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Night 3

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Night 3 Empty Night 3

Post by Seratone on Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:29 pm

An alarm clock sounds, when the clock strikes 7:30 PM, signaling the onset of night across the Mid-West.

As you become conscious, the next thing you hear comes from a news report on the television.

The roads are downright treacherous out there. We've got accidents up and down I-55 to Cincinatti and along I-70 to Columbus. The forecast is for continued freezing rain and sleat for at least tonight and maybe more on the way. Stay off the roads if you can folks.

[Edited part out about the ghouls. Got confused there. Just disregard the message from them]

The meeting was at 11:00 PM. The coterie had plenty of time to prepare and plan their next move...

[Remember, -1 vitae for waking up. But +1 willpower for a full day's rest]

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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seryna on Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:03 am

[Text Message] Andrew, get Sam and head back to the hotel and amuse yourselves. We'll be moving into that house tonight and I'll contact you if I need anything else.

Rachel straightens, rolling her bed roll up neatly. She checks on the other three, ensuring every one is waking. Rachel moves to the door; ensuring that the barrier to the dawn survived the day. She unlocks it, pushing it open to gauge the snowfall - and visibility- outside.


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Static on Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:15 am

As Rachel pushes the door open, a voice breaks the silence behind her.

"And there I was, with Jenna fuckin' Jameson..."

Yeah, he's awake. Sitting up and knocking some dust out of his hair, Marcus doesn't look particularly pleased with the coterie's living arrangements. His lips are turned into a grimace of mixed pain and disgust, his eyes narrowing as he slowly remembers how he got there.

"Not the best place I've ever crashed," he says as he stands. "But then again, it isn't the worst, either."


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:40 am

Outside, it appears that the light snow from the night before had melted during the day, only to be replaced by a thin layer of ice and slush on much of the sidewalk and some of the road. It is raining lightly now, but other then he poor lighting, there is no obvious impediment to your visibility.

Justin rubs his eyes slightly as he rises from sleep.

He nods his head to the ohers as he quickly slumps down in a nearby chair. "The haven seems to be serving its purpose for now." He replies dryly to Marc's comment..

Next he looks over to Rachel.

"You've been awake for two whole minutes and you've already started scheming. What's on your mind?" A slight smile crosses the pale lips of the ventrue.. .


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seryna on Wed Mar 02, 2011 7:30 pm

"We have to be scheming to stay ahead of Damian." Rachel replied to Justin, closing and bolting the door.
"I'm thinking we should go check out the meeting sites; decide the best vantage places for watching the meeting..."

She glanced over to Marc. "We have a few hours though, we can do some quick shopping to make this place less like a drunkards paradise."


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:55 pm

: (IC) Justin ponders the suggestion for a moment. "Alright then we've certainly got the time. Assuming my car hasn't been vandalized by now.".

[12:46:27 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "We may want to find a parking garage." Rachel remarked idly..

[12:48:07 02/03/11] @ Dean : "I'm amazed the thing's still there.".

[12:50:43 02/03/11] Seratone : Justin adjusts his clothing, noting a few unacceptable wrinkles in his suit that would have to be dealt with later. "Moving the car will mean a longer walk to the haven, but anything is better then having it out there on the street." Justin notes the weather report on the TV and peers outside. "Shall we check out the meeting spot then?".

[12:51:54 02/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel locates her coat and dons it. "Yeah, the earlier the better. Hopefully there's not someone watching it already.".

[12:53:04 02/03/11] @ Dean : "This time let's not all pile onto the front porch.".

[12:53:17 02/03/11] Seratone : [alright I'll assume Marc comes along unless he says otherwise].

[12:57:44 02/03/11] Seratone : Justin drives along the icy streets of Dayton Ohio, really slow. Passing along you catch a glimpse of a little more of the city. First they pass through Downtown. It seems as cold and deserted as ever. From there, they pass through the University of Dayton. You note that the street directly adjacent to the University has plenty of bars and college students braving the weather to get liquored up for the night. It is obvious that this area would be prime feeding grounds for any predator. Finally, the group reaches Oakwood. You note that the houses are nice looking, and it has a typical suburban feel to it. Justin parks his car about one street down from the location of the meeting. They appear to be in a typical residential area..

[13:00:20 02/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel peers around the street, scanning for any one showing unusual interest in them. "I'll circle around the block and look for some vantage point on the east end of the meeting." She decided, checking that her phone was on vibrate..

[13:01:13 02/03/11] Seratone : "Alright, I'll be here in the car if you need me.".

[13:02:25 02/03/11] @ Dean : "I'll come with." Amelita said, unwilling to be left with Justin..

[13:03:46 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Awesome. We'll scream..or call.. if some big beasties try to eat us." Rachel slides out of the car and glances up the street. Walking right up to the meet would be stupid, so she starts to walk up the adjacent street, hoping to circle it once to get a better idea. "You ever do this kind of thing?" She asks Amelita as they walk..

[13:05:09 02/03/11] Seratone : As you cross onto the street of the meeting location, you notice that every house on the block appears to be unoccupied. All of them have foreclosre signs hanging from shingles. Whereas the other homes of Oakwood are lit up inside, these homes are completely dark. There isn't even a ca parked on the street. From whre you stand you are able to pick out the meeting spot. It is directly in the middle between the two street corners..

[13:05:47 02/03/11] Seratone : Oddly enough this house (the meeting spot) has its lights on..

[13:06:38 02/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel frowns, glancing at the front area of these foreclosed houses. She looks for signs that the walks have been salted or shoveled; or any sigh that these 'dark houses' are occupied. Foreclosed houses aren't bad havens...

[13:07:44 02/03/11] Seratone : The sidewalk is iced over on this block, and you don't see any salt either..

[13:08:30 02/03/11] Seratone : Any number of the foreclose homes could serve as a vantage point to survey the meeting though the home directly across the street would provide the best view of the vicinity..

[13:08:35 02/03/11] @ Dean : (brb, pls continue).

[13:09:46 02/03/11] Seratone : You notice somethng else. All of the foreclosure signs say Citigroup on them. You recall that Damian's ghoul Chelsea worked as regioal manager of Citigroup..

[13:10:51 02/03/11] @ Seryna : Several houses from the meeting spot, Rachel leaves the sidewalk and enters the backyard of one of the houses on the block across the street from the meeting place. She tried to slowly walk through the backyards towards the house across the street from the meeting place..

[13:11:33 02/03/11] Seratone : (stealth roll please +1 modifier for night time) .

[13:12:31 02/03/11] @ Seryna : 2011-03-02 21:12:19 Rachel Giles rolled 5 dice to "Stealth" 8,10,7,1,7,2 (2 successes).

[13:14:16 02/03/11] Seratone : As you creep along through the backyards, you noticed a family sitting in a living room mesmerized by the television. In another house, you see a kid completely absorbed in his World of Warcraft. No one notices Rachel slip into the backyard of the unoccupied building..

[13:14:53 02/03/11] Seratone : The building has a porch which leads up to an entrance t the building..

[13:15:38 02/03/11] @ Dean : (1 sux).

[13:16:16 02/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel slows and peers around thee house towards the front of the house, looking for any windows she could peer into..

[13:17:12 02/03/11] Seratone : A window on the side of the building leads inside the building. Both the door to the back and the window are locked..

[13:19:59 02/03/11] @ Seryna : Pausing, the blond glances to Amelita and shrugs. She wonders if the Mekhet had a bit more experience at this sort of thing....

[13:24:48 02/03/11] @ Dean : Amelita pulls out her wires and starts fiddling with the locks.

[13:25:25 02/03/11] Seratone : (Extended, 5 successes needed, each roll is 15 minutes).

[13:25:39 02/03/11] Seratone : (+1 modifier).

[13:26:32 02/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel turns around, glancing at the other backyards and ensuring no one is sneaking up on the occupied Mekhet..

[13:27:17 02/03/11] @ Dean :

[13:28:29 02/03/11] Seratone : The lock starts to turn...slowly but surely coming unraveled.

[13:30:00 02/03/11] @ Dean :

[13:31:34 02/03/11] Seratone : The lock is almost unraveled...just a little more effort. Outside a car passes by the street but keeps on moving..

[13:32:05 02/03/11] @ Dean : (wait, that's 5 sux).

[13:32:43 02/03/11] Seratone : (right).

[13:33:05 02/03/11] Seratone : The lock comes unraveled, allowing you access to the darkened home inside..

[13:33:29 02/03/11] Seratone : Rachel gets a text from Justin. "Its been half an hour, find anthing?".

[13:34:23 02/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel checks her phone, but lowers it to her side as she listens to the interior of the house for any occupants. The last 'empty' house had been occupied...

[13:36:35 02/03/11] Seratone : This house appears to be completely empty. Windows on the upstairs provide a good vantage point to survey the street below and the meeting place across the street..

[13:36:58 02/03/11] Seratone : [In short, you have the surveillance spot. congrat].

[13:39:45 02/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel shoots off a text to Justin 'Got spot. You guys see any movement out there?'.

[13:40:25 02/03/11] Seratone : Justin responds quickly. No movement. Whats next? Wait for meet time?.

