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First Case: Gary

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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by ricohard on Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:24 am

He took a deep breath, holstering his pistol and headed outside to call the police over and point them in the direction of the house stating where he had gone and the cry he had heard that had attracted him inside as well as showing his PI licence to explain who he was.


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by Seryna on Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:30 am

John comes back into sight of Chris and Gary, but whatever he says instantly draws the attention of the officers. Those in the information gathering huddle around Chris and the Agent stand and move towards him.

As the investigators hear the grisly report, the expressions of shock and dismay roll through the group. The officer in charge gathers the nearby police officers, who run down the street in an orderly group.

The forensic techs hastily assemble their gear and trail after, less organized and burdened by the tools of their trade.
Someone stands with John for several minutes, making him go over his statement, search for inaccuracy. The same person moves to Gary and Chris.

"He was with you earlier, right?" The agent jots on his pad, confirming that John was seen in the company of witnesses while the crime had occured.


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by Seratone on Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:42 pm

"Yeah he was with us before. What's that got to do anything? Look we have solid evidence that the killer is most likely Emily Gillen. She has motive, a witness IDed a blonde woman in the area, and the foot print matches up with her weight . You guys should be circulating that DMV photo to every law enforcement officer in the area. "

Chris looks over to Gary. "I'm no expert or anything, but if she knows that we are on to her, we better find the next victim quick because she won't be wasting anytime now


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by Seryna on Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:36 pm

The officer in charge glanced questioningly at Agent Goedken as Chris made his declarations. Chris was enjoying a considerable amount of fredom from the authorities, likely coasting on the agent's FBI coat tails.

"Agent?" The tall, lean man quieried. "Do we have a suspect?"

Gary looks back and forth between the tall man and Chris. "Uh.. yeah I think we do. Emily Gillen has both motive and a complete lack of alibi. She hasn't been seen since her family died at the car-plant."

Chris nods his head in agreement.

This affirmative statement got the ball rolling. Call were made, the radio calls went out, broadcasting the news. One had to wonder where Emily Gillen was right now, carrying the poor child's face... Surely, she couldn't lay low forever. It was quite possible that she had already pegged out her next victim. Was Agent Goedken confident that he knew her next target?

John stood answering the last few of the officer's questions without complaint but his mind was already running ahead of himself. He was pretty sure it should be possible but he would need a few things that he didn't have.

Gary nods at the question and takes on a doubtful but serious expression. "Yes. To this point, she has targeted family members of people that were involved in her family's fatal acident. Patti Wood, Ashley Merriman and now Danny. I think Mrs. Merriman is next."

"Then why are we wasting our time here? She could be on her way to Merriman's residence right now!"
Chris shudders at the thought

The officer questioning John closed his book, satisfied with John's answers. He was quickly drafted to the admin asistant. Gary was pleased to hear him assign the officer to go check out Emily's old home. He departed quickly and with haste.

Mike took another look at the address he was given, doublechecking the target. Now sure he had the right place, he switched out the clip in one of his Colts one of his newly acquired etheric rounds and replaced both Colts under his jacket. Exiting the vehicle, he made for the target location.

John frowned and crossed to gary with a deep frown on his face, one hand deep in his pockets checking what he had with him. it wasn't much but with a few additions it might do.

Mike was surprised to find the scene well in hand. The front of the house was sequestered by a young pair of officers. Three men stood talking by one of the police officers, clearly involved in the current police scene.

Gary Goedken is a fairly stunt but broad-shouldered man, wearing a brown fake-leather jacket, and black jeans. His face is pretty wide, with a slightly accentuated nose. His hair is a brownish blond buzzcut.

John is tall, he wears a long warm brown overcoat, his skin is that deep tanned red of the native people of this land.

Chris is an older looking man, that wears a long trench coat. He wears a high end camera around his neck and is carrying a small notepad. Mike might recognize him from the double tree hotel incident...

Mike has black hair, brown eyes, somewhat muscular build than normal, mid thirties, australian, brown leather jacket, black jeans, black boots.

Mike recalled his superior's words- spirit attached to someone who would be targetting this home. From the looks of things, the attack had already occured if the police were here. Where could he figure out what had happened - and by whom?
The officer in charge of the scene made a roundabout motion, signaling to the troops that this area was no longer the imminent danger. "I'll keep you informed, agent, please keep me informed as to your progress." He states, before moving off.


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Part 3

Post by Seryna on Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:28 pm

[10:59:43 06/01/11] Seryna : Time line: Patricia Wood (held for 16 hours) - Cox's abduction & release (after 4 hours of torture) - Ashley Merriman (held for 12 hours) - Danny Wood (held for 2-3 hours).

11:03:34 06/01/11] Seryna : Patricia Wood (held for 16 hours) - Cox's abduction & release (after 4 hours of torture) - Ashley Merriman (held for 12 hours) - Danny Wood (held for 2-3 hours). It is clear to see that Emily has stepped up her own time line. Why? Is she becoming frenzied? Oh was the child too difficult for even her fractured mind to handle? She handled obtaining her tropy well enough... Checking on the other cases, Gary is informed that they, too, were mutilated. Yet not to the degree of poor Danny, whose face was in the grasp of this terrible killer. Where could she be? Time was running out. Where could you find her? And more importantly- what would you do once you did? The answer likely varied from person to person... Dealing with monsters was never easy.

[11:05:59 06/01/11] Seryna : (wb)

[11:06:19 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris looks at gary. "You said she'd go after Merriman next right? We better get over to her house quick. You got her address?"

[11:06:21 06/01/11] Seryna : (the chat kiv=cks you out after a few minutes of inactivity)

[11:07:18 06/01/11] ricohard : "Do you have that scrap of cloth still?" John asks gary "If so i believe I can help."

[11:09:46 06/01/11] Seryna : Gary, for the moment, was occupied with talking to the other officers. Likely getting something that could help, but Chris and John were momentarily ignored. it was a startling reminder how Gary had the authority and resources for guiding the search. Unless of course, Chris lent his investigative skills and John, his experience in the field. Both had already helped today.

[11:12:25 06/01/11] Seryna : [as Garys player isnt here, you're going to have to take initiative in the scene... we can fill him in when he arrives]

[11:13:14 06/01/11] ricohard : John searched his pockets pulling out a few pieces of string, a piece of chalk, a candle and a lighter. He looks around "I'm going to need some privacy he says to chris.

[11:13:34 06/01/11] Seratone : "Alright, fuck it. I'm not letting this story slip through my fingers." He gets on his cellphone, nodding vaguely to John.

[11:14:17 06/01/11] Seratone : (Chris uses professional contacts in the press core)

[11:14:22 06/01/11] Seratone :

[11:15:23 06/01/11] Seratone : "Hey, I need the address for Ashley Merriman, you know the girl that got abducted? Please tell me you've got that?"

[11:16:47 06/01/11] Seryna : "Uh, just a second. We're getting a lot of buzz about the 3rd murder right now..." There was a pause as keystrokes were struck. "All right, we got it." Chris recognized it as a five minute drive away. Chris was fairly certain John had walked here, as well...

[11:17:10 06/01/11] ricohard : He looks up "Brother, aid me please." he says moving towards one of the side streets out of the gaze of the police.

