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Hubbub at the Newsstand ATTN: Ashley Cole

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Hubbub at the Newsstand ATTN: Ashley Cole

Post by Seryna on Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:12 pm

Ashley walks along the street of Detroit when she hears a man muttering at a newsstand. Glancing over, she can see that he's studying the front page- 'Local man dies- autopsy reveals both kidneys missing!'

"Third time now, ain't it." A slightly overweight woman about Ashley's age remarks, purchasing her own paper. "Last Thursday they found a man missing his liver."

"No surgery." The first man snorts. "It's Bull. Is this the news or the sensational tabloids?"
"What, you don't believe it?" The woman sounds incredulous. "Three people are dead, its all over the T.V."
"No scars?" The first replied, consulting the paper. "Weird shit."


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