[13:41:19 02/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel lowers the phone and glances to Amelita. "What do you want to do now? We have about 2 and a half hours to the meet.".

[13:48:59 02/03/11] Seratone : (ack come back Dean).


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:49 pm

The ritual happens without incident. An errir presence seems to fill the house as it happens and remains there..

[14:05:28 02/03/11] Seratone : errie.

[14:06:18 02/03/11] Seratone : (eerie, dan I can not spell).

[14:08:06 02/03/11] @ Seryna : [lmao].

[14:08:33 02/03/11] Seratone : [So do you guys want to wait in the car then?].

[14:09:00 02/03/11] @ Seryna : 'We're coming back." Rachel textes to Justin, moving to the same rear door and after ensuring no one was obeserving, exited and proceeded the way they had come..

[14:09:29 02/03/11] @ Dean : (cool).

[14:10:01 02/03/11] Seratone : Amelita: [Through the power of blood witness you have a vision of the following] Five minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start, you see a black Hum V pull up in front of the meeting location. Five people step out of the Hum V. One woman, and four men. The woman is dressed in a pant suit, you figure she must be Chelsea Spangler, Damian’s ghoul. There is a large hulking brute of a man, an older man, a thin young man, and a short young man of Asian descent. Together, the group enters the house and shuts the door, obscuring your vision. You feel no predator’s taint among the group..

[14:11:24 02/03/11] @ Dean : Amelita describes what she sees to the others..

[14:11:52 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "So far, sounds like Salim has the right of it." Rachel wondered..

[14:13:02 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Starting to think we should track this guy down and see what else he knows. Elsewhere. Before the gang starts looking for us.".

[14:13:20 02/03/11] Seratone : "But that doesn't make any sense. Who the hell are these people?" Justin wonders out loud..

[14:13:59 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Does it matter?" Rachel asked. "We were supposed to meet with Damian. For all we know, Damian's ghouls are in there waiting to bring us in as snacks.".

[14:14:18 02/03/11] @ Dean : Amelita shrugs..

[14:15:36 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Did any one know some ancillae back in the Presidents City?" Rachel starts looking through the dossier. "I wonder if they'd be interested in sanctioned killing of former residents.".

[14:15:47 02/03/11] Seratone : Justin nervously puts the car in drive and gets back onto the icy road, driving slowly. "I'm with you on finding this Salim Rachel. But where do we look? That hotel we went too last night?".

[14:16:21 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "You don't sleep where people know where to find you.' Rachel proposed..

[14:17:04 02/03/11] @ Seryna : [Kevin, would you be down with Rachel looking for some Ventrue marks to suggest a meeting place? Maybe a streetwise roll?].

[14:17:33 02/03/11] Seratone : "The Vice President is Invictus, always had been from what I've heard. Maybe its a plot to undermine the regime. Or maybe the President is insane, or maybe Damian is insane. I don't know. I could speculate all night long, but what we really need is answers.".

[14:17:42 02/03/11] Seratone : (Salim is Mekhet).

[14:18:02 02/03/11] @ Seryna : [Rachel and Justin are Ventrue].

[14:19:26 02/03/11] @ Seryna : [unless you allow Rachel to know the secret Mekhet grafitti for meetings, I assumed that she wouldnt].

[14:19:27 02/03/11] Seratone : [yeah you can do that].

[14:19:41 02/03/11] Seratone : [Amelita might].

[14:19:43 02/03/11] @ Seryna : [manip + streetwise?].

[14:19:53 02/03/11] Seratone : [go for it].

[14:21:08 02/03/11] Seratone : [actually hold on got an idea].

[14:21:16 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Justin, keep driving around this nice nieghborhood. I want to see if there's any signs of our cousins still here.".

[14:22:02 02/03/11] Seratone : Justin continues to drive through Oakwood. A few minutesafter 11 his phone rings. It is Chelsea calling him. "Shit its the ghoul, should I pick up?".

[14:23:20 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Why not?" Rachel shrugs. "She can't kill you with her brain.".

[14:24:12 02/03/11] Seratone : Justin picks up the phone. "Yeah...uh huh. Look its freezing rain out again. We can't make it...I understand. Good night.".

[14:25:03 02/03/11] Seratone : Justin shudders slightly. "Don't know how well that went over but. Oh well." Seconds later, Rachel's phone rings. This number is anonymous..

[14:25:31 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "What'd she say? Oh. Joy. Why do the freaks call me?" Rachel answered. "Hello.".

[14:26:13 02/03/11] @ Seryna : 2011-03-02 22:20:40 Rachel Giles rolled 5 dice to "Looking for signs" 5,4,3,5,9 (1 successes).

[14:26:59 02/03/11] Seratone : The voice on the other end sounds like a middle eastern man. "You made a wise choice to avoid that meeting. But are your intentions sincere? Do you believe my warning Rachel?".

[14:27:59 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "My intentions are not to be staked, Salim." Rachel replied. "What the hell happened to make you go into hiding? You know where they're at. We know where they're at..".

[14:28:49 02/03/11] Seratone : Driving around, you don't notice any vampire grafitti along the walls of the homes of Oakwood. Justin glances at Rachel with interest..

[14:29:52 02/03/11] Seratone : "You forget that I am a wanted man Rachel. That means I keep my distance. But you can help clear my name perhaps.".

[14:31:56 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Whats in it for us?" Rachel asked..

[14:35:37 02/03/11] Seratone : "What other choice do you have? Go back to where you came from? Stay here until they track you down? You are in deep like me. But I know who knows the answers Rachel. You must capture Miss. Chelsea. She knows the truth behind this city.".

[14:35:55 02/03/11] Seratone : "The truth that will clear my name.".

[14:36:04 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Is there a reason you didn00000000000000000000000'.

[14:36:22 02/03/11] @ Seryna : [freaking cat attack].

[14:36:26 02/03/11] Seratone : (Talking in binary now?).

[14:36:31 02/03/11] Seratone : ( lol!).

[14:37:08 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Is there a reason you didn't capture Chelsea yourself? She's a ghoul. In a pant suit. How terrifying can she be?".

[14:37:24 02/03/11] Seratone : "She's impossible to track by night fall. Always travels with that group. Too dangerous. But by daylight she is in her office downtown. You have associates yes? You'll need them.".

[14:37:58 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "How the hell do you know what I have?" Rachel frowns. "For all I know, maybe you waylaid whats mine.".

[14:39:56 02/03/11] Seratone : "Have I led you astray so far? No. I saved all of your lives. The right path is laid out before you now. You just need to follow it.".

[14:40:01 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "I have to talk this over with my coterie - and we need to talk. Can I reach you at this number? It seems clear we need to help each other out, here. You have information that we'll actually put to use. If they track you down because - hey- you've been here how long already?- then we're all screwed.".

[14:40:35 02/03/11] Seratone : The phone call terminates abrubtly. The caller ID did not leave a number..

[14:41:08 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Son of a coward." Rachel mutters. "Way our trip is going, Chelsea and Co just ate Salim's face.".

[14:41:23 02/03/11] Seratone : Justin frowns. "He's probably tapping our phone lines.".

[14:42:13 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "How?" Rachel asked. "The guy sounds like he's living in the sewer, checking the passing rats for electronic bugs. Anyway, it seems our buddy wants1 u2so56.

[14:42:34 02/03/11] Seratone : "So what did he wat?" Justin asks. The car had slipped back into downtown now and was heading back to the slums..

[14:42:49 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "*wants us to capture Chelsea in her down town office, in daylight. With my ghouls.".

[14:43:14 02/03/11] Seratone : "Sounds risky." Justin comments..

[14:43:35 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Sounds stupid. The rat has no balls and he wants us to get ours chopped off.".

[14:44:47 02/03/11] @ Seryna : "Start driving to Home Depot." Rachel recomended. "We need to buy sme stuff to reinforce our haven; maybe make another one. This guy may know where we sleep and they may have just got the asshole.".

[14:45:06 02/03/11] Seratone : "A good survivial strategy." Justin comments. The car appears to be getting closer to the slums now. Justin cecks his mirror. "Geez, how long has that car been following us?".

[14:45:20 02/03/11] Seratone : (I'll end it there) .

[14:45:59 02/03/11] Seratone : (Cliffhanger!).

[14:46:36 02/03/11] @ Seryna : [ha].

[14:47:00 02/03/11] @ Seryna : [what time is it?].

[14:47:17 02/03/11] Seratone : (It is about 11:15 game time).


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:04 am

The coterie had nearly made it back to the Haven. You were back in the slums, and hardly a block away from the place. But Justin had noticed a car in the rear view mirror. Were they being followed?

The car in the rear view mirror appears to be moving quickly. Justin, who had stopped at a Stop Sign steps on the gas. But the wheels slide on the ice and the car doesn't move.

By then it is too late. The car behind you throws on the brakes at the last second. You hear a terrible screaching sound, and then the car smashes into Justin's black Sedan. (3 successes)

The impact causes some whiplash, but too the dead that meant next to nothing. But it stirs something darker in everyone.

Looking behind, you see the other driver. He looks like a University kid judging from his UD hoodie. The other driver appears to be dazed. he is conscious but remains in the driver's seat of his car.

