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Trip to the University By Candice

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Trip to the University By Candice

Post by lyriel122 on Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:37 am

The next day Candice gets up, makes breakfast and gets dressed. She leaves enough time for herself to do some meditations in order to get herself into a meditative state in case she needs to use any Gnostic Gospels. Making rolls for her, needing 4 successes to suitably get a meditative state (Which will last for the day) (Extended action)

2010-07-19 03:58:25 Candice rolled 6 dice to "Meditation (Roll 1)" 7,8,2,9,10,4,1 (3 successes)

2010-07-19 04:00:01 Candice rolled 6 dice to "Meditation (2)" 7,1,8,10,6,9,2 (3 successes)

Candice spends time recanting prayers and clearing her mind and soul of distractions. She now is suitably calm holding the gospels in her mind ready to use them when she requires them. She then completes her preparations, getting dressed in some reasonable clothing and taking her things with her. She heads out to the campus of Wayne State University and heads to the main building to sign the proper paperwork and join up with the tour guide and get her look around the campus.

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Re: Trip to the University By Candice

Post by Seryna on Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:27 am

The tour starts off very predictably. The first part of the tour is a general tour where you are escorted to the finance building where financial aid will occur. The administrative building including the course counselors is next in the tour. The finale of the beginning of the tour is to walk around the library and introduced to an assistant librarian. At this juncture, the guide asked what the potential students planned to study.


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