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Arrival Empty Arrival

Post by Seratone on Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:34 pm

Scene Title: The Gathering.

[12:03:33 18/02/11] Seratone : Dean’s character receives a letter in the mail signed by the “President of Cincinatti.” The letter explains that she has volunteered to join a coterie for the purpose of re-establishing a domain in the nearby city of Dayton. The letter instructs you to meet the other members in the parking garage at 8th and A street at midnight. You could ignore the request, but you’ve heard rumors about the revolutionary guard. Coteries of brutal neonates that were the functional equivalent of the sherrif in more traditional domains. Refusing the assignment could attract their attention….

[12:07:23 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita goes over the letter, somewhat resentful of the endless obligations and threats. Perhaps settling a domain would offer a little release. Unlikely. She threw on a faded hoody over the thrifty dress she'd passed out in. She draws a silk shroud over an altar of rough-hewn stone before setting out for the meet..

[12:09:55 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin had gathered in theparking garage around midnight The last few hours had been a rush. He'd frantically tried to seduce a young lady at a bar, hoping to satiate his desire for blood. But his game was off tonight, and he had left the bar by himself. Justin paces around looking nervous. Travel always made him nervous. And this crazy regime reminded him more of Nazi Germany or Iran then any democracy he'd ever heard of..

[12:10:34 18/02/11] @ Seryna : Rachel leans against the cocrete wall, checking the weather in Dayton on her cell phone ap. She's frowning; still worried about traveling. Her blonde hair is swept into a simple ponytail. She wears a dark gray cardigan over jeans; dressed to her appropriate age. A backpack hangs from her shhoulder..

[12:12:51 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin looks over at Rachel when she arrives, looking a little relieved. "It won't be that long of a drive at least." he looks around. "I'm going to be thirsty when I get there though. Tried to feed but...I'm off balance tonight.".

[12:15:41 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita arrives on foot. She looks to be of Central-American descent, short, curved and kind of strange looking, with a Supreme hoody and an expensive looking weave, all over tacky jewellery and the kind of dress a fortune teller might wear. She watches for a while, eventually coughing from the shadows..

[12:15:42 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin wears his typical business suit and white shirt and black tie. For him it was pretty much a uniform..

[12:15:42 18/02/11] @ Seryna : It might be rough feeding in a new place." Rachel frowns. Another worry. "We could just stick together like old times for tonight. " She looks about. "I wish we knew something about these others we're supposed to pal around with.".

[12:20:51 18/02/11] Seratone : ""No one should be going off by themslves. We' don't even know what's out there."..

[12:22:26 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "Pres said he'll set us up in a haven. We should make a new one asap-" She looks up from her phone and spots the newcomer. She drops the phone in her pocket. "Hi," She greets. "I'm Rachel Giles. ".

[12:23:52 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin's cellphone rings and he picks up. "Hello...of yes. That's very nice of you. What's that address again. Ok. Send him our most gracious thanks." He hangs up the phone. "That was Logan's attendant. He says that Damian has set up a secure haven for us to use if we want when we get there." Justin nods to the new woman, looking at her a little warily. "So I guess that is our first choice. Book a hotel, or use the secure haven.".

[12:24:21 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita nods, studying the pair. "Am. How's it going?".

[12:24:56 18/02/11] Seratone : "I'm Justin Jonnik. You get volunteered same as us?".

[12:25:44 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "We're taveling," Rachel replies drily. "- and its already midnight. We sure we have to set out tonight and not say; tomorrow?".

[12:26:10 18/02/11] @ Dean : "That depends on how you volunteered," Amelita snarked. "My Hierophant volunteered me, yours too?".

[12:27:39 18/02/11] Seratone : "The President said that tonight is departure night. Which depending on how you read it, culd mean that we're being exiled...politely." Justin nods his head. "We're travelers...I'm not surprised this happened to us.".

[12:28:03 18/02/11] Seratone : He frowns, the ventrue's confidence had waned a bit since his ngits in Salem..

[12:28:47 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "Great, exile. Could mean we already lost the rights to feed." Rachel pointed out to Justin. "I saw we should start shopping for an emergency and get on the road as soon as we can.".

[12:30:39 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin nods in agreement. "Alright then. My car can fit everyone. I'll drive.".

[12:30:39 18/02/11] @ Dean : "You aren't going to try hole up here for another night? Can't be that hard to hide." Amelita reasoned..

[12:31:39 18/02/11] Seratone : "Rachel, what do you think?".