[11:18:53 06/01/11] Seratone : "Thanks." He hangs up the phone. "Alright, I've got the address. I'm going to head over there and check on the mother. Maybe get an interview while I'm at it." he looks at John. "You coming along pal?" Chris didnt feel confident about working this alone.

[11:19:23 06/01/11] Seryna : The new TFV team was briefed tp aid in the capture of an unidentified spirit. The Agent has been wrapping up a prior mission, requiring you to locate the target immediately.

[11:21:14 06/01/11] ricohard : He frowned "Very well, I should be able to do the calling from there if we don't have a better lead."

[11:23:52 06/01/11] Seryna : [Has John mentioned his profession to Chris?]

[11:24:26 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris gets to his car and hops in. "So you're a cop right?"

[11:24:38 06/01/11] ricohard : [nope, i don't believe that John has said anything about himself to chris.]

[11:25:38 06/01/11] Seryna : Chris and John made it to the Merriman's within ten minutes. While Gary had met with them, the family were strangers to the two men in the car. Glancing at the house, you are alarmed by the sound of a man shouting from within the house. The shouting sounded pained...

[11:25:46 06/01/11] ricohard : "Was," he says as he takes the passenger seat "Being a cop and dealing with what my blood has to deal with don't really mix. Too many unanswered and unanswerable questions. These Days I work freelance as it were."

[11:29:12 06/01/11] Seratone : "Well I sure hope you got a gun cause I sure as hell don't." Chris jumps out of the car as he hears the screaming. "Oh shit!" He gets out his hand held digital recorder and flips it on.

[11:29:30 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue lit up a cigarette outside of the building they'd recieved their briefing in and took a pull, before coughing and grimacing. "Right. Bristol, wasn't it? They said you Suits always have your fingers on the pulse. You gonna get through this in one piece?"

[11:30:31 06/01/11] Seryna : The red painted door to the house slams open. A dishelved man holding a bloody cloth to his forehead stumbles out. "Gloria?" He shouts, bewildered. Seeing Chris and John, he moves towards you. "Have you seen my sister in law? Or my wife?"

[11:31:09 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura glanced at the cigarette in distaste, as her attention sidled over to the building. "I think I can handle it," she responded gruffly.

[11:32:20 06/01/11] ricohard : He blinks one of his hand going to his pistol but he doesn't draw for the moment. "Sir, calm down. Start at the Begining and explain whats going on." he says in the calm clear police diction.

[11:32:54 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris just keeps the video rolling letting John ask the questions.

[11:32:57 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue glanced her over, shook his head, and limped over to his car, hauling himself into the driver's seat. "Right." He prodded the GPS. "Starting address was?"

[11:34:21 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura rolled her eyes, deduced that his ability to use a GPS was below her own, and inputted the address for him. "That," she nodded, and smiled politely.

[11:34:22 06/01/11] Seryna : The man turns, looking up and down the street. "There was a woman. She had a knife... my wife..." He pulls his hand away from the wound, looking at the bloody cloth with wide eyes. "She- said we were in on it. We were the reason Kyle needs justice." He looks up at you with wide, pleading eyes. "I blacked out. Where are they?

[11:35:29 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue pushed the cigarette to the side of his mouth, inhaled, and rolled his eyes. "Bitch." He muttered under his breath. Probably never done a day's hard work in her life. He followed the annoying woman in the GPS unit's instructions.

[11:36:46 06/01/11] ricohard : He doesn't look back at chris but intentionally keeps his face away from him, he really didn't need that. "the woman can you describe her?" he asks firmly.

[11:37:40 06/01/11] Seratone : "Damnit," Chris mutters as he keeps the video rolling.

[11:38:47 06/01/11] Seryna : "Blond.... she had a knife...?" He turns away from you, agitated and distracted. "You didn't see them?"

[11:40:25 06/01/11] Seratone : "Stay with us sir. Who else was involved in the cover up at the auto plant?"

[11:40:40 06/01/11] Tehrat : "Smile," Laura suggested simply. "I'm sure you'll be back out of my hair in no time."

[11:41:16 06/01/11] ricohard : he steps between the man and the camera, if chris kept that up he was only going to scare the man away. "How long ago did she leave the building?" he asks firmly

[11:41:28 06/01/11] Seryna : As Donahue guided the car down a street, a flash of yellow darts in front of him. He's forced to slam on the brakes as a blonde woman crosses the street. She is gorgeous - trim figure, beuatiful features... which seem distorted in a scowl. With alarm, you watch as she bends and lifts a still form and steps out of your sight across the street. Chris and John have to wonder why the vehicle crossing in front of the Merrimans is idling in the road...

[11:43:21 06/01/11] Seratone : "Damn you are killing the footage here." Chris shifts the camera toward the car that is ideling in the street.

[11:43:38 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue blew smoke out through his nostrils, chewing the cigarette. "So-" He was cut off as the blonde grabbed the unmoving body, pulled over and killed the engine. "New plan, follow that." He jumped out of the car, pulling his black suit closed as he limped towards the alleyway.

[11:45:00 06/01/11] ricohard : John turns at the movement with a frown.

[11:45:32 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura knew when to refrain from tossing insults, and as such jumped from the car in much the same fashion as her partner. With a quick glance back to ensure no one else was going to drag anymore bodies, she followed Donahue.

[11:48:42 06/01/11] Seryna : Chris & John watched as a flash of blonde dissapeared. Those in the car leaped from the idling vehicle in pursuit... Donahue and Laura had a flash of triumph as the blonde woman looked over her shoulder at them in agitation. She was fast- and strong, to haul that much dead weight so easily. The woman darts behind a corner, momentarily out of view.

[11:50:18 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue grabbed his Colt out, spitting the cigarette onto the floor, and pushing his visor up over his eyes. His other hand snatched the knife out of his boot. "Draw your weapon." He hissed to the Suit, moving slowly towards the corner. He pressed his back to the wall.

[11:50:43 06/01/11] Seratone : "Emily Gillian, I'm with the Press. Would you like to comment on the murder of Ashley Merriman ? Do you have comment?" He immediately starts moving as fast he can in the directon he saw her.

[11:51:27 06/01/11] Tehrat : Following suit, Laura pulled out the gun. She didn't particularly like guns, but in this line of work it was necessary to get over her aversion pretty damned quickly. She stopped next to Donahue. "You see anything?" she murmured.

[11:51:53 06/01/11] ricohard : John curses and dashes off himself, he doubts that this was unrelated and even if it was something like that shouldn't just be ignored. He rolls his eyes at Chris, like a serial killer was going to give an interview. "Stay here, sir." he says forcefully before moving quickly after the blonde flash, drawing his pistol as he goes.

[11:52:15 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue held a finger to his lips, listening.

[11:52:57 06/01/11] Kazakin : 5 successes on perception))

[11:52:58 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris looks over toward the people that jumped out of the car. he has a digital camera in both hands which pans to cover everyone on the scene. "I'm here with law enforcement. They are closing in on the suspected serial killer." He pauses to catch his breathe.

