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Night 3

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Night 3 - Page 2 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:01 am

The feeding had gone well for the evening and the coterie had gorged itself on the fine young blood of the university students. Despite the warnings, no brave hunters or blood thirsty ghouls had stepped forward to confront them. Even better, the rain had stopped and warmer air was moving into the region, making the roads a little safer to travel on.

It is 1:00 AM now. There is still plenty of time before dawn. (5AM)

[Weapons and supplies: Will take 1 hour. You will need resource dots to procure weapons. Unless you want to steal them or dominate someone else into buying it for you]

[Finding a new haven. Extended intelligence + investigation roll. Each roll is 15 minutes. You have until dawn to do this. Can use team work]

[WARNING: The coterie has steered itself toward open conflict with a dangerous adversary. From here on out character death is a real possibility for everyone. If this happens, you may return with a new character in chapter 2]


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Night 3 - Page 2 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:31 am

Rachel looks out at the gloomy, inhospitable place. "Marvelous. No one will look for us here.".

[15:49:45 08/03/11] @ Dean : ..

[15:49:54 08/03/11] @ Dean : (need a reinvite).

[15:50:49 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharkey shrugs his shoulders, looking around and sniffing the air. "Looks very hospitable. Sorta like a morgue.".

[15:51:55 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Then we'll fit right in." She stated with a humourous smile..

[15:52:00 08/03/11] @ Dean : Amelita prowls around, mentally placing her things about the space. "I can deal with this. We need to doublecheck it's sunproof. See if there's an underneath.".

[15:53:21 08/03/11] Kazakin : "There'll be sewer access if nothin' else." Sharky grunts. "Drains for the blood." His Beast growls in his head when he said 'blood'. He kicked it in the teeth..

[15:54:23 08/03/11] Seratone : (you guys find a new haven?).

[15:54:40 08/03/11] @ Dean : (2 sux on investigate for am).

[15:54:59 08/03/11] Kazakin : Rose scrutinised the area with a keen eye, and smiled slightly. "I like it," she commented. "It's...different. Outside the box.".

[15:55:59 08/03/11] Seratone : (what territory are you setting up in? still in the slums?).

[15:57:55 08/03/11] @ Dean : (industrial, derelict slaughterhouse).

[15:58:44 08/03/11] Seratone : (alright, that'd be included in the slum territory. I.E. not the best feeding grounds but not many people around to bug you either).

[16:00:07 08/03/11] Seratone : Justin surveys the place. It reminded him of his little experiment in Salem MA. That excercise in inhumanity was something he tried to not think about these nights. He cringes slightly. "It will have to do I suppose.".

[16:01:09 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Can't hurt to have our eggs in more than one basket.." Rachel replied to Justin. "Now, about the ghoul army...":.

[16:01:40 08/03/11] Kazakin : "Oh, c'mon, chum, don't tell me you got even less of a spine than I took you for." Sharky breathed in through the bandana. "This place is perfect.".

[16:02:41 08/03/11] Seratone : "Chelsea is a blood addict. We should use that to our advantage. I move that we send her some poisoned vitae as a peace offering." He grins visibly. "It just reminds me of past times." In reply to marc..

[16:03:12 08/03/11] @ Dean : Amelita rolls her eyes. "How the fuck you gonna poison Vitae?".

[16:04:26 08/03/11] Seratone : "The same way you poison any other liquid." he shrugs. "I'm just saying, the less this war looks like a war to the outside world, the better off we'll be.".

[16:04:55 08/03/11] @ Dean : "That don't work though.".

[16:05:16 08/03/11] Kazakin : "Chum, you seriously think that the whole world is gonna be watching for what, five crazy addicts? It ain't like we got fuckin' cruise missiles in here!".

[16:05:37 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky rolled his eyes. "Fuck's sake, people go missin' all the time.".

[16:05:55 08/03/11] Static : "Even if you could poison vitae, which I don't think you can," Marcus interjects, "I would imagine that the woman is hardy enough to resist any poison you can throw at her. Just putting it out there.".

[16:06:01 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Youre thinking about Salem." Rachel propsed, looking at her brother. "We didn't get our plan of the ground there.".

[16:07:05 08/03/11] Seratone : "Missing is good, bodies laid out on the street, not so much. The young ventrue sighs a bit. Well what are your ideas then?" He asks everyone..

[16:08:10 08/03/11] @ Dean : "Can't we just murk her?".

