Dean : "I dunno. I get flashes of it while I sleep. I think I can see through their eyes."

[13:12:49 17/03/11] Seratone : "Alright alright. what's this details then?"

[13:12:54 17/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel sits back, looking impressed. "Sounds like you have exactly what we need."

[13:13:58 17/03/11] @ Dean : "Guess we'll find out soon. I like hiding but this is getting stupid."

[13:14:08 17/03/11] @ Dean : "So Larry?"

[13:14:33 17/03/11] Tehrat : "There's five of 'em. Leader's name is Chelsea. Rides around in a hummer with the followin' reg plate-" Sharky fumbled the scrap of paper he'd written it down on and read it out. "Faster you get this sorted, the more you get paid."

[13:16:27 17/03/11] Seratone : "You mean...shit you don't mean that Citigroup chick? She's a damn millionarie man. Those guys she rlls with are her bodyguards. Wacking a VIP like that gonna cost you some serious money man."

[13:16:39 17/03/11] @ Seryna : "So, Larry. I'm guessing if we call the number, some CSI shit happens and they pinpoint our location. I'd like to hit the gas stations around the areas we've seen the gang, see if they frequent them. If we think its safe, we can call Larry from a gas station during that."

[13:18:45 17/03/11] Tehrat : "Do I sound like a man who's fuckin' kiddin'? Dumb bitch is interferin' with my employer's business."

[13:19:58 17/03/11] Seratone : "Alright I'll see what I can do." The man hangs up the phone.

[13:20:56 17/03/11] @ Dean : "I guess."

[13:22:14 17/03/11] @ Seryna : "Lets go get Sharkey." Rachel slides out of the booth. "Time to try and track them down."

[13:22:24 17/03/11] Tehrat : Sharky headed back inside and sat down next to the coterie. "Might've got us somethin', if my dumbfuck buddy doesn't get his balls in order."

[13:22:36 17/03/11] Tehrat : *doesn't screw up getting

[13:24:10 17/03/11] @ Seryna : "Sweet." Rachel replies. "I think we should try and track them down. I'm thinking we hit the local gas stations and places where you buy ammo...maybe crossbows and spread some green and eye fucking around. You guys got any ideas where we should hit first?"

[13:25:16 17/03/11] Tehrat : "Apparently this fuckin' bitch is a millionaire. Maybe we should be lookin' in a place where only dumbfuck rich bastards shop."

[13:27:02 17/03/11] @ Seryna : "Sounds like a plan." Rachel agrees. "Lets go get some stuff - maybe a disospable phone..."

[13:27:22 17/03/11] @ Seryna : [Kevin, can the group go hit a gas station and buy some stuff for the phone call]

[13:27:32 17/03/11] Seratone : Dayton was a small city. You figure you could probably hit a wide area in te course of one night. You figure 5 different places would cover the most ground.

[13:27:32 17/03/11] @ Dean : "Yeah, I still don't know how they tracked my phone. It's not like it's in any of my names."

[13:28:02 17/03/11] @ Seryna : "Seriously. Ghoul fucking magic." Rachel mutters. "I dont even have a name on paper."

[13:28:04 17/03/11] Seratone : The group moves quickly and without incident to the locations.

[13:28:17 17/03/11] Tehrat : "Like any of ours are?" Sharky spat. "You lot don't even know my fuckin' name."

[13:28:21 17/03/11] @ Seryna : [what locations, exactly]

[13:28:47 17/03/11] @ Seryna : [and its ok that we buy some rope, a bucket, bleach and some dispoable cell phones]

[13:29:03 17/03/11] Tehrat : ((Also some Ammonia.))

[13:29:06 17/03/11] Seratone : (Walmart that sells cross bows and cellphones, and about 3-4 gas stations)

[13:29:46 17/03/11] @ Seryna : [Rachel also buys a rape whistle, a canister of mace and a hatchet]

[13:30:49 17/03/11] @ Seryna : [ok, so what do we see at teh gas station. Rachel needs to know whose around]

[13:31:48 17/03/11] Seratone : You see a clerk and no one else is around. The guy looks like he is about to fall asleep.

[13:32:38 17/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel turns and checks out the gas station, looking for any incoming cars.

[13:33:03 17/03/11] Seratone : The place looks clear for now.

[13:33:52 17/03/11] Tehrat : Sharky slunk out of the car and followed Rachel.

[13:35:32 17/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel hurries into the gas station. "Excuse me, I really need your help." She widens her eyes, coloring her voice with anxiety. "I need to know if you've *seen a Black hummer and these people*. " She slips a handful of twenties out of her hand. "Its really important."

[13:36:02 17/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel describes the people, mostly Chelsea and the Asian as she figured they'd stick out,

[13:36:46 17/03/11] Seratone : The man yawns. "Umm yeah, they come through here like every few nights. I don't know what else to tell you."

