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Saint Rassul (NPC)

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Saint Rassul (NPC)

Post by Dean on Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:19 pm

Clan: Not Known
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
BP: Torpid

Very little is widely known about how Elsa Rassul conducted her unlife, but in Torpor, the Slumbering Saint has been made into a powerful symbol for Detroit's Sanctified by the Bishop Josef Rell, who keeps her inert form on display in a chamber beneath what serves as the Sanctum Cathedral, for the faithful to look upon.

Saint Rassul lies torpid atop a marble block in a spartan stone chamber nothing else but a simple lectern housing a particularly old copy of the Testament of Longinus. The Slumbering Saint is a diminutive figure, dressed in a plain white linen smock, with a smooth, featureless porcelain mask covering her face. The hair on her head is lank and yellowing, thin enough that the ragged decay of her scalp is clearly visible. Bony hands clutch a small, ineffective looking lance inscribed with Latin.

Few are certain of her significance beyond having been a Theban Sorcerer of some repute. The facts are few. It's known that she survived the Old Detroit Opera House fire of 1897. While the Bishop is quick to hoist her name up as an exemplar of the Centurion's path and something for congregants to aspire to in sermons, the details of her unlife and Sainthood are largely glossed over.

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