Something deep down inside you just makes you want to rip him apart limb from limb with your sharp fangs.

[Treat this as trigger for anger frenzy. 2 successes needed to over come. Extended of course]. (Justin spends a will power and FAILS)


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seryna on Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:38 pm

"What the-" Rachel unsnapped her seat belt, checking out the car behind them quickly. Her mind was already filled with paranoid ideas of who they might be, but they didn't have time for this.

2011-03-05 20:32:22 Rachel Giles rolled 5 dice to "Resist frenzy" 3,8,6,7,10,9 (3 successes)

"Is the car drivable? Keep driving." She snaps to Justin. With no response, she glances to him. The expression on his face fills her with dread.
Not again. She thought.

"Marc, help me with Justin here -then you're driving."
Rachel barks to the back seat. The blonde exited the car, preparing to corral Justin.


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:23 pm

THE BEAST SEIZES CONTROL OF JUSTIN. He lets out a loud gutteral growl and is out of the car quickly. From where you are sitting you can see him reach into the car that hit them and pull a screaming man out of the car. Justin holds the man up in the air and prepares to sink his fangs into the man..

[15:25:37 05/03/11] Seratone : "OH GOS, SOMEBODY HELP ME!" The man screams..

[15:25:56 05/03/11] Seratone : OH GOD, SOMEBODY HELP ME!" The man screams.

[15:28:02 05/03/11] Seratone : (Go marc).

[15:30:56 05/03/11] Static : Out of the car almost as quickly as Justin- almost- Marc sprints toward his coterie-mate. "Put him down, idiot, it's not worth blowing up over!" Knowing that he really only has one chance, he calls upon the power of his blood (spending 1 vitae) in order to launch himself into a furious tackle toward the Ventrue's exposed ribs. He connects, though the impact is not exceptionally forceful..

[15:31:57 05/03/11] Seratone : [so brawl attack? That is str + brawl no penalty for defense as Justin is distracted].

[15:32:45 05/03/11] Static : (Yeah, he lost 1 due to unskilled in brawl, +3 for expended vitae. 1 success, forgot to add that! ).

[15:33:09 05/03/11] Seratone : [Justin takes 1 bashing].

[15:33:37 05/03/11] Seratone : [Go sernya).

[15:35:09 05/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel leans over and pulls the lever to release the trunk. One way or another, the nights problems were going to be buried within it. The blonde hurries towards the screaming man and her coterie - mates. She immediately lunges for Justin's legs, attempting to make the man go prone..

[15:35:49 05/03/11] Static : (BRB in just a sec, carry on).

[15:35:57 05/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel Giles rolled 4 dice to "Tackling Justin" 6,2,1,10,7 (1 successes).

[15:37:02 05/03/11] Seratone : The combined tackle attacks force Justin onto the ground, but unfortunately Justin drags the screaming mortal down with him..

[15:37:12 05/03/11] Seratone : (Turn 2 initiative!].

[15:37:31 05/03/11] Seratone : Justin=7.

[15:37:54 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [are we rolling new init each turn?].

[15:38:28 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [Rachels 7 as well].

[15:39:50 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [Jons afk, can we just tag him on as last when he shows for this turn].

[15:40:35 05/03/11] Seratone : [checked the rules, Rachel breaks the tie so she goes b4 Justin].

[15:41:05 05/03/11] Static : (back, going to commit murder).

[15:41:17 05/03/11] Seratone : [you guys both have made a successful grapple, can attempt to imobilize now].

[15:41:30 05/03/11] Static : (11 init).

[15:42:49 05/03/11] Seratone : [to imobilize that is str + brawl -2 penalty].

[15:43:04 05/03/11] Seratone : [So Marc, Rachel, Justin].

[15:44:39 05/03/11] Static : Burning another vitae from his system, Marcus tries to grab Justin's arms and immobilize the Ventrue... only to fail. He cannot get ahold of the frenzying vampire's arms, and therefore his attempt to immobilize Justin has been a waste of time. At least at this point..

[15:44:51 05/03/11] Static : (0 successes on immobilize roll, burned 1 BP).

[15:46:31 05/03/11] @ Seryna : Spotting Marc's trouble, Rachel grimaces. "Lets do this!" She encourages, attempting to subdue thier coterie mate..

[15:47:12 05/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel Giles rolled 2 dice to "Immobilize" 6,4 (0 successes).

[15:48:50 05/03/11] Seratone : While Rachel and marc fail to subdue their coterie mate, the frantic mortal manages to crawl out from the dogpile before Justin can plunge his fangs into his neck. This leaves Justin no choice but to turn on his cotere mates. Baring his fangs down he tries to bite Rachel..

[15:49:40 05/03/11] Seratone : (bite attack 1 success).

[15:50:04 05/03/11] Seratone : (combat bite).

[15:50:16 05/03/11] Seratone : Initiative!.

[15:50:55 05/03/11] Seratone : (Justin=12).

[15:51:04 05/03/11] Static : (7).

[15:51:09 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [9].

[15:51:25 05/03/11] Seratone : (and 9 for the mortal).

[15:51:48 05/03/11] Seratone : (one of you guys can break free whenever you want since it is 2 on 1).

[15:52:13 05/03/11] Seratone : Justin proceeds to bite Rachel again...(1 success combat bite).

[15:52:58 05/03/11] Seratone : (That does lethal damage right?).

[15:53:19 05/03/11] @ Seryna : "You dozy pig!" Rachel shrieks as teeth close on her flesh. "Get him in the fucking trunk!".

[15:53:34 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [Can Rachel break away?].

[15:53:57 05/03/11] Seratone : (Yeah, no roll is necessary you'll just be leaving Marc to handle Justin on his own lol).

[15:54:12 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [Rachel can take another action].

[15:54:16 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [Can she?].

[15:54:24 05/03/11] Seratone : (sure can).

[15:54:59 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [Wheres the mortal at?].

[15:55:23 05/03/11] Seratone : The man that hit you has crawled a few feet from the car and hasn't even gotten on his feet yet..

[15:56:55 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [is he looking this way?].

[15:58:50 05/03/11] Seratone : (yup).

[16:00:03 05/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel strummed her blood, deciding that this stupid wrestling fail had lasted long enough. She stares into Justin's eyes, infusing her words with the command of the Ventrue. "*Get in the trunk.*".

[16:00:08 05/03/11] @ Seryna : Rachel Giles rolled 3 dice to "Dom2" 6,8,5 (1 successes).

[16:00:55 05/03/11] Seratone : (Justin resists, 2 success).

[16:01:17 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [goddamn it].

[16:01:21 05/03/11] Seratone : Justin ignores the command proceeding to snarl and growl like an animal as he turns his attention on Marc now..

[16:02:52 05/03/11] Seratone : The man that hit you gets to his feet. You can see that he looks young, barely in college in all likelihood. "That son of a bitch tried to bite me! What does he have rabies or something?".

[16:03:33 05/03/11] Seratone : [Go Marc take him out!).

[16:04:36 05/03/11] Static : Frustrated with the coterie leader's lack of self-control, as well as his own inability to handle the situation, Marc has had enough. Looking dead-on at Justin, using his experience as a Daeva (and one of the Damned in general) to call forth his inner reserves of strength, Marcus summons the very power that defines the Daeva and unleashes it upon the area. Unfortunately, with the number of targets in the immediate area and the fact that Justin is in frenzy, the power of the Daeva does nothing. "He doesn't have rabies, he's just a little bit retarded," Marc says to the kid, the fire returning to his eyes as he realizes his trump card didn't do a damn thing..

[16:04:42 05/03/11] Static : (failure on Awe roll).

[16:06:04 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [rolling init?].

[16:06:15 05/03/11] Seratone : [yup!].

[16:06:25 05/03/11] Seratone : (Justin gets 14 again lol).

[16:06:27 05/03/11] @ Seryna : [8].

[16:07:10 05/03/11] Static : (11, brb one more time).

[16:08:01 05/03/11] Seratone : Justin tries to lean in and bite Marc, but the larger Deava manages to get out of the way. Then..all resistance just stops. You can see that the beast is gone, and Justin is back..

[16:08:49 05/03/11] Seratone : "Well fuck that. I'm calling the cops." The man picks up his cellphone....

[16:10:16 05/03/11] Static : (back).

[16:11:15 05/03/11] Seratone : [The frenzy has ended].

[16:12:54 05/03/11] Static : Marc feels the resistance stop, he knows that Justin is back to normal... but the problem of the mortals is still a very present one, especially with one of them trying to call the cops. "Put down the phone, guys... let's hang out. We can explain what happened with our mildly retarded friend here, and the drinks are on me." As he speaks, waves of Awe gently flow from him, washing over all in the immediate area, their effect both calming and maddening as the Daeva becomes a larger than life figure, amazing and breathtaking all at once. (3 successes on Awe).

[16:15:04 05/03/11] Seratone : The man puts the phone down and nods. "Alright, well I guess the damage doesn't look that bad. I'm still going to need some contact info though.".

[16:16:04 05/03/11] Seratone : Justin looks around confused. "What's happening?" he asks out loud.

