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The Next Day: Liam, Chris, Professor Stevens, Professor Riley

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The Next Day: Liam, Chris, Professor Stevens, Professor Riley

Post by Seryna on Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:47 am

The next day comes slowly to some, who tossed in fits in an akward sleep. Many are traversing an odd dreamscape,and yet when they awake, the dream melts like fog in the sunshine. [Liam] You are now in your luxurious hotel. You discover a note from Mike claiming that he has gone, check it out if he does not contact you soon.

George has returned to his own bed after his time away. Perhaps he is most naturally going to have odd dreams after escaping the odd creature in Whispering Falls. He has not seen or heard from the others since they departed last night.

Chris has met up with Amber and informed Liam of his idea, but the night was not as fruitful as he hoped. As he awakens, he can only hope that another day brings him clsoer to the next story

Dominik and Zeneviev have been left behind near Pennsyvania, yet have many opportunities open to him having solved a great mystery for one of Zeneiev's faith.
Chris goes through his morning routine, takes a quick shower, gets changed, and then hops on the computer to check email. He didn't sleep well last night, so coffee would be a necessity and soon...

The Professor was putting the last few finishing touches to his generous apartment. If any of his fellow Hunters needed somewhere to crash while they sorted themselves out, he could now happily house a few of them. As he passed the computer he looked to see if anyone had sent him any messages of note.

George wakes up and looks in the mirror he caually picks at the scabs on his arms and legs. He dresses himself and heads to garage and turns on the radio. He begins to work on on of his Camero while the radio blast rock hits from the early 80's-90's.

Storyteller: Chris finds a new email- from Alice. He recalls that he'd checked out the hotel for her. How had she known the results? Regardless, opening the folder reveals an odd collection of scanned photos and what appears to be half of a letter. '13, this happened in your neck of the woods last year. Figured you'd like a crack at it.'

Storyteller: The Professor finds only a short email from Chrissy. 'Arrived at Doubletree, met some new guy who knows a Union person in Detroit. Hunter? Don't know. Lets meet in the morning.'

Samuel Stevens smiled, looking up the address. It wasn't too far from his apartment, he could be there fairly quickly if he left straight away. The morning cup of tea would have to wait until he meet up with Chrissy and the others.
As Liam headed towards the hote bathroom, he noticed an ususually large window that had a lovely view of the street below. You turn your head and all of a sudden, the sun seems to shine more brightly onto the streets of Detroit, shining in through the window to lighten the hotel room. It’s bright. Bright like you see in pictures of Arizona, that sharp, burning kind of brightness. You recognize the street as the one that you were just looking at, yet it is vastly different. The asphalt has long since errupted into craggy craters and has filled in with orange colored sand. The buildings are the same, but they are scorched and bleached; the trees on the avenue are white, skeletal. Someone steps into view, but it's not a normal person. Instead of jeans or a T shirt, the person wears a tan colored hooded wrap. It desn't appear to be a coat, more like something that desert people use to fend off the sun and the sand. The wrap obscurres the person's face, wrapping around the head and torso completely.

Liam walks out of the hotel room and heads outside.

As you step outside of the hotel, you are startled by the harsh and alien landscape. The heat from the sun warms you instantly, making you uncomfortably warm. You are closer to the tan clothed person now, and yet you can not tell if this is a man or a woman for thier back is to you and all you are looking at is the back of thier head. The person suddenly turns and looks downwards. The person bends, plucking a paper up from the sand covered floor. In thier hands' they hold a paper drawing. You suddenly shoot closer, impossibly close, as though your eye is a camera zooming in closer. You can see every detail of this drawing. It fills you with dread, for you recognize the work as your own. The subject of the drawing is Chris, the reporter that you had just met. Yet his mouth is open at an impossible angle, you have drawn his eyes as a milky off white color that fills you with fear. Something is wrong with his skin, it is pockmarred with odd red half circles. He's dead, he must be dead if you drew him that
him that way. Staring at the drawing, you almost remember- "The infection!" You hear a man's voice shout.. "Don't touch it- remember the-" You blink and suddenly the tan colored person and the horrible drawing is gone. The sun shines down upon you, warming your bones. The trees are well tended, the buildings modern if slightly run down. What was that? It felt as though you'd *been* there.