[11:54:15 06/01/11] Seryna : [hold for st post] -

[11:56:42 06/01/11] Seryna : John & Chris follow after Laura and Donahue, seeing the others draw thier guns. John has also decided to draw his weapon, but were these newcomers police officers to have a right to carry a concealed weapon? Whether the reporter obeyed John was another story. Glancing forward, those in pursuit of Emily had two options as they turned the corner. One was that the woman had chosen to cross the street again- the traffic here was lulled in a din of honking horns and swearing drivers as one driver has cut off another driver and remains paused in traffic. The second option was to continue straight ahead on the side walk which leads towards a small shopping district. Donahue alone spots a discarded woman's sweater in the middle of the street.

[11:59:12 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue swore under his breath and ignored the other two behind him. He gestured to Laura. "That way." He growled, wishing he had another cigarette. His pelvis ached with the dash, but he took off again, following the sweater.

[12:00:16 06/01/11] Tehrat : With little other course of action than to follow- Laura did just that. They might hvae rubbed each other up the wrong way, but she wasn't stupid enough to take off on her own. "Got it," she remarked quickly.

[12:02:25 06/01/11] ricohard : He frowned looking both ways but those two seemed to know what they were doing, or at least had a direction in mind. "Brother scout ahead." he whispers as he follows them.

[12:02:51 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris looks at John., keeping behind him, the furthest back in the group. He waits for John and will follow where he goes.

[12:05:46 06/01/11] Seryna : Laura, Donahue, John an Chris are immediately rewarded for thier choice as they spot the blonde woman racing across the opposing side walk. Cars honk as they weave in between the cards attempting to pull forward in fits and starts. As you reach the side walk, you spot the black - clad blonde take her unresponsive bundle vertical as she runs up a parked car. Never a break in motion, she leaps upwards and catches onto a fire escape ladder. She scrambles upwards with impossible agility, managing all with only one arm. Somehow, she still stays a step ahead of you! Glancing upwards, you see the escape leads to a small apartment over the store fronts. You see two options to head her off - to race through the storefront itself and use the interior stairwell is the easiest. Or you could circle the building and cut off her avenue down to the street. Or you could also go up the ladder...

[12:10:26 06/01/11] Kazakin : Before he'd taken the dive over the cliff, he'd have shinned up the ladder, but Donohue knew he'd never manage the climb. He gestured towards the storefront. Easiest route for him. He kept the gun held in expert hands and slowed a bit, limping harder on the stairs.

[12:12:47 06/01/11] ricohard : He Blinks at the jump hoping that Raven was able to keep up with her. He takes a moment to note the entrances "I'll take the rear." he calls to the woman as he passes her his head down as he approaches making himself as small and hard to hit a target as possible.

[12:13:13 06/01/11] Tehrat : "You handling the jog okay?" Laura checked, as she glanced sidelong at Donahue. She assumed he'd say if he couldn't, but she knew better than to assume.

[12:13:47 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris follows John, circling around to the rear. He pauses to catch his breathe, wishing he had given up smoking all those years ago

[12:14:11 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Shut the fuck up," Donohue coughed out.

[12:17:01 06/01/11] Seryna : Donahue and Laura ignore the voice of a bewildered manager as the two charge through a back room. Donahue limps up the stair case while Luara handles it easily. Faustration rains down on you as you triumphantly reach the top - and see nothing. The woman and her captive are not awaiting you. You whirl around, but you can't see her on the lower floor. Where could she have gone? Moving forward, you can see an open window over the fire escape. The woman was here and already moved within the building. Turning, you evaluate the row of four doors that promise to be apartments. On the street, John and Chris have circled around the building. Oriented on the street, they will be able to see any one jumping to an adjoining buidling.

[12:17:49 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura rolled her eyes. This was why, in general, she didn't give a shit about people. "How the Hell is this bitch moving so fast?" she murmured, mostly to herself.

[12:18:24 06/01/11] ricohard : he motions Chris to get back closer to the wall as he moves in keeping his eyes alert, given the womans previous athletics he wouldn't be surprised at an attack from above. He tries to focus on the other side searching to see what spirits are present and how they felt, risky with this much carnage but might help them.

[12:18:51 06/01/11] Seratone : "This woman is moving insanely fast.Its like nothing I've ever seen before." He pans his camera to get the best view of the roof possible, ignoring John.

[12:19:35 06/01/11] Seratone :

[12:19:46 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Probably an ENE." Donohue grimaced, leaning against the wall for support. His bones screamed in protest. "Check the locks." He managed. "See if one's been forced."

[12:20:17 06/01/11] Kazakin : 2 successes))

[12:21:40 06/01/11] Seryna : The door closer to the window has scratches on the door frame. You can't find any sign that the lock was jimmied with however..

[12:22:09 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura leaned forward on the locks, checking them over quickly.

[12:22:11 06/01/11] Tehrat : ))

[12:22:34 06/01/11] ricohard : John reaches out for Chris's collar to haul him into cover "move" he hisses

[12:22:38 06/01/11] Tehrat : 1 success.))

[12:22:48 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue saw the scratches, grimaced, and tried the handle.

[12:23:13 06/01/11] Seryna : Laura's hand catches on a door knob, alarmed to find that it opens easily.

[12:24:36 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris finally moves in closer to the wall.

[12:24:47 06/01/11] Tehrat : "Huh," Laura grunted. "Well...good."

[12:25:27 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Not good." Donohue grunted, shoving the door open with the gun held high.

[12:26:38 06/01/11] Seryna : A door slams open and a woman screams. An older woman stumbles out, clutching her chest. The blonde shoves past her, roughly knocking the older woman against the wall as she vacates her hiding spot. There's no sign of the captive- but Donahue sees the knife in the blondes hand. She stares at you unflinching, the knife held in a position to slash forward.

[12:28:07 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue opened fire the minute he made eye contact, his teeth clenched together.

[12:29:14 06/01/11] ricohard : John holds his position listening and watching carefully waiting until he hears the gunshot, his eyes immediately focusing on his best guess at its point of origin.

[12:30:01 06/01/11] Kazakin : 5 successes ))

[12:30:48 06/01/11] Seratone : "Damnit, should have gone inside with those cops." He keeps his camera on the building,

[12:30:59 06/01/11] Tehrat : Following Jack's lead, and on account of the woman being mroe than a little threatening, Laura fires.

[12:31:06 06/01/11] Tehrat : 2 Successes))

[12:32:29 06/01/11] Seryna : 2011-01-06 21:32:12 The Talisman rolled 5 dice to "Slicing" 10,7,1,3,9,1 (2 successes)

[12:32:42 06/01/11] Seryna : The woman pivots, seeming far too fast for your eye to follow. You swear you see spurts of blood in brief little puffs of crimson. There's no sign of a wound in the woman as she lashes forward. The knife arcs downwards towards Donahue's left shoulder..

[12:33:38 06/01/11] ricohard : "no, I doubt that would have been healthy." he says softly listening and watching carefully. "or particularly useful."

[12:35:35 06/01/11] Seratone : Hearing the gun shots: "Well i guess I'm not going to get that interview eith a serial killer afterall. You going to call this in?"

[12:36:27 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue felt the blow split the skin through his suit, and he swore loudly, jerking back and moving against the wall. "Keep your distance!" He roared at Bristol- the Suit probably knew nothing about a firefight, He aimed for the weapon, exhaled and fired.