[12:33:51 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita avoided the light as she found a piece of wall to prop herself against. "I'm saying this is a polite population cull, right? Whoever set up this meet don't care 'bout whether we get there. I mean leave at gone midnight, 'then' find a place to spend day? That's some bullshit.".

[12:35:28 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "We have a secure location- but as every one else was lost in this city, the securfe location might just be a building thats still standing." Rachel frowns. "Its a 40 minute drive, right? Lets do it tonight. We buy some stuff to help reinforce the first respectable haven we see.".

[12:36:14 18/02/11] @ Dean : (What's Rachel's composure?).

[12:37:03 18/02/11] Seratone : Agreed". Justin nods his head firmly. "I can always book a hotel at the last minute if need be.".

[12:37:44 18/02/11] @ Seryna : [comp 3].

[12:38:24 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "Hate hotels." Rachel makes a face. "Some maid has the key to our room..".

[12:41:38 18/02/11] Seratone : "I didn't say it was ideal. But I don't think staying here is much safer." He gets in the drivers seat of the car. "Let's get this expedition underway then.".

[12:42:07 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita stared at Rachel for a second, incredulous. She tried to call on the strange sight, but found it wouldn't come. "Hotels. Bad. You got people who live off tips with access to us and we'd all be holed up in the bathroom.".

[12:44:17 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "People with only the job skills to make beds and move rags." Rachel agrees with Amelita. "We'd have to pay off someone not to come in, and then maybe they think we have tasty drugs. We'd probably be safer holing up in attic of some closed store. Like that Mervyns thats been closed for 3 months. Maybe Dayton has that... "Rachel moves to the passengers seat of the car and settle in, dropping her backpack by her feet..

[12:46:26 18/02/11] @ Dean : "Yeah, better we find a vacant place to day-crash." Amelita hopped in the back. "Whatever we do, I need to swing by my place, pick up a few things. That ok?".

[12:47:16 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin looks to Amelia. "Alright then." He turns on the ignition and drives to a place in Cincy as directed by Amelia..

[12:49:03 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita directs Justin to a faded storefront and rushes up some narrow steps at a side entrance, returning with a few plastic bags full of clothes piles and a small black box. "Uh, there's something else too. I'm gonna need some help with it.".

[12:50:13 18/02/11] Seratone : "Can we wait until we're settled?" He sounded irritable. Time was ticking...15 minutes down the tube already..

[12:51:37 18/02/11] @ Dean : "No." Amelita replied, flatly. "And if we need the -what- ten minutes I just spent getting my *life* out of that hole then we'll really have fucked up. Come on, I'll owe you.".

[12:52:03 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "Mqybe she actually lived here and has more than a backpack." Rachel suggested. "I'm in, wheres it at?".

[12:52:51 18/02/11] Seratone : "I'll tell you what. I'll stay on lookout then." The ventrue grumbled. He did not like being defied.

[12:54:05 18/02/11] @ Dean : "Upstairs. Room with the bed in it. It's small, but heavy as hell." Amelita directs the pair into a poky studio littered with salvaged car stereos and points at a small, but dense altar made from rough black stone. It smells faintly metallic, like blood, and has rivlets and crude carvings of some Aztec deity along the side. "You take one end, I'll take the other. 'Kay?".

[12:55:04 18/02/11] Seratone : (be back in 5 folks gotta check something real quick).

[12:55:20 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "Whoa." Rachel takes in the altar for a moment. "You wern't kiddinga bout it being heavy as hell. Hope Justin doesn't scream about it going in the trunk." Rachel steps forward to help with the lifting..

[12:56:23 18/02/11] @ Dean : "This'll help. Trust me," Amelita groans, waddling under the weight of her end of the altar..

[12:56:28 18/02/11] @ Seryna : +bbbbbv.

[12:56:33 18/02/11] @ Seryna : +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.

[12:57:02 18/02/11] @ Seryna : ++.

[12:58:06 18/02/11] @ Seryna : [Sorry, cat found me].

[12:58:41 18/02/11] @ Dean : [ah].

[12:58:53 18/02/11] @ Seryna : Rachel has no idea how the heavy as hell rock will help, but only makes noises of strain as she helps to carry it down to the car..

[13:00:18 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita frowned at Justin as she hopped in the back. "You're a real gentleman, you know that?".

[13:05:16 18/02/11] Seratone : ok back.

