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Lagarto, The Cuban (NPC)

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Lagarto, The Cuban (NPC) Empty Lagarto, The Cuban (NPC)

Post by Dean on Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:35 pm

Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant/Faction: Undercity
BP: Mask of Tranquility

Lagarto, the Cuban, is perhaps better known by his title: King Beneath, sovereign of a city of unfinished subway tunnels, abandoned salt mines and municipal ruins. He rules over a city Detroit had to bury piece by piece, only to become a stagnant beast, closer to expiring with each laboured breath.

Lagarto took the buried domain after his predecessor disappeared into into the salt mines. Few recall the circumstances, although the general consensus is that the Cuban was among the first of Undercity's shunned colonists; a foreign pimp using mysterious contacts to breed an organization dealing in all manner of forbidden fruit. When Undercity's founder disappeared into the salt tunnels, Kingship fell to Lagarto by default, while the ash of contenders blew through Highland Park.

The Cuban isn't a tall man, standing perhaps 5' 8", with a wiry, compact build wrapped in the pale pinstripe suit of a Cuban bandleader, flecked with filth and fluids. His face is covered in a fishwhite clay-flesh substance, moist in places, rough-hewn in others, adhering to his face like an unfinished death mask. Dark eyes stare through holes, beneath his widebrimmed hat, while a small smear of a mouth smiles through another opening. He has thin lips and white teeth which look positively grimy next to the pale clay. His hands are bandaged up to the very fingertips, clutching an old conductors baton.

The King Beneath hasn't been seen above ground since March, 1996, when he attended Elysium to witness the trial and execution of the hundred-handed beggar.

These nights, Lagarto stays in his domain, surrounded by his torn orchestra, a collection of uniformly beautiful women spoiled by wounds both exotic and extensive, inflicted nightly. Most are ghouled, though some he has seen fit to Sire. They all display some degree of musical ability. On certain nights their song echoes faintly through the buried domain, conducted by its King.

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