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Presidential Meeting

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Presidential Meeting Empty Presidential Meeting

Post by Seratone on Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:26 pm

Everyone’s night started the same..

[13:59:37 16/02/11] Seratone : An unfamiliar voice on your cell phone or answering machine.“The President wants to speak with you. Midnight, Carlton Office Building, 17th floor.” You knew that t not showing up was not an option. This was the President. When you reach the 17th floor , you enter a spacious office lounge, complete with luxurious couches, fine carpeting, a TV, and an empty receptionist desk. You see Justin Jonnik, dressed in his finest business suit standing around looking a little nervous, not sure what to do..

[13:59:49 16/02/11] Seratone : (You are in Cincinatti).

[14:06:08 16/02/11] Seratone : (The Prince is Carthian).

[14:11:56 16/02/11] @ Seryna : "Jonnik.." Rachel acknowledges with a brief nod. She half turns, surveying the reception area. "You have any idea what this is about? This is...odd?".

[14:16:25 16/02/11] Seratone : “You too huh?” He sounds relieved a little. “I have no idea, but my guess would be that this is what goes for presentation around here. It’s a weird town isn’t it?” Justin replies. You over hear an odd noise coming from the conference room nearby. It is an odd creaking sound, like someone is inside. Justin creeps up to the door, not sure if he should open it or not..

[14:16:58 16/02/11] Seratone : "You think we're supposed to...go in?".

[14:17:53 16/02/11] @ Seryna : "I wouldn't." Rachel warns. "All we need to do is go in without a plan." "The President." Rachel crosses her arms nervously. "I can't believe we're meeting with the President. We haven't fucked up something, have we? I think the first thing to agree on is that we admit to nothing and act like good little childer. Sounds good to you?".

[14:20:20 16/02/11] @ Seryna : [hey Cobra].

[14:21:09 16/02/11] Seratone : Justin steps back from the door and nods his head. “Agreed.”.

[14:21:26 16/02/11] Seratone : In the conference room, you hear a woman scream loudly, like she is having sex. This is followed by a dull thud..

[14:21:48 16/02/11] Seratone : You overhear a voice, someone with a british accent. “She’ll need medical attention sir.”.

[14:22:09 16/02/11] @ Seryna : "Well, shit." Rachel mutters, approaching the door..

[14:22:12 16/02/11] Seratone : This is followed by a loud overbearing brutish yell. “Then take her to the doctor damnit, and for the love of God clean up this damn conference room!”.

[14:24:10 16/02/11] Seratone : You hear a door close...minutes later. A bald pasty man enters the recpeption area from another room. "The President will see you now." he opens the door to the conference room that you were standing near, deliberately overlooking the awkwardness of the whole situation..

[14:25:08 16/02/11] @ Seryna : "Ah. Thank you..." Rachel replies, somewhat ackwardly. She steps forward, willing herself to enter into the conference room. No matter what you see, she tells herself, don't react..

[14:25:19 16/02/11] @ Seryna : [hey Cobra, you up for ahunter scene in a few minutes?].

[14:27:31 16/02/11] cobrawax : (I'm afraid I don't have the time.).

[14:28:05 16/02/11] Seratone : President Logan is reclined in a chair at the end of the conference room. He appears to be in his late 30s, but is very pale looking. He is dressed in a pale blue suit from the 1980s with an open collar and not even a tie.“Ahhh, Justin, Rachel. Come in sit down. It is good to finally meet the two of you. How have your travels been?”.

[14:29:13 16/02/11] cobrawax : (perhaps later. I'll see how it pans out).

[14:29:29 16/02/11] @ Seryna : "Its an honor, sir." Rachel replies with a respectful nod. She hasn't had much experience with meeting Princes - or Presidents. She gratefully chooses a seat and sits down, frantically trying to think of something to say. "Its been unventful, sir.".

[14:31:58 16/02/11] Seratone : He pours himself a glass of blood from a nearby container. "Well its about to start getting eventful. That is for damn sure." He takes a sip of blood from the glass. "Please have something to drink if you are so inclined." The President seems a little overly casual for someone of his stature..

[14:32:43 16/02/11] Seratone : Justin somewhat reluctantl pours himself a glass, barely able to keep his hand from shaking..

[14:35:01 16/02/11] @ Seryna : Rachel gives Justin a curious glance, but follows suit. Shes not stupid enough to turn down blood; when hunting as a neonate is difficult as it can be. "Thank you. I admit that I am curious. Eventful in what way?".

[14:40:28 16/02/11] Seratone : The President reaches down for a moment and opens up his briefcase, pulling out a binder stuffed with documents. He slides theacross the table toward Justin and Rachel. "Fifteen years ago, we lost contact with the denizens of Dayton Ohio. It used to be a meeting place. A half way point between Columbus and Cincinatti. There was even a Prince up there and everything. But alas, after all this time, Prince Damian has resurfaced, and has requested our help in securing his domain. That is where you come in. You and a few others. I'm calling you up to form coterie. You'll go up there, make contact, and see to it that the town is safe again.".

