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Clan Status (With Points)

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Clan Status (With Points) Empty Clan Status (With Points)

Post by Rogue Bard on Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:27 pm

Below we have a listing of the current Kindred within the realm of Detroit broken down by their clan.

  • Mal Morell - Recognised [2]
  • Latif al-Baqir ibn Rahim ibn Said al-MisrÄ« - Recognised [2]
  • Nejem - Valued [3]


  • Micha Chappelle - Known to be in the Clan Added July 4, 2010 [0]
  • Alexander McCairn - Known to be in the Clan Added July 4, 2010 [0]
  • Murdoc - Known to be in the Clan Added 7/6/10 [0]

  • Anasztaz - Known to be in the Clan Added 7/6/2010 [0]

  • Edwin Hunter - Known to be in the Clan Added 7/6/10 [0]
  • Lucien McClain - Acknowledged [1]
  • Oleg Tolstov Malocuse - Acknowledged [1]

Storyteller Note: This is the master list. If your character(s) name doesn't appear on this list, please contact the Requiem staff with the proper information. This is the master list.[list][*][list]
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