[16:16:54 05/03/11] @ Seryna : "Of course." Rachel says agreeably. "Lets go grab a beer - we'll follow you. We're new to the area and could use some help finding out where the other students hang.".

[16:18:56 05/03/11] Static : Marc takes a few steps forward and throws an arm around the guy with the cellphone. "My friend, I can get you something far better than my contact info. I can get you the contact info of any woman you want. You find her, you point her out, she's yours." He winks at the kid. "Trust me.".

[16:20:23 05/03/11] Seratone : The man looks a little confused. "Alright yeah sure. I was trying to get to this party anyway but I got lost. Sorry about the car. These roads are really bad tonight. But yeah, you all have a good night. Thanks for being cool dude." The guy gets in his car and drives off with a hazy look on his face..

[16:20:56 05/03/11] Static : (Gotta run, guys, will be back on later. Have fun! *Vanishes*).

[16:20:58 05/03/11] Seratone : The Coterie is back on its own again, having resolved the incident....

[16:21:28 05/03/11] Seratone : (I gotta grab some food anyway. But congrats you got through that obstacle. rachel took 2 lethal though).

[DEAN: we got this resolved now. So you DO NOT need to roll for frenzy]


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:13 am

"I'm sorry about that." Justin apologized to his coterie mates. "It won't happen again."

After the mortal had driven away and he had gotten over the shock of coming out of frenzy. Justin takes a minute to check his car.

"The bumper looks like it is gone, but other then that it looks like we're still mobile."

He checks his cellphone and sees the voice message.

"I can't believe it. Cincinatti sent two more of us up here."


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seryna on Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:49 am

"Screw this car. Lets ditch it at the haven and hop in Marc's car."

Rachel is angry, but its simmering at a slow boil. She's trying to stay focused on the tasks at hand - but now her well was taxed and her beast was rumbling in its cage.

She's fantasizing about punching Justin in the face when Justin's comment about 'two more' register.
"Two more?" She throws a glance towards Marc., an expression that reads 'four more hands to mop up after our leader!'

"Whats the number? I'll call while you drive us back for Marc's car."

The anger is repressed a bit further down. Remembering the fiasco that had occurred when the group met Marc; she's debating the need to feed before the meet. Perhaps they need to find a more secluded place for a first meeting.


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:05 am

"Alright here is the number." Justin tells her the number.

The coterie takes the car back to the haven and Justin ditches the car out on the street. It was 11:30 PM now. They still had plenty of time before they had to worry about the approach of dawn.

The yong ventrue notices the bite wounds on Rachel's neck. "You should heal those wounds up." He comments, sounding concerned. Sometimes the vampire forgot that his companions were dead and that most wounds looked far worse than they really were.

[You can now communicate IC with Sharky and Rose]


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seryna on Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:02 am

"You have a spare person lying around that I can eat to heal these wounds?" Rachel asked, a bit of seething anger leeching out. She pulled out her cell phone and began to dial.

"Is this Rose - or - Sharky? Starkey?"


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Static on Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:12 am

"You should heal those wounds up," Marcus comments, mimicking Justin's tone of voice. "Goddamned idiot, good thing we're here to clean up after you."

He turns away from the other two current members of the coterie, lightly stroking his chin with one hand. He seems to be at least a little deep in thought for a moment, glancing up at the night sky before turning around.

"Yeah... from now on, I think I'll drive. And we're taking my car. After this fuckin' little... incident... this piece of shit is asking to get pulled over. And I'd hate for our fearless leader to overreact again."

For the last bit, Marc's tone is pure venom. That's twice now the coterie has suffered public humiliation thanks to the Beast. The glare he gives Justin says it all:

It had better not happen again.


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Kazakin on Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:13 pm

The voice that answers Rachel is rough and somewhat hoarse, as if the speaker were struggling around a gag. He's got a faint, distorted accent that doesn't translate clearly or properly.

"Sharky, doll. It's Sharky." He gives a harsh laugh. "You'll see why. Whaddya want? And if you pull some shit where you give me a message and a room number, I'll find you and shove your phone up your ass so far, you'll be able to dial with your tongue."


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:52 pm

"I never said I was your leader Marc." Justin replies irritably as he gets out of the car shutting the door,

"I've already apologized, let's move on."

The young ventrue pulls out his cellphone to check his remaining messages and his email.

He raises a brow as he reads one of his messages.

"Rachel, when you are done talking to the new comers, we should all come down to the haven."

"Cincinnati wants to do a teleconference at midnight tonight...with all of us."


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seryna on Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:30 am

Rachel half turns toward the sound of Marc's angry voice. She listens to his words, hearing mostly his anger. At Justin's reply; she merely nods to Marc.

Not now.

"A room number? No, no I think we should meet up. We have been seriously fucked, here.

Last time we met a new coterie mate - it - it wasn't pretty."
Rachel stopped her sentence. We tried to eat him. wouldn't sound too good for the next newcomers.

"We need to stagger our meeting."
Rachel utilized the internet on her cell phone, bringing up the Google Earth ap. She wasn't eager to direct the two newcomers to the haven. Had the Beasts already claimed it as a lair; would they defy newcomers?

She'd had enough wrestling with beasts. They'd be cautious with a staggered meeting; give the beasts enough time to adjust.
Cincinnati and its teleconference could wait until the pressing matter of uniting the coterie was finished.

"The slums are pretty crappy; but at least the cops don't seem to care about patrolling it. We'll meet a few blocks from our haven; there's a garage - Jim's- with a sizable parking lot. I'll be waiting there. One of you newcomers walk over and meet me.

We'll call the others over one at a time. Could be a squad of rogue ghouls out for our heads, so stay sharp. Oh, and I'm Rachel. I'm blonde.
We good?"


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Kazakin on Mon Mar 07, 2011 4:30 pm

"Right you are," Sharky drawled, in a little amused growl. "You'll recognise me when you see me, I promise. I'll come across first. Rose'll hang back- we got a coupla bloodsluts with us, but they're clean- came all the way from home." This was better than some asshole calling him and insisting that he was some sort of fucking errand boy. And that Daeva bitch, but he figured she probably was.

"We'll meet ya there in about-" He checked the map. "Call it thirty to be safe. Ciao." He hung the phone up.


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:08 pm

Justin nods his head to Rachel as he types a short message into his phone.

"I'll let Cincy know that we'll be on for later tonight."


12:00 PM Meeting with Rose and Sharky

A dimly lit sign hangs from the decrepid darkened building that is Jim's garage. The sign says. "CLOSED"

Strewn across the wide parking lot are numerous wrecked and damaged cars haphazardly parked all over the place like it was some kind of post apocalyptic urban wasteland. Ocassionally you can hear a car drive by on the nearby street, but other then that the place is as dead as can be, just like so many other locations on this side of town.

Justin approaches from the far west side of the parking lot and surveys the area. "Huh, I might have to take the car in for repairs here tomorrow." He remarks.. Deep within, he braces himself for another battle with the beast. The vampire was hungry and exhausted from the incident before, his willpower was almost spent.


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Tehrat on Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:16 pm

Rose pulled up to the meeting spot, and peered around at the less than savoury conditions.

"Someone needs a maid," she remarked archly. She killed the engine and pocketed the car keys, before turning around in her seat to speak to Sharky. "You said you wanted to go first. The floor's yours." She popped the locks.


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Kazakin on Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:26 pm

"You're obsessed with keepin' everythin' clean." Sharky grumbled, fumbling with the bandanna. "Keep your pets on their fuckin' leashes. If they go batshit, or we get jumped, they can back us the fuck up." He tugged the cloth over his mouth and started walking across the lot, his wary eyes flickering around. He had his hand clenched around the switchblade in his pocket, just in case. Once he was pretty sure he'd gotten a bead on the approachees from the west, and there was no one else around, he pulled the cloth back down to expose his lipless mouth with the wet, serrated teeth glinting and exposed. He cupped his free hand around his mouth.

"Get your fuckin' asses over here, then!"


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seryna on Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:21 pm

Rachel stood beside Marc's car, looking down over the chosen spot.
"Get your fuckin asses over here, then!"

"I'll call you." She said to Marc, speaking softly. "Try not to throw your arms in the air and yell jubilantly. Amelita didn't care for it."
She smiles wryly, demonstrating that she wasn't chastising Marc.

Speaking quietly, she stopped beside where Amelita sat in the car.
"Try and keep him here 'til last. Marc's been pretty good to have around, eh."

There was likely little doubt in Amelita's mind who 'him' would refer to.

Rachel strode forward, leaving the car.
"I'll call you in a minute. "

The Ventrue strode down to the lower ground. She had chosen this spot; but now it seemed barren and depressing - like so much of the Requiem had proven to be on closer inspection.

She strode towards the other vampire who had lowered his cloth. She paused once she was sure that he had seen her. She didn't want this to look like some sort of attack.

Yet as the Ventrue studied the newcomer; she hesitated. What was wrong with his mouth? It looked terrible... terribly alarming; actually.

She really didn't want to go meet sharp mouth.

Suddenly self conscious, she wondered if Amelita, Marc and Justin were watching her, wondering if she'd lost her nerve.
She lifted her head, jutting her chin out defiantly. Adapting a position of command - she hoped.