[16:08:24 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky snorts. "So we're not dumbfuck enough to leave the bodies lyin' around. God, it ain't hard. You bury 'em deep, douse 'em in lye, toss 'em in the sea, leave 'em in the sewers. Ain't like we gonna leave evidence. We're DEAD.".

[16:08:52 08/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel gave Sharkey a long look. "You kill people for a living over there?".

[16:09:01 08/03/11] @ Dean : "Right. CSI's bullshit anyhow.".

[16:09:22 08/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel gave a nod at Amelita's statement. She really didnt understand science..

[16:09:28 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky grinned. "I don't always kill 'em, lady.".

[16:10:17 08/03/11] Seratone : Justin nods. "Wel there will be murder occuring there's no doubt about that. But I' prefer to whittle them down piece by piece. I don't know how you feel about this Sharkey but I am not too keen on fighting a pitched battle.".

[16:10:54 08/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel suppressed the urge to shiver. Being dead had some benefits. "We are, as always, indebted to your experiences, Sharkey. I don't have much experiences with corpses. I was more of a labor leader.".

[16:11:10 08/03/11] Static : "Unless we're really dealing with an army here, spreading them out shouldn't be a problem. Divide and conquer, dispose of the evidence, and no one is any the wiser," Marc says. "Don't take them on all at once or try to trap them, just play on their stated overconfidence and use that to crush them.".

[16:13:04 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky scratched a ragged fingernail down one fang underneath his bandana. "I used to work with... gentlemen of a certain fuckin' disposition. Not that it matters so much now, bein' dead. I mean what're they gonna do, kill my ass?" He laughed wetly. "You said there's five of 'em. They gotta sleep sometime.".

[16:15:42 08/03/11] Seratone : "And Chelsea also has a day job. That's how we track them. Every dy she is going to be in Citigroup HQ downtown, and every day she is going to walk out of that office building, probably right before nightfall.".

[16:15:53 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "She really messed up." Rachel stated, "Theres her..whose what'? A secretary? And four bruisers...".

[16:16:32 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "But we need to catch her between." She nods to Justin. "Like our sharp mouthed friend said- she's human. She has needs,".

[16:17:05 08/03/11] Kazakin : "If there really are five, as you said then we outnumber them," Rose pointed out. "Without sounding overly confident, we shouldn't be too concerned. We are vampires. We have abilities that we can use to divide their group.".

[16:17:35 08/03/11] Seratone : Justi nods. "Alright, we still have loyal ghoul assets right? Let's get some of them posted outside of Citigroup. They can track her until nightfall, see where she goes, then we can take it from there.".

[16:17:57 08/03/11] Static : "Exactly," he says as he nods in agreement with Rose. "They'll never know what hit 'em.".

[16:18:03 08/03/11] Kazakin : "...Nah. Let's just pay a bum to do it.".

[16:18:34 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky spat out. "That way the traitor bitch can't try and turn anyone to her side.".

[16:18:44 08/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel listened to Justin's idea, then turned to Rose with a questioning look. She wasn't sure if her ghouls *were* loyal, and she didnt try and order other vampires property..

[16:19:22 08/03/11] Seratone : "It'd have to a bum that drives a car and can tail pretty well." he smirks. "If you know someone that can do all that, be my guest.".

[16:19:51 08/03/11] Kazakin : Rose arched a brow, and shook her head curtly. "No. My ghouls are my bodyguards. They need to be near my body to guard it. Their titles give their job to provide a hint. Helpful, hm?".

[16:20:29 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "It can't hurt to check it out." Rachel proposed, trying not to belittle any ones' idea. "We have nothing but time, here. Those humans have a ticking clock before they need whats in our veins.".

[16:22:16 08/03/11] Static : "So we don't necessarily have that much time, at least not before they come after us with hunger driving them up the fucking wall.".

[16:22:56 08/03/11] @ Dean : "I can make them hungry." Amelita offers, matter-of-factly from the dark corner she'd been investigating..

[16:23:40 08/03/11] Seratone : "They'd have to find us first." Justin smirks. He raises a brow at Amelita's statement and shudders. Justin had heard about Amelita's strange mystic powers, and it scared him..

[16:24:08 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Thats something to consider." Rachel agreed. "It sounds like the best way to know when they come for us. For all we know, they take every other night off, and we havebetter things to do than wait on a ghoul. We have the whole city at our disposal. We can start getting started.".