[12:37:16 06/01/11] Kazakin : One success trying to shoot the weapon away))

[12:38:22 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura flattened back against the wall, gun in hand in preparation to shoot again from the hopefully safer distance.

[12:39:31 06/01/11] ricohard : He heard the second round of gunshots "I'm not so sure this is over." he says flatly, trying to keep the irritation out of his voice about the interview.

[12:39:46 06/01/11] Seryna : The knife finds purchase, slicing a gash in Donahue's flesh. The pain flares, seemingly all consuming. The woman does not capitalize on the wound, instead turning away from you. She sprints for the stair case that you had just ascended. You swear that you see blood blossoming now- there, on her left sleve. And isn't there more blood on her waist band? You swear that Donahue's bullets hit true, but you can't see a knife anywhere. It wasn't in the woman's hand that you could see.

[12:40:48 06/01/11] Seryna : You are amazed at her speed, her agility as you scramble to keep up. Fail to keep up- she shoves through the door onto the street. Chris and John are startled when the blonde shoots through the front door and swerves down the street like a heat seeking missile. In a stroke of luck, she's heading thier way.

[12:41:59 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue clutched his shoulder, grimacing and keeping the pressure on. "The fuck-?" He hissed. He knew he'd never keep pace with her injured, and he panted. "Help me staunch this and we'll follow."

[12:44:23 06/01/11] ricohard : John rolls of the wall bringing his gun up and aiming it at the woman, it might not work but it was better than nothing. "In the Name of this Land, I order you to stop." he says loudly and calmly

[12:44:42 06/01/11] Tehrat : Nodding, Laura diligently began to work on stopping the flow of blood. "Yeah, I'm on it," Laura confirmed.

[12:44:48 06/01/11] Tehrat : 3 Successes.))

[12:46:56 06/01/11] Seratone : "Oh shit there she is" Chris fumbles with his camera and steps back, trying to get a solid video shot of the woman.

[12:48:07 06/01/11] Seryna : As Laura suceeds in helping to staunch the blood flow on Donahue's wounded left shoulder, they hear a man shouting on the street. Commanding someone to stop- thier fleeing ENE? On the street, the blonde pauses. Her look is one of cold calculation. Now that she has stopped moving, John can see that her right arm is bleeding freely from a long graze. There appears to be a more serious wound on her abdomen as a small circle of blood enlarges as you watch. Yet she shows no sign of weakness as she flicks her fingers- and a long straigh edge razor appears from nowhere.

[12:50:28 06/01/11] ricohard : "Put the blade down and surrender." he says firmly his gun not wavering as he takes careful aim at her center of mass "There is no more need for blood to be spilt here."

[12:50:30 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue grimaces. "Fuck. Sounds like someone trying to be a hero." He rolled his shoulder and longed for painkillers, but shook the urges off. "Let's get out there before the poor bastard ends up in a matchbox. Fuck... I could've sworn I'd caught her centre mass." He wheezed, pushing himself back to his feet. His spine joined in on the screaming of his bones.

[12:52:06 06/01/11] Seratone : "Emily Gillie, thr world is watching, do you have anything yu would like to tell them?"

[12:52:23 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris trembles slightly.

[12:52:55 06/01/11] Tehrat : "You did," Laura confirmed. "The both of us couldn't have imagined it."

[12:53:01 06/01/11] Seryna : "Kyle?" She tilted her head, looking off to her left. She doesn't seem to be aware of you as she sways on her feet. She nods, apparently listening with rapt attention to something unseen.

[12:55:41 06/01/11] ricohard : "What do you want?" he demands . ignoreing Chris, wishing that he dare take his eyes off her even for the half second it would take to look where she was looking.

[12:56:26 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue shook himself, gingerly rolled his shoulder and moved towards the exit the ENE had taken. Had to keep going. Never give up. Never back down. "Weapon up," He reminded Bristol, just in case.

[12:57:51 06/01/11] Tehrat : "Got it," Laura confirmed, and raised the gun. She hadn't had to use it much - figured that she'd have to overuse it at some point.

[13:00:20 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris keeps filming. "Here comes my pullitzer, right here."

[13:00:54 06/01/11] Seryna : "I know..." The bleeding woman whispers. "I know what they did to you. No. No, I won't let them get away with it." The straight edge is raised as Emily's head swivels to stare at John and Chris. There's a terrible void in those eyes, the humanity you'd glimpsed earlier is gone. Those eyes are devoid of emotion, emotion that should be present at a tense moment like this. Her beuatiful blue eyes are as dull as a sharks. With startling speed, she starts to run straight at John and Chris. The speed is even more inhuman and terrible when it brings one's death.

[13:01:58 06/01/11] ricohard : John doesn't blink, doesn't flinch. He simply pulls the trigger releasing the thunder that comes with the shot.

[13:03:51 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris takes a step back but keeps filming. "Oh geez, she's coming this way!"

[13:04:51 06/01/11] ricohard : ( ) 1 succ))

[13:05:11 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue limped down the stairs, his colt held solidly even as his legs burned. He could see the guy- must be the hero, shooting, and the woman jerking towards them with a straight razor. Just needed to get a bit closer and he could get a clean shot...

[13:07:33 06/01/11] ricohard : the roar from the gun was loud, far louder than TV or the News would ever have suggested to Chris that it ought to be.

[13:08:21 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura moved rapidly downstairs, alongside Donahue and prepared to shoot.

[13:12:51 06/01/11] Seryna : [waits for the rolls]

[13:13:10 06/01/11] Seratone : rico made his roll

[13:13:42 06/01/11] Tehrat : 2 Successes.))

[13:13:56 06/01/11] Kazakin : (( missed totally. On 11 dice! Very Happy))

[13:14:19 06/01/11] Seryna : [HA! Rico was a bit pissed at 2 suc]

[13:17:16 06/01/11] Seryna : The woman's unnatual speed fills one with fear as she races towards them, the already bloody knife raised. Yet she falters. A new blossom of red shines wetly on her black shirt. There's deadly determination burning as she strides forward, her hand closed tightly around the bloody blade. Her knuckles are white as she nears you, resembling some terrible, bloody predator stalking her prey. A bullet slices the air above Emily, flying wide. Another explosive round buffets your ears- and the woman stumbles. Her blue eyes slide upwards as she pitches forward.

[13:19:46 06/01/11] ricohard : John doesn't fire again his aim maintained as she goes down watching her carefully.

[13:19:53 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue swore through his teeth as the bullet missed and he staggered against the wall. His chest felt tight, and his knees shook, jelly-like as the weakened muscles tried to compensate. He shook himself, lowered the gun at the pitching target and fired again, just to make sure. Too many things that got back up.

[13:20:20 06/01/11] Kazakin : 2 successes))

[13:20:49 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris shudders, the camera wavers a bit as his hands tremble

[13:21:22 06/01/11] ricohard : At the extra gunshot his aim goes up to its origin, there was nothing needed in that extra shot.

[13:23:02 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura aimed at the woman, and then at the other man with the gun. It was hard to know which one to aim at, what with the crazy woman apparently going down.

[13:23:27 06/01/11] Seratone : "Press, don't shoot!"