"Hello." She called softly. "I'm Rachel. We spoke on the phone. Are you and the our other mate O.K.?"


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seratone on Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:01 pm

Jack Robinson: Sharky laid eyes on Rachel, and the Beast burst forwards in all its ugly glory. He threw his head back and roared, leaping for her with his teeth bared in a snarl. He tried to seize hold of her.
Jack Robinson: 3 successes on Grapple ))
Anne Yarvis: [rolling to try and break, kevin, ok if i use her (escape) brawl spec?]
Anne Yarvis: "What are you doing, Sharkey?" Rose wondered at the other vampire's roar. A thrill of fear ran down her dead spine as Sharkey jumped forward. She lifted her voice, shouting as she strugled in the other vampire's grasp.

"No! HELP ME!" Rachel flashes back to her bad experiences as a mortal in the presses of crowds when events went wrong. She lashes out an leg at the other vampire, frantically attempting to escape.

Jack Robinson: Rose's head jerked up from her scrutiny of the parking lot, when she heard the scream. On reflex, she drew her stiletto and ran forward. "Sharky, down!" she barked.

Jack Robinson: Sharky felt the blonde Ventrue slip through his finger and a predatory, feral snarl burst from his lips. He wanted nothing more than to pound her face through the pavement, and lashed out with the switchblade he clutched in his left hand.
Jack Robinson: 2 successes ))

Anne Yarvis: A feral scream escapes her throat as the blade cuts her dead flesh. Having freed herself, Rachel turns and runs. She doesn't run for her coterie awaiting her at the car. They've had a rough night as it was. Clutching her wounded arm, she takes off running towards the garage.

kclace22: Justin shouts out loudly to get Sharkey's attention. "Hey over here."
kclace22: [we'll do one more turn of the frenzy] [Justin init=11]
Jack Robinson: Sharky slashed at Justin as he shouted, his torn, jagged mouth letting out rattling snarls of rage. Quick as a flash, he turned the knife back into a stab, berserk, desperate to kill anything he could lay his hands on.
Jack Robinson: First attack misses, second does 3 L. ))
kclace22: [how come he gets 2 attacks?]
Jack Robinson: His knife FS allows it, that's what the 4th dot does.))
kclace22: [nice!]
kclace22: Justin reels from the blow and steps back as the knife tears into his dead flesh and he bares his fangs as the beast growls loudly in return. But after that, the beast in Sharkey seems to be satisfied. It had asserted dominance over the others and felt secure. It allows the human Sharkey to have control once more...
Anne Yarvis: Crouched beside the car, she reaches down into her well. Pulling from her reserve, she willed her dead body to begin healing itself. The practical idea of waiting to heal until she had fed was no longer practical.

She didn't know if she could withstand another attack.

She was terrified. She lifted herself up slightly, peering over the hood of the car to see where her attacker was.
Jack Robinson: Rose hesitated, and peered at Sharky appeared to calm somewhat. "Feel better now? Shall we get on with this damned meeting?" She indicated for the ghouls to move behind her, just in case.
Jack Robinson: Sharky growled at Justin, barely keeping himself in check. He forced his hand down, the lipless gash of a mouth twitching as he fought for control with the blood mad monster inside him. He locked the blade away. "Aw, quit hissing, you little punk." He spat. "You're lucky you still got a face."
Jack Robinson: He didn't even dignify Rose's needling with a comment.
kclace22: Justin grits his teeth as he watches his precious vitae drip out slowly from the knife wound Sharkey had inflicted. "Well that was a polite introduction he remarks." Noting Rose he nods to her. "I'm Justin Jonnik. Welcome to Dayton."
Jack Robinson: "And a wonderful welcome it is, I'm sure," Rose remarked calmly. "You should probably tell the other one it's safe to come out of hiding."
Anne Yarvis: "Goddamn it." Rachel snarls, hauling herself up to her full hieght. She strode out from behind the car; straight towards the trio of vampires. "That is enough of this bull shit. Time to draw ourselves up by the boot straps and start not freaking the fuck out." She checks her knife wound as the flesh begins to knit, supernaturally healing. "I need to eat, now." She glances towards the two meat bags, giving the two newcomers a questioning look. "Did you bring snacks?"
Jack Robinson: "Sorry. You looked like lunch." Sharky drawled, looking about as apologetic as his namesake. "Shouldn't happen again, unless skinny boy over there tries another hissing fit." His Beast grumbled at him, and he stomped it back into the cage in the back of his head.
Jack Robinson: Rose shook her head, and answered in a far politer fashion. "No, but next time I'll add snacks to the list."
Anne Yarvis: "That's O.K." Rachel glanced at the two newcomers. "That wasn't the first time one of us freaked on each other." She pulls at her collar, showing her fang marks from Justin. "But we're together now. Finally. And I think every one else in this town - and the one we left - wants to make us thier bitches."
kclace22: "Our haven is located right around the corner. I suggest you join us. We're scheduled to have a teleconference with the government in Cincinatti any minute now." The young ventrue looks at Rachel with a concerned expression then to Sharkey frowning visibly.
kclace22: "We don't know if Logan set us up Rachel. We shouldn't jump to conclusions."
Jack Robinson: "Yeah, I got that fuckin' impression. We pull in, and I get a fuckin' phone call within five minutes from some little bitch called Salim, tellin' me to go pick a package up from a hotel room. I ain't sucking no one's dick, and I ain't goin' to no fuckin' obvious trapped motel room." Sharky grinned at Justin, showing every single one of his oversized serrated fangs."Aren't you a trustin' little fella?"
Anne Yarvis: "Salim's a fucking coward." Rachel snarls. "Calls us up, says the ghoul we're supposed to meet with killed all his coterie. That they're after him - and us. We spy on them - and Prince Damian's ghouled bitch travels in a pack. Show to our meeting looking to bust us." She looked to Rose and nodded to the two ghouls. "Keep them on a short leash. Pretty sure the bitch subverted mine."
Jack Robinson: Rose side glanced at the ghouls, and smiled slightly. "Well if they tried anything untoward, they'd find their profits severely diminished and they would find a pleasant knife in the back." She wasn't about to let anyone get one over on her.
Anne Yarvis: "Good." She nodded to the other woman. She liked how she was ready to do what was needed. She turned to Justin. "We're the only vampires here, by the President's word. So why does the ghoul come to the meet with four bruisers?"
kclace22: "I don't know. Damian should have showed up at that meeting. Nothing about this place makes any sense to me." He checks his watch. "We should go inside. I'm anxious to hear what the high ups have to say about all of this."
Jack Robinson: "Probably 'Why ain't you all dead yet?'," Sharky said, with good grace. He pulled the bandanna up over his mouth, to hide the teeth. He figured the others would be a bit more comfortable with Jaws firmly in his cage. "They're fuckin' tryin' to snuff the lot of us."
Anne Yarvis: Rachel nodded as Sharkey spoke. "That's exactly what I'm thinking. They're doing a head count, seeing how we look. Maybe checking out the background noise to see where we're hiding. Justin.." Rachel shook her head. "A teleconference the day that they send us two new coterie mates? Why just tell them what they wanted to tell us?" She looks to Rose and Sharkey. "No offense, I'm not saying you're just carrier pigeons. That's just how the high ups seem to treat us."
kclace22: "Maybe they're starting to get worried." Justin remarks with a tad bit of sarcsam lacing his voice. Come on, I'll show you where we're staying." Justin gestures for everyone to follow him.
Jack Robinson: "Yeah, shrimpy, they're worried you're gonna start givin' 'em fashion tips. Or a haircut." Sharky eyed Justin, chuckling wetly.
Jack Robinson: Rose shrugged. "Well, the sooner we get inside, the sooner we'll find out what's going on. Lead the way." She smirked at the Nosferatu.

Anne Yarvis: Rachel turned, eying the car where Marc and Amelita waited. "Lets introduce you to Amelita and Marc. See what they think-"Anne Yarvis: [um, Kevin]


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Night 3 Empty Re: Night 3

Post by Seryna on Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:21 am

wednesday_13_2005 Casto: Marcus watches as Rachel walks toward the two new Kindred (exactly what he's watching is anyone's guess...), his beast rising in his throat as it detects unfamiliar vampires, threatening to push him over the edge. He closes his eyes, clenching and unclenching his fists as he fights the monster back, willing it with everything he has to stay quiet and not ruin the rest of the evening. He shakes his head once as Rachel and the others head his way, banishing the beast (at least for the moment) and pasting on his best crooked smile. "So now that the gang's all here," he says, "what's on the itinerary for the rest of the evening?" Despite quieting his beast, Marcus can't help but feel a little intimidated by the rather unnerving Sharky, drawing himself up to his full height: ... actually quite impressive, considering he's about 6'3") despite himself. "Marcus Altemeier, in case Sweet Tits here didn't point that out."
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: ((Sorry if it's disjointed, I'll catch up.))
Kevin Lacey: (that was good man)
Seryna: [ ]
Kevin Lacey: Justin adjusts his tie for a moment and nods. "Marcus is renowned for his excellent self control." Justin remarks. "If there are no objections, I'd like to go down to our haven and have this conference with our leaders that sent us here."
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: ((^_^))
Seryna: " 'Sweet Tits' is considering eating someone, so keep talking, Pretty boy." Rachel remarks dryly. In spite of her harried appearance and numerous injuries, she gives the Daeva a weary nod. At least someone who could carry her unconscious husk back to the haven if she burned through before the night was over, she considered, rather depressed at the nights events.