[14:42:54 16/02/11] Seratone : Justin looks like he is about to say something in protest, but thinks better of it, prefering to remain quiet..

[14:43:05 16/02/11] @ Seryna : Rachel leans forward to look over the documents. "Safe as a meeting place, sir?" She inquired. "When was the last time we heard from Dayton?".

[14:46:12 16/02/11] Seratone : "Dayton is a domain. A small one, but it is important for us that order be restored." His voice turns a little more stern. "Very important.".

[14:46:23 16/02/11] Seratone : (more coming) .

[14:49:46 16/02/11] @ Seryna : [hey Dean].

[14:49:50 16/02/11] Seratone : The first document is a handwritten letter, written on parchment. It is dated December 2010..

[14:50:11 16/02/11] Seratone : Dear Logan, Alas it has been 15 years since the purges. The hunters purged nearly everyone but I escaped. I have only now emerged from torpor. I request your help in re-establishing domain. A coterie of neonates would do well. You have my word that they shall be given land and democracy in exchange for their service. Sincerely, Damian..

[14:53:08 16/02/11] @ Seryna : "Fifteen years is a long time; sir. " Rachel replied, her mind in turmoil over what could befall a domain in that time. She is also curious about the promises of the letter- land? Thier own territory, so young? Just how dangerous was this Dayton domain? "Are there any priorities on who we should look for? Are we to carry a message to Prince Damian?".

[14:57:21 16/02/11] Seratone : "I'd like o think, that this is a chance at the redemption for both of you. I know about Salem." The underlying threat was obvious and he let's it sink in for a time before speaking again. "Yes, your first priority is to contact Damian's ghoul. He will set you up with an adequate haven. His dossier is in the documents. From there, pririties are re-establishing influence among the mortals, and neutralizing any lingering threat to the masquerade." The man smiles. I think you and the others will do very well in this assignment. I have the utmost confidence.".

[14:58:41 16/02/11] @ Seryna : "As always; I'd be glad to help in any way, sir." Rachel lapses into silence, her mind awash with various ideas. She was a bit concerend that Salem was mentioned at all. "Sir, may I ask when we shall meet the rest of the coterie?".

[15:01:49 16/02/11] Seratone : "Oh you'll meet the other volunteers soon enough. They may not be given the same extensive briefing as you two so please, fill them in if you see fit. As ventrue I believe that it is understood that you two will play a strong leadership role in this coterie.".

[15:02:39 16/02/11] Seratone : "Tomorrow night is departure night. Take steps to prepare now. Dayton is a 40 minute drive from here.".

[15:03:41 16/02/11] @ Seryna : "Yes sir." She felt a slight thrill go through her at the mention of leadership. She and Justin hadn't done too badly in Salem; after all. Perhaps this really was a chance at redemption. "Thank you, sir.".

[15:05:54 16/02/11] Seratone : The President smiles. "Oh, one more thing. If you come upon a certain Mekhet while you are exploring the new domain, be mindful that he is blood hunted here. I believe his name is Selim...that's also in the documents. He is a murderer and fled town years ago.".

[15:06:30 16/02/11] Seratone : "So please, deal with him as you would any other traitor.".

[15:08:17 16/02/11] @ Seryna : A thrill of fear runs through her. "Sir, I fear we are but childer. I would hate to be seen as too forward in our dealings. Can I inquire what authority we'd have with those denizens of Daytonw ho are our elders?".

[15:08:33 16/02/11] Seratone : Justin cringes slightly when Salem is mentioned..

[15:11:59 16/02/11] Seratone : The President frowns at Justin's diffling. "Your elder is Damian. He has right of destruction. However, if Damian can not be located, then consider Dayton as part of my domain. Is that clear?".

[15:12:56 16/02/11] @ Seryna : "Yes, sir." Rachel was quick to reply..

[15:13:27 16/02/11] Seratone : Justin nods his head. "Thank you for this opportunity Mr. President.".

[15:15:29 16/02/11] Seratone : Logan gestures gracefully before checking his watch. "Oh thank you. It is volunteers like yourselves that continue to safeguard and advance the revolution. I consider you all my comrads!" he smiles pleasently. "Well, prepare for tomorrow night then. My attendants will see to it that you know where to go.".

[15:16:49 16/02/11] @ Seryna : Rachel rises and sets her empty glass nearby. She gives a respectful nod. "Thank you sir.".

[15:18:45 16/02/11] Seratone : AFTER THE MEETING: Justin waits until after the meeting and they are out on the cold streets before speaking. "I don't know about this, should I be excited?".

[15:20:50 16/02/11] @ Seryna : "Should you be excited?" Rachel tosses her hair and glances around the cold streets. "Excited. Or terrified. How'd he hear about Salem?".

[15:22:03 16/02/11] Seratone : "I don't know. But I ge the feeling that may be threreason why we 'volunteered' for this assignment." Justin forces a smile. "A coterie of our own though. I like the sound of that.".


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