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Amber Raine

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Amber Raine Empty Amber Raine

Post by Innerlight on Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:26 am

Amber is a Auburn haired girl, in descent shape. She tends to have a vacant look in her eyes when she's not focused on anything. Her eyes are green, and she's about 5'5. Amber has a smart mouth and thinks she's entitled to anything she wants because her fathers rich. She drives nice cars and attends college, but doesn't care anything about higher education, it's merely a ploy to make her father think she doesn't want to hunt anymore.

Amber Raine is a 19 year old rich kid that comes from money. Her entire family has been hunters and they come from a long line of hunters. She is a party girl, and one night after a serious fight with her father she sought out a vampire. Amber didn't know what she was going to do once she found him, kill him or fuck him, she basically wanted to defy her father, that was as far as she took it. Amber brought the vampire to a hotel and drank from him, she was intoxicated by it and instantly hooked, the rush was tremendous. Luckily for her, her overprotective father put a man on her and he and a cell of hunters killed the vampire in question. From that night on Amber.s life changed and she attempted to get into the family business. Her father instantly disapproved of her practices and didn't allow her to hunt, attempting to deter her using all his resources to do so. Amber attempted to join any hunter compacts she could, but most her father pulled her out of either by breaking up the cell, paying them off, or just tarnishing her reputation. Her father believes Amber is too reckless and not ready to hunt, and he's not wrong, she's in it for the blood and she is a fend.

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Amber Raine Empty Re: Amber Raine

Post by Seryna on Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:09 pm



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