[16:24:24 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky smirked a bit. "Good, if they don't know where they are, they can run around going fuckin' apeshit and we can pick 'em off at our leisure.".

[16:26:54 08/03/11] Static : "Or wait for them to collapse and wither. But where's the fun in that?".

[16:27:46 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Bitch acted like she was better than us. "Rachel said darkly. "I'd like to have her lick our boots before we smashed her.".

[16:28:38 08/03/11] Seratone : Justin nods his head. "Patience does seem to be the order of the night. If she gets desparate enough she might start singing a different tune.".

[16:28:42 08/03/11] Kazakin : "Chum'd probably like it, but he ain't got any balls." Sharky commented, his voice wet. "But we don't need no gloatin'. That's for Bond Villians and idiots. Let's just break her in half, hide the body and we're done.".

[16:30:53 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "THen we can get to the done part..." Rachel said slowly. "Besides some hilarious wresting matches and a well placed knife, we get along. Better than most any one I've met. I wouldn't say no to turning this little one shot surveiliane team into something permanent.." She glanced around, guaging reactions..

[16:32:24 08/03/11] @ Dean : Amelita just glances at Justin and Marc looking pretty unamused. "Let's just fix this quick.".

[16:32:29 08/03/11] Static : Marc shrugs. "I don't hate any of you yet, and that's not something I can say about most groups of people I've only known a couple of days. Despite the fact that I've been assaulted at least twice and bitten once.".

[16:33:22 08/03/11] Static : "Come on, 'Lita, you can't hate me that much." He winks at Amelita, but refrains from saying anything further; he has a loud mouth, but he doesn't want to die again..

[16:33:38 08/03/11] Seratone : Justi nods his head. "We've all slaved under the elders for quite enough. Now we have free territory with no competition. I'll be damned if they take that away from us now. But we can deal with politics after we resolve this security issue.".

[16:33:39 08/03/11] Kazakin : Rose gave a small, lazy shrug. "Well my immediate gut reaction isnt to kill any of you. That suggests staying power," she responded glibly..

[16:33:45 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Lets not start keeping score.."Rachel replied to Marc with a dry grin. "I tend not to socialize with people who have seen me hide. But... last night at the bar was good. We need to get a plan together like that for this bitch. And the first step to that is weapons.".

[16:34:34 08/03/11] Seratone : Justin clenches his fist. "This is our city now. Let's start acting like it.".

[16:35:25 08/03/11] @ Dean : "Yeah, thanks Caesar..." Amelita muttered. "I can sniff out some firepower I bet.".

[16:36:26 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "I... need to start figuring out what I'm good at." Rachel confesses. "I've never had a fight I couldn't simply duck around.".

[16:37:10 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky stared at Justin entirely too long, his expression dead and blank. After entirely too long, he gave a harsh laugh and shook his head. "We hunt okay." He said flatly. "I could call in a couple favours if we need some shady stuff doin'. I know a few people here an' there.".

[16:37:23 08/03/11] Static : "I can shoot. And drive. Really, as far as skills that are useful to the current situation, that's all I've got unless you want to insult them all into oblivion.".

[16:38:00 08/03/11] Seratone : "I can set up a meeting with them if we want to try for one big ambush? Is that what we're doing?".

[16:38:35 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Justin, I'm not sure we should be contacting them for meetings.." She tilted her head. "Salim liked phones and they caught him.".

[16:38:59 08/03/11] @ Dean : "I got my rituals. I can shadow..." Amelite reeled off. "And I can see your lies," she states humourlessly, mainly at Justin..

[16:39:23 08/03/11] Kazakin : Rose rolled her eyes. "One at a time is a big ambush now? I think you must've failed Maths.".

[16:39:43 08/03/11] Seratone : The ventrue nods to rachel and looks warily at Amelita..

[16:39:57 08/03/11] Seratone : [gtg kee going though].

[16:40:07 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky shrugged. "If'n we're talkin' skills I got knives and my fists. And I can scare the ever living shit outta people.".

[16:40:48 08/03/11] Static : "They caught Salim as far as we know," Marc remarks. "Could just be another attempt at a trick.".

[16:41:03 08/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel fell silent. As far as skills went, they had seen all of hers. Marc especially had seen her in a pretty pathethic wrestling match,.

[16:41:16 08/03/11] @ Dean : Amelita starts jumping up and down, attempting to reach the second tier gantries. It's not happening..