[13:23:59 06/01/11] Seryna : The woman remains slumped on the ground, her blood now staining the concrete below her. The bystanders that had taken cover when the shooting had begun now peek up over thier cover. You can see thier eyes staring, judging.

[13:25:28 06/01/11] Seratone : "Oh God..." Chris mutters under his reathe. For a moment he is paralyzed, unable to take his hands off the camera as it zooms in on the woman' body

[13:25:33 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Point that thing somewhere else, you're gonna put someone's eye out." Donohue spat, his aim not raising. He fumbled for his badge. "Homeland Security."

[13:26:02 06/01/11] Seryna : Chri's shout did bring attention to the fact that there was a digital witness to all that had occured here...

[13:26:14 06/01/11] ricohard : he keeps his focus for a long moment more then seeming to come to a decision he holsters his pistola and moves down to check the woman's pulse and breathing. He doesn't seem to be affected by what has happened. "Whose homeland?" he whispers to himself to try and lighten his mood.

[13:27:16 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Which one are we standing on?" Donohue's shoulder hit the wall and he breathed through his teeth. "Turn that thing off!" He barked at Chris, spotting the camera.

[13:28:08 06/01/11] Seryna : John's fingers search for a pulse that can't be found. This close, he can see several punctures to her black shirt. Far more than should have been needed to subdue such a slight, petite woman. Her sightless eyes stare upwards, apparently her unnatural abilities have fled her battered body.

[13:29:03 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris shudders a bit, and decides to do as the man with the gun had instructed. He appears to be in shock as he puts the camera down.

[13:29:13 06/01/11] Tehrat : "You can probably sit down now," Laura suggested, as she eyed the camera distastefully.

[13:29:44 06/01/11] Seryna : [hey Dean]

[13:29:49 06/01/11] ricohard : "Ah, mine then." He frowns before turning to look at Raven "Brother, can you sense anything?" he says to the air, one hand gently closing her eyes.

[13:30:16 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Get the tapes off him." Donohue muttered, sliding down the wall as the adrenaline wore off and his legs decide they were giving up.

[13:31:03 06/01/11] Seratone : "Hey, you can't do that. This is a public area!" The reporter protests.

[13:31:12 06/01/11] Seryna : The familiar is hesitant, before he murmers his warning. "Something is near her..." It has no further elaboration.

[13:31:13 06/01/11] Tehrat : Nodding, Laura stepped over to the camera man. "Hand over the tape," she instructed.

[13:31:38 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Buddy, you're holding evidence that may be crucial in the prosecution of an enemy of the United States!"

[13:32:11 06/01/11] Seryna : As Laura barks at Chris, two uniformed officers arrive. Chris and John recognize them as the men they had been speaking with earlier. "Agent Goedken here?" One asks Chris,

[13:32:37 06/01/11] ricohard : "stop." he says to all of them "This isn't over yet." he says in a voice that clearly isn't joking. "Please Brother point me in the right direction." he says scouring her form in the spiritual realm with his vision.

[13:33:22 06/01/11] Seratone : "Unbelievable..." The man mutters distastefully. But he wasn't about to get arrested over the matter and somewhat reluctantly agrees to give the woman his tape.

[13:33:41 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura simply flashed the badge at the uniforms. "Homeland Security," she stated curtly, in case they commented. She pocketed the tape, and nodded formally.

[13:34:19 06/01/11] Seryna : The police officer gives John a long look. "Who else is consulting on this case?" He asks, turning and evaluating Laura and Donahue.

[13:35:26 06/01/11] Seratone : "I don't know who these people are, but I had a great video that showed the whole thing, and they got it now." He points to Donohue an Laura. "Fuckin A!" He grumbles

[13:35:39 06/01/11] @ Dean : MUH

[13:35:39 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donahue forced himself back upright with a grunt of pain. "Classified."

[13:36:22 06/01/11] Seryna : "There's a tape of the incident?" The officer eyes Donahue,looking him up and down. "This man has been consulting an FBI agent on this case."

[13:36:39 06/01/11] Seratone : "And no I haven't seenAgent Goedken."

[13:38:31 06/01/11] ricohard : "Quiet all of you." John snaps "unless you want it to get away." This was why he had resigned from the police force, any minute now someone was going to ask him what and then they weren't going to believe the explanation.

[13:39:01 06/01/11] Seratone : "Just leave it to the government to trample on 1st amendment rights every chance they get. Damn...II could have been on dateline." He looks at John oddly, as he reaches for a cigarette.

[13:40:21 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura's attention switched to John, and she arched a brow as she studied him. "It?"

[13:41:30 06/01/11] Seryna : [pause for a second guys, need to check something]

[13:42:39 06/01/11] Seryna : [ok lets pause for a sec]

[13:42:52 06/01/11] Seryna : [And tell Jake and Gary hwta they missed Smile ]

[13:44:05 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Hola

[13:44:10 06/01/11] Seryna : hey

[13:44:22 06/01/11] Ulfsark : udate me

[13:44:23 06/01/11] Seryna : You met Jack and sam right

[13:44:35 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Jack and sam?

[13:44:55 06/01/11] Seryna : Kaz & Tehrat have joined us

[13:45:12 06/01/11] Tehrat : Howdy

[13:45:14 06/01/11] Seryna : we started off with Chris and John checking out the Merrimans

[13:45:29 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Oh okay.

[13:45:53 06/01/11] Seryna : and Jack and Sam were driving by and happened to see *passes off to Sam and Jack* Razz

[13:47:32 06/01/11] Tehrat : LoL. Indeed. We've been following the perp through the city streets, shot her a bunch of times and are about to find out what the "it" is that John mentioned a moment ago, that's currently around the fallen killer.

[13:49:06 06/01/11] Seratone : *Chris shot a video and TFV took it. The FBI is not happy about people interfering with their case

[13:49:35 06/01/11] @ Dean : TFV are the FBI?

[13:49:53 06/01/11] Ulfsark : TFV is not the FBI

[13:50:05 06/01/11] Ulfsark : TFV is more like SWAT

[13:50:06 06/01/11] @ Dean : no shit

[13:50:10 06/01/11] ricohard : TFV are masquerading as Homeland security

[13:50:13 06/01/11] Kazakin : No, they're interfering with the FBI

[13:50:23 06/01/11] Ulfsark : I'm the FBI^^

[13:50:24 06/01/11] @ Dean : oh

[13:50:29 06/01/11] Seratone : And this site is masquerading as a VTM game lol

[13:50:30 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : Oh yay, Mike has a cover

[13:50:52 06/01/11] @ Dean : VTM?

[13:50:52 06/01/11] Seryna : Oh, Mike has TFV buddies Smile

[13:51:00 06/01/11] Kazakin : You also have two buddies now!

[13:51:10 06/01/11] Seratone : VTR thats what I meant lol

[13:51:22 06/01/11] @ Dean : yeah, fuck VTM

[13:51:29 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : Yes... shame i haven't been here for two frickin' hours to help them >.>

[13:51:49 06/01/11] ricohard : 3 gun nuts, 2 leo's and a nutter with a cameraaa

[13:51:49 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Yeah I feel like Ive missed everything ^^

[13:51:59 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : I stand corrected. Three

[13:52:14 06/01/11] @ Dean : hunters are all terrible people if you think about it

[13:52:19 06/01/11] @ Dean : like really the worst

[13:52:26 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : And 40 minutes...

