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Baptism [Anasztaz - Background thread]

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Baptism  [Anasztaz - Background thread] Empty Baptism [Anasztaz - Background thread]

Post by Nil on Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:59 pm

The lighter flickered once, twice, thrice. Every scrape of the flint and burst of light a beat of the heart in his chest, one a second, breaking the pitch-black darkness of the room. Of course, there was no real pulse in his veins. Every time he felt his black lump of a heart shrink it was only the Beast coiling tighter in a knot within his chest. Every time the liquid gas combusted in a violent but contained flame it shook, skitish and fearful, before it deemed it harmless and loosened its clutch.

There were many candles now lit, all arranged about his small chapel. The old bathroom with loose plaster, black mold and falling tiles had been sanctified. Now it was the hallowed chapel for his ritual. The tub was full with his own signature blend of water and aromatic oils, the scent was complex; sweet, tangy. Like cinnamon, honey and nutmeg would. Or complex blends of myrrh and incense.

His fangs were bare and he sunk them in the withered veins that bulged in his arm. Standing in front of the broken mirror he could only see a blur on the steamy shards. He was thankful of it this time. At least until this was all done.

He sunk in and curls of blood expanded like blossoms, coloring the flow while it grew darker until he couldn't be seen submerged. Not his sunken cheeks, dim opal orbs for eyes, sunken nose or hair like molded and wet hay piled on the side of a Victorian street.

Time passed fast underwater, the feeling was divine. It was the womb, reborn in beauty impossible. It tingled on his skin, he felt it filter in his nose and ears to shape him in ways that wouldn't even be visible.

By the time he emerged, he was made anew; better than he had ever been. At least for a few nights.


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