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Archbishop Rell (NPC)

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Archbishop Rell (NPC)

Post by Dean on Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:11 pm

Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant/Faction: Lancea et Sanctum, Monachal Creed (Hardliner)
BP: 5

The leader of Detroit's Sanctified appears relatively inconspicuous next to the things one might picture when asked to imagine a Nosferatu Archbishop. Josef Rell is of average height and clean-cut appearance, known to dress almost exclusively in black 4-piece suits with a small cross pinned to the front of his waistcoat. He sports a farmers tan, which refuses to pale under eroded Humanity, oily hair and a thick, tidy moustache belonging to the 19th century. The Bishop's features are somewhat weathered, with an angular regality to them. Rell's expression never seems to shift out of a laconic, smirking squint, which makes sincerity difficult. The Archbishop's speech is also affected, with a weary contempt to it which he seldom attempts to disguise any more.

The Archbishop is a staunch conservative within the Sanctified. He has taken steps to foster a symbiotic relationship with the Invictus, offering the smaller Estate access to the Sanctified parish and soldiers, in turn pressuring the Invictus to adhere closely to the traditions. This relationship is widely credited for gaining Rell his seat on the Primogen.

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