[13:06:49 18/02/11] Seratone : "And you took your sweet time. Let's get the hell out of here." Justin peels out and takes the car up onto the bleak highways of Ohio....

[13:07:55 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita made a face and spent the journey trying to maintain her weave with no reflection to go on..

[13:08:57 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "Yeah, yeah. Don't hit a pothole, we may all die." Rachel says glumly. The thought of travel worried her greatly and she slumped in the front seat, staring out the window for signs of treachery,.

[13:10:20 18/02/11] Seratone : The 40 minute drive proves entirely uneventful. You notice that the roads appear to be very light on traffic. But that went along with what you've seen of Ohio. Less and peple, more and more decay. At 1:00 AM they arrive on the outskirts of Dayton Ohio. "Alright, the secure haven is in the nice part of town. We can go for that, or look for an abandoned place in the slums. I vote for the nice place.".

[13:10:46 18/02/11] Seratone : (less and less people).

[13:11:59 18/02/11] @ Dean : "I vote slums. Too complicated uptown.".

[13:15:26 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "Lets check out the slums." Rachel suggested. "We can always hit the nice place if the slums don't work out. But if theres a lot of have - nots here, establishing ourselves as 'haves' may get us on somebody's radar.".

[13:17:27 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin grumbles swinging the car toward the slums. "So much for semocracy." He mytters....

[13:17:35 18/02/11] Seratone : (democracy).

[13:18:37 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "This is actually a pretty good show of democracy. With voting and all. Come on Justin, you're being all hungry and grouchy. After we unload our stuff, we can troll the slums for dinner.".

[13:19:11 18/02/11] @ Dean : "Let's wait till we know what's out there and why this place is empty before playing Lords and Ladies. And I'd rather start out somewhere inconspicuous.".

[13:19:42 18/02/11] Seratone : The black sedan winds its way into the neighborhoods north and west of downtown. Many of the homes appear to be crumbling or abandoned. There aren't many people on the street. But theones that are out and about take notice of the outsiders. Eventually, Justin parks his car on a street where all of the houses look condemned. "Well It doesn't get any more dead than this.".

[13:20:04 18/02/11] Seratone : (roll perception.

[13:20:30 18/02/11] @ Dean : (does auspex/danger sense help).

[13:21:03 18/02/11] Seratone : (not in this case).

[13:21:37 18/02/11] @ Dean : (4 sux ).

[13:21:41 18/02/11] @ Seryna : [ 2011-02-18 21:21:23 Rachel Giles rolled 5 dice to "perception" 2,3,9,4,6 (1 successes) ].

[13:22:26 18/02/11] @ Seryna : [thats why having a mekhet kicks ass].

[13:23:10 18/02/11] @ Dean : [yeah].

[13:25:09 18/02/11] Seratone : The trio comb the neighborhood until they find what looks like a suitable location. It is condemned house. All entrances are boarded up. But you notice a lot of concrete, and what looks to be a cellar in the back of the house..

[13:25:40 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin tries to open the cellar but it is locked..

[13:27:37 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "I vote that this is the place." Rachel eyes the cellar. "If we break it open; we kill the whole 'its cool having a nice, locked cellar' aspect. I'm going upstairs to look for a window." Rachel roams the house, looking for a boarded window on the side of the house not facing streets or active houses..

[13:28:31 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita folds her arms impatiently. "Hold up. Lemme get a look at the lock first.".

[13:29:03 18/02/11] @ Dean : [is it like a padlock?].

[13:29:26 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin steps back. "If you can pick it, tha's alright with me." (Yes padlock)..

[13:30:16 18/02/11] Seratone : Rachel finds a window in the backyard that has been boardedup. But the boards look like they are coming a little loose.

[13:30:46 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita rummages through her little black box, past the costume jewellery and crack rocks and finally produces a tension wrench and the other thing which she didn't know the name of,.

[13:31:58 18/02/11] @ Dean : (2011-02-18 21:31:36 Amelita Herrerra Villareale rolled 6 dice to "Dex+Larceny+WP" 8,9,2,3,4,7 (2 successes)).

[13:32:21 18/02/11] @ Dean : She wiggles the wrench through the keyhole, raking the pins..

[13:32:31 18/02/11] Seratone : (extended action keep going).

[13:32:50 18/02/11] Seratone : It sounds like Amelia is making progress with the lock....

[13:32:51 18/02/11] @ Seryna : At Amelita's comment, Rachel drifts back towards the group, making anote to reinforce those boards if they do manage to get inside..