[13:52:41 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Only the stereotypical hunter

[13:52:45 06/01/11] Ulfsark : only the gun-nuts

[13:52:54 06/01/11] @ Dean : no, each and every one of them

[13:52:59 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Why?

[13:53:12 06/01/11] Seryna : [can we pause typing for a sec, the story is scrolling off the screen]

[13:53:17 06/01/11] @ Dean : there's an arrogance to the very core of it which is a personality flaw really

[13:53:35 06/01/11] @ Dean : and it only really gets worse

[13:53:43 06/01/11] Ulfsark : All people are arrogant in that acase

[13:53:45 06/01/11] Ulfsark : ^^

[13:53:57 06/01/11] Ulfsark : But yeah, lets get on with the story

[13:54:04 06/01/11] @ Dean : yeah, that makes no sense

[13:54:23 06/01/11] Seratone : (i can see where you are coming from. Its WOD. We're all anti-heroes. Smile)

[13:54:32 06/01/11] Seryna : [story is scolling off the screen with each post.please pause for a scond]

[13:54:41 06/01/11] Seratone : (except promethean, but I digress)

[13:55:03 06/01/11] Ulfsark : My character is only trying to stop kilelrs from killing, nothing particularly arrogant about that

[13:55:43 06/01/11] @ Dean : yes there is, and that's not the only thing they're doing

[13:55:46 06/01/11] ricohard : john is simply living up to the family tradition.

[13:56:42 06/01/11] Ulfsark : (I would love to have a personal convo about this, but lets not clog RP-chat)

[13:57:26 06/01/11] @ Dean : Rolling Eyes

[13:57:47 06/01/11] Seryna : The officer on the site stepped aside and called Agent Goedken, informing him that Emily Gillen had been shot in Midtown. Meanwhile, his partner was sequestering Chris, John and the TFV agents, asking them to state why they had shot the subject.

[13:59:08 06/01/11] ricohard : John answered their questions honestly but distractedly as he searched the area for whatever it was that had spooked Raven.

[13:59:46 06/01/11] Ulfsark : The agent lets out a frustrated sigh as he asks the officer ont he phone wether or not Emily Gillenn was still alive, and if so, where she is now.

[14:00:04 06/01/11] Seryna : John can not determine anything unusual and his familiar seems entirely too spooked to communicate.

[14:00:06 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : "I didn't shoot the subject." Mike answered truthfully, showing an unused clip in his gun as evidence. Not for lack of trying mind you he thought irritably.

[14:00:17 06/01/11] Seratone : "I didn't shoot anybody. I'm just here to report the news." When he is done with is cigarette, he grabs a hold of his camera and starts taking pictures of the crime scene. He tries to get the TFV people in the pictures without being too conspicuous.

[14:00:54 06/01/11] Kazakin : 5 successes to spot the camera))

[14:00:55 06/01/11] Seryna : The officer discloses the area, advising that his two advisers were involved in the shooting and being held for questioning.

[14:02:16 06/01/11] Seratone : (Network Zero and TFV, best of friends) Smile

[14:02:23 06/01/11] Ulfsark : [Advising that they were invlved? O.o]

[14:02:24 06/01/11] Seryna : "You located the subject, how?" The officer asked in turn, beginning with John and ending with Laura,

[14:02:32 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Already told you. Homeland Security. The reason we're in the area is classified. Saw the perp running across the street with a body, entered into pursuit. You might want to check the upstairs, there's another person injured in the apartment on the top floor." Donohue glanced at Chris. "Put that Goddamn thing away before I arrest you for compromising national security!"

[14:03:07 06/01/11] Seryna : [Yes, they were involved with the shooting]

[14:03:45 06/01/11] Ulfsark : [Yeah, just didnt get who he was advising]

[14:05:00 06/01/11] Seryna : [On the phone, the officer said he may wish to hurry because the men who were with him at the last scene are being questioned. Go ahead and arrive]

[14:05:32 06/01/11] ricohard : He looks at the others "I put a single bullet front centre of mass, she had a knife and was charging at me, I asked her clearly to put it down." he says before giving a quick rundown of how they had gotten to here.

[14:05:41 06/01/11] Seryna : [go ahead guys]

[14:05:59 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris just rolls his eyes. Having finished snapping the photographs, he puts the camera away. "The video shows the whole thing officer."

[14:07:09 06/01/11] Ulfsark : [Oh okay] Gary jumps into a police-car and drives to the scene. When he arrives he quickly walks up to the people being questioned while quickly flashing his badge to anyone trying to stop him.

[14:07:53 06/01/11] Ulfsark : "If you excuse me officer, I think I will do the questioning from here"

[14:08:42 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue sometimes wished he could shoot civilians. "Listen, sparky, you want the terrorists to win, you go ahead." He grated out. "Film out. Your property will be returned to you once it's been assessed for security impact."

[14:09:50 06/01/11] Tehrat : Helpfully, Laura extended a hand for the film as well. "Anything else you might want to hand over?"

[14:11:06 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Gary looks at Donohue and Laura with suspicious eyes. "Hey, let's see some ID."

[14:12:31 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue flicked out his ID and passed it over, rolling his eyes. "Play nice."

[14:12:52 06/01/11] Seratone : "Look, you got the video lady. But I'm keeping the photographs. You wanna arrest me for that, go ahead. I'll give you my lawyer's number right now." He looks at Gary. "Hey Gary can you beleve, they're trying to take eerything."

[14:13:14 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : Mike also showed his ID, holding it open in plain view rather than handing it over.

[14:13:24 06/01/11] Ulfsark : [The ID says Homeland Security, right?]

[14:13:31 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Buddy, you're the one who decided to be bright and take photos of government agents."

[14:13:36 06/01/11] Kazakin : ((It does indeed.))

[14:13:46 06/01/11] ricohard : John paces off a short distance and does his best to calm raven, stroking the invisible bird's feathers and whispering to it. and not just to get away from the pointless arguement about the photo's and such.

[14:15:17 06/01/11] Ulfsark : "Okay, Chris give them your photos for now, we'll solve it later. We have more important things to do now." Gary gestures for the three "government agents" to come to the side with him."

[14:15:52 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris grumbles quietly as he gives up the photograph roll.

[14:16:19 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : "Listen, I'll give you my guarantee that you can have back anything that doesn't breach security alright?" Mike offered to Chris.

[14:16:22 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue stowed his ID back in his jacket and limped over.

[14:16:48 06/01/11] Seryna : As you argue, the police work the scene. The body is examined and carted off by the M.E. and others move through the building, noting where the confrontation had began. The first officer on the scene maintains a strong barricade against non - authorized personal. Chris spotted several journalists he knew sniffing around.

[14:16:56 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura nodded sternly, and pocketed the roll before following them over.

[14:17:57 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : Mike followed after his two fellow agents

[14:18:15 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris pauses as he looks at Mike. "Yeah thanks." he asys half heartedly to Mike. "I've seen you before haven't I? I thought you were one of Hollandale's people?" he looks befuddled

[14:18:57 06/01/11] Ulfsark : "Okay, the FBI is after a serial killer, why is Homeland Security after Gillen? "

[14:20:37 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Classified." Donohue said, lighting up a cigarette with some relief. He leant in. "Between you and me? In the interests of interdepartmental co-operation, we recieved certain intel that she had international backing."

