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Fight night

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Fight night

Post by Seratone on Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:54 pm

] Seratone : Inside an abandoned factory late at night, throngs of low life humans gather for fight night. Every week, people would throw down on the hard concrete. The only rule was stay up as long as you can. Get knocked out, cry uncle, or leave the ring. Sid had wandered into this place tonight, and had decided to fight for the first time. Sid is a tall man, over six feet high, and extremely muscular. His body is covered in odd scars all over. The man shoots a glare at his opponent..

[14:07:45 03/08/10] Seratone :

[14:08:07 03/08/10] Seratone : (anyone coming in roll resolve + composure, 1 success needed to avoid being infected).

[14:08:39 03/08/10] Kevorkian Doctor : (coolies and I have an idea posting in a second).

[14:11:47 03/08/10] Kevorkian Doctor : Mr. Smith was by no means into human circles to hear about this, but his retainer was a yong man lower class, kept him arounda jacked up on the blood as a way to stayconnected to the kins world. The first thing he thought when haring abuot this fight club was potental. Building a base of power was hard when you'v been away so long and can hardly interact with how much the world had changed (mre).

[14:14:06 03/08/10] Kevorkian Doctor : Mr. Smih could even pass for human, a srunken walking lich or monsterstanding over seven foot in height with bleech white flesh showing black vains and a gpping maw of a mouth his only option was the cloak of confusion the he wore, know as obfuscatio by some it allowed him to move among the unseen. He watched the fighters for one that might stand out enuogh to be his scion..

[14:15:21 03/08/10] Kevorkian Doctor : ( ).

[14:17:54 03/08/10] Seratone : Everyone's attention seems to be on Sid. People seem wary of him. Looks of distrust permeate the place. Was it his intimidating stature, or something else? The large man winds up some tape around his knuckles and then steps into the ring. His opponent was a short black kid. He was a lot smaller, but the guy was fast. A grappler. Sid knew he would have to take his opponent out before it turned into a grappling match....

[14:20:09 03/08/10] Seratone : Channeling his pyros into his muscles, the large brute lunges at the smaller figher. His knuckles strike the shoulder as his opponent sidesteps the blow and then comes in to grapple.

[14:27:07 03/08/10] Kevorkian Doctor : No eyes landed on Mr. Smith it was the power of the mask, it didn't make him invisbaen it simply mad eothrs look away, but it seems in tis room that may not hard to do naturally as he followed where the kin's eyes landed he saw the an Sid, a very powerful appearing man scared.He watched as he pummled the smaller man with slight intrest but his gaze ever scanning just incase there was someone else, larger, heknew, did not always mean better his blood would make a man strong he needed one that he could manipulate ad that was reliale, moving through the kin he circled around watcing the fight..

[14:29:37 03/08/10] Seratone : Sid gets knocked flat on his back and is at the mercy of the grappler now. What comes next is brutal. The small grappler got Sid in a choke. "Tap out man tap out!" Sid's face nearly goes purple before he finally taps out, leaving him defeated and his opponent victorious. Sid lies on the ground defeated for a moment, before finally getting up to his feet. "That was cheap! You cheater!" He yells angrily.

[14:30:41 03/08/10] Seratone : "boo get outta here yah bum." Calls the crowd.

[14:33:53 03/08/10] Kevorkian Doctor : Though he didnt win the fact that he held on so long, turning purple intriged Mr. Smith he knew others would've tapped way before, he watched seeing how he would react, would he strike and keep fighting or would he whimp away whipped. He looked down at his imp anything would be better then that weak excuse of a still born angle..

[14:35:08 03/08/10] Seratone : "I'll be back, and have...have vengeance!" Sid shouts thunderously, stuttering a bit even as he does so. "What you gonna bet next time your pants, you dont even got a shirt now!" Some punk in the crowd chides. "I said I'll be back!" Sid glares at all of them before he trods out toward the entrance, away from the crowd, into the piercing shadows..

[14:39:03 03/08/10] Kevorkian Doctor : The shadows was some where Mr. Smith was familliar with almost as intamentily as he was defeat, Mr. Smith was defeated on a far deeper level though then a mere fight. He moved throgh the parting kin as he followed him out the door, he would restore this man give him all the strenght he needed and dangle it over himto keep in at his heel. He watched o see where he woudl g next..

[14:42:46 03/08/10] Seratone : Sid stops and looks back hearing someone approah. He narrows his eyes but can't pierce the shadows. "Who's there?" he growls


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Re: Fight night

Post by Sokhar on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:07 pm

And Keanu Reeves snapped awake with a start, the faucet still running in the sink. He gazed in the mirror and realized it was all just a dream. And he still can't act.

Sorry for the spoilers, children.

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