[13:33:55 18/02/11] @ Dean : (1 sux on next roll...).

[13:34:22 18/02/11] @ Dean : (3 on the third ).

[13:35:51 18/02/11] Seratone : It tkes a good 20 minutes of work, but eventually the lock comes undone. The cellar door opens, revealing steps toward a pitch black basement. "Huh, maybe it is a good thing that you came with us." Justin comments wryly.

[13:37:33 18/02/11] @ Dean : "Right, otherwise our asses'd be dust on account of a cleaning lady with sticky fingers..." Amelita muttered. "You wanna insult me some more or help move the altar?".

[13:38:56 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin snickers. "Right, fair enough then." Justin moves back to the car to help with the alter. he picks up a flashlight on the way there. Meanwhile...Rachel hears wat sounds like a cough, coming from inside the house..

[13:41:01 18/02/11] @ Seryna : Rachel listens to the two bicker,w ondering if its just growing pains. They were after all, relative strangers. To be expected, she decided. Especially when Justin acts like a bitch when he's hungry. Her eyes rivet to the house when she hears the sound. She motions with her hands to the others, then points to her ear and back to the house. She indicates to Justin that she wants the flashlight..

[13:42:50 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin gives the flashlight to Rachel as he reaches down to pick up the black stone. He hadn't noticed the noise himself..

[13:43:42 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita covers her eyes, smudging her heavy makeup slightly. "Watch it with that thing. Not all us need it..." she whispered..

[13:46:45 18/02/11] @ Seryna : Nodding to Amelita, she steps in front of the other woman, switching the light off. She keeps her finger on the switch as she starts to edge down the steps. She crooks her arm and keeps the flashlight beside her head, facing forward so that the light would shine forward when she pressed the switch,.

[13:46:51 18/02/11] @ Seryna : [need stealth roll?].

[13:48:29 18/02/11] Seratone : (if you want).

[13:50:52 18/02/11] @ Seryna : [Rachel Giles rolled 4 dice to "Sneaking down the stairs" 3,2,8,4 (1 successes)].

[13:52:05 18/02/11] Seratone : As she creeps down the stairs, Rachel hears someone breathing, it is heavy breath. The the sound of some liquid sloshing about. As she approaches the stairwell leading up to the main house, she is able to barely make out the form of a person sitting on the stairs. She can hear the muttering now. It is a man's voice. "Dirty son of a bitch, bitch." He mutters..

[13:52:37 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin waits in the backyard for the all clear before moving in..

[13:53:12 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita leaned against the trunk, grasping a bag of clothes. "I wouldn't wanna be you if you dropped the altar, Jefe.".

[13:53:32 18/02/11] @ Seryna : Rachel pauses, listening. She remains motionless, listening for any clue who this guy was or why he was here..

[13:56:01 18/02/11] Seratone : Rachel watches as the man bends over, and flicks on a switch. The switch flicks on a lantern lighting the room up a little bit. Rachel can see now that the man appears to be a common homeless man. The liquid she heard before was a 40 oz malt liquor. "Someone here?" He mutters gruffly..

[13:58:33 18/02/11] @ Seryna : Rachel steps away from the man, heading back upstairs to where the others waited. She tries to move quietly, but is not making great pains at it. "Not a home owner.: She discloses at the top of the stairs. "Could be your dinner, if you don't mind a hell of a buzz. Could ask him how long he's been sitting here.".

[14:01:36 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin checks his watch. "Oh shit.. All that trouble and there's a fucking witness." "I'm going to drain his ass. Don't try to stop me either..".

[14:02:58 18/02/11] @ Dean : "No... Don't do it..." Amelita deadpanned with sarcasm. She turned to Rachel. "How do I look?" she asked..

[14:03:46 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "Man's wasted." Rachel shakes her head. "You can just shove him out of here with a bill in his pocket, have a nip, and top him off at a corner and there's no body. But, do what you want." Rachel looks to Amelita."Convincing. Justin needs our heartfelt, strident efforts to... ah... pretend to care about Mr. Smelly.".

[14:04:30 18/02/11] Seratone : (you can make a social roll like persuasion Sernya).

[14:06:35 18/02/11] @ Seryna : Rachel Giles rolled 6 dice to "Persuasion" 5,6,2,4,3,6 (0 successes) .

[14:08:28 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin considers Rachel's proposals for a moment then turns around. "Give me a minute to mysef." he mutters. Justin disappears into the basement. Moments later you hear the man give an exasperated yelp, followed by a dull thud on the ground..

