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Roman Candle [Attn Jay/ Seratone]

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Roman Candle [Attn Jay/ Seratone]

Post by Seryna on Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:59 pm

Roman sighed heavily as he rubbed his forehead. He still couldn't believe what he had gotten himself into. he knew nothing about Detroit other than he didn't want to be there. He resorted to his usual vice. However, he soft purr of his netbook turning on did not provide its usual comfort.

Storyteller: As Roman navigates the next, he sees a familiar IM from the person who had suggested that he come here in the first place. "Hey," She stated. "-how's the place? Haven't burned it down yet?"
[12:33:25] Bear : Roman found it in him to dredge up some humor. "This town smells like a cheap mexican resaurant on refried bean night. The smell of a burning apartment would be an improvement."

[12:34:48] Seryna : "Hey, I didn't say it was Eden." Cypher fires back quickly. "But the town's ok? No major power outages or internet disruptions? I have a bird in Detroit and he hasn't gotten back to me at all. Starting to wonder....'

[12:38:05] Bear : Roman had a feeling he was going to regret what he was about to say. He didnt know why he had suddenly started ignoring such feelings. Maybe he was becoming an adreniline junky, or maybe he just had a death wish. "Well its not like I have shit to do here. I guess I can stop by their place and check on them."
[12:39:24] Seryna : Oddly enough, that is what I asked him to do.

[12:39:32] Seryna : Cypher fired back rapidly

[12:40:19] Seryna : But yeah, that'd be awesome. I'll send you the file and the address... ' With the speed of a wizard, Liam soon was sent an email with four disturbing pictures- and the address of a certain room at the Doubletree hotel.

The Package

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Seryna: Cypher quickly fires again. "I also have some journals. If that could help you.'
Jay: Roman's mind raced as he viewed the files. This was beginning to look like something a lot more complicated than knocking on somebodies door to see if they were home. He was beginning to think this was out of his league. "This isn't going to be as easy as knocking on a door and peeking into a it?"
Seryna: "Well, it could be. The guy I sent this to, he's a conspiracy theorist. I figured that he could handle it. So if he's playing Halo, kick his ass.'
Jay: Roman placed his face in his palm. He hated talking to consipiracy theorists. It was always, government this, cover up that, giant space hamsters, blah blah blah. However the prospect of having somebody to play halo with did entice him. "I will hit you up when I get there." He whipped open mapquest and threw in the address. As he typed, on thought repeated in his head over and over again. "Please be playing Halo. Please be playing Halo. Please be playing Halo."
Seryna: The address spat out an apartment- nearby, actually. Just about a three minute walk.
Seryna: The apartment itself looked normal enough- you spy a newspaper still on the front porch.
Jay: Roman eyed the newspaper suspciously. He didn't know much about them besides what he had seen in movies and rants on the internet. However, he doubted that one would leave their newspaper out for long. How could they draw idiotic conclusions from common headlines if they didn't pick up their paper. He took a deep breath and knocked lightly on the door.
Seryna: The door is unyielding. There is no sign of any one within...
Jay: Roman couldn't decide what to do. He wanted to tell himself that the whole thing was harmless and he was scared for nothing, but memories of why he was in Detroit in the first place easily shook that foundation. He stared at the door knob as bile built up in the back of his throat. As he reached out for hit, he just knew he was doing something extremly stupid. Right before touching it he came to his senses. Shaking his head, he whipped out his netbook and logged on. Maybe Cypher would know what to do. She knew this person after all, and if he was the type to sit in the dark with a shotgun pointed at the door.
Seryna: Cypher is online, she always seems to be online. 'He playing Halo?" She comes back.
Jay: "No answer. Should I go in..."
Last message received on 9/3/2010 at 1:13 PM
Seryna: "Don't break and enter, you don't want a record." Is she joking? It seems glib. "Ok, thanks. Now I know he's not home. Could you send him an email through his blog, see if he can respond?" She links you to a Blog....

Roman skimmed over the blog entries. Alternate Detroit? This guy was all kinds of crazy. Then his eye caught something he missed that caused him to almost pass out right then and there. "Does anyone know who Chrissy Hollandale of Salem MA is? Her car was spotted in Detroit, Two male occupants inside. One an Australian" One word escaped his lips as he slammed shut his netbook and bolted down the hall. "...No!"

Seryna: Unseen by Roman, Cypher remained online, pinging him with small quierries. "Hello? You afk?..'


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