[14:21:31 06/01/11] Ulfsark : "And firing on her in an open area is a smart move, because... ?"

[14:22:22 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Because she was in the process of committing a homicide, Agent...?" Donohue blew out smoke. "Unless you think I should've stood there and let her run rampant."

[14:24:02 06/01/11] Seryna : As John converses with his familiar, he gets a worrisome feeling. Glancing back to where the body once lay, he spotted an odd, reddish haze rising up from the concrete.

[14:26:22 06/01/11] Ulfsark : [I didnt really know that there was a new victim involved]

[14:26:28 06/01/11] Ulfsark : [But okay]

[14:27:38 06/01/11] Kazakin : ((Well, it was a valid question.))

[14:28:05 06/01/11] Seratone : Chris shakes his head. "I'm going home. Call me when I'm getting my stuff back."

[14:28:13 06/01/11] Seratone : (later folks)

[14:28:54 06/01/11] Tehrat : "I'll let you know IF you're getting your stuff back," Laura remarked calmly.

[14:29:29 06/01/11] Seryna : [thanks for the scene! Hope you enjoyed it]

[14:29:46 06/01/11] Kazakin : ((See ya!))

[14:30:00 06/01/11] Tehrat : Ciao!))

[14:31:07 06/01/11] Seryna : [Jake, you still here?]

[14:31:44 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Gary walks over to the corpse and inspects the body. The clump in his throat returned, the one that always shows up when someone is denied justice like this. Being shot dead is not how the US-law enforcement system is supposed to go down.

[14:33:08 06/01/11] ricohard : He watches the corpse with a shiver "Stay back." he snaps at gary .

[14:33:34 06/01/11] Seryna : This close, he can see several punctures to her black shirt. Far more than should have been needed to subdue such a slight, petite woman. Her sightless eyes stare upwards, apparently her unnatural abilities have fled her battered body.

[14:35:02 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue leant against the wall and watched, muttering out of the corner of his mouth to Bristol. "Opinions?"

[14:35:18 06/01/11] Seryna : "We need to process her, agent, if you're done?" The Medical examiner's people pause next to Agent Goedken and Gary.

[14:37:07 06/01/11] Tehrat : "Well I'm starting to think he's either crazy or onto something," Laura jerked her head in John's direction. "I don't think we should be leaving just yet."

[14:37:13 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Snapping out of his thoughts, Gary looks up at the people inquiring him, and stands up looking dazed.

[14:38:06 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Of course he's crazy." Donohue said. "He's here, isn't he?"

[14:38:23 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Gary walks over to Laura and the rest. "There's a lot of gunshot wounds in her. You didn't feel like stop shooting after she was dead?"

[14:39:34 06/01/11] Tehrat : "Two people shot at the same time, a few bullets are going to meet the mark," Laura answered simply.

[14:40:01 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Probably off her face on PCP." Donohue supplied.

[14:41:20 06/01/11] Ulfsark : "Right" Gary didn't seem like he was actually listening, seeming to have made up his mind.

[14:41:53 06/01/11] Seryna : As John stares, he feels the terrible dread returning. The red haze has solidified, staring down at the dead body as the M.E. begins to process the body for transport. The haze begins to solidify into a man shape. The face was terribly disfigured and frightening... as John stares, the haze sinks down into the dead body. The terrible haze dissapears from sight.

[14:43:10 06/01/11] ricohard : "watch out." he says approaching "I'm not crazy, just been doing This for a very, very long time, as has my line before me." he says his eyes still on the body.

[14:43:57 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue blew out smoke, his expression flat. "Got the feeling you're a soft touch, Agent." He said impatiently. "She's a murderer. This is better than she'd have got from the state."

[14:45:23 06/01/11] Seryna : The M.E. office simply gives John a dismissve look as they slide a sheet under the woman and deftly manage her into a body bag. Before your eyes, she is on a stretcher being loaded into the van that will take her to the coroner. As Agent Goedken tried to piece together the events of her death, John is fairly convinced death isn't the end to whatever spirit has its hold on her,

[14:46:44 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Gary gives a tired and angry look at Donohue. "I may be soft, but I dont pretend to be executioner all-knowing."

[14:47:15 06/01/11] Seryna : As the TFV agents consider this turn of events, they have to recall that they had a task at hand. Laura and Donahue had been briefed that Mike would possess the gear that they would need.

[14:47:26 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Goedken watches over the scene with more than one wrinkle on his forehead.

[14:47:38 06/01/11] Tehrat : "It wasn't an execution," Laura replied archly. "It was protection." She shook her head, having little tolerence for self-righteous dumbasses.

[14:48:45 06/01/11] ricohard : "It's not over." he says with a shake of his head.

[14:48:50 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue blew smoke. "Cool it," He said to Laura. "We still got a job to do." He glanced at Mike and jerked his head towards the alleyway. "We'll get in touch if necessary, Agent." He added to Goedkin, walking away.

[14:49:39 06/01/11] Ulfsark : Gary nodded and walked over to his car and drove off to the station, after which he headed home.

[14:50:04 06/01/11] Tehrat : With a small shrug, Laura walked after Donahue.

[14:50:08 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : Mike headed for the alleyway

[14:51:14 06/01/11] Kazakin : Once they were well clear of the others, Donohue took his Huginn visor off. "Glad to finally contact you, Agent." He said to Mike. "I'm Donohue Mason, this is Laura Bristol. We've been sent to back you up from HQ."

[14:51:43 06/01/11] Seryna : As the agent approaches his house, he hears the sound of his cell phone. Checking the I.D. he saw that it was his mother. Interesting end to this odd day.

[14:51:55 06/01/11] ricohard : John frowned watching the group fall apart. He wondered idly whether or not he would be able to find a way past the M.E. but it seemed unlikely. He reached a hand up to pat raven before starting to walk in the direction of home, drinking in the sounds and sights of his city as he went.

[14:52:07 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : "G'day mates, Mike Hunter." The aussie introduced himself.

[14:54:27 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Nice name." Donohue stubbed out his cigarette and sat down on an over turned crate to rest his legs. "Pleasure. They told us you've got a Twilight ENE."

[14:55:18 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : "Clip of Etheric Rounds and a set of goggles to match."

[14:56:07 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue grinned. "Not bad kit. Someone must like you. I use Huginn myself, but I'm ranged. Bristol's a Suit, so you should know what she's packing already."

[14:57:20 06/01/11] Tehrat : Laura opened her jacket pocket, and pats the syringe. "Mhm," she nodded simply.

[14:59:54 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : "Got a Mjolnir in the jeep but haven't yet got an adequate method of transporting it around without causing a mass-panic. Still, twin Colts are easy enough to conceal and hollow-point ammo is a plus." Mike shared the knowledge of the rest of his personal arsenal. "So, any ideas on how we kick some astral and take our target in alive?"

[15:02:09 06/01/11] Kazakin : "I doubt this one's coming in alive, if it's the one we just went a couple rounds with. Shot her centre mass and she stabbed me in the shoulder." He tapped the rip in his suit. "Ran down the fucking alley and straight into the cops. ENE, no fucking question about it."

