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Looking For a Job

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Looking For a Job

Post by cobrawax on Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:06 am

Seratone : The setting: Late night at the local dive bar just up the road from the machine shop. The place is small, dirty, and crowded. But at least you can get a cheap beer on a week night. Also the neighborhood was mixed so there was less chance of anyone standing out too much, no matter you looked like. Sid was epdning his time there tonight, spending the scraps of money he had on a drink.

cobrawax : Rick goes up to the bar and orders a cheap beer. He didn't have much money. Maybe there was some poor drunk bastard he could rob blind. He sits at the bar with a beer and lights a cigarette.

Seratone : Sid looks over to Rick as he sips from his beer. "Say there. Quite a good evening isn't it?" The man is awkward sounding and unsure. By the look of his torn clothing you might figure him for a homeless or an addict. But he's also big, and looks jacked.

cobrawax : Rick shrugs. "Sure man. Say, are you from around here?"

Seratone : Sid takes another sip from his beer and he looks at Rick with these odd looking eyes that never really seem to blink. "From up north." he mutters. "Say, is this a good beer I'm drinkin?" he gestures to his glass.

cobrawax : "No, it tastes like warm piss if you ask me. That your first beer? How old are you?"

Seratone : A low grumble comes from the throat of the man as he leans in a little closer. "How old do I look like?" he rasps in an irritable tone. "I had beer before, just not here." The odd man sounds defensive now.

cobrawax : "Alright man, whatever." Rick turns away from Sid and takes a long drag out of his cigarette.

Seratone : Sid froms slightly as he is forced into momentary solitude. He stares at the beer for a time before speaking again. "I'd buy something...cooler. If I had money." He pauses a lot between the words. "You know where I can find money...dude?"

cobrawax : Figures, thought Rick. "Lost your job eh? No, I have no idea where you can find one."

Bane of Dark : :lights would flash in the windows as Derick pulled into the small parking lot, if the walls were thin it would be easy to hear it was a big diesel truck that pulled in and was shutting off. it wouldnt be moments later that he would appear in the doorway as he opened it, and looked in:

Seratone : "Do you need a job though?" The man asks with wide eyes. "I just need money. That would make...make people. Like me." A pause. "Yah know?"

cobrawax : "Look, I don't got any money and I don't know where to get money." says Rick with a tinge of frustration in his voice.

Bane of Dark : :Derick would walk up to the bar, giving the man behind it an Upnod: You decide you wanted bars on the windows yet?

Seratone : "How about a...a cigarette?" He pauses to think. "If...if ah. I gave you a cigarette, would we be...friends?" The man sounds like a child trapped in a fully grown adult's body. A body that could probably kick the shit out of someone if it wanted to. In that respect the man is a little frightening.

Seratone : Sid is sitting at the bar.

cobrawax : Rick looks at Sid with a confused look on his face. "What?" This guy had to be mentally ill or something.

Bane of Dark : :Derick would walk over to the side of the bar the other two were at and sit down, ordering a beer himself as he listened in for a moment, not to interupt their conversation:

cobrawax : "Uh, no man. It's fine. You don't have to get me a cigarrette. This ain't prison."

Seratone : Sid nods his head like he understood something Rick said. "Prison was bad." He nods his head slowly. He then nods his head to the other people at the bar. The ragged looking man was trying hard to fit in, but was just out of place. Of course, with the number of addicts and other fucked up people in Detroit...

cobrawax : "You were in prison?" Rick seemed somewhat interested. It seemed to explain a couple of things, but not everything.

Bane of Dark : :Derick would return the nod to Sid, the dishevelled looking ox that he seamed to be.: "nice night out eh boys?"

Seratone : Sid nods his head.. "Yeah." he guzzles downt he rest of his beer. "I ain't had an easy life." He nods to Derick. "Yeah, its a good night."

cobrawax : Rick turns to Derrick. "Yeah, nice night. So you're fixing up this place."

Bane of Dark : "nah, just try and get business wherever I can." He would flash a smile as he took a gulp of his beer: "what are you two up to tonight? aside from keeping the stools company?"

Seratone : Sid scratches his head. "Ima, trying to figure out how ta make some money."

cobrawax : "Oh, you know. Whatever." said Rick as he discarded the cigarette.

Seratone : "When I do gets some. I everyone a drink I think." He nods his head reassuring himself that this was a good thing to do. He looks around suddenly though as a chill runs up his spine. Without another words the man just gets up and leaves the place...quickly.

Bane of Dark : :He would nod to Rick, then look to Sid: "Money huh? You wouldn't blow it on dope would you?"

Seratone : Sid just glances at Derik with a blank expression on his way out.

cobrawax : Rick looks at Sid with a glazed look in his eyes. "Huh."

Bane of Dark : :Derick would nearly get out of his seat at seeing the guy just get up and rush out, shaking his head: "boy has some problems there."

cobrawax : "Yeah, he does." said Rick as he drank down some more beer.

Bane of Dark : :Derick would nod again, taking another drink:

cobrawax : "What kind of renevations are they making around here?" asked Rick as he looked around for possible marks.

Bane of Dark : "No Idea. I just ask any place i go into if they wantbars on the windows, good Icebreaker, gets me some business when they inquire ya know?"

cobrawax : "I suppose." Rick took another sip. "So, what kind of business is that?"

Bane of Dark : "anything and everything when it coes to making things. Design and fabrication." :he would take a card out of his pocket and hand it to Rick:

cobrawax : Rick put the card in his pocket. "Huh. So, what is that exactly?"

Bane of Dark : "anything really, from gaurdrails at entrances to places, to construction equipment, to specialty items that different people come to me with. make ideas realities is my specialty." :another chug of beer following the last sentence:

cobrawax : "Really now." Rick takes a giant swig of beer. "So, do you do engravings and stuff like that?"

cobrawax : "Cause I'm hoping to have something engraved."

Bane of Dark : :he would nod setting his bear down: "sure got a cnc in my shop"

cobrawax : Rick nods "Dunno what that is, but cool. I might just stop by sometime."

Bane of Dark : "sounds good" :Rick hadnt said anythig about what he wanted engraved, Derick was a descreet man, so he didnt ask.:


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