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Mal Morell (NPC)

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Mal Morell (NPC) Empty Mal Morell (NPC)

Post by Dean on Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:05 am

Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Unaligned
BP: 6

Detroit's only surviving Sheriff is an ugly man with an uglier reputation. Malcolm Leonard Morell appears as a man approaching the middle years of some hard living. He's got a sloping brow, neanderthal squinting eyes and extensive body hair. His hair is unkempt and lank, swept back from a receding hairline. Morell's skin is rough and weatherbeaten, like dry rawhide wrapped around a squat, muscular frame. His pugilists nose, is crushed and swole, resembling a stub of melted wax. After feeding, angry red gin blossoms will return to his cheeks for a time.

All of this is usually packaged within an expensive, though ill-fitting, suit, which more often than not bears the tell-tale bulge of a concealed weapon and a noticeable number of wrinkles picked up throughout Sheriff Morell's nightly endeavours. His voice is heavy and haggard, and his manner gruff and coarse. Some of the Sheriff's more visible habits include crushing expensive looking cigars between his fingers and sniffing them with that flat nose of his as though he's savouring the bouquet of vintage wine.


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