[16:42:43 08/03/11] @ Seryna : The Ventrue cocked her head; watching Amelita. "You need a hand?".

[16:43:01 08/03/11] Kazakin : Rose shrugged. "I can fight a little, if I have to. Better at talking to people though.".

[16:43:13 08/03/11] Static : Marcus quirks an eyebrow at Amelita. "Not even gonna ask.".

[16:43:44 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky watched Amelita for a moment. "I could toss ya if you want." He said with another bubbling laugh..

[16:43:44 08/03/11] @ Dean : "Wanna see if I can touch the next floor. What? I'm bored.".

[16:44:41 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Bored? Want to go find a ghoul - shaped spike?.

[16:45:48 08/03/11] @ Dean : The Shadow shrugs. "Just 'till y'all are done talking on your resumes.".

[16:46:21 08/03/11] Kazakin : "We were done a while ago.".

[16:47:18 08/03/11] Kazakin : "Don't stop on our account though." Rose added dryly..

[16:47:57 08/03/11] @ Dean : Amelita just shrugs and begins to scrape the brickwork with a ceremonial-looking black dagger..

[16:50:59 08/03/11] @ Dean : ..

[16:51:24 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky absently picked his teeth with his switchblade until something occurred to him to do. He was full at the moment, and Justin wasn't within pounding reach, so he wasn't thinking of too much at the moment..

[16:53:33 08/03/11] Static : Marcus leans back against the wall. "Any ideas? We seem to be... stuck.".

[16:53:38 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Youre right, this is boring." Rachel reached into her back back and drew out the knife she'd found in the camping section. "I say we go troll around. See where citigroup is. Pretty much the one place bitch wont be. Hell, lets check out the security.".

[16:53:49 08/03/11] @ Dean : Amelita exhales exaggeratedly like breathing people do to fill awkward silences. She begins to rummage in her pack for another hoodie to put on. She does so. "Uh... We shoot her in the head?".

[16:55:38 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Do you have a gun?" Rachel proposed. " I don't.".

[16:55:45 08/03/11] Kazakin : "Wire a bomb into the bitch's car?" Sharky said cheerfully. "Stab her? Strangle her? Bite her into little chunks?".

[16:56:52 08/03/11] Static : "I say we finish her as slowly as possible. Make it painful. That's what she gets for assuming she can make a phone call and have us running scared.".

[16:56:55 08/03/11] @ Dean : "I can get a gun.".

[16:59:08 08/03/11] @ Seryna : "Thatd be awesome." Rachel stated. "I'd feel better with a gun. But youre right, this is boring, I'm full. Who wants to go get a look at our new town? We have what, four hours till sun rise?".

[17:00:14 08/03/11] Kazakin : "It IS our town. It only makes sense to get a feel for the territory," Rose answered as she nodded in the affirmative. "I could stretch my legs until sunrise.".

[17:00:16 08/03/11] @ Dean : "What's even running in Cincinnati now? This ain't exactly Noo Yawk.".

[17:01:27 08/03/11] Kazakin : Sharky shrugged. "If you ladies wanna take a walk, I'll tag.".

[17:02:38 08/03/11] Static : "I could stand to get out of here for a bit." ((And unfortunately, I'm already nodding off at the damn keyboard, so I'm gonna have to run, at least for a while. )).


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Night 3 - Page 2 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:38 am

-The coterie burns through their last hours of the night exploring the city of Dayton.

-Citigroup has the largest office building in the center of downtown. From outside, you casually observe a lone night watchman patroling the premises of the building. A sign on the front door reads: Premises under electronic surveillance.

-Exploring other areas of the city proves to be more helpful. Rachel has a chance to chat up more of the college students and a friendly bar owner just before the bars close for the night. In the slums, Sharkey chats up a drug dealer who is selling crack cocaine on a corner, not that far from the coterie's new haven.

-Meanwhile Amelita and Justin are able to procure some weaponry for the coterie.

-When the night ended, the group found itself in a much stronger position then when they started. Yet, they faced a determined and dangerous adversary. Only time would tell if the vampires' claim to "ownership" of this city would hold true...


All CONTACTS are now unlocked.
All characters get +2 EXPERIENCE
WEAPONS: Pick a weapon for your character. Anything with a resource dot cost of 1 or 2 is accessable.

[Starting Night 4]


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Night 3 - Page 2 Empty Re: Night 3

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