"Lets hear what the bigwhigs want. Then I'm going out for dinner."
Jack Robinson: Sharky grinned like an animal behind the mask of his bandana. Although he didn't loom over Marcus in height, he didn't need to. He was about twice as wide as the other man, and really, when you have a mouth like a human blender, height becomes irrelevent. "And what're you gonna call the rest of us, Amazing Nickname Lad?"
Kevin Lacey: Justin leads the group to the backyard of an abandoned house. he leads you all downstairs to a basement. The place looks like a dump, but it still has electricity for some reason. Justin gets out his cellphone and puts it on speaker phone. "Alright, is everyone ready?"
Jack Robinson: "If we weren't ready, we would not be down here waiting, hm?" Rose stated, arms folded as she tapped her foot impatiently on the floor.
Seryna: Rose moves to her corner of the room, finding a cardigan. She slips into it and pops the collar, making a show of smoothing out her appearance and hiding her neck. She still feels drawn and on edge, but at least she looks more put together. It makes her feel better. She approaches Justin and stands at his side, eager to hear what all the fuss was about.
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: Marcus shrugs in response to Sharky's question. "I dunno what the fuck I'm gonna call you two. We've already got Fearless Non-Leader, Mighty Mouse and Sweet Tits, I'm runnin' out of ideas." He glances at Justin. "Fire the bastard up, let's get this shit over with. I'm starving and could use a nice fuck ." For typical Altemeier effect, he winks playfully at Rose after that last bit.
Kevin Lacey: Justin dials the number and is starts ringing. After the fifth ring, a hollow voice rings out. "Introducing the President of Cincinatti." Then a woman answers the phone. You recongize the voice...Its Chelsea, the ghoul you spoke with earlier. “Good evening. This is Chelsea Spangler. –Former- servant of Damian. I But now you may refer to me as the Duchess of Dayton Ohio. Tonight your teleconference is with ME. I hope your night is going well for you. I know mine is. Right I am enjoying the last of your poor friend Salim. You know I never thought mekhet blood could be so delicious.”
Seryna: [we need to limit how long we let the two daeva stay in the same room...]
Jack Robinson: [Don't worry, mine's a wrath vice. ))
Seryna: "Called it." Rachel stated flatly. "Knew that paranoid coward was going to get it. Most of us don't run and hide from a human addict." She infuses her voice with loathing. Seriously, she didn't nearly get drained twice for some dumb little human bitch. She eyes the others around the phone, her eyes speaking volumes. Mostly about eating the bitch on the phone.
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "You can have this shithole," Marcus remarks offhandedly. "Pack my ass to New York or Chicago and this place can burn for all the fuck I give."
Kevin Lacey: Justin grimaces but says nothing.
Jack Robinson: Rose rolled her eyes, and turned her attention to telephone as she commented, "You couldn't afford me, dear." She nodded her assent to the others. Clearly this ghoul had no idea who she was dealing with. "Salim was no friend of ours."
Kevin Lacey: "I'm glad to hear that. The woman replies easily. “I’m not here to gloat though. I was hoping we could come to an understanding tonight. You see, this time around Cincinnati was smart enough to bring up a whole bunch of you at once, and you were smart enough to avoid not one but two traps. Congratulations for actually having a brain.” You hear a snickering voice.
Jack Robinson: Sharky laughed his sickeningly wet laugh at the thought of Salim biting it, one way or another. "Lady, the only understanding you're going to get is a nice introduction to the floor."
Seryna: Rachel rolls her eyes. She doesn't usually resort to being so crass, but this was a special occasion. "So, you already know that you and your four little muscle bound friends are going to be kissing our feet before the weeks out? Good. We've come to an understanding. Salim may have been a coward, but he was so good with the information and the helpful packages. Now, we have better things to do than talk to ghouls, *Duchess* of of Dead City. So look to your muscle bound friend. The short one. I'm calling him Dinner. The last one who entered your little Citigroup block house is called Midnight Snack. Now, the third..."
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: Marcus looks back at the phone, as though it can see him. "Listen, honey, I really don't know who you think you are, but you aren't impressing anyone. If someone else fell into your "trap," then they must have been pretty fucking stupid. I'm pretty sure an infant or our Fearless Non-Leader here could have gotten out of any traps you've set."
Kevin Lacey: "So you want a war then? That's a costly mistake Rachel. I could have found a way for you to share this city with me...and the hunters I am currently allied with. I thought you were smarter then that." You hear the woman making a tsking sound. "I hope you all sleep well when the sun comes up. We'll be looking for you."
Kevin Lacey: The phone call terminates...
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "Only if you're nak- Damnit," he says as the call ends, throwing up his arms in mock disappointment.
Kevin Lacey: [lol!]
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: ((>.> Had to do it. Sorry!))
Seryna: "You know, she really is a dumb bitch. " Rachel states flatly. "Humans, they need to sleep, to eat, to habitate. We need to go eat someone, now. And set up some dead bolts."
Jack Robinson: Sharky tugged the bandana away from his mouth to spit on the floor. "Worthless pile of bullshit, that. If she had any idea how you were playin', she'd have someone here already." He glanced at Justin. "Though I do wanna know how you managed to connect to her, or vice versa, chum."
Kevin Lacey: Justin frowns slightly. "We could have used a cease fire to build a better position here. Right now I'd hardly say we're in a position to fight a war." He sighs slightly. "She had my email address and provided the number. If she used to work for Damian, I suspect she knows quite a bit about us. The government in Cincinatti probably just assumed she still was working for Damian and gave her everything she needed to set those traps up."
Seryna: "Bitch could identify my voice, though." Rachel mused. "Could have guessed Amelita or Rose. I'll give her that much. She might have gone through the old baron's files, gotten our clans. Our flaws. Our pasts. Time to recreate ourselves." She touches her neck, making a disgusted face. "Justin, you don't negotiate a cease fire with food. I mean, look at her. She took down one Mekhet who played ninja phones. She has six vampires in her back yard who know where she works. If we don't have her kneeling before the weeks out, we need to turn in our fangs."
Jack Robinson: "Perhaps we shouldn't assume anything else until we can garner more information," Rose advised simply, as Justin spoke. "But right now, I agree with Rachel. We should feed." She licked her lips in anticipation. It had been a long drive over, after all.

Kevin Lacey: [alright guys let me let you guys know how feeding is going to work. Given that you all are on a "war" footing]
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "I'm not worried," Marcus replies to Justin, moving away from Sharky a bit when he removes his bandana without even really being aware of it. "Like I said, if you can survive what she's thrown at us this far, with the rest of us here it should be a piece of cake, especially with Richard Kiel over there helping us out." He gestures toward Sharky before turning toward Rachel. "Baby, I made a career out of recreating myself before all this happened. Hiding from some dumb bitch shouldn't be difficult."
Jack Robinson: "Yeah... uh... let's all run scared of the big bad ghoul," Sharky sneered. "I thought you Lords had spines, chum. Ain't a human I can't turn into slush in a coupla blows, weren't a human I couldn't when I was alive."
Kevin Lacey: [there are 4 territories your antagonists will more likely than not be patroling 1 territory at any given time. if you hunt in that territory, even if you successfully feed, you might run into them]
Seryna: "Then I'm going to need you." Rachel stated, looking directly at Marc. "I'm not a puff shirted, fool, I know when I'm hurting. You up fpr tag teaming university?" She turned to the newcomers. "When we drove by there earlier, place was teaming with party goers. Figure we eat someone, then meet up at Wal - Mart. We need supplies.]
Jack Robinson: "Lemme come along. I need lunch. Any of you bigshots got the mind fuckery trick you people do? If not, someone's gettin' a fuckin' concussion."
Kevin Lacey: Justin nods his head. "You are right Rachel. All that stands between us, and total control of this domain is a bunch of damn mortals. This is the chance of a life time. LET'S TAKE THIS DAMN CITY FOR OURSELVES."
Kevin Lacey: [guys I gotta go to bed you guys can keep going though]
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "Kiel, I've got any kind of fuckery you can imagine, in case you haven't figured that out," he grins at Sharky before nodding toward Rachel. "Eat someone and meet up at Wal-Mart... sounds like a plan, not to mention the inherent excitement that comes with tag-teaming. This is beginning to sound like the old days in the band. You sure you don't play guitar?"
Seryna: "Ventrue." Rachel stated to Sharkey calmly. "And we could use your skills. We are lean on the arts of pounding peoples faces into the ground." She stared at Justin for a moment, blinking. "Thats the plan, yeah. You should stay here, Sharkey took a big bite out of you. We'll bring back carry out."
Seryna: [Yay!!]
Kevin Lacey: [You guys excited now! Haha its the flip side to your hunter stories Sernya]
Seryna: [its sort of epic. I recognize!]
Jack Robinson: "Right. So you can't wipe memories, 'cause you're a Daeva." Sharky patted Marc on the shoulder with a heavy hand. "So someone's gettin' a concussion." He cracked his neck. "Lady, my one talent is pounding people through the floor."
Kevin Lacey: [alright I'm out. Last one to leave the room please post to the threads thanks]
Jack Robinson: "Then we'll have to make sure we give you a little bit of style before the week is out," Rose commented amusedly.
Seryna: Rachel opened her phone, checking the google map. "OKay, takes us a few minutes to get to uni. Lets make it quick and nasty- get them to the alley and we each take shots until we're golden. Then we go to wal mart and buy some power tools and wood, then go cruise for more places to claim as our own. She only has four little friends. Farther we spread our reach, the better."
Seryna: [got you]
Jack Robinson: "If you lot lure 'em to me, I can hold make 'em comply until the kiss takes over." Sharky laughed his wet laugh. "By the point, they'll have convinced 'emselves they're havin' a horrible nightmare."
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "Two Daeva, that shouldn't be difficult," Marc commented to Rose. "Well... maybe." He shrugged and glanced at Rachel. "Perhaps we should also arm ourselves. If not tonight, definitely within the next couple of nights. As you pointed out, with the exception of Sharky here, we're not much for conflict. And he can't be everywhere."
Seryna: "Thats a good plan." She nodded to Sharkey."You two beuaties work your magic, I'll play the victim. Then we get weapons and gear... I'd suggest that we stick together. Marc, you're driving..."
Jack Robinson: "He can't - but I'l willing to take bets that he'd try," Rose smirked.

