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Union to Union

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Union to Union

Post by Seryna on Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:16 pm

Doc: Doc took little time in making his mind up after he had learned about the problems that the others were facing. sitting himself down before the old rather worn out computer that he kept pretty much for this he booted it up and went to get himself a beer as it ran through its boot up sequence. returning he gave it a kick at just the right moment to stop it freezing up and once the windows had stabilised brought up the IE and imputted the address by hand waiting for the modem to warm up and then logging in. He brought up the main forum page and created a new thread, marked to the attention of those in and near detroit about an approaching corpse headed their way.
Storyteller: It took only a few minutes before 'Motoru' responded. 'What sort of intel you got on this? My crew is here and man, we don't need a new Fang.'
Doc: he responded "not much, one of the green horn groups down this waygot into a scuffle with one heading your way, carrying a ring which they got off him." he types trying to remember all the particulars.
Motorula 'Greenhorns?' Please tell me that theya re right in the head We are surrounded by Judas down here.
Doc: "report confirmed by" he pauses and checks the membership list to make sure he's putting the right name before putting down Dr hollandale's forum name.
Motorula Really? Alice2004? Tell me that she's coming up here too.
Doc: "not sure, she's going dark. Got her own troubles."
Motorula Troubles we can help her with?
Doc: She ain't told me either way. Anyway their going to need help.
Motorula You got anything more on this ring?
Doc: Nothing concrete, been taken off the corpse but not in our hands. working on it.
Motorula Yeah, work it. We got our own troubles up here, not sure we'll be able to find one lone corpse coming in. They do that a lot up here. Anything you can do to point it out, thatd be good.
Doc: (did doc hear about the info about the hotels?)
Motorula [yes, you can assume so]
Doc: He lays out what they know of the vampire's intended havening spots.
Motorula OK, [forum name]. We'll keep an eye out.
Doc: Very well."


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