Chris prints off the photographs and starts making his first cup of coffee. "Alright let's see what we've got here." He takes a good look at the pictures as he takes the cup of coffee for the first sip of the day...

Studying the pictures fills Chris with bewilderment. They are fakes. They have to be- the sun is shining too brightly, as the photos on the National Geographic when they photograph Sudan or some other bright place. Looking at the photos evokes an odd emotion- unease. Maybe fear- for at the corner of each phtgraph is the sensation that there is something larger just out of view,,,

[16:53:30 08/08/10] Seratone : "What the hell is this crap?" Chris remarks, tossing the phtographs aside for the moment. He goes to sit down at his kitchen table to drink the coffee, and ponder what it is he just saw.

Samuel headed outside, making sure his helmet strap was firmly secure as he got on his motorcycle. Second later he was heading up the road to meet up with Chrissy and the others.

The Professor arrives in good time. He has noted that Detroit is vastly different than Slaeepy salem, decay and urban life is a jarring transition. He actually can spot Liam outside as he pulls up on his bike.

*After all the group had gone through, Riley slept the sleep of the dead last night. Getting up, he heads to the shower to wash up, pausing only to check on the ring, which is in a spot in his backpack*

[17:11:41 08/08/10] Seryna : The ring remains, as secure as it could be inside his back pack. Glancing around, Riley can not spot Liam or Chrissy.

[17:12:19 08/08/10] AeonThePhoenix : Smiling the Professor brought the bike to a neat stop in the closest parking space to Liam and got off. "Hello my friend, welcome to Detroit."

[17:13:29 08/08/10] cobrawax : "Huh. Oh right. Hey Professor. Haven't seen you since the incident with that girl." said Liam, sounding somewhat bewildered.

[17:14:17 08/08/10] cobrawax : "Cept for back at that meeting."

[17:14:22 08/08/10] Rix : *Frowning slightly, Riley gives Chrissy a ring on her cellphone.*

[17:15:03 08/08/10] Seryna : Riley discovers that Chrissy's cell phone goes straight to voicemail, suggesting that she was either using the phone currently or that it was off..

[17:15:36 08/08/10] Seratone : After finishing his morning cup of coffee, Chris looks through the files once more. "Alright, this has gotta be the upteenth alien abduction case now, but who knows maybe this will be the one." He mutters as he hops on the computer. He runs a search of the name Alice had sent with the files..

[17:15:57 08/08/10] Seryna : [is he searching for Emma? Jacob?]

[17:16:25 08/08/10] AeonThePhoenix : "Yes, certainly good to see you again." Samuel grinned. "Now, an important question... where can I go to get a good cup of tea around here before we head back to Doctor Hollandale?"

[17:16:37 08/08/10] Seratone : (he'll start with Jacob)

[17:17:21 08/08/10] Seratone : (actually Bob/Niko Laidis)

[17:17:39 08/08/10] Seryna : [excellent. give me a research roll]

[17:18:45 08/08/10] cobrawax : "I'm sure they got tea somewhere around here." Liam heads back inside the hotel.

[17:20:30 08/08/10] Seratone : (hold on)

[17:21:15 08/08/10] Rix : *He frowns more and gives Liam a call.*

Seratone :

"Hold on a sec." Liam picks up the cell as he looks for a place where he could get a cup of tea. "Hey. What's going on?"

As the Professor follows Liam into the hotel, the Professor hears an odd noise. Liam doesn't seem to notice it at all. The Profesor turns his head towards the noise...