Seryna: [[...lets hide behind the Shark]
Seryna: [so I think uni was like a +2 mod to feed]
Jack Robinson: ((Yeah, it was. We should do it as a teamwork roll.))
Seryna: [so Sharkey hides in the alley and the Daeva troll for sluts.. Rachel camps at the bar, playing depressed and drunk. Lets do it]
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: ((Arriving there now? ))
Seryna: [[lets do it]]
Jack Robinson: ((Let's swing it.))
Jack Robinson: Sharky hopped out of the car, stuffed his make-shift mask into his pocket and lurked comfortably behind some dumpsters. There was a great sense of reassurance in the fact that there was no way in Hell anyone would seriously believe he existed without overwhelming evidence, sometimes. He ran his pallid tongue across the jagged teeth and grinned to himself, waiting for his bait to bring in the little fishes.
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: The black Tiburon sits in the parking lot of a bar on the outskirts of Uni, having deposited its four passengers into the night air. Marcus runs a hand through his hair, tousling it into a disheveled state, his boots impacting loudly on the ground as he takes long strides toward the front door alongside the other three. "Alright, babe," he murmurs to the other Daeva, "how're we gonna play this?"
Seryna: Rachel waits by the car for a minute, watching where Sharkey goes. She makes it a point to track where all of coterie members get to. It soothes her inner need to control. She lets the Daeva have thier pow wow, there were probably intricate Blood of the Rose ways for getting women to throw thier panties at you. For her part; she played on what she did best - pretend. She dwelled on her feelings, bringing up her feelings of desperation and depression at how low the 'rule the night' was going. Banking on the fact she looked miserable, she parked her rear at a bar stool.
Jack Robinson: "We're on a university campus, filled with drunken students. It shouldn't be too difficult to lure out a few unwitting fools who think they're going to get lucky." Rose slipped off her jacket and loosed her hair. She smiled in a relaxed sort of way. "We locate the likely candidates and draw them toward Sharky. And don't call me babe." She moved forward towards the bars. "I feel this is going to be a good night!" she smiled brightly.
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: He shrugs. "I figured it would go over better than 'Fine Piece of Ass.' Ah well," he plasters on his trademark shit-eating grin as he follows a few paces behind his fellow Succubus, eyeliner-heavy eyes roving from left to right as he scours the area for any delicious morsels. His eyes pass over Sweet Tits at the bar as he enters; he doesn't spare her a second glance, keeping up appearances as he spots a likely candidate and heads slowly but deliberately in her direction.
Seryna: Ordering some terrible drink that sounded like 'sex on the beach', Rachel slumped forward. She forced herself not to look around, simply playing with the umbrella in her drink. She feels someone settle in the chair next to her. She can practically smell him from her. Her beast rumbles in her chest, fighting the urge to simply devour him. She checks him out, making a point to scowl. Looks like he'd just arrived, no drink in hand yet.
Jack Robinson: Rose slipped into one of the barstools, next to a likely candidate with a roving eye. It appeared his buddies had already headed off with drunken girls on their arms, and he was starting to look vaguely desperate. Perfect! With an inner smirk, and a deep thirst she wondered how many she could actually bag in the alley. It wasn't a competition, but still. She winked playfully at the guy, and jerks her head in the direction of the door and she leans forward. "There's a room across the campus that's got your name on it," she laughs in a girly fashion that really wasn't her usual style.
Seryna: [...? look what I found on the die roller! Salim rolled 10 dice to "resist" 3,5,3,3,8,6,7,9,5,1: Seducing dumbass 3 successes.))
2011-03-08 03:18:04 Rachel Giles rolled 5 dice to "Look Pathethic" 1,2,10,7,9,1 (2 successes)
Seryna: [muhahaha]
Jack Robinson: ((Our plans come together. Eeexcellent.))
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: Having zeroed in on his own target, some clueless sorority bimbo (probably came from money, by the look of her), Marcus puts his own plan into action. Her eyes, vibrant yet devoid of any real intelligence, followed him. She was looking for a dangerous man, he could read in her expression... and she fact that she was dressed in a short leather jacket despite having no idea how to wear it. The Daeva in his brain shuddered at the way the jacket stood up off her shoulders. It was embarrassing. "You look lonely," he remarked as he slid up next to her, eyelids appearing just a bit heavier than usual, his voice dropping a semitone. "If it's too crowded here, I know a spot we can... get away for a while.Watch the stars. Have some fun."
Seryna: "...and then I tell him, thats not right man!" Lunchmeat delivers the punchline - or wait, he was prostating, telling a story about how he'd defended the honor of his cousin's little sister or something. Resisting the urge to jam her umbrella into his eye, she affected an eye batting affliction. "I wish *all* men were so ...whats the word..chuvanistic? You see, James...he just...lets his mom say such terrible things about me!'
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: ((2 successes to seduce))
Jack Robinson: Rose led the young guy out, making sure she was tantalisingly out of reach and teasing with each step. She smiled flirtatiously, beckoning him into the mouth of the alleyway. "This will be fun, cutie."
Seryna: [2011-03-08 03:23:57 Rachel Giles rolled 7 dice to "Lie" 6,10,9,10,1,4,8,9,6 (5 successes)]
Seryna: [...did I just e - suxx a damn lie to Lunchmeat?]
Jack Robinson: ((Yeup, you did.))
Jack Robinson: ((Boy, you are convincingly lying to dinner.))
Seryna: [maybe I can make him clean out the gutters before we finish him off!]
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: ((Seems that way. The power of the lie blows his mind apart, he becomes a zombie, all his blood is transferred directly to you, you win VtR. o_O))
Jack Robinson: While he was waiting in the alleyway, Sharky let the power of his vitae infuse his cold muscles, grinning the whole time. The minute Rose led him the first target, he dived on him, grappling him back against the wall. "All yours, Rosie." He drawled, pawing the man's head back for access.
Jack Robinson: 2 successes to dogpile Lunch number 1))
Seryna: The man was suddenly putting what he assumed was a comforting hand on her shoulder. Her rubbed her arm in a way meant to be comforting that came off as very ingrating. He was murmering something about 'kissing many frogs to find a prince' when Rachel leaned on him suggestively. A few minutes... she lifted her eyes and scanned the room, spotting Rose heading outside.
Jack Robinson: and the Lunch fails to break the strength 7 grip.))
Seryna: [[I think we have an awesome feeding set up ]

Jack Robinson: With a feral grin, Rose lunges forward and sinks her teeth into the inviting neck. Her fingers curl through his hair, yanking his head further sideways as she remained latched on.
Jack Robinson: 2 Successes.))
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: By this point, the poor, ignorant child is practically eating from the Daeva's hand. With a sly wink and a tilt of his head toward the door, he begins to lead her outside, nodding very, very subtly to Rachel as he pulls the door open and holds it for the night's second victim. "After you, beautiful," he says, playfully slapping her on the behind as he follows her out. "Your place or mine?" he asks as they near the alley.
Jack Robinson: Sharky lets Rose's man go once she's successfully latched on and feeding, knowing the Kiss will render the delicious morsel pliable and unable to resist. He waits for the next one, diving on them the moment they move in close.
Jack Robinson: 5 successes, so they're stunned by the shock of being jumped on by a sharkman. ))