[14:09:59 18/02/11] Seratone : (humanity 2 suc).

[14:10:17 18/02/11] @ Dean : "That's really not cool," Amelita chastised, a bag in each hand. "Why'd you have to drain the guy?".

[14:12:37 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin returns to the backyard, a little blood still on his lips. He wavers a bit as he climbs the stairs. "No one can see where I sleep by day." He mutters angrily.. He sounds a little tipsy now..

[14:13:33 18/02/11] @ Seryna : 'Awesome." Rachel remarks dryly. "Now since we don't want you tripping down the stairs with Amelita's big stone, I guess that means the womenfolk do the heavy lifting. Again. Marvelous.".

[14:14:35 18/02/11] Seratone : "And since I'm drunk. One of you needs to call Damian's ghoul. Her number is in the folder in my briefcase. That's the last thing we need to do tonight. Unless you need to hunt. Me, I'm one and done tonight.".

[14:14:47 18/02/11] @ Dean : "Yeah? Well you're on cleanup duty, oh Prince of shit city," she answers, icily. Amelita shoves Justin a little, but she's small and kind of weak..

[14:16:03 18/02/11] @ Seryna : Rachel returns to the car to find the paperwork in his brief case. She dials the number to the ghoul, leaning back in the drivers seat of the car as she waits for the phone to be picked up..

[14:16:37 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin's beast is stoked a little by the push. He snarls angrily.

[14:17:48 18/02/11] Seratone : (Justin keeps his beast in check, but burns 2 willpower in the process).

[14:18:23 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin nearly lunges at the woman with his fangs, but keeps it together long enough to stumble down to the basment..

[14:18:23 18/02/11] @ Dean : "Wow, big bad monster... slew the drunk," Amelita shoots back. (Empathy success, she's kind of scared since she doesn't know what Justin's capable of, but kind of pissed anyway).

[14:19:16 18/02/11] Seratone : Meanwhile...Rachel connects with the ghoul. "Hello, Chelsea Spangler, Citibank may I help you?".

[14:20:25 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "Yes, this is Rachel Giles from the Dayton branch. We were supposed to call when we arrived.".

[14:22:36 18/02/11] Seratone : "Oh right. I'll let him know tht you've arrived. One moment." About 30 seconds of elevator music follows. "Hello you still there? Damian has agreed to meet you in person tomorrow evening. 11:00 PM at the following address. He says in the meantime just make yourselves at home as best you can.".

[14:24:27 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "That's great. " Rachel replied. "We'll be there at the meeting tomorrow. Is there anything else we should know?".

[14:24:30 18/02/11] Seratone : Justin grumbles, having defeated his beast and satisfied his blood craving for the night. He ignores the others and tries to make himself comfortable to sleep..

[14:25:28 18/02/11] Seratone : "Ummm, yes Dress is business casual. Have a good evening.".

[14:26:35 18/02/11] @ Dean : Amelita pokes Justin. "I'm going to need some privacy in here, so how about you wait outside for like ten minutes?".

[14:29:41 18/02/11] @ Seryna : "Marvelous. See you then." Rachel ends the call and goes about gathering gear from the car, including Justin's briefcase and papers. She carries them down to the cellar. "We can get the giant stone next." She suggests. "As the car may be boosted by morning." She shrugs..

[14:30:09 18/02/11] Seratone : nJustin gets to his feet. "Keep pushing me lady. See what happens." He shakes his head, nodding hazily to Rachel on the way out..

[14:30:21 18/02/11] Seratone : (alright guys I think we are at a good end point).

[14:30:28 18/02/11] @ Seryna : .

[14:31:05 18/02/11] @ Dean : "Just get out, you pig." Amelita spits..

[14:31:07 18/02/11] @ Seryna : [that was a fun trip].

[14:31:07 18/02/11] Seratone : (make sure to deduct 1 bp for the night) and if you want to make a hunting roll to restock you can do that before the nex scene starts).

[14:31:24 18/02/11] @ Dean : (I'm performing a ritual).

[14:31:28 18/02/11] Seratone : (You are so gonna make that guy frenzy lol).

[14:31:45 18/02/11] @ Dean : (he totally deserves it).

[14:32:12 18/02/11] @ Dean : (and you guys don't want to see this particular cruac ritual. kinda grody).

[14:32:13 18/02/11] Seratone : (so good start?).

[14:32:33 18/02/11] @ Dean : (yeah, decent start, wondering what's going to happen).


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