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Rick Krueger

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Rick Krueger

Post by cobrawax on Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:12 pm

Rick Krueger is a short man of average build in a blue plaid short sleeved shirt, dark jeans, black sneakers and a black Timex watch. He also sports a thin mustache and smells strongly of a cheap cologne which he uses to mask the smell of cigarette smoke.

Rick Krueger has always fancied himself a master thief ever since he dropped out of high school after a long stay in juvenile detention hall for shoplifting. He went to a inner city high school, where his arrogant attitude would've got him killed if he wasn't so good at brown-nosing and hiding. These abilities had followed him into adulthood, since he has many allies and contacts among criminals despite not being part of any organization. He is always willing to give anyone who helps him out a cut of his profits.
Rick Krueger loves heist movies and stories about thieves such as Robin Hood, so he usually tries to compare himself to these characters and spends what little money he has from his burglary schemes to see these movies and buy these books, even though he usually doesn't really bother reading them .

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