[Professor only:

...when he hears the bell tower. The bell tower! Ol' Bookman had said that the town sentry only utilied that in time of raids! Who was invading? The Professor marvells as the hotel hall falls away and a ruined cityscape spans out before him. The city has fallen into ruin- orange sand blows along the streets. The buildings have become bleached, the trees stand as skletons. Before him, several shabbily dressed people run in panic. "Get behind the barricades!" Someone shouts, just out of sight. "Raiders! Raiders from the Wasteland!"

Seryna: "Hurry, boys!" The old man dressed in a shabby brown sweater and patched pants grabs your arm, steering you into a large, brick building. The building has fallen into decay, several of the windows have been boarded up. You can see Liam in front of you, following the old man behind a row of empty, dusty book shelves. The place looks like a library, although a decaying and forgotten one..
Seryna: [the end! I just didnt want the others to see the professors flash back.... go ahead and post to the chat]]]

"Hey, I just started moving around and wanted to check on you and Dr. Hollandale. Where are you two at?"

"I'm downstairs. Meeting with this other guy. He's a professor too by the way."
cobrawax : "You know what, I think you should meet with him. I don't feel too good today. I think I should rest."

Storyteller: Chris discovers no useful information about this odd person. Yet as he searches, he recieves an IM from 'Alice'. Had he given it to her? He couldn't remember doing that.... The im reads: Any luck?'

The Professor blinked, momentarily disorientated as an odd feeling like deja-vu passed over him, though for the life of him he couldn't place why. "Yes, that sounds fine by me."

"That sounds good; I'll check on Dr. Hollandale then and meet your friend."

Chris replies. "No. Where did you get this from? Gonna need more info to get anywhere."

Doctor Hollandale enetrs the hotel room, tucking her cell phone into her purse. "Hello, Riley." She greets, glancing about. "Are the others up already?"

"Alright then." Liam hangs up. "I'm gonna head back up to the room. See you around Professor." Liam heads back to his bed so he can get some rest.

Storyteller: : Chris: Alice replied quickly 'The cell that collected this dissapeared. Some say that they died. Where in detroit are you? I can deliver the rest of the packet."
[17:35:01 08/08/10] Seratone : "Mail or in person?"

[17:35:40 08/08/10] Seryna : Alice: Mail takes forever. I'll just set up a drop off. It will take about fifteen minutes. I'll IM you back when it's delivered."

[17:35:49 08/08/10] Seryna : 'Alice' goes offline...

[17:36:25 08/08/10] Rix : *He smiles.* "Good morning Dr. Hollandale. I know Liam's up and apparently has a friend to introduce us to, another Professor?"

[17:36:29 08/08/10] Seratone : "Ok" Chris replies. He switches search engines and tries a new search on Niko.

[17:36:57 08/08/10] Seratone :

[17:37:38 08/08/10] Seryna : The only information is a brief mention in a local paper about him being questioned about a mysterious break in at Shy's Bar in detroit,

[17:38:42 08/08/10] Seryna : "Actually, I'm not feeling well." The Doctor frowned, sitting on the edge of the bed. "I think I'll stay here, update our friends in Salem. But if the Professor has followed us, thats only good news. He was instrumental at Black Moon farm."

e : "Oh come on, not even a facebook page?" Chris grumbles. The report catches his eye though and he looks to see who wrote the article. Maybe it was one of his professional contacts? Chris still knew a lot of older folks in the poress corp.

[17:39:43 08/08/10] Seryna : The name was a Susan Blane, meaningless name to Chris.

[17:39:43 08/08/10] Seratone : (be sad about Greg people come on) Smile

[17:39:44 08/08/10] Rix : *He nods sympathetically even as he asks.* "Blackmoon Farm?"
[17:41:51 08/08/10] Seryna : "It was one of the most terrible events." The doctor replied heavily. "There was a cult that was killing its members. In the end- well. I'll let him tell it to you. If he will." She rubs her forehead. "I think I'm going to lay down. Come by and let me know what you've decided to do in a few hours.."


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