[15:10:23 06/01/11] Tehrat : "Yeah, fun times," Laura answered sarcastically.

[15:12:28 06/01/11] Seryna : [you guys want a break?]

[15:13:09 06/01/11] Kazakin : ((Well, we're still good. Just waiting on Mike to speak?))

[15:13:28 06/01/11] Seryna : [Ok! I am here! I am getting a coke Smile ]

[15:14:09 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : (ack, sorry! Bogged down with windows everywhere -__-)

[15:14:44 06/01/11] Kazakin : ((No problem))

[15:15:06 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : "Fine, capture's out. Let's track it and neutralize the damn thing."

[15:17:31 06/01/11] Seryna : [Did John ever get Mike's contact info?]

[15:17:42 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Should be at the Morgue. I grounded the thing, but if we're talking Twilights, that's probably not gonna put this Extra-Normal Entity on ice." Donohue glanced at him. "You better be a good shot with those things. Seen too many agents who get a gun in each hand and miss every shot."

[15:19:42 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : "Used to be a merc for hire. I'm good enough to warrant having earned six or seven figure payouts for what jobs I did." Mike stated bluntly.

[15:22:15 06/01/11] Kazakin : Donohue's lip curled. "Army." He said curtly. "Sniper. We'll see if you can put your money where your mouth is." He fumbled for another cigarette. "I vote we stake out the morgue her body was delivered to, ASAP. Load your Ether up. If it moves, we'll ambush it."

[15:22:59 06/01/11] AeonThePhoenix : "Already loaded." Mike retorted with a grin.

[15:23:19 06/01/11] Tehrat : "Then let's head out," Laura spoke up, tired of the inactivity.

[15:23:37 06/01/11] Kazakin : "Yeah, yeah. Keep your pants on, Bristol."


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by Ulfsark on Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:10 am

Gary looks at the phone for almost six signals before pressing the green button, accepting the call. "Hey Ma, what's up?" he says in a tired manner. It's been a long day.


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by ricohard on Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:28 am

Home was not a lot, it was a roof over his head and a place to get some sleep. At least most of the time. That wasn't to say there wasn't more to the ground floor flat but that was most of it. four rooms were all john had and the place was well filled. books and files, lined most of the room while tapestries and other hangings provided insulation on the walls. On the floor was an old and rather battered looking skin which did for a rug.

He entered having collected his mail from the box out front and was going through it as he absentmindedly entered the house, He was still flicking through the bills as he lit the two candles on Raven's perch. He had finished sorting them by the time he'd gotten himself something to eat and had sat down on one of the old overstuffed sofa's that dominated about half of the living room. It was at this point that he realised that he was prevarocating and he had better actually get down to things.

His first port of call was to the book shelves looking for any information on spirits and ghosts that could possess the living in pursuit of their vengence.
(Int+occ: 9,2,2,4,4,3 (1 successes) )

Once he was sure that he had got as much as was possible from his study of his books he moved back to the center of the room. Drawing aside the sofa's and the central table he turned the skin over. On the underside of this otherwise worn out looking rug were designs that were at the same time ancient and modern. Old as the buffallo hide on which they had been etched they seemed to have repeatedly been reapplied as if someone was worried that if they faded they might disappear entirely. Into the centre of the circle were several things placed. Corn as a gift, his old police issue handcuffs for restraint, the Dictionary for knowledge. He circled it lighting a few candles for light and wafted some tobacco smoke around to purify the room.

"I call to the spirits of this place in the name of the line of my blood. I call on those spirits that know of the here after. I, John Atian, call upon thee. Appear and answer me these questions." he says calling to the air in a firm clear voice "In this circle I bind thee until my questions are done." he says forcing his will out into the room.
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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by Kazakin on Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:03 pm

Donahue slung himself into the car, massaging his left knee once he was sure his hand was out of sight. Son of a bitch, it felt like someone had shoved hot glass in there. He wasn't thrilled. He wasn't thrilled at all. The bitch had stabbed right through the vest underneath his suit, for God's sake, and he didn't like the idea of spending any more time in hospital than he had to. The whole idea made his guts churn and he longed for a drink as he squinted forwards.

"Alright," He said to the other TFV agents. "We'll need a layout of the morgue and the surrounding areas, see what our easiest entry and exit points are. Better if we go in quick and fast and vanish before this ends up getting blown any more open than it already is. Fucking reporters." He automatically felt for a cigarette. First Amendment rights. The First Amendment could suck his dick if it meant some innocent kid wasn't gonna have his guts ripped out this evening.

"You any good at range Hunter, or are you purely an upclose sort of guy?" He added after a moment, wondering about the possiblity of an ambush. It would be quieter. Bristol could pop the cameras, he figured, and clean up anyone who decided to stand there staring afterwards.


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by Tehrat on Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:52 pm

Laura slammed the car door shut, once she was comfortable inside the front passenger. She cast a quick, scrutinising glance at Donahue and posed a relatively simple question: "Can you drive, or do you need few minutes to relax?" She already knew what her part would be in their plan - she was the go-to gal for hacking, and she could certainly locate the morgue layout with very little problems.

She slipped a hand into her coat pocket and pulled out a cigar case. "-Or want something that'll last longer?" Laura offered.


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by Kazakin on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:36 pm

Donahue flicked an eyebrow when Bristol opened her mouth. He didn't need some Goddamn civvie scientist talking down to him about his legs. He gritted his teeth and squashed his temper, forcing it away. He had to be professional, not slug her in the face. And she might be a bitch, but he wasn't so sure she was being purposely malicious this time, at any rate.

"Just do your computer mojo, Bristol." He said in a short voice.


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by Seryna on Fri Jan 07, 2011 11:12 pm

As John devoted himself to the summoning as his ancestors had done, he feels the presence of the being who had arrived. Glancing upwards, he could see the indistinct form of a man, about 7 feet tall, staring down at you.

"Questions.." The spirit prompted. There's a pause before the edges of the spirit began to sharpen.
"Ask, John..."


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by ricohard on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:21 am

"Spirits of the ancients, I ask about a creature of the other side. It was possessing a woman and using her to kill. The host is dead but the Creature lives on. I need to know what it is so that I may defeat it, so that I may stop it hurting those that I am sworn by blood to protect." He says moving to sit before the spirit "I saw it only faintly as a red mist. What is it and how do I stop it doing this again?"


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by Seryna on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:25 am

"Impossible to prevent it from doing this again. Already, the spirit tied to what was Gillen works to attack those who threaten the killer.

The woman... is unique. No longer breathing. No longer 'mortal', to use your limited terms. Yet consumed, as the spirit tied to her is consumed - for vengeance..."

The spirits form wavered. Was the spirit departing so quickly? John must press quickly to get his questions answered!


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by ricohard on Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:07 am

"What is it? Can its Vengenance be quenched without further death?" John asks quickly "What is needed to bring it peace?"


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Re: First Case: Gary

Post by Seryna on Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:02 am

" Vengeance and death is its only desire. Death is nearly assured- it sees its prey even now."

With the last ominous warning, the Spirit departed this realm.


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Re: First Case: Gary

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