Jack Robinson: Three average people contain a total of 21 vitae, of which we can drink 18 safely without killing them))
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: The poor girl never saw it coming. Set upon by Sharky, she is completely vulnerable to Marcus as he flushes his system with vitae, moving in to kiss slowly and gently down her neck before his fangs pierce her soft flesh. In a twist that is purely Marcus, the bastard makes a show of firmly squeezing his meal's ass with one hand as he shoves her against the wall. Ah, the Daeva. ((4 successes to feed!))
Seryna: [holy crap, the die roller is full of suxx. why in the world is it for a feed scene with no st]
Jack Robinson: Sharky released the girl with a snarl of amusement, before he seized Rachel's catch as he moved towards the alleyway. Wrenching the man's head back with practised ease, he offered the final one to his new coterie mate, his monsterous face laughing the entire time.
Jack Robinson: 4 successes to grapple ))
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: ((No frenzy involved, duh.))
Seryna: [lmao!]
Jack Robinson: ((And Lunch 3 also fails to wrestle out of Sharky's grip, so he's all yours.))
Jack Robinson: Rose takes 4 vitae from her guys.))
Seryna: Rachel leans in on the proffered meal, drinking deeply. It was difficult to resist draining him, but she pulls back when she feels sated. It was such a relief to strum her well as the puncture wounds in her neck soon began to knit together.
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: ((4 sounds like a good number.)) Having finished his evening meal, Marcus slowly releases his fangs from the girl's neck, licking the puncture wounds sensuously. "Wasn't that fun, love?" he asks, supporting her with one hand, making sure she's leaned back against the wall before letting go.
Seryna: "Finally feel properly dead now." Rachel replies, licking her meal closed. She leaned lunch against a nearby dumpster, where the creep belonged. "Its amazing how well that just played out."
Jack Robinson: Sharky took over on each one when the first feeder was done, driving his shark-like fangs in with a lot of care, drinking only a little from each one and sealing the mangled cuts his maw leaves. Then, looking cheerful the whole time, he takes anything expensive looking from the victims of their dinner and dropped them in the dumpster. With a little luck, they'd think they got scammed and mugged.
Jack Robinson: "Coupla cellphones and wallets, nothin' special." He reported with a wet laugh. "See anythin' you likes, ladies and gentleman?"
Seryna: "Now...uh.. Justin..." Rachel took a wet nap from her purse and dabbed herself clean. "Did we promise to bring something back?"
Jack Robinson: "You promised takeout. I vote we take him a MacDonalds and make him eat the whole thing."
Jack Robinson: Sharky pulled the cloth back up over his mouth now that he was satisfied.
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "You promised to bring him something back, Sweet Tits, but I say he can fend for himself. Call it punishment for making us look like complete asses earlier."
Seryna: Rachel shudders. "I'm not sure that we should take him out tonight. Tonight..and yesterday... was rough."
Jack Robinson: "I just wanna see him pukin' his skinny little guts out, the little pussy. Hissin' at me."
Jack Robinson: Sharky sneered a bit behind the cloth. "Don' like people who think they're hot shit."
Jack Robinson: "Perhaps he's overcompensating for something," Rose winked.
Seryna: Rachel turns, giving Marc a wry look. She almost wants to open up the topic of the diasterous wrestling match, but shame prevented her from divulging the whole of the story. "He's not the leader. He's stated that about twelve times. Now we jut subtract the times he's lost his head in public..."
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "He's gotta be," Marc remarks to Rose before grinning at Rachel, kind of a "don't you tell that story" look. "At least two or three times, if I remember correctly. Also factor in the number of times he's led us into a clusterfuck of epic proportions..."
Seryna: "Our car has no bumper." She tells Rose. "Thats why we're all in Marc's car. And under no circumstances let Justin drive."
Jack Robinson: "I'll remember that - I like my cars remaining in one piece," she commented warily.
Seryna: Rachel nudged the slumbering Lunchmeat with her foot. "Well, now that we're sated... maybe we should seriously consider the whole 'army of ghouls' thing. Justin seems worried about it."
Jack Robinson: "Hard to have a fuckin' army if there ain't a resident Kindred pop." Sharky said with a shrug. "And they said there were fifteen here tops. Ghouls are high maint- you gotta feed the dogs."
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "Eh, I say bring 'em on. They can't be as smart as this Chelsea bitch wants us to think they are," Marcus added. "Unless there's some sort of x-factor we aren't considering, or she didn't reveal. Chances are all the cards are on the table, though. She seemed a little too happy about her big reveal to hide anything."
Seryna: "Assuming they all ate that fuck wit Salim, that gives them a couple weeks before they shrivel up like pickles. " Rachel shakes her head. "What was the point of that, really? Aha, I tricked you!"
Jack Robinson: Sharky grinned. "Back to the car before our dumpster buddies wake up, kiddies." He suggested, before nodded. "Yeah... I think it was maybe a set up from the start, see? Like a bait and switch. Look, here's a fuckin' buddy, don't you like him, come meet him and snap! You're a stupid rogue Ghoul's lunch."
Seryna: Rachel stepped around the slumbering mortals, starting towards the car. "So they seemed to think that they were going to track us down and burn us in day light. Maybe we should find some uninhabitle, unlikely place and start assembling a ghoul busting arsenel."
Jack Robinson: Rose wiped her mouth with a handkerchief, and offered a quick nod of agreement. "I certainly don't intend on becoming ghoul feed," she answered. "I doubt she'll be a large problem for us."
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "I'm buying a Mossberg. Fuck you if you disagree," Marcus said, starting toward the car. "I can handle a handgun, but nothing beats a Mossberg for raw stopping power. And as for a place to sleep..." He pauses, apparently deep in thought. "I suggest the Hilton. Maybe that's just my inner rock star trying to get out. Whatever."
Seryna: "But we had a whole conversation about bath tubs and maids..." Rachel cocked her head. "Or did Amelita agree with me on that? Ugh, feels like I've been in this Dead City forever."
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "If you show enough cash at the front desk, people in upscale hotels will leave you alone. Trust me," he replies through a smirk.
Jack Robinson: "Forget that. Light leaks in the curtains, one breeze and your ass is on fire." Sharky grunted.
Jack Robinson: "'Sides, you want some dumb kine seein' what's under my cloth and pissin' themselves all over the lobby?"
Seryna: "We could hollow out the attic of the Hilton." Rachel proposed, hoping to put salve on Marc's wounded pride. "I sleep best when no one knows where I am. "
Jack Robinson: "'S'alright for you lot, you don't make babies cry and kittens drop dead of fright."
Seryna: "Also, *I* may lose my nerves of steel if I see whats under there too often." Rachel replies to Sharkey, flashing a toothy grin. "You are a truly terrifying speciman."
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "I don't think they'd take kindly to us hollowing out an attic," he remarks. "Whatever, I say we just find something and make it home. Just, please... no wino hideouts. Not sure I can handle another place like that."
Jack Robinson: "I got my uses." Sharky laughed wetly. "I'll try not to offend yer fuckin' senses of aesthetics, Lords and Daevas."
Seryna: "Hey, you wern't there when Justin drained the wino and promised to take out the trash in the morning. " Rachel griped. "These are all valid ideas... more the better! We up for shopping?"
Jack Robinson: "Sure. Long as it ain't a place that minds about the cloth. Mind you, if it's open at this time, it probably don't." Sharky cracked his knuckles. "Let's go have fun."
Jack Robinson: ((Right! Sam and I need to get to bed. This was an awesome hunting tactic, and we should use it again.))
wednesday_13_2005 Casto: "No riding the bicycles," Marcus says in Sharky's general direction. ((I agree, both about needing to get to bed and the awesomeness of hunting this way. ^_^))

The rolls:
Lunch 3 rolled 1 dice to "Panicflail" (difficulty 10) 8 (0 successes) Link
2011-03-08 03:38:51 Miles 'Sharky' Caparso rolled 9 dice to "Dogpile!" 6,8,5,6,1,10,3,10,9,4,5 (4 successes) Link
2011-03-08 03:35:11 Marcus rolled 7 dice to "Feed! +BP" 2,10,10,9,4,1,2,10,3,6 (4 successes) Link
2011-03-08 03:32:58 Miles 'Sharky' Caparso rolled 9 dice to "Dogpile!" 9,8,10,6,9,1,10,7,3,3,1 (5 successes) Link
2011-03-08 03:29:25 Rose McKinley rolled 6 dice to "Strength + Brawl + 2" 5,2,10,6,7,4,10,7 (2 successes) Link
2011-03-08 03:27:59 Lunch rolled 1 dice to "Chance die struggle" (difficulty 10) 2 (0 successes) Link
2011-03-08 03:25:16 Miles 'Sharky' Caparso rolled 9 dice to "Dogpile!" 4,7,1,8,8,3,7,5,5 (2 successes) Link
2011-03-08 03:23:57 Rachel Giles rolled 7 dice to "Lie" 6,10,9,10,1,4,8,9,6 (5 successes) Link
2011-03-08 03:21:57 Marc rolled 9 dice to "Seduce" 9,3,2,2,2,7,5,1,8 (2 successes) Link
2011-03-08 03:18:04 Rachel Giles rolled 5 dice to "Look Pathethic" 1,2,10,7,9,1 (2 successes)

Rose McKinley rolled 7 dice to "Seduce" 4,3,9,3,8,9,3 (3


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