[13:37:42 17/03/11] @ Seryna : "Yes you do.' Rachel leans forward, positioning herself to give the sleepy man an eyeful. "You know exactly what I need. When was the last time you saw them?"

[13:38:28 17/03/11] Seratone : The man shudders instinctively. "Half an hour ago." he answers.

[13:39:18 17/03/11] @ Seryna : [whats his resolve?]

[13:39:32 17/03/11] Seratone : (2)

[13:41:03 17/03/11] Tehrat : Rose moved up behind Rachel, giving her best 'welcoming' smile. "Did they tell you where they were going?"

[13:43:06 17/03/11] Tehrat : ((Using Revelation, 3 successes))

[13:43:22 17/03/11] Seratone : "Nope. Just bought some snacks." The man answers

[ "I'm sure a nice man such as yourself could hazard a guess." Rose suggested.

"I'd probably ay they were going home. Yah know Oakwood? That's where the nice homes are."

: Amelita shoplifts.

Rachel leans in, trying to capture the guys gaze. "Thanks. Here's a little something for your help." Most people - especially in this economy- follow the money. She lifts the money near her face, waiting to capture the guys eyes. She strums her blood when she captures them, using the blood gift mesmerize. "*when you see them again, call this number when they leave." She gives the number of the disposable cell phone.

[13:48:24 17/03/11] @ Seryna : 2011-03-17 21:40:13 Rachel Giles rolled 4 dice to "Mesmerize" 5,9,6,8 (2 successes)

"And you are really hot I just wanted to say that." he adds to Rose

The man nods his head to Rachel. "Will do."

: Sharky made a little warning noise behind the bandana when the guy made comment. 3 successes on intimidate))

The clerk starts to get nervous. "I don't want any trouble."

"Yes, I'm aware," Rose remarked in a smirking, but blase way. "Down boy."

"OK." Rachel turns and gives Sharkey a look. A 'I just did something, try not to eat it." Shaking her head, she headed out to the car. Time for 'Lita's idea. Amelita sets up two disposable cellphones next to each other and has Rachel call one of them with the third.

Amelita with the other cellphone she dials this Larry guy and motions for the others to walk away from the cellphones, hidden in a bush.

The Mekhet hides nearby, focusing her heightened senses on the two cellphones.

"Yeah hello? This is Larry?" A gruff older man answers

Sharky skulked protectively in the shadows. Stupid store clerk, fuckin' little meatbag needed to keep his eyes in his head.

Rachel sneaks away and crouches, watching Sharkey pecularly.

"Hello anyone home?" The voice rings out.

"Keep your pants on, sport." Rachel drowls. "You wanted me to call you, right?"

"You're Rachel? Yeah I wanted to talk to you. Your group is turning out to be a real pain in my ass and I'm getting tired of this cat and mouse shit. I want to make to make you an offer."

"An offer? Does it involve Chelsea?" Rachel makes her turn loathesome.

"The bitch is yours. All we want is her money. I'll give you her location. In exchange you and yours mind fuck her into wiring her cash into a swiss account I set up. The minute me and my boys get the money, we're outta here. Fuck this town and fuck the Vigil. With that kind of cash I'll be swimming in blood."

"See, we'll need to know some things for that to work. Her accountant. We need to have access to him for the plan to be able to work- without her knowing we've see him."

"I'm not asking you to raid Citigroup. I know for a fact she's got 5 million in her own personal bank account. Hell you can do that shit online."

"Can you also get us face time with Chelsea with fewer of the crossbow brigade? You need us to do this or you'd be doing this online."

"I need you to get in her face and use your witch craft to order her to wire all her own money to my account. No one will be there but her. We don't need that bitch to fight a war, but double cross us and that's exactly what you'll have."

"All right." Rachel states. "But we need to know that she'll be alone. We have a handful of crossbows in our face and we'll not be able to get your money."

"She's at 1800 K Street in Oakwood. Just get us the money and the city is yours."

: The phone call ends.

Rachel indicates the car. "Lets get moving. Apparently we are embezzling Chelsea's money for Larry. I have an address."

Amelita collects the phones and regroups.

"And what about the funtime gang she hangs around with?" Rose questioned with a frown.
"Apparently, Larry is saying he has them all somewhere else. We should check on that. I'm a bit curious why we're all of a sudden getting a one on one shot on her."

Sharky grunted. "Probably a fuckin' trap AGAIN."

"Lets just check out the area. When in doubt, we can run like hell. Works well." Rachel makes a drive motion.

The car takes you to a lavish neoighborhood with some very fine homes. You spot the house at the end of the street as the home identified by Larry. You notice the black hummer in the drive way, but no one else appears to be about.


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Night 